Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 09

Now if she could master her actual invasion…

 Hello there Ika fans! We are slowly getting to the official end of fall, but there are quite a few shows continuing through winter season. Anyway time to get things started with this Ika Musume episode review. Stories this week! Ika plays house with a random girl named Risa along with Sanae, Eiko and Kiyomi. Second squid story follows Eiko and Chizuru giving Ika a bag and a schedule book as she learns how to use these items. And finally the last story takes Ika to a local amusement part that Eiko remembers from her childhood, only they all find out the park is super small with only one ride left! Some tea cups…

Ika-“What the squid? Who is this small creature.”                    Risa-“BECOME MY FRIEND! NOW!!”

Starting off Ika gets pulled into the park by a random kid named Risa who suddenly wants to play house, Ika plays the role of her father. Eiko also gets pulled into joining to play the role of Ika’s wife, eventually Sanae and Kiyomi join in as Ika’s other wives! Yes if you noticed Risa is into some really extreme TV dramas and wants Ika and the others to play along. However Sanae gets really into things after Risa says Kiyomi is having Ika’s pretend child, damn this kid is got one over active imagination or needs some better hobbies…

Eiko-“How did I get pulled into this role play?!”    Ika-“I thought I was going to get free shrimp for this, de geso!”

Sanae-“You think its easy to make all those faces?! IT TAKES YEARS OF PRACTICE!”

Risa! A ball of cute moe, but she has a dangerous and powerful imagination.

Second story starts after Eiko and Chizuru give Ika a large bag and a schedule book, so she tries to use it but she quickly learns it is really hard to plan out her full day of activities. These little stories like this always make me laugh! Giving Ika everyday objects she takes them to the next level resulting in hilarious events. Just like Ika hiding inside that bag to avoid Sanae? After while Ika gives up planning things and gets suddenly lazy, Sanae finds Ika’s schedule book and spots a new entry. She was planning on visiting a local hot springs and decides to hide waiting for her to arrive, but Ika doesn’t show up and plans for a trip to a local amusement park with Chizuru, Eiko and Takeru.

Ika-“What the ink is that for?” Chizuru-“You can put things in it like dead bodies, err i mean shrimp.” Ika-“……..”

Ika-“Schedule-chan tells me the future! De geso.”         Eiko-“….isn’t that a copy right from another series?”

Finally we follow Ika, Chizuru, Eiko and Takeru visiting an amusement park, when they finally arrive they find the park has gone through some recent changes. They used to have lots of rides and only have a tea cup ride, yeah that really sucks. Eiko gets a bit depressed after seeing her favorite park down sized to nothing but tea cups. But they try to make the most of it by riding the cups over and over until Eiko and Takeru get sick of riding the same thing over and over and take a break, while Ika spins like crazy having a great time! Maybe she can’t get sick? After the park closes for good they find the next day the park was sold and the area was turned into a bar with bunny girl waitresses.

Ika-“Whoa! What the squid are those things?!”                   Eiko-“Magical time machines…” 

Ika-“Are you squidding getting sea sick Eiko?”               Eiko-“…I want to murder you so bad right now.”

Nine hours later…Ika has yet to leave the tea cup, or she fell asleep.

Chizuru-“Maybe we should get Ika to cosplay as a bunny girl?”                 Ika-“no inking way! De geso!”

Extra squiding fun

Sanae has the ultimate power in the Ika Musume universe.

Sanae-“Muhahahah you are mine today!!”     Ika-“Someone squidding help me! This girl is trying to squidnap me.”

Ika-“I kicked your squidding ass again Eiko!”         Eiko-“Sure if you count button smashing a way to win.”  

Nothing worse than a giant sized Sanae right Ika?

Ika-“I can’t take any more squidding puns! I think I might die, de geso…”

End thoughts

Man this was another hilarious episode of Ika Musume especially that first part? What the hell was that! I couldn’t stop laughing as Risa pulled Ika into one messed up game of house. Things were going good until Risa got Eiko, Sanae and Kiyomi to join in. I think the best moment had to be Sanae’s arrival and getting a chance to be Ika’s pretend wife drove things to extreme levels for her. I have to say Sanae had some of the best expressions for this episode; I will have to add them to my expressions folder. Fun side note on Risa aka Nanako Sudou she played Reina in Usagi Drop! Not bad for a first time actress.

That Second story had Ika playing around with a large bag and that schedule book. Whenever you combine Ika’s child like curiosity and throw in some random object you can always expect something funny to happen. And sure enough this that section had plenty of laughs for me, like Ika hiding inside the bag when Sanae was about to tackle her. I was surprised she could actually fit inside; then again Ika is so tiny she probably has no trouble doing that. But poor Ika that schedule book made things so terrible for her instead of making things easier it made it worse. I liked the fact that Sanae actually went to the hot springs to wait for Ika LOLOL Good job Sanae I hope you enjoyed that solo bath experience.

And finally the amusement park, man that was really sad to see how excited Eiko got thinking about her past experiences at that park. I would be kind of pissed! But Eiko was a great sport about the park even thou she got really sick of the tea cups after one ride. I don’t mind spinning but I could not survive riding those all freaking day! I also was shocked that Ika did not get sick at all…maybe squids don’t get sick from spinning? Must be some animal thing I suppose. That ending was also amazing and funny when the park closed I was waiting for it to reopen with another set of tea cup rides! Seriously I was thinking the whole time this could have been a random Gintama episode. That real ending came out of nowhere, I guess the old man loves him some bunny girls.


Party in the snow! Better bring the hot coco and a jacket.

Next week Ika plays in the snow! I shall take this as a mini Christmas episode.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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  1. Yerocha says:

    This episode had just the perfect amount of debauchery. It was great seeing these girls get more and more into it.

  2. Kyokai says:

    Okay, I have to agree, Ika makes some very awesome faces. xD

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