Guilty Crown – 12

Daath-“Hey…I dare you to pull my finger…oh wait you died, my bad…”


I remember once I promised Fosh that “one day” I would “tag with him on Guilty Crown” because I wasn’t feeling up to it when GC’s first episode was aired. I guess that “one day” is finally here! Now let’s see whether this episode can actually redeem this series.
We’re baaaack! Did you miss us? Or at least, did you miss Guilty Crown? If you didn’t miss any of the aforementioned, I’m not quite sure why you’re here…Get out. D:
Oh hey look Guilty Crown is back from taking Christmas and new years, so did anyone rock back and forth from lack of Guilty Crown? Hopefully you didn’t lose too much sleep over it. So what can we expect from this episode?! I expect more screaming and Void summoning, I am joined by Anaaga and as usual the always fun OC for this review of episode twelve.

Plot follows Shu holding Gai after he took a hit from evil “eyebrows” Aka the Daath grave keeper or Darth Grave Keeper which ever you like more…but that is the strangest name so far in Guilty Crown! So Shu chases Daath through a void portal where he plans to sacrifice Inori to wake up Mana. Before he can save Inori, he gets hit with a flashback bomb. This takes us on a trip to the past with Shu, Gai and the real Inori aka Mana. After those flashbacks Shu returns and save the day; however, in the end he lost more than he gained.

Daath-“Be right back, stealing your girl.”                    Shu-“NOOOOO!! I WILL MISS THOSE BOOBS!”

After three weeks of running around with new winter anime, it is time to start Guilty Crown! We jump right into the episode with Shu catching Gai as he got sliced up by evil eyebrows who has one of the best names ever: Daath Grave Keeper…I am not pulling your leg! That is really his name. Before Daath can run away with Inori, he suddenly remembers something important about Gai because he is actually a friend from Shu’s past. Gai mentioned someone named Mana, who’s Shu’s sister that looks just like Inori. Shu chases after Daath before the void portal closes and he gets smacked by a horrible flashback bomb forcing him to remember the past.

Shuuichirou-“Yeah…I need you to get back to the office and write a report on kool-aid filled swimming pools.”

Segai-“Worst….day….of…my….life! We are so not BFFS ANYMORE, Shuuichirou!”

In the mean time, Shuuichirou prepares himself to enter the “arena” to meet up with Daath. They plan to sacrifice Inori to awaken Mana for their world take over. Shuuichirou throws Segai out of his plans and moves on without him; so much for being best friends forever huh, Segai? While Segai plans revenge, Shu relives his childhood with his sister Mana. She looked cute back then but she has another side to her…During the flashback we learn Shu and Mana found Gai washed up on the beach *Cough* Star Driver *Cough* and they give him a new name: Triton…However things slowly begin to fall apart for the three of them after Mana gets infected by the void cancer.

Congrats, you are now a man, Gai!

Mana-“We are going to do more than just kiss…”          Gai- “OH BOY! Wait…why do you have a knife?!”

Shu wakes up and finds Inori tied up and about to marry Shuuichirou to obtain full control over Inori/Mana’s void power, damn old man is into the young girls, huh? Before Shu can simply run up to stop the ceremony, he is cut off by Mana’s powers namely sharp ass vines with massive eyeballs attached to them…wow…freaky! Eventually Gai arrives with Ayase to help Shu save the world, but he needs to remember a key moment from the past as in who triggered Mana to explode? Well, we can blame Shu, after he pushed Mana away calling her a monster…GOOD JOB, SHU…But Mana was turning into a Yandere girl complete with glowing eyes.

Shu-“Damn it, I was going to tie Inori up and get married! You stole my idea.”

Gai-“Ignore the evil eyes that want to kill you and have a flashback.”     Shu-“Nooooooooooo!! I HATE FLASHBACKS!”

Helpful tips from your yandere sister….

