Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo 21 – 23

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Wow, I actually caught up? I’M NOT BEHIND ANYMORE!? *sobbing tears of joy* All my struggles and procrastinations! Although I did say that I’ll catch up on Tuesday, but hey, as long as I catch up right?

Episode 21

Continuing the fight between Rikuo and Kidomaru, he still can’t defeat Rikuo with his upgraded, um, house. Questioning Kidomaru’s effort to defeat Rikuo even though he can’t, realization then hit Rikuo: Kidomaru is buying time for Hagoromo-Gitsune’s labor, and his effort is not in vain. Nue/Abe no Seimei is born, all healthy looking like… Mud? It seems that Nue’s revival isn’t complete yet, so Rikuo and the others try to destroy Nue, only to be stopped by Hagoromo-Gitsune and her minions. Ryuuji’s giant phallus seal for Nue is also stopped by Tsuchi-Gumo. Angry Hagoromo-Gitsune gets angrier, so she pushes Rikuo back with her tails and her weapons (that came out from the tails?), and she was able to slash Rikuo… But it turns out to be a trick. Even I was trolled. Nurarihyon, on the other hand watching the fight from below have doubts on Hagoromo-Gitsune’s identity. Why she seemed so familiar? Back to Rikuo, he asks Hagoromo-Gitsune about Rihan. Confused, Hagoromo-Gitsune denies the fact that she killed Rihan. Until her memory wavers and shows her otherwise, that is.

Hagoromo Gitsune: “Meet my son!”

Obligatory loli killer screenshot

Episode 22

Hagoromo-Gitsune is having some migraine problems with her memories mixing up since she’s not supposed to retain the memory of her host. Realizing that Yura is going to attack from behind though, her migraine disappears and she attacks Yura instead. Thankfully, Ryuuji saved Yura although it costs Mamiru being injured. While Hagoromo-Gitsune is busy stabbing Mamiru with her strangely sharp tail, Yura activates Hagun (turning her Goldie into some ugly skull. Goldieeeeeee T_T) and shoots the Hagun at Hagoromo-Gitsune, making her weak. The injured Rikuo lunges and slashes Hagoromo-Gitsune, thus defeating her. However, Rikuo is surprised when Hagoromo-Gitsune’s host calls Rihan (who appeared at her fragments of memory), father. As for the real Hagoromo-Gitsune, she’s all mad now because she had an imperfect host. Trying to remember clearly, she then realizes the one who intervened with her reincarnation. It’s none other than her son, Abe no Seimei, who’s out from the evil-looking mud and is reborn. Rikuo and the rest are too late. Seimei asks for forgiveness from his own mother for what he did, and being a very caring mother, of course Hagoromo-Gitsune forgives him. While she’s hugging Seimei, he opens the gate to hell and pushes Hagoromo-Gitsune into the entrance. It seems that the Seimei who loves his mother no longer exists.

Right at the cleavage

Seimei: “Oops”

Episode 23

Tsuchi-Gumo attacks Seimei, only to be stopped by one of his finger. Whoa, did he just throw Tsuchi-Gumo into hell with one finger only? Minagoroshi-Jizo cheers for Seimei’s revival and gives him Mao’s Hammer (Devil Sword). Minagoroshi’s identity is revealed then: he’s actually the eye (literally) of Sanmoto Gorozaemon, the leader of The Hundred Tales Clan who was defeated by Rihan years ago. Yes, Sanmoto Gorozaemon was split into 100 parts. Gross. It seems that Minagoroshi-Jizo has a brainwashing ability too, which explained why the Kyoto youkai forgot about Kurama Tengu. Suddenly Rikuo stabs Minagoroshi-Jizo from the back, killig Sanmoto’s eye.  He also tries to attack Seimei, but he stops Rikuo with his fabulous index finger, and that even destroyed Nenekirimaru. Seimei slashes Rikuo, but Hagoromo-Gitsune’s host protects him, which results in her being more injured. Nurarihyon takes Rikuo and the host to a safe spot while Nurarihyon’s old minions try to defeat Seimei.

Pushing people into a sea of lava is the new trend for bullying

Jeez, really? Who would’ve thought!

Grandpa to the rescue!

The past is finally revealed. Rihan married a youkai named Yamabuki Otome (shotgun marriage!), and her support was the reason for Rihan’s Golden Age. But later on Yamabuki Otome ran away because she wasn’t able to conceive Rihan’s child. It’s not really her fault though, since Hagoromo-Gitsune cursed that Nura’s youkai blood will cease to exist, therefore making it impossible for the leader of the Nura clan to have a child with another youkai. Yamabuki Otome “ceased to exist” (Suicide? Old age? You decide. I choose suicide) and went to hell, the place Seimei said where all youkai and human return to. No heaven? Sucks. In hell, Seimei and Sanmoto Gorozaemon (who always got his ass kicked in every era by Rihan) plotted a scheme for Rihan’s death. With his technique, Seimei revived Yamabuki Otome and let Minagoroshi-Jizo implant false memories into loli Yamabuki Otome’s head, making her think that Rihan was her father. Rihan hesitated at first but later on accepted loli Yamabuki as his child. Since the loli reminded him of Yamabuki Otome, Rihan recited the poem Yamabuki Otome wrote before she ran away. This activated the trigger Seimei started, and the loli Yamabuki unconsciously stabbed Rihan. Seeing Rihan’s dying face, loli Yamabuki Otome remembered everything and went into a state of shock, thus starting Hagoromo-Gitsune’s complete possession of loli Yamabuki Otome.

That was my face too

Yamabuki Otome: “Dear Rihan, you… are STERILE.”


