Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA – 02

I would be scared too if one of my teachers is giving me that sign

Aah Seitokai Yakuindomo, I never knew that there’s going to be more than one OVA. Does it mean that it’s selling well in Japan? The first OVA didn’t impress me that much, so let’s see how good the second OVA is!

With more fan service

The Student Council peeps visited Tsuda’s sister Kotomi because of Kotomi’s acceptance to their high school. As a polite senpai, Shino tells Kotomi to look for her at the Student Council if Kotomi ever needs any help. It’s really nice to have “friends at high positions” right? It would be better too if Kotomi didn’t say that out loud…

Too much information

Later on Kotomi sees Tsuda’s cell phone filled with girls’ numbers. Lucky bastard. Anyhow, she decided to stalk her brother to see his reputation with girls. From then on Kotomi realized that her brother is very “smooth.” Oh wait, why is Suzu glancing and blushing when she stares at Tsuda?

It’s dark Suzu, but we still can see you blushing

After few weeks, the swimming meet is finally here! Lots of fan service, and we get to know random facts about the characters. Like how Naruko-sensei is into using old swimsuits to hunt guys or how Mutsumi gets motion sickness too easily. Tsuda is charmed with Shino’s childish side in this swimming meet, so he’s literally “ogling” at Shino. That’s what Kotomi said, at least. Oh look, more bad fan service!

Kotomi will always be there to ruin your moment

We get to see the Student Council peeps in elementary version too! More like Shino and Suzu only. They’re pretty much the same, especially Suzu. Poor student teacher is having lots of explicit moments in her temporary teaching, thanks to Shino.

Hang in there, Sensei!

Extra ecchi:

Ah, friendship


All Tsuda did was not telling her his problem

I bet you were tricked

Translation: “Don’t dehydrate yourself in summer”


Notice the different air both of these fan services give

What you do if both of your ears have water in it

A very, um, interesting dinner conversation

End Thoughts:

There’s definitely lots of improvement in the second OVA. I definitely laughed when Aria complained about the lack of fan service at the beginning of the episode. It wasn’t a surprise that we get more fan service than usual in this episode. Thanks Aria for complaining about the lack of fan service! I was surprised though with the males-changing-in-the-locker-room fan service. I didn’t expect them going so extreme; either way, it’s nice that they decided to go versatile with the fan service and go all creative with it by adding some humor in the fan service. I feel bad for the guys who watched this episode.

On the other side, I like how Suzu is slowly noticing Tsuda more and more, while Tsuda is starting to notice Shino. The love in the Student Council room is definitely there, but they were able to cover it up nicely by adding those blushing scenes in-between the dark and dirty jokes. Except that part where Tsuda was “ogling” Shino, that’s too obvious. And ooh the kids’ version of the Student Council, it’s so cute! I’m glad though Shino is still a pervy in the kid version. Her ecchi side is basically her plus point.

As a whole the second OVA is definitely waaayy better than the first OVA. The jokes are waaaaayyy funnier, and the elementary SC thingy definitely helped me to see the characters’ developments from when they were small till now. And did I mention that the VA for Tsuda is Asanuma Shintaro (Kaito in Phi Brain, Watashi in Youjouhan Shinwa Takei)? He’s so fabulous at voicing Tsuda! The only thing I’m not amused with in this series is, as usual, the animation of it. Ugh.


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6 Responses to “Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA – 02”

  1. Reaper says:

    Ahahahahahahahaha! That is the only reaction that anyone can get from watching this show. Too many sexual innuendos but somehow it just works in SYD, especially with the inappropriateness of high school kids, and in the case of Shino, inappropriateness of primary school kids 😀

    • anaaga says:

      I was freaked out and amused that the teacher when she did the hand gesture at Tsuda Man, she must be desperate!
      The jokes are dirtier now, but I got to admit, students these days are like that now. Maybe more ecchi than Shino xD

  2. ishruns says:

    @anaaga, sorry to point this out but you made a mistake in the last part. the twin tail blonde girl with shino is amano not suzu, she was seen at the end of one of the episodes in the tv series. the blonde girl who was being told to go with the new students and swore f*** was suzu when she was in america

    • anaaga says:

      Ooh right, she was that girl who was introduced to the other members by Shino at the last episode! Forgot about that. I was confused for a while there, but I still put Suzu anyway. Thanks!

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Must watch this! I loved the series it made me laugh so damn much xDD

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