Who doesn’t love a pink haired Yandere!? Shu pulls out a new void weapon from Gai and the two of them rush past Shuuichirou to interrupt the wedding, and Daath gets rid of Shuuichirou for failing. Gai charges in to stop Mana from waking up until he gets stabbed by Mana’s vine attack…unable to move, Gai tells Shu to kill him along with Mana! Shu agrees and runs in to finish them both off. The episode comes to a tear jerking end after Shu saves Inori and cries over losing Gai and Mana forever…

Gai-“You thinking what I am thinking?”             Shu-“Yes, but where do we find ice cream at a time like this?”

Shuuichirou-“Sigh, I wish I had a kick ass sword like you…”

Gai-“No you can’t have my office since I died…do not touch my stuff! I SWEAR…”

Damn you final exams! Even a blown up city can not stop them…

Extra Crown powers

Normal Mana! Is so cuteeeooooooo!

Sexy Mana? Wait what is going on here??

Mana-“Do you think I am still sexy? Blood lipstick….hooray!!”

Gai- “Runing down the hall with that ketchup bottle, not a good idea…ouch…”

End thoughts

Twelve episodes, Guilty Crown. Twelve episodes I keep up with you, wishing that at least there’s one episode that can make me like this show. Unfortunately, not a single one did. GC has almost everything that can make it into a great show. The animation is undeniably amazing, and I’m probably not the only one who thinks that way. The BGMs are not as great as the OP and ED songs, but they are definitely acceptable. Then why, GC? Why do your plot sucks SO BAD?

So many things baffle me in this episode. I can understand of Mana appearing out of nowhere as Shu’s sister (not related) because that has been hinted by Shu’s flashing flashbacks (I find that two words funny), but Gai as Shu’s best friend? Not even a hint, not even flashbacks of a third person; BANG suddenly Gai is Shu’s old best friend. It’s like telling the whole world that Ash is actually an ex-member of the Team Rockets for the sake of silly mindfuck! But this can’t be compared to silliness around Mana. So, Mana is the first person who had the Apocalypse Disease, and somehow that disease makes her sexually challenged! She wants to do her adopted brother!  Out of everything, it has to be about making babies? And the whole “new race” thingy? WHAT. THE. HELL. Man, don’t even get me started on that marriage thing. Suddenly everybody is just sexually eager here.

Now, Mana’s supposed to be dead right? And Inori is supposed to be nothing more than a body that’s going to be used for Mana’s not-so-lost lost soul? Then WHO IS INORI!? Who’s controlling Inori if it’s not Mana’s sould!? WHY IS THE BODY MOVING BY ITSELF!? I even watched the episode again just to check about Inori. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m stupid or not, but someone needs to explain to me about what Inori actually is. Oh, you think that’s the end? Let’s not forget how Gai was able to use HIS OWN VOID instead of being unconscious when his void was released! Seriously, this part is too much. It’s been applied for eleven episodes that one will be unconscious if his void is released. That’s practically a law in the GC world. Then miraculously, Gai didn’t lose his consciousness when that happened to him? Even Shu being in his whole “new king mode” is not an excuse for this. Or how Shu was holding Gai’s hand when he released Gai’s void. No, Gai wasn’t supposed to be conscious. No excuse.

With Gai being dead, I don’t think I can continue watching this show. It had its chance to redeem itself, and it blew that chance. Instead of polishing the story, this whole flashback and marriage sheeyat just made it worse. Everything is just so stupid, silly, and bizarre now to the point where I can’t stand it anymore. Sorry Guilty Crown, but I’m dropping you. TTYN sex doll Inori and Ouma Shu.

