Inu x Boku SS – 03

 “This time, it is my turn to ask you. Will you be my secret Secret Service agent?”

And it’s finally time for Inu x Bishies once again! I’m still feeling the CNY holiday mood even though school has already resumed. Actually there’s going to be a birthday celebration later on in my house for my grandfather, which means my really big extended family is coming to chat and eat and socialize. Meanwhile I’m just enjoying my time with our beloved sparkling bishie and adorable tsundere~

This week, we get another glimpse into Ririchiyo’s childhood. Ever since her family found out that the blood mixed with that of supernatural creatures ran thickest in her, they raised her as a lucky charm – isolated and carefully molded. She never even had the chance to just be her parent’s daughter, unlike her sister, who is deeply loved by them. Ririchiyo gets a harsh slap on the face when she lets it slip that she is jealous of her. Sadly, she then realizes that the only one her father cares about is her sister, not her.

How do you even bear to slap such an adorable child who just simply wants to be loved? ;_;

Aaand on to happier times, it’s the beginning of a new school term for Ririchiyo! She’s being enrolled as the top student of the cohort in a super-elite high school, which holds a welcome ceremony and a social get-together for the first-years. This means a speech as the first-year students’ representative, awesome uniform and elaborate dresses! Prestigious school is prestigious indeed.

In school, Ririchiyo really hopes to be pleasant to her fellow classmates at least, but only a few minutes into school, and she ends up lashing out at two boys who were blatantly mocking her. While walking dejectedly to class, it turns out that Karuta-chan also happens to be in the same class as her – Ririchiyo is saved!

Karuta-chan says hello in her own adorable way

After school, Ririchiyo decides to walk back home …and to her shock, finds Soushi kissing a woman at the gate. Soushi later explains that he only agreed to it as the girl promised to give up on him if he kissed her. But this only seems to anger Ririchiyo further as she is disgusted that even someone as loyal and caring as him can do such a thing to someone with no feeling behind it, even going to the extent of calling him “filthy”. In a fit of anger, she eventually ends their contract on the spot.

Back in the confines of her room, she remembers how when she was younger, everyone around her was just like that – pacifying her with their fake smiles and no real emotion. Feeling scared, her distrust for others had surfaced, causing her to treat Soushi the way she did.

…all I really want to do now is cuddle you, Ririchiyo.

The next morning, Nobara specially heads to Ririchiyo’s room to help her prepare for the welcoming party, only to find her looking sickly and pale, certainly from over-thinking about the things she said to Soushi the previous night. Heading on to the party, Ririchiyo has an encounter with the principal and ends up being tsun and cold even towards him. She reproaches herself for being unable to be around people, and is ashamed of saying such hurtful things to Soushi the night before before she even had the chance to appreciate and thank him.

And that’s why when two ill-mannered schoolmates start to badmouth her about her once again, she is unable to retort their hurtful comments any longer, and her façade crumbles. Soushi then comes to the rescue as her knight in shining armor, splashing a glass of water onto the two bastards. He demands them to take back all the things that they said about Ririchiyo, and defends her, bringing up all her good qualities in a lovingly gentle manner. Ririchiyo, touched by his actions, stands up for Soushi when they demand him to go onto his knees and apologize, taking responsibility and emptying a glass of water onto herself.

She then wastes no time and immediately heads off to her representative speech, unfazed by the soaked state that she is in. Soushi chases after her and apologizes profusely, proclaiming that everything was his fault, but Ririchiyo address him as “Miketsukami-kun” for the first time and thanks him with the sweetest, most endearing smile.

After the speech, Ririchiyo asks for Soushi to be her secret service agent once again, and the two make a promise, that they will never be separated ever again.

“Cross your heart and hope to die?” “Stick a needle in my eye.” “…I’ll take the needle. So please don’t kill me.”