Rikuo and the rest are shocked. So, Rikuo was actually fighting with her father’s first wife! Evil Nue (Seimei) chuckled as he proudly boasts about his plan. The members of the Nura clan try to attack Nue, but everything they do is futile since none of their attacks can even touch him. Nue decides that it’s time to end things, so he blows up everything around him. Everybody gets injured because of that, but surprisingly, Rikuo’s Hundred Nights of Parade members withstand the attack and gather behind Rikuo; who prepares for an attack towards Nue, asking his minions to lend their fears to him.

This was pretty badass

Extra Screenshots:

Rikuo wanted to cheer Hime since she’s not feeling so well


Two bishies side by side. I’m dying

End Thoughts:

This just blew my mind. Before everything was revealed, I tried to make up so many theories about Yamabuki Otome and Hagoromo-Gitsune, but it didn’t work. Who would’ve thought that Seimei’s Reverse Soul Technique (Hangon no Justsu) technique would come into play here!? Even Minagoroshi-Jizo’s brainwashing ability is used here! This is probably the moment Hiroshi Shiibashi really impressed me. Kudos for him for using little things like that for something this big.

However, I was both impressed and disappointed at the same time, especially with Yamabuki Otome’s sudden existence. For one season, there’s no explanation or hints about Yamabuki Otome. There’s no picture of her, no traces of her in the house, nothing. I can bear with Yohime since it makes sense for Nurarihyon to marry a human since it’s obvious that his son is a halfling, which then explains the mix in Rikuo’s blood. We know at that Rihan married a human named Wakana, making Rikuo a one-fourth youkai. But bam, there’s suddenly a youkai named Yamabuki Otome? Where did she come from? How did she meet Rihan? Wasn’t she originally a human, if Seimei’s story is right? What changed her into a youkai? Yes, Yamabuki Otome is an important character, but I can’t help being tricked by Hiroshi Shiibashi. It’s as if he said something like this: “Oh, by the way, a youkai named Yamabuki Otome came into play here. You don’t really know her and all, since she’s new and I’ve never mentioned her or gave hints about her not even once, but it’s ok, right?” What is she, a stop-gap character? Some kind of character created at the last moment just to fill in the hole? I can’t help but think of her like that. If only Hiroshi Shiibashi gave hints about Rihan’s two marriages before this arc started. But nooo, he didn’t. This makes me doubt Rihan’s love for Wakana too. Does he even love her? Maybe Wakana is just a replacement for Yamabuki Otome? I hate how I doubt Rihan now because I really really like his personality. I hope that Hiroshi Shiibashi will tell the story of Wakana and Rihan’s first meeting. I hope.

Anyhow, let’s change the topic to Seimei’s family. First, poor Hagoromo-Gitsune. She spent her last one thousand years trying to get pregnant, and her son tossed her just like that. Evil bitch or not, she’s just a mother trying to get her, um, dead son back in the, um, wrong way. What a love, Seimei. It should be noted though how he now is different from one thousand years ago. Could it be the side effect of Seimei’s repetitive reincarnation? Or maybe it’s Hagoromo-Gitsune’s wrong method to make Seimei strong (by eating livers)? I’m ninety percent sure both are the reasons why. And see how his appearance is different from before? His hair and eyes are golden now (usually represents royalty/monarchy just like Gilgamesh from Fate franchise and the golden lion of the British Empire or of UK’s coat of arms), and his magic symbol is similar to Sigil of Baphomet. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Obviously he slowly lost his humanity as he tried to be reborn again and again instead of letting nature take care of his reincarnation (if it’s possible). Or maybe it’s the side-effect of the livers. Either way, it seems that Seimei reached his ultimate form already. See how he stops everything with his index finger only? And how none of the attacks touched him? WOW. Will Rikuo be able to defeat him? With his current state and the broken Nenekirimaru, I don’t think so. But oh well, it’s anime, anything is possible. Maybe next week, god feels like showing up and strikes Nue for no reason.

Preview: Gah, it’s the last episode! I don’t want it to end T_T It seems that everybody’s ganging on Nue. Will they be able to defeat him?


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5 Responses to “Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo 21 – 23”

  1. Hime says:

    RIKUO, I NEED SOME SEXUAL HEALING! Here let me help you with that cumbersom robe…

    Anaaga, that made me feel so much better <333 thank you

    It was so sweet of grandpa to save Rikuo from the offending naked man. :3 It's also really cool to see two Nurarihyons in the same room, both with their banana hair xD I dunno, just makes me smile.

    • anaaga says:

      I almost squealed “incest!” when they were side by side. It’s just so NNGGGHHHH

      And I’m glad my gift to you made you feel better >=D

  2. Nayrael says:

    I think you should have taken Rihan’s age (400 years) as a hint: unless he was grieving for a lost love, Rihan would not need centuries to marry ^_^;

    Anyway, Hiroshi seems to have been asked to end the Kyoto Arc before the Anime ended so they could start making Sennen Makyou immediately which is probably why we didn’t get the entire story about Yamabuki Otome. However, he revealed more in the Tankoubon Volumes so for those interested, he is what I know:

    Show ▼

    As for Rihan loving Wakana… well I can’t see Hiroshi making it so that he wouldn’t love her. After all, Nura’s are perfect guys…
    Anyway, if we get a Season 3 we will find out a little more about Rihan and Wakana.

    • anaaga says:

      I know I’m being bad by doubting Rihan, but my girl intuition can’t help it >..<

    • anaaga says:

      Damn spam detector. Part of my comment was missing!

      It’s good that he actually explained it rather than leaving us in the dark. I still don’t like how he dropped Yamabuki Otome out of nowhere without any hint though

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