C³ – 10

My preciousssss

Normally this is where I say something not related to the episode, but this time not even a minute in and we get this:

…So I figured that anything I said would be completely forgotten after that. Before the female viewers (…do those even exist?) can question why they’re watching this however, Kirika gets a phone call. It’s the rapist sensei from last episode and he’s calling to tell Kirika that if she involves herself with ‘the families’ aka Alice, then he’ll tell Haruaki something. