Guilty Crown – 14

Daryl has his target on you, Tsugumi, and so does every other fan of yours…

 I’m back from partying to be a loyal otaku and aniblogger! Because being a nerd means making time in your life to hunch over a glowing screen and type away furiously from like 2 inches away with T-rex claw hands. It’s time well spent too, because I’m actually starting to enjoy Guilty Crown a bit more.
Everyone still with me on Guilty Crown?! Or did you run away after OH MA SHOE’s High school adventures? I hope there are still fans of this series out there. At least the opening song is fun to listen too…anyway time to start the review with OC! Plot this week follows some School drama with Inori, Ayase, Tsugumi as Shu gets elected as the new class president thanks to Yahiro’s support.

Student-“Is it true you have fan fiction on you and Gai?”            Arisa-“Ahahah..wait HOW DID YOU FIND OUT?!”

We start this episode of Guilty Crown with more high school adventures with MR. OH MA SHOE, but after the sudden appearance of the 4th wall boss, the students are in panic mode and looking for someone to help them. However, Glasses dude finds a gun and plans to use force if Arisa is unable to do something soon. OH YES GUNS MAKE YOU SO COOL…Even Tsugumi feels Arisa is a poor leader! You tell them you super smart cat girl, but her statement doesn’t sit well with the others as she runs away to be alone for a while.

Tsugumi-“BLEH! No one likes you….Shinji!”

Tsugumi-“Please be gentle….it’s my first time with my void…”

Inori finds Tsugumi later and the two of them talk about being lonely. Seriously they had like a mini-battle on who was more lonely out of the two…Before Tsugumi can reveal more about her past she calls out to Shu who was spying on them… Wow, Shu, you have officially reached a new low! Maybe he has a secret crush on Tsugumi? Never mind…just kidding…She did manage to find a special device that can measure your “void power level” and he tests it out on Hare, Inori, Ayase and even Tsugumi. After finding out that she has some void power, it pushes Shu into finding out what kind of weapon she has.

Shuuichirou-“Mmmm, I really do love my new purple robots!”

While Shu discovers Tsugumi’s void, we follow evil Shuuichirou who forms a special unmanned Endlave “ghost unit” that he has command over (they are perfect for birthday parties…just don’t piss them off!). It also looks like Haruka is stick maintaining the new unit. Shuuichirou in the meantime uses his new toys to slaughter lots innocent people and uses the wall to crush several buildings without a care in the world of anyone dying in the process.

Daryl-“Damn it man, why are you still playing Skyrim! I thought it was my turn to use the computer.”

Haruka-“I almost died! Oh well, at least I got this new suit…I AM SO LONELY without my son around…”

Back to school, Shu and the other Undertaker members are being hunted, after I think Segai leaked a message about them hiding at the school. Naturally the student with the gun and odd glasses starts to get his gang to hunt them down…A few students eventually track down Ayase and Tsugumi as they bring them on stage to reveal their secret to everyone. Before anything traumatic can happen to them, Shu reveals that he is also a member of the Undertakers. We also learn the truth behind Tsugumi’s void aka “the doll maker”, which allows her to make copies of out of anyone. Shu decides to put it to work and the whole school learns the GHQ would have killed them anyway…

Yes it is, Mr. stoned out of his mind anime character.


Arisa-“Congratulations, OH MA SHOE! YOU WIN!”     Shu-“A brand new car? Right?….guys?”

After that shocking reveal,the students turn to OH MA SHOE to lead them against the GHQ and the Antibodies. I would say Yahiro played a huge part because he helped rally the students to support their new “king” as Hare put it. The episode ends with Yahiro showing off a massive chart to Shu, ranking each student based on their individual void power. Basically, it is that wall of students from the very first opening…

Yahiro-“This is a list of possible lovers in your future. Naturally I am in the top five…”                  Shu-“…..”

Extra crown fun

Tsugumi-“I can smell you from a mile away, OH MA SHOE!”    Shu-“Damn it! I wanted to see you kiss Inori…”

Damn! Someone sure is pushy today…

Segai-“Man, do I ever love to text with all these cute Japanese emoticons…”

Tsugumi showing off more cat like features. I wonder  if she has claws?

Anime series coming out in 2014! Magical Tsugumi adventures.

End thoughts

I actually like these school episodes more than the others. This is probably because what usually draws me into anime is seeing characters in conflict (i.e. SUFFERING) and watching them slowly overcome whatever trials are thrown at them and become better people for it. This lockdown arc is perfect for turning people against each other for legitimate reasons. The students would have started to get antsy by themselves, but Segai just had to stir things up, didn’t he? This is my favourite plan of his so far – simple yet very effective. All he did was unjam their school site’s signal and post some very strategic messages, and yet everyone reacted just as he planned. It was very reminiscent of something Izaya would do just for fun, and you have to love a man who can emulate that flawless Orihara style. I LOVE how desperate and frenzied the whole student body got…it was brilliant! Friends turned against each other always makes me happy, kekekeke…Oh, not that Shu suddenly becoming a leader didn’t also make me happy. He’s certainly growing in leaps and bounds ever since Gai died, to the point where he’s treading into the “kickass” territory. I am pleased.

Now, as for the villains in Guilty Crown, I’m starting to become tempted to lump Inori in with them. She’s not even a real person, and her only real screentime this week was spent being an emotionless freak or slaughtering a posse of highschool boys. I actually laughed when that happened. Inori…a killer? WELL, THIS WILL BE A FUN PLOT POINT THAT WILL TOTALLY MAKE SENSE! ¬_¬ Sadly, Segai is the only actual villain still holding his ground as a badass. Daryl is going soft on us now that he’s actually starting to give a damn about people dying. Sure, he still enjoys a good killing spree, but you have to admit he’s not exactly been the same fearsome pilot since he started licking at candy apples. Just watch – I bet he becomes some sort of traitor due to some extenuating circumstance. Poor Daryl is such a joke as a villain at this point though, at least to me. I will only give him credit for being better than the weird kids at Shu’s school who look like the sort of highschool dropouts you see smoking pot or what have you in a sketchy park =_= They were just massive douchebags, and I hated every second of screentime they had.

Tsugumi got ripped off pretty badly if this is all she gets in terms of backstory and development. Yes, she got a record amount of screentime this week, but she also got about 2 whole sentences devoted to her slightly darker past. Leaving out things like explicitly explaining what her void does and things that can be implied is fine, but I’d have liked a bit more information about her. She got sad for such a short period of time and she hardly revealed anything. All we know is that basically she’s an orphan who saw Funeral Parlour as her family (maybe that’s part of why she says “Ayase-nee” to imply that she’s like a sister). But…that’s it? Her only drama is that she sometimes get sad when people mention missing their parents? COME ON, GIVE US MORE!


So another episode following OH MA SHOE in school? That sounds so…exciting! If only I could actually say that with a straight face. This whole episode was pretty much just about Shu becoming the new class president or “King” of the school, thanks to Hare’s comment. I love this girl a lot but are you high this week, Hare? At least Shu can always count on her void-aid to save everyone! Basically she becomes a less busty version of Orihime from Bleach; her whole job is to heal Shu after every battle. Besides Hare we had more screen time for good ol’ Tsugumi who revealed a tiny flashback of her past. I can only assume her parents died in Lost Christmas? However, she bounced back really fast from depressed moe catgirl mode.

Did anyone else notice what Inori did to those students? I think she totally killed those students! Hell she is a trained fighter thanks to Gai, but did she feel anything from doing it? And is there still some “evil” Mana inside that head of hers? Then again, can we really blame her? Those students probably had more on their minds than just checking for a tattoo on her body… Somehow I can only see a bad end for her if Shu and the others find those dead bodies. Of course Inori would just be like ANY PROBLEM, SHU? And flash some cute expression to throw him off.

Now for some more Tsugumi love this week! The reveal of her doll maker void…to be honest, I was expecting something better than that…but I suppose it works, but what does it reveal about her character? Does she have multiple personalities in her head? Or maybe she just wants to be like someone else? I am sure there is something deeper behind her void. Either that or the creators love Nartuo’s shadow clones… Anyone else notice Daryl’s character going through several changes? He is against Shuuichirou’s plan for world takeover and he was shocked to see Tsugumi’s clone get killed off. I wonder what he will do next? I don’t think he would join the Undertakers, but he might jump ship from the GHQ for his own personal reasons.

For an ending cookie, check out these hilarious pictures of a role reversal between Inori and Shu! Here and here I hope you enjoy them…



Next week, Shu gives the students control over their own void weapons and prepare for war against the GHQ.


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14 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 14”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    This is getting even better! Shu has become so cool and badass! He still looks awesome in the OP with the scarf. So he takes the first steps to become a leader. “Don’t make me angry”. I was like… “Whoa, Shu, is that you?” That sounds like something Sasuke Uchiha would say.

    People are scum the moment a crisis occurs. They all become irrational and stupid without stopping for a moment to think about things. They jump to their primal instincts: Fear, panic, distrust among friends, senseless riots and finally turning on one another until they start to eventually kill people. The guys with the glasses and his cronies are bastards. And the government is no better for increasing that fear by killing innocent people in the name of “purification”.

    Inori is a sadist!!!! She’s creepy. She killed those three guys with an expressionless face and walked away with Shu as if nothing happened!!!!! No one should mess with Inori since she is like a rose: beautiful but sharp as hell like her sword void. There are some solid comparisons: Guilty Crown: Shu/Inori; Mirai Nikki: Yukiteru/Yuno.

    I like the idea of a void scanner. It sounds like the scouters from DBZ. And everyone has pretty high levels. “Vegeta what does the scouter say about her (Inori’s) void level? It’s over 2000!!!” But Shu’s a mystery. I wonder if he has a void at all because the scanner didn’t pick up any void signals whatsoever.

    Looks like Funeral Parlor just got a huge boost in membership: School students. Though I’m concerned about the void ranking system. For the students being ranked by different classes of voids, it’ll be like an elitist system. Like, my number is higher than yours therefore you’re not as worthy as me. For example, what about the lady with the fridge that he found in the earlier episodes? It might not have any offensive or defensive power, but what can it do? Store food and water maybe? That can be pretty valuable depending on how long that situation takes. A number doesn’t really mean anything.

    • Foshizzel says:

      It only took 13 episodes for Shu to realize his true power! That and he had to cry, become emo and kill his childhood friend…LOLOL yeah I can see the Sasuke in that line.

      Indeed the gang of “students” really were all for saving their own asses! DAMN, but hey Inori taught some of them a lesson. I don’t like that glasses kid at all…seriously what is his deal?! I bet money he has some over powered void that actually is useful xD

      Yep Inori has a very dark side to her still! After all she was cloned from Mana, who had lots of “issues” but yeah eventually Shu will learn the truth.

      LOLOLOL Yep that void scanner came in handy for Yahiro as for Shu I assume his would be over the charts since he has the power to pull voids, or he has yet to actually try?

      Going from what a handful of original members to a whole freaking school? I think OH MA SHOE’s “army” wins cause of void-o-power. From what I understand the more of a “friend” you are to Mr. Shu determines how powerful your void weapon becomes, or something like that…


      • BlackBriar says:

        Actually it’s possible although highly unlikely that everyone in the ranking system could achieve a ranking of OVER like Inori because before it was said that the power of the void gets boosted when he creates bonds or increases his relationship with the person. That’s why Inori’s sword became even more gigantic than it already is. Kind of like a step up evolution.