…now excuse me while I bawl my eyes out T____T I really, really loved this episode so much. I liked the previous two episodes mainly because of the humor, the adorable silliness and the bishies, but this episode really changed my view of the entire anime. Truthfully, I was pretty much indifferent to Ririchiyo previously, but now I see the importance of her role and the many, many likeable things about her. She’s not just your typical tsundere – she just wants to be able to interact with others, wants to have close, loving relationships with the people around her. As we got to learn about her really sad and ronery childhood, I finally understood the reasons for her distrust for others and her tsuntsun. I mean, who doesn’t want to be loved? Ririchiyo didn’t have that special someone who loved her for who she was, because she was always alone. When Soushi stood up for her and said those sweet things about her, she had finally found someone who would do just that – Soushi loved her unconditionally and cared about her genuinely, and that to her, was more than enough. The wall she had carefully built up over the years had come crumbling down, because finally, she had someone she could trust wholeheartedly. And that expression of hers, that endearingly overjoyed smile on her face was really heartwarming – it was an expression that she could finally show after that wall was down. This entire scene had me sobbing and whining because it was just that heartbreakingly touching, and my weakness for bittersweet love stories just made it all the better.

On the other hand, Soushi too, had shown another side of himself this week. The way he splashed those two bastards without any hesitation when he saw Ririchiyo being mocked unjustly was awesome (and really satisfying… bastards). It just goes to show that even though he is generally adorably nice to everyone in the Ayakashi Mansion, Soushi can get irritated and angered too, and when that happens he can turn deadly serious. Yes I already loved him since the first episode because of how cute he was, but character development is always essential in leaving a deep, memorable impression, isn’t it? 😀

That being said, I would really like to see more of the other side characters! Renshou has so much potential being a tattooed bishie *shot* but we’ve pretty much not seen him do anything other than sit there being hot and cool… xD Nobara was cool this episode, playing a rather motherly-figure to Ririchiyo and subtly giving her some encouragement to make up with Soushi… :3 Karuta-chan really needs more meaningful screen time. SHE’S SO ADORABLE (+ points for having Kana Hanazawa as a VA) but whyyy are all the scenes with her in it focusing on food?! Where is my character development LOL.

Yup, all in all I would call this episode a breakthrough for the anime – I think it gave the series much more depth to it, and I have officially grown to really like Ririchiyo! RIRICHIYO AND SOUSHI FOREVER /inner fangirl surfaces. I am really looking forward to next week’s episode now that Ririchiyo and Soushi have ~officially~ contracted. I expect more hilarity to ensue. XD

Preview: Ooh, looks like we’ll be meeting some new characters next week. Why do I have a bad feeling that this will mean something significant for Ririchiyo?


A stressed-out jyoushi kousei doubling as Metanorn's loli with a soft spot for sappy romance animanga. She will watch anything with bishies in it. :3
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19 Responses to “Inu x Boku SS – 03”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Such a cute episode. I really felt for both Soushi and Ririchiyo; so glad their relationship has ‘leveled up’. Preview had me interested in a snap because its a Mamoru Miyano voiced character. Yes! xD

    • Joojoobees says:

      I’m impressed at the way there has been a relationship power-up at the end of each episode so far. I can’t imagine that continuing indefinitely because they will need time to explore the other characters and create tension, but I like the way they have been growing together so far.

      • Miyu says:

        I agree with that. With each episode there is much needed depth to their relationship and it’s just getting sweeter and sweeter right now :3
        Although I think all the characters are intriguing, the other characters need more development!! =w=

    • Miyu says:

      Yeah! Soushi and Ririchiyo forever!
      I DIDN’T REALISE. MIYANO MAMORU MY HUSBANDO. *shot for being a bad waifu* Okay I will keep a lookout for him xD

  2. Tofu says:

    Your social link with Soushi has now reached 4, Soushi can now take a mortal blow for you Ririchiyo~ <3

    I need to stress out the fact that anyone NOT watching this NEEDS to start because it is definitely a hidden gem of the series and YOU. ARE. MISSING. OUT. ;D

    • Miyu says:

      Hehe he would’ve done anything for her right from the start, don’t you think? xD
      Yes, at first it seemed as if it was just fangirl/fanboy bait but right now their relationship is just so adorable and silly. Loving it to bits <3

  3. BlackBriar says:

    This was such a sweet episode. Ririchiyo is the kind of tsundere I have no problem tolerating. She does know how to be noble, kind and honest when the time comes.