Do you remember the ending of Fractale? It had loose threads that were never leading up to anything in the first place, so out of left field they decided to throw a bunch of garbage at us and hope for the best. It was like the more cool and edgy concepts such as sacrifice, cloning and rape they could fit in, the more likely their chance of viewers liking at least one thing would increase. Instead, it was a wreck. This episode of Guilty Crown feels the same way. I’ll give GC the credit for actually setting down some good groundwork before coming to this point as well as ample foreshadowing. Things lead up to this point in a coherent manner. However, what’s happening now is just…insane. Way too much is happening all at once, to the point where I had to double check that this wasn’t the last episode, despite knowing that this was a 2-cour show.

The marriage in order to release the virus on the world was just plain weird. Why would you want to do that? The only reason I can think of is that this guy is one of those thoughtless villains who just wants to make people suffer for no reason. He is a villain because he is a villain. Uggh. I much prefer the chap with oddly-shaped eyebrows. He is a bit more chaotic in his evil-doing, and much less predictable and stiff. I’m glad they didn’t go and kill him off. I mean, they can’t go and have everyone die, especially with Gai gone. I expected that he’d die eventually, so I’m not shocked or angry…I’m mostly just curious what Shu will do on his own. Yep, I’m still watching this show. It’s a decent show it just…has some issues with storytelling and subtlety. This episode is probably the worst one I’ve seen so far, so right now I’m a bit fed up.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at Inori the same way again. She’s just a vessel, but she was still created to be a sort of “middle man” for them to interact with Mana…meaning that I find her love for Shu to be terrifying. Another reason this episode made me frustrated is that I can’t stand incest. Mana not only liked Shu, but was so forceful about it that I just wanted to cry and fast forward to a part without her in it. It’s like how some people can’t stand gore…my kryptonite is incest. T.T Mana, I hope you are gone forever. I was enjoying the childhood flashback a lot and the implications it had for Gai’s character growth and the two of them being best friends until you ruined everyttthinnggggg. GOOD RIDDANCE!

So after waiting three weeks for more Guilty Crown did we really miss it? I will admit there was a part of me going where is Guilty Crown? Will I get my daily dose of OH MA SHOE?! The answer is yes! Well he was in Aquarion EVOL…The biggest WTF moment for me was the flashback! For the selected few that saw Sacred Seven, they know that series had lots of random WTF flashbacks so this episode was half flashback and half progression. So I have to ask, is there a correct way to do a successful flashback? They probably should have got this out of the way earlier! But I did enjoy watching evil Inori aka Ouma Mana. I really liked her amazing glowing eyes, they were so good! Speaking of Mana, we had another character with a crazy name with Daath or Darth Grave Keeper? Ahahaha what are they smoking when they make up these names? I can only guess they played a lot of Star Wars…

So back to Mana for a bit, what is she really and what is her role in the overall story? I think she is the whole origin of the void cancer caused by her emotions towards Gai and Shu from the past? Either way Shu’s reaction to her “evil” side calling her a monster was the final push to cause Mana to explode. Still that event must have been pushed far into Shu’s mind to make him forget. Seriously what is with main characters in anime that forget stuff like that?! Do all of them get hit over the head with a bag of bricks before the first episode airs? Oh well…I suppose it works great for Guilty Crown and several other shows like this just to build up random “drama” and make us feel bad for them.

Speaking of feeling bad! Damn this episode made me feel so bad for Shu…because he just remembered Gai and Mana and then he had to kill them both!? DAMN…I admit I was like ouch…I really feel bad for Shu right now…at least he saved Inori right?! Even though we have no idea what she really is. So what happens next? Gai is dead and Daath is still alive somewhere. I would love to see episode thirteen or fourteen begin with a huge time skip into the future; as in Shu and Inori are older and both lead the remaining members of the funeral parlor? Because we still have ten or so episodes to go! This would have been a perfect ending to a short series…Let me know what your ideas are for the next few episodes.


Redjuice was fired; time for a new style change…

Shu goes back to school with Ayase, Tsugumi and special guest Daryl?! Stay tuned or face palm for life.


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42 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 12”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Has it really been three weeks since the last episode played? That was quick. The story in this episode felt really rushed, they could’ve taken a little time to explain things, like what exactly is Inori. I’m still fuzzy on that part.