        Even if it was just for a while, I think Daryl has fallen for Tsugumi. He hesitated when he found out she was Funeral Parlor whereas he would shot someone else immediately without thinking. This leaves a gap for unpredictability and he might switch sides and become a good guy. Besides, he doesn’t agree with the motives of GHQ’s leader.

        Tsugumi’s doll making void seems very useful. Since she’s a hacker, she’s in a way, “hacking” people by messing with their identities by creating copies of them. Pretty good fakes too. They looked and sounded like they were really flesh and blood people. I loved the part when everyone held a part of her while she was about to get her void forcibly pulled from her body. Even Hare and Kanon happily joined in and I was equally surprised since her best friend Ayase was involved. Where’s the loyalty?

        I think that is the best mood to organize everyone by void value, create a pretty organized army to fight not only the anti bodies, but fight all the regular people who lost their minds. The true value of a void all should depend on the situation it’s used in, not in the amount of genomes you poses.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Right! I was thinking the same thing, the closer you are to Shu the more power your void gains or levels up! Which is sort of why Inori’s sword is still the most powerful void out there right evolution <3

          Tsugumi and Daryl! They are doing a good job of hyping them up together, he was shocked to see the copy of her. I can see Daryl switching sides due to the new presidents idea of cleansing the area! He did not see any sport in unmanned machines killing when he rather fight.

          Whoaaaa yes! That works for Tsugumi since she is a hacker that requires taking someones identity. I wonder how useful her void will become later I guess it will work for the next episode! To throw some of the GHQ off guard.

          Awwww poor Tsugumi she was all red faced when Shu got to use her void, LOL YES! Hare, Kanon and Ayase were like FINALLY! And they were so happy to hold onto Tsugumi like that <3 Yeah Ayase? WHAT WAS THAT? Maybe a yuri relationship between them? IT CAN HAPPEN...

          Right! Sort of like classic rpg as in healer, dps, tank? I can see Shu forming several groups to fight off the GHQ soldiers...Right I think Shu will figure things out with Yahiro throwing him suggestions and ideas.

  2. skylion says:

    No, a number does means something. It’s just, like so much in this show the problem of working out a system seems to be something they either A)Decide not to do (likely) or B) Will tell us later (hopefully). I’ve been trusting this anime as far little by little from the get go. My range has been measured in geometrically growing increments as each episode airs. After all they went from the awful “No Tsugumi Time” episodes (sad useless little episodes) to the Epic Tsugumi Time episodes, so all hope cannot be lost.

    And you’ve asked the obvious queston. Just what does that truly awesome package of Moe Moe Cat Girl Sweetness reveal with her Void? Obvious. that girl likes to play with people. And by playing I mean….not going there….

    I’m enjoying the comments so far about the “typical school cliches”. “Oh, they had a school festival episode, “Oh noes, they had an election! Really? Seriously? All the stuff we bring up so far: Endlave busts in and starts the mayhem. Inori kills without feeling, etc. All these things happen in the midst of these “typical cliched elements” I like it when a production staff turns these things on their ears.

    Besides, how many elections end with the Big Board of Dating….uh, Big Board of Eugenics Gone Mad have you seen lately?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Soooo true! That seems to be how Guilty Crown works for the most part like you said A and B are 100% on the money. Agreed lack of real Tsugumi time has been lameeeeee! she did get some actual screen time with this episode, but still I would like something more.

      Right Tsugumi’s void is pretty much that in a nutshell, basically she likes to mess around with people’s minds! Like that final artwork shot…Tsugumi dressed up in others clothes xD

      True there are a few moments in these two episodes that made me quickly forget that they were back in school, like Ayase in episode 13 gaining her new void and with 14 we got a tiny peek into Tsugumi’s past…

      YES! THAT BOARD <3 when the others find out I wonder if they will feel "useful" or in the way? xD

  3. anaaga says:

    I think I’m going to watch this again.