    It makes me laugh everytime she goes into tsuntsun mode to tell someone off and immediately regrets it afterwards. But those guys tormenting her because of her wealth and social status needed more than just a glass of water to the head from Soushi. They don’t know anything about her.

    Nobara can barely contain her twisted passions. One day she’s gonna loose it and an unsuspecting girl is going to be in trouble.

    For someone who is so quiet most of the time, Karuta eats a lot. Where does she put it all?

    • Miyu says:

      I agree. This is the first time I’ve truly come to like a tsundere this much and she’s just one of a kind.
      Those guys… )< *loads shotgun* I'll be right back.

      HAHA Nobara is totally a comical character in this show that brings all the lulz. MANIAC!! Karuta probably has an astronomically high metabolism rate. *envy*

  4. Spinarakk says:

    Well if you’ve never read the manga, then get ready for the new characters will and should shake things up a bit.

    And since the anime seems to be strictly going at one manga chapter an episode, you’ll have your Karuta character development in episode 5, though not much. Oh and she’s pretty much eating something in every other panel she’s in.

    • Miyu says:

      Alright! xD I get the feeling that some new character is going to come between Soushi and Ririchiyo in the future though :\
      Oh, if it goes by one chapter per episode wouldn’t it be ridiculously long? xD But alright, I’ll be looking forward to that then >D Karuta-chan the glutton~

  5. Samantha Zan says:

    This is a really nice episode. I really am growing more attached to Ririchyo’s character (well I was attached anyway), but I’m glad to know she’s not just any tsundere, but that wants to try and start healthy relationships with other people too. I felt so bad for her, showing all those flashbacks of her being alone, and just feeling like an item for her family. With that making her the way she is now, it really just touches my heart, when I see her trying to make the effort. (Though we all knew this already, but this episode just played it out more flawlessly than before XP)

    Her and Soushi and just so adorable and cute together. As friends or even as shippers, I think they’re a great duo either way. But this episode is just full of cute moments with them :3

    • Miyu says:

      I know, that was why I felt so much for her this episode ;_; Now she’s in my top list of female characters, and definitely the most likable tsundere I have ever seen. xD

      Agreed. I would probably enter a fangirl rage if they don’t end up together because of my inner hopeless romantic, but actually they’re adorably sweet together as friends/partners too 😛

  6. Kyaa~ I was recommended this series and just started watching today and boy am I glad I did. As Tofu said, it is quite a gem. Watching the first episode I thought that I would get tired of Soushi being the over-acting butler that he is but it’s still entertaining and cute as puppy dogs.Soushi and Ririchiyo are too cute together, gawwd.

    • Miyu says:

      Yes Soushi is an unique kind of butler, isn’t he? He’s so protective and attached to Ririchiyo to the point that it’s hilarious xD Yay, moar Soushi and Ririchiyo love! <3

  7. sakura_fai says:

    Anyone notice Souji’s flashback when Ririchiyo was yelling at him? O.O He seemed like a male prostitute? :’3 I’m kinda interested in his past…

    But I love Ririchiyo so much this episode~ ^_^ So cute, adorable, and lonely. T^T Poor girl just needs a hug~

    Nobara’s scenerios about Sorinozuka is so hilarious. XD (“debt collector”) but too bad she’s not going to be able to lay a FINGER on him, not if I can help it. XD He’s too awesome to ever leave the show.

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