    I have one major question: Was that little kid really the Shu we know now?! He was actually badass and made Gai look like how he is now. Oh, the irony. Because of Shu not helping Mana out when she really needed it, the hero of story was actually the perpetrator of the viral outbreak that almost destroyed the city.

    Shu and Mana kissing when they’re supposed to siblings and she wants to marry him. I sense incest coming on!!

    Mana was awesome in this. How many Strawberry Blonde (pink haired)yanderes have we seen lately? She makes another welcomed addition. Blood lipstick? Guys, be careful when you kiss. Red glowing eyes? What is she? Beyond human, that’s for sure. If you’re saved by someone, you become their slave? I’ll keep that in mind.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! A whole three weeks have passed hahah seems crazy huh? I think you are correct this episode did feel a bit rushed…a lot of things going on at once.

      Hahaha yep! That is the same Shu that we either like or hate…I am on team hate still, but Shu was kind of “cool” this time around…and Gai was great! It is sad to see him go this early.

      ololol well not anymore since Mana is gone so scratch that incest stuff for now, unless you are talking about fake Mana? aka Inori? Then “maybe” but I just do not see Inori and Shu in any sort of relationship.

      Blood lipstick takes the cake! Although no pink haired girl could ever rival Yuno ever, as for what Inori is? I assume cloned from Mana to be used as a super void weapon. That explains why she was about to get married, resulting in her becoming a “slave” and used for her void powers I guess her sword is best void weapon.

  2. Renn says:

    Oh man, this episode. The incest, the wedding ceremony, the “let’s reproduce,” the Gai saying Shuu was his inspiration… It was too much. -_- It’s a real shame, too, because unlike so many anime, the creators actually planned the material. The story was laid out from the get-go. But the story just isn’t that great.

    I’m interested to see where the show will go from here, but what I’m most interested in is the new opening song.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha yes lots of random events going on and yes some hints of incest and what not… For once Shu was a great character! Minus the fail of flashbacks…seriously? WHY DID HE FORGET GAI! ARRRGGG oh well I blame the “meh story” so far.

      Same! New Opening please…and I am curious to see where episodes 13-22 take us.

  3. Ceyrai says:

    I left that episode confused as hell… but I actually liked it, for some reason. They resolved some things in the plot but opened half a dozen new cans of worms for the viewers to pick apart. And despite all the information they were throwing at us kind of randomly (the storyboard department really needs to work on plot organization) it reminds me of how I felt watching mindfuckery like Code Geass (though GC is not comparable to that yet). It makes me want to tune in a bit more – I’d rather have this kind of episode rather than another fanservicey beach episode one.

    I think the fact that Segai was kept alive was appropriate – he seems less of a punch-clock villain compared to Shuichiro. Also, though a minor detail, it explains how Haruka looks so young despite being a sixteen year-old kid’s mom. I liked how young Mana and Shu met Gai as well – that was pretty sweet, and gave more ground to the fact that Gai feels pretty strongly towards Shu. All of a sudden, Shu’s membership to the Funeral Parlor doesn’t seem so random anymore. If only Gai’s feelings towards Mana wasn’t so one-sided…

    And though the (one-sided?) incest part made me rather uncomfortable, I think it was there to show how terrible the toll of the virus is on Mana’s mind. I like to think that it was the virus’s fault, not Mana’s own lust or whatever. Especially when she was apologizing to Shu – I think a glimpse of her real feelings was seen right there.

    That theory does leave a question, though – why would the virus make her go after her own little brother like that, anyway? Was there a deeper purpose (because of all that talk of their genes creating a new world = Adam and Eve, in a sense, since Adam and Eve were technically brother and sister) or was it just playing with Mana psychologically? And how did Mana get the virus in the first place? Were those scenes with her on the operating table mean she was experimented on? Or being treated of it?

    I still do have misgivings about other things, though. Really, no unconsciousness after getting his Void pulled out? I think Gai is special, but not that special. And that “I have to get stronger” line – I think that’s one thing that really came out of nowhere. I mean, how the hell did he know that Mana was alive (or could still be saved) in the first place? Not without a lot of research into the thing, I would suppose, but he figured it out within minutes after Mana triggered Lost Christmas. And why would he leave Shu like that? Sure he had feelings for Mana, but is a mostly-dead yandere girl for whom you have unrequited feelings more important than a traumatized amnesiac best friend? The bad thing about this is, with Gai dead and having resolved his personal conflict, I don’t think these questions are ever going to be answered.

    Also, I think the amnesiac plot comes across as very cheap. They should’ve played it up more, maybe I’d sympathize with Shu by a modicum more.

    But really, I just hate all the dying. TT____TT And the fact that I have to stand Shu and Inori without a Gai buffer for the next 10+ episodes. They’re not particularly intriguing protagonists – that is, I don’t feel any sympathy or empathy for them – though I agree with what Foshizzel said about having a time-skip. Maybe I’ll like them more that way.

    Still, I just have to say that Gai and Mana’s death scene was beautiful. I like to see Gai smiling like that after being troubled for the past 12 episodes. And Mana didn’t look hateful at all, either. I think was the most compelling scene I’ve ever seen in this series. And with Departures playing in the background… Q______Q Yeah, all my tears right there. Why couldn’t they be the main protagonists?

    Anyway, despite 90% of the aniblogosphere hating/being confused by this series, I’m going not going to drop it, but only to see if any of my questions are going to be answered, and if the story will pick up after this whamburger of an episode. and because of the new OP and ED next ep I would like to like Shu and Inori more, because I won’t have Gai to fangirl over anymore. I still have some expectations for this series, though admittedly I have had to lower my standards just to be able to continue watching it. Hope they surprise me, in the good way, next week.

    And maybe they should stop with all the Code Geass parallelisms, too.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Truth! This episode really left us all like HUH?! WAIT WHAT IS GOING ON!! AHHHHHH!! They do have me asking more questions every week.

      I have a feeling that Segai will eventually give in and join the funeral parlor! Or maybe he will start his own group? I did spot Daryl in episode 13 sneaking around Shu’s school…I can’t imagine Segai giving up on learning more about Shu and Inori quite yet.

      Ahhhh yeah the incest kiss between Shu and Mana! I just blame the virus inside of her making her a bit mental? Yeah that works for me. And poor Shu.. I feel bad for him really he has seen some screwed up things lately.

      Yeah the whole Adam and Eve thing was just Guilty Crown’s way of being “cool” or to mimic the success of Penguin drum? I think the virus really took mana over in the end before Shu helped trigger lost Christmas…

      Yeah amnesia is always around these types of shows! Like Sacred Seven! Alma totally forgot he knew Ruri and all that mess and the flashbacks what the hell?! They just made me face palm all the way…oh well at least we got to learn about Mana, Shu and Gai’s past together.

      Time skip would work for me! Sadly that might not ever happen…I saw the preview for 13 and ya…school…

      Gai and Mana’s death scenes were great! I mean really sad but good stuff right there, I admit while watching it the 2nd time for screen caps I was like damn…that is so freaking sad! T___T I know right? Gai/Mana would have been more fun.

