Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 09

Not amused. And still beautiful.

More Yukina is always good for the heart even if he gets less screen time than the main couple. It’s not the bishie sparkle but the way he asserts himself. Seriously, everyone should have that attitude! Ideally, this should have been a tag like the last time but I fell sick and couldn’t match up to anaaga’s timing so we are back to the usual thoughts tag.
*gasp* After so many episodes, there’s actually a summary of SIH!? A summary!? Unfortunately, Kyokai and I are pretty busy to do a tag, and our schedules don’t match with each other’s. Sorry guys, please bear with my horrible summary until next week =( I’ll try to make it as short as possible.

SIH got this uke system going on, where the uke isn’t feeling confident about himself, and things almost go down the drain because of the lack of communication. This is what this episode is all about. Our uke Kisa is stuck with his memory of Yukina going to the hotel district with some random girl. Thinking that his boyfriend cheated on him, Kisa can’t concentrate even at work just because of Yukina. To make matters worse, Kisa just has to make some girl talk with one of the employees (Editor in chief of Saphire Bunko) who’s going to get married soon. Although the employee loves her job, she still feels insecure about her life, so she has decided to get married to feel more secure about her life. Talk about being desperate. The little elevator talk just makes Kisa more depressed, and he snaps when Yukina calls him.

Look who’s talking

Now that Kisa is “single” again, he decides to accept his old sex buddy’s invitation. Before Kisa can start making out with some random office worker that looks TOO YOUNG to be working, suddenly Yukina shows up and… SLAPS KISA. YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Fuck Yeah (credit: takashi-kun)

FINALLY, SLUT. Anyhow, Yukina drags Kisa into his apartment and they have a typical yaoi fight. Something like this:


Yukina: That’s my friend! Here’s the proof *shows ticket*


Yukina: I don’t want to be a burden to you (or something along that line)

Kisa: Let’s break up. I’m not confident enough to be the boyfriend of a god. Be straight, date some hot chick, and make beautiful babies with her.


Kisa: …OK BB

*insert hot steamy CENSORED sex*

And that’s pretty much it for this episode. Before the ending, Yukina shows up at Kisa’s apartment and tells him that he’s going to have a sudden sleepover for a week. Ending the episode like a boss. That’s Yukina for you <3


How he still can pull off the bishie look in his ugliest angle is beyond my reasoning

Aw yeah

Moar picspam:

Totally not creeped out with this. No, really

Some random cute-looking desperate office worker



My reaction too

End Thoughts:

This episode is GREAT. Just because of the angry side of Yukina <3 The non-Yukina scenes of this episode suck. The animation? Sucks. You can see some deformed expressions and postures even when they’re UP CLOSE right at your face. What’s with the background music too? The music obviously doesn’t match up with the situations. I ended up laughing at some parts just because of the BGM. I’m kind of pissed about this, it’s as if they’re just throwing random music for the lack of money. Bleh, I guess, Ritsu has the best BGM in this series.

I am really tired with this typical lack of communication problem in yaoi. And misunderstandings. Are ukes really that stupid in yaoi? Of course, misunderstanding is a common problem in every couple’s lives, but c’mon, be smart about it! Just because your guy is walking with some chick, doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you. If you’re curious, don’t stalk, JUST ASK. How hard is it to ask? Hell, just text him about it. Oh wait, you can’t even text him about your days, how the heck can you text about your suspicion to him? And why is Kisa feeling insecure for being gay? I thought he’s one of the characters who’s supposed to feel cool about his sexuality. Don’t even start with Kisa representing those who feel insecure about themselves yada yada. No, he’s just stupid. Period.

I shall block out the painful parts of this episode and focus on Yukina only. Seriously, this episode is all about Yukina. He’s just so… perfect! He’s a prince, but seeing him now, I’m starting to think that he’s the reincarnation of some god or something. I definitely love that angry side of his. I’m not into perfect characters, but Yukina is definitely an exception. There’s something about him (not his face) that awed me. Maybe it’s his way of handling women, or how he can set his priorities straight. Also, I love how he can control his emotions. Yukina might be a handsome prince with a gorgeous smile, but who knows what he’s thinking when he does that? I’m sure he has a shitload of problems, but he doesn’t gripe about it, unlike KISA. Good god, Yukina is such an amazing guys. If this episode is about Yukina only, I would rate this episode 200.

Now finally, anaaga understands why I like Yukina so much. I’ve read the manga already so after Takano, Yukina is the DUDE of this series. He knows how to get his priorities straight without beating around the bush. I didn’t catch the Virgo part while reading manga but now I understand why I identify with him so much. I’m not big into zodiac stuff but I can say, making straight talk is better than pussyfooting and I guess, it’s a good Virgo trait? It’s seriously the best way to communicate at least.

Like any other yaoi story, there’s nothing new in the plot of this episode. Misunderstanding is everywhere when romance is in question and in the BL world, it’s one of the most overused plot point. People like us, who watch it, facepalm non-stop whenever that happens but we get used to it because well, you can’t always watch deep shows that wreck havoc with your brain. Fluffy stories are just the ticket when you have had a long day and just want to unwind. Which reminds me… I agree with Kisa’s thinking of adults trying to always work hard. Of course, it’s different for different industries but I have such days when I’m too overworked to enjoy the process and think, why am I doing this? Though my positive thinking wins every time and I suggest, all of you who ever think this way, get over it soon or it will be baaaaaaad, BAD.

When a person is reviewing Fate/Zero and then watches an episode of SIH, the reaction is nothing but me laughing most of the time or kyaaing just become someone said something cute. Yukina sure bubbled up that DAWWW quotient this episode with the right amount of confrontation and IN-YO-FACE honesty. It’s dubious why he saved the ticket but it all worked out in the end. Kisa should stop being a slut, handing out his body like that and get serious about someone who really cares about him more than he thinks. I can rant A LOT over this typical ill-confidence factor but I’ll curb the urge. Overall, a better episode because things got resolved. And yeah, Yukina is AWESOME.

Preview: *gasp* It’s FINALLY HERE


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2 Responses to “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 09”

  1. Kitty says:

    Yay for Yukina! I really love this episode, and that ‘right I told this guy I was 18 bit!’ HA! Who knew Kisa was such a slut. Glad they worked things out, that more then we can say for Ritsu and Takano. Hopefully things will get cleared up in the end unlike Romantica *grumbles* I have to say Seikaiichi is better enjoyment then Romantica. Thou I did love Hiroki and Shinobu.

    • anaaga says:

      Romantica is a classic, but SIH is better than Romantica in so many ways. The art is (obviously) nicer than Romantica, and story-wise SIH has a solid plot compared to Romantica. I only like Hiroki and Shinobu’s stories too. For some reason I find Misaki’s story to be lacking. What’s worse, all three of Romantica stories are being dragged on and on, so it’s basically never going to end.

      Yukina > everything. See? See why I don’t like Kisa? Yukina is too good for Kisa x(

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