Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 08

Prepare yourself for one epic ocean adventure.

Welcome back for another fun review of Ika Musume, so what else have I been doing? Well I recently got back into my online addiction with Minecraft! So that game has been stealing most of my free time, but I really don’t mind mining away for hours.

Our three stories this week follow Ika watching after the house for Eiko and Chizuru as they work late one night, Ika lets a thief into the house resulting in his arrest thanks to Sanae. Next up Ika gets tricked by the science trio after they laid a trap using shrimp, Eiko and Chizuru try to teach Ika a lesson about her shrimp habits. And in our third story Ika passes out from heat stroke along with Sanae, Ika in the meantime starts to get paranoid thinking Sanae will attack her while she is weak and tired.

Eiko-“What are you doing, Sanae?”                Sanae-“Making a love shrine to Ika Musume in Minecraft.”

Starting the episode off Ika listens to Eiko and Chizuru talk about a thief in the area and they decide to let Ika watch over the house one night. Sure why not leave Ika home alone? Nothing bad will happen right? Ika gets excited after she finally got the house to herself, but she starts to get really bored until a special guest arrives. The thief decides to play along with Ika after she confuses him for Eiko and Chizuru’s father. Damn Ika you win the award for worst home security system. Ika decides to run off and tell Eiko about the surprise arrival, and they run home and find the thief getting arrested thanks to Sanae who has a few secret hidden cameras in Eiko’s house.

Ika living the dream! Chilling and playing video games, forever alone…

Thief-“This squid costume is working perfectly.”                  Ika-“WHERE MY KRACKEN PIZZA?!”

Sanae-“Every day I watch you in the shower…Ika…”            Ika-“Wha…what..that is so inked up…de geso!”

Moving right into the next fun story as Ika spots some shrimp outside, you would think she would see the plates and picture a trap! Eiko goes off to find Ika and follows the empty plates to find Ika trapped in a cage. Eiko scares the science trio away after mentioning Chizuru, and tells Ika to be more careful in the future. When everyone gets him Chizuru pranks Ika after feeding her some shrimp saying it was poisoned, after suffering from that horrible prank Ika decides to resist her urges to eat her favorite food. Sadly this does not last long as she goes crazy! Seeing shrimp everywhere she turns. Eventually Chizuru gives in and puts some shrimp inside some food giving Ika a treat for trying to change her habits.

Come on Eiko you can’t resist that moe face forever.

Chizuru has mastered force choke! She is turning to the dark side.

Ika-“All this Squidding shrimp! Someone take me to red lobster, de geso!!”

Shrimp energy levels successfully recharged.

And finally our last story follows Ika waking up after passing out from heat stroke; she finds Sanae resting beside her and starts to panic. Whoa calm down there Ika, but I have to say the music during this part of the episode was so amazing. Ika falls asleep and wakes up to find Sanae missing from the room, but she returns to give Ika some fresh water to return the favor. Sanae tells Ika next time she will nurse her back to health, but that comment quickly causes Ika to turn away freaking out once again ending the episode.

Ika-“Give it to me straight doc, am I going to eat shrimp ever again? De geso.”               Doc-“……”

Sanae-“I will take good care of you Ika.”           Ika-“Fish god if you are up there save me please! De geso…”

Extra ocean fun

Ika-“Join me and together we will surf the internet! Wait we don’t actually use squidding surf boards?!”

Which means Ika you need some steel doors.

Sanae-“Ika-chan! This won’t hurt….much I promise.”

Ika-“Stand back! I am a master of water bottle kung fu! De geso!”

Ika is super charged this week with evil shrimp power.

End thoughts

Another great week for Ika Musume, that first mini episode was kind of random having Ika watch over the house was not the best idea for Chizuru and Eiko! That would be like asking her to watch over a bank you are just asking for failure. I did laugh watching that thief actually troll Ika then again she gave him the perfect opening to pose as Eiko’s father. And then Ika reversed the trolling on the thief when she started to talk about her own invasion, it was actually very hilarious that the thief believed Ika was some big shot gang leader or something.

The second story was great! It wouldn’t be a complete Ika Musume story without the mention of shrimp! I was thinking the whole time Ika was eating the shrimp on the plates that she would have learned not to do that, of course it was a freaking trap! Still it was exciting to see Ika actually try to resist wanting to eat shrimp, I think Sanae dressing up as a shrimp is always so random and funny to watch. The best moment of the shrimp filled adventure was easily the moment when Ika started to see shrimp everywhere; thankfully Chizuru saved Ika’s brain from exploding and gave her some shrimp at last.

Finally the last part of the episode, I would have to say the pairing of Sanae and Ika always makes me laugh the most every time they put them together. For some reason Kanae Itou enjoys playing a lot of perverted roles! Minus someone like Ohana of course who was less of a pervert or was she? LOL Anyway watching Ika flip out over sleeping next to Sanae killed me this week. It was great to see Ika’s mind start wander about the different ways Sanae would attack her, and I couldn’t help but d’aww when Sanae said she would take care of Ika next time she wasn’t feeling good. Of course it was quickly followed by an evil laugh from Sanae! Ahahah she is amazing.


Are you amused yet? ARE YOU!

Ika plays house with some little kid and has some fun at an amusement park!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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    Even if I don’t watch this, I like all the Ika faces. She makes some really cute ones! xD

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