      Good! I hope you keep up with this series and ya every week there is more to hate on but there are small moments where GC can do something great! Story is just one of those lacking areas…

      Nawww if it wasn’t Geass I am sure others would use Eva, Eureka7 and lots of other “mecha” shows…

      great comment btw! xD

  4. Karakuri says:

    G-Guy… Excuse me while I go sob in a corner and curse myself for catching up with this. Maybe I’ll try and form coherent thoughts about this while I’m at it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      D’awwww Kara! -hug- Gai will be missed…now will Shu rise up to become the next bamf leader of the Funeral Parlor?! I FREAKING HOPE SO!! xDDD

      • Karakuri says:

        Aww thanks Fosh. …If he does, I’m labeling this “Gurren Lagann Syndrome” and then waiting for Shu to end up digging in caves at the end of the series. …Or by how this series does things, maybe he’ll end up teaching at a school xD.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Shu will teach void science! Which involves Inori <3 Showing the students the power of love = SUPER AWESOME WEAPONS! Yeah Shu needs to take up drilling holes 4 life.

          • Karakuri says:

            Drilling holes will probably be more productive than anything else he’s been doing for the past 12 episodes xD

            • Foshizzel says:

              GC = Drilling holes in our minds and filling us with RAGE towards mr OH MA FREAKING SHOE GO AWAY <3

  5. skylion says:

    I’m more than a little inebriated at the moment. Perfect time to share my thoughts that is the mess that is GS.

    First my Almost Fosh Approved Scale of Guilty Crown Success:

    Zero Tsumugi. Mentioned Once. No Screen Time. Total Episode Failure. I’m harsh, and unfair, and P.I.G. is just going to have to suffer my wrath.

    Lack of the black plugs suit wonder aside. What did I get from this. Don’t have siblings that are infected with some sort of alien virus magicy thing. And if you do. You should at least score.

    Honestly that is what I took away from this. So sweet that Oh Ma Shoe and Inori had a good cry at the end. But still. Score.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Drunken comments are awesome!!

      Yeah…well episode 13 has Tsugumi running around! And Ayase going to school so maybe something fun next week?

      Hahahaha yeah well Shu was still a child back then, but ya you would think something would have went down.

      Yeah Shu and Inori survive to live another day! With Gai out of the picture maybe Inori and Shu will get the chance to be together? Either that or Shu leaves the Funeral Parlor while someone else leads.

  6. Tofu says:

    Episode 12? HA! *leaves*

  7. Cytrus says:

    “New king mode”, people, “new king…”

  8. Alynn says:

    I am disappointed with this on so many levels. I agree. Gai is suddenly Shu’s best friend? WHAT? WHAT? And there was no hint before AT ALL. Unless you want to speculate and say that Inori was set up to go and hide in Shu’s place in the beginning?

    And hooray my favourite character died, now how am I going to stand watching this?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lmao agreed Shu was suddenly Gai’s best friend? and Shu back then was braver than Gai…talk about role reversal! Lololol Right well I watched episode two and you see all the key moments in this episode leading up to the first Lost Christmas…

      True Gai is a popular character and it will be hard for anyone that loved him to continue watching, while I will continue to blog the series I want to see if Ayase, Tsugumi, and even Inori can “grow” into better characters! And who will take over for the Funeral Parlor?

  9. Reaper says:

    Well…this ep was a bit of a bombshell…from suddenly best friends to a certain incestuous yandere coming out of her shell…*shiver*
    There were a few hints before, not very many though, and his sister/Inori connection had been alluded to before but…Mad Scientist route just died right in his tracks (assuming he did anyway). And yes, that “New King Mode”, unlocked because he remembered his memories…I think “Level Up!” would have been more hilarious for that moment…
    Well, Gai’s (Triton did sound like a boss name though) dead now, Eyebrows kid wanders off in search of other princesses to steal, and Shu now carries the burden of the Undertakers, which causes him to cry. A lot. Sigh…well, at least Major Segai will keep us entertained! XD Onto the next episode! Hanazawa Virus beaten by Apocalypse to Gai, Shu finally mans up (hopefully), and Eyebrow kids discovers the wonders of thinning his eyebrows. PLOT PLOT PLOT! 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahh anime…only in anime would you ever find so much incest themes? But Mana is gone and Inori is just a emotionless clone! She might not even be “related” to Shu.