    I don’t mind with Inori being a villain. Who cares about her? Stupid sex doll

  4. Alynn says:

    Dying. Everytime “OH MA SHOE” popped up in that post, I started laughing.

    I thought this episode was pretty good.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Muhahahaha OH MA SHOE! Best freaking nickname ever xD

      Yeah decent episode and bad ass Shu finally…it just took 13 episodes for it to actually happen.

  5. Gecko says:

    Inori definitely killed those students… When Shu called out for her, and she was totally fine, I knew right away that they were not exactly alive. I didn’t expect her to have a gun on her, though. Oh well.
    As for the void scanner, I started laughing was Inori had “OVER.” And then Shu, obviously, doesn’t have any void. After all, what would happen if he drew it out? Before he got the level up, he would have fainted right away, and then what? Totally useless. But I’m hoping that we see it before the end. Maybe he’ll draw it out…and then die. So we can finally be done with this plot mess.
    Although the plot is getting better. The “trapped and going to get crushed” scene was creepy, especially with that one body that got pushed by the wall. But overall, there is some hope, considering we have them in one of those situations where the characters are trapped together in a confined area with no breaks from each other. Like “The Day of the Skirt.” (Random French movie. Teacher gets a gun, forces her students to have a lesson about some book so she can finally teach.)
    BlackBriar has a good point about the elitism deal that might happen. When Yahiro said that, I was like “Oh so they’ll save the best and if the worst die it’s whatever.” So that will hopefully spice up the plot.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well Inori had all the reasons to do so, in the end you can either blame Gai’s training or the fact she was cloned from Mana? Either way she was doing it to protect herself xD

      LOLOL I would die laughing just watching Shu try to pull out his own void I can imagine the screen cap comments now…like quit playing with your void Shu! YOU MIGHT GO BLIND! Yeah if Shu used his own void I imagine someone else using it, maybe Inori??

      The plot is here somewhere I can’t wait to see episode 15! It looked like all the students get to finally see their voids at last, or just the student council? Right I can see that the students are stuck together and have no real choice but to stop bitching and work together.

      Right! You want your most powerful weapons either on the front lines or saved for the final rush, so I can picture a lot of weak voids for the cannon fodder and the heavy hitting void users hide in the back till they are needed. Either way soon we will find out how Shu really uses Yahiro’s chart.

  6. Reaper says:

    Ooooh, a Void Scanner? I thought they had thrown that thing in last ep for a reason but now we know what it is…and now, how it will affect the story. Overall, pretty good episode, and with lingering problems still to be resolved too, like Arisa’s removal as SCP, the ‘Void Ranking’ system and the ringleaders of the I suppose dismissed coup? I’m glad to see OH MA SHOE is taking up the mantle of leadership more; he might not be as awesome as Gai, but he’s trying to get there.

    Obviously though, with the quarantine in place by the Mad Scientist President and this spooky ‘Ghost Unit’, it won’t be an easy path for OH MA SHOE, and that will be the way we want him to be, though he will have the problems mentioned already to resolve as the ‘King’ of his school 😀

    And in other Guilty Crown news, the soundtrack!!! Yay, blissful music to my ears…ah…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Woooo woooo void-o-scanner! Right Arisa is out and OH MA SHOE is more suited to lead the students, or are the students looking towards his awesome power to help them? I wonder if the students continue to have respect for him even after the “war” ends? Yep void rank system is really strange but I like where things are going!

      Damn Ghost unit! I was waiting for the unmanned machines to join this series, ever seen Gundam wing? Remember those dolls? Same thing here controlled on some network just like what Haruka is stick doing. LOL Yep King of the school! Thanks to Hare.

      I KNOW! BEST OST EVER!! I listened to it over and over and over again, my favorite tracks are:

      BIOS (feat. Mika Kobayashi)
      Ready to Go (feat. David Whitaker)
      Hill Of Sorry (feat. mpi)
      BIOS-D (feat. Mika Kobayashi)

      Then again I love them all <3 <3

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