      Yeah new king mode should come in handy for future battles, I assume this means Shu can see voids and pull voids out without having Inori help him? So yes Shu leveled up!

      I have no idea where Mana came up with Triton…so random for me. Segai is still alive! And maybe a possible recruit for the Funeral Parlor since he pretty much got screwed because the anti-bodies are done.


  10. Samantha Zan says:

    Well I only watched the OVA episode and then this, so hopefully I didn’t miss anything too important (if that’s saying much). But WOW! Everything was just BS all across the board!!!

    Okay, I can understand Mana being Shu’s sister, understand her creating the Apocalypse, I can understand (kind of… not really) her hitting on Shu, BUT SHU BEING CHILDHOOD FRIENDS WITH GAI!!! Now I call bullshit!!!!

    Like seriously! This episode was just full of WTH moments? How am I suppose to believe Shu was a good leader back when he was kid, and encouraged Gai to be what he is now? Okay somewhat, BUT Shu just forgetting everything??? Okay maybe somewhat plausibly.

    The only reason I’m still going to watch GC next, is to see the new opening and ending. I thought it was going to show this week, but maybe next week I guess.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I guess you could have gone through the recent OVA and skipped all the way to this episode.

      Ahahahaha yeah…Shu and Gai as friends was a bit random! And Shu as a child was a brave kid compared to Gai? That part is crazy! Either way…yes that was strange. Yeah a main character forgetting a important childhood friend is pretty much the norm in anime, which is lame and retarded…but ah well that is how Guilty Crown rolls.

      Yeah that makes me sad! Yeah Gai is dead but I dunno how people can just stop right there…but to each their own I suppose. New OP and ED might bring people back for episode 13…

  11. Miyu says:

    Well figures, Gai died. I had grown to like him THIS MUCH too. Y U DO DIS ;_;

    Actually for me, other than that I didn’t feel too bad about this episode. The entire Mana being Shu’s sister thing was cool in my opinion, and I didn’t have too many problems with Gai being Shu’s childhood friend. I thought it was really sweet, how they grew close together and become best friends~ AND THEN MANA TURNED PEDO AND RUINED EVERYTHING. Gee, thanks, Mana. I’m kind of glad she’s dead, but is she dead for good?

    I don’t even know how GC is going to continue on from here. This really felt like a last episode, so what are they going to do in subsequent ones? If it’s about Shu and Inori taking over Funeral Parlor I’m not sure if I can live to watch through it x_x

    • Foshizzel says:

      Rest in peace you awesome man! Damn Gai you will be missed.

      Yeah the whole Shu and Mana thing was great! Even thou it was told in flashbacks…ah well pretty lame for that! I would have loved a episode about them and how Mana got infected in the first place. Well cloning is alive and well in the world of Guilty Crown… so anything is possible.

      Same I have no idea what happens next! Do they continue on with everyday life? As in Shu goes to school full time? Who takes over as new leader? So many unanswered questions! So I say at least watch episode 13 and 14! But ah well I really hope people continue to watch.

  12. Gecko says:

    I knew Gai was going to die pretty soon. I just didn’t realize that he was actually Shu’s best friend or whatever the heck he was. That flat out sucks for Shu.
    I think the marriage thing was some obscure Adam-Eve thing, because they said Mana = Eve of Lost Christmas. I don’t really care though. If the marriage had gone through, maybe I would care a little more.
    As for Mana, I get the feeling her and Gai are just gone forever. I commented earlier about how maybe this show was going to show us what happens after they defeat the bad guy/virus/whoever the villain was, so hopefully it can do that and Shu will man up and do something.
    As for Inori, she had said earlier that Gai had given her a name, so maybe if she knows that she isn’t just a container anymore, she can get a personality? She was crying at the end, so she has emotions… Hopefully she’ll get more interesting.
    I agree with Reaper above, Eyebrows guy needs to thin out his eyebrows.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhh yeah I figured Gai would die eventually! After all he has the whole void cancer inside of him and there was no “cure” for him and he is the secondary “hero” Much like another key character in TTGL! as sad as it was to see Gai die we need those types of characters to help trigger important events for the main characters to gain new powers or grow up.

      Lolol yeah I don’t think bible themes such as Adam and Eve really fit to well in Guilty Crown! While they fit more in Penguin drum, but I see where they make the connection.

      Yeah I don’t see Gai and Mana ever coming back…unless we get some cloning? Or there are more copies of Mana? Yeah Inori was crying at the end so maybe she will become a better character? I guess we can keep hoping.

      lololol Daath! Yeah he needs some work done.

  13. obladi05 says:

    I’m still trying to make up my mind towards this episode. I mean, I’ve enjoyed the series so far and was really looking forward to this episode, but after watching this it feels like they could have done it so much better. Specially all the flashback part.

    Putting that aside, I think Gai’s death was completely absurd. Why did he have to die so as to “kill” Mana? Why not just letting Shu cross her heart with the sword? I’m guessing because he was in love (????) with her (he said to Inori once “you also chose him”, or sth like that), but still… It was pretty obvious that Gai was going to die sooner or later, but it should have been closer to the end. Poor Shu, he finally reunites with his childhood friend and five minutes later has to kill him off…

    Well, let’s see where this is heading now. New OP, ED and hopefully IN songs too!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah the flashback stuff could have been a bit better…I always hate flashbacks! ARRGGGG But ah well that is how it goes.

      Yeah Gai’s death was kind of weak but killing Mana I assume means no one out there can cause another lost Christmas and all that. Yeah I saw Gai dying eventually and after learning he has void cancer inside of him it all adds up to his death.

      Yep new OP and ED next time…

  14. skylion says:

    Guilty Crown is my guilty little pleasure. Kinda like the thing I had for hair metal back in the day. I was an old school punk growing up, but I did love me some Poison.

  15. anaaga says:

    Can Gai be saved? I think he can. If Shu stab Man from the back, he won’t stab Gai at all. Then that weird bubble thing (that appeared out of NOWHERE) will carry them to a safe place, then Shu can use Hare’s void to heal Gai!
    Or I’m just being absurd and is trying to find ways to save Gai.

    Either way, Shu’s reasoning for “losing his memory” is ridiculous, and New King Mode? What bull

    • Foshizzel says:

      Pretty sure the explosion vaporized him along with Mana, unless they got hair samples off his jacket?? Which would make me laugh so hard! Yeah the bubble was strange…was that from Inori? Or someone else? xD

      Ahahaha yeah new king mode is a bit of a level up!

      • Gecko says:

        Well, don’t they have some blood? (maybe?) Because Inori was giving him blood and all. And I’m sure Gai knew he would die at some point, so maybe he left behind some DNA to make a clone.
        That would be hilarious: Shu and Inori suddenly become parents of a little Gai-baby. I’ve got the new plot for the rest of the show right there.
        (Although cloning would be unfortunate, because Gai’s personality wouldn’t be able to come back.)

        • Foshizzel says:

          Lololol Inori and Shu as Gai’s new parents? That would be the best spin off ever! Like Gai = Sonya from Kill me baby xDD

  16. Kitty says:

    It should end, right here right now! What can they possible fill 11 more episodes with? All for the bromance of this episode but seriously guys, bow out now with some dignity intact. I’m with you Anaaga without Gai there really is no point. Its hard because I really did love this show, but it was a let down. Like opening a pack of pokemon cards, oh the EXCITEMENT until you realize you did not get pikachu. -_-;

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeppers! 22 whole episodes, so ya roughly 11 more to go…What will happen next?! AAAH! Find out sooooonnnn also damn it really does suck to think 11 episodes without Gai? I hope OH MA SHOE grows up to lead…

      Hahahah I CHOOSE YOU Guilty Crown character- I will to with Ayase or Tsugumi <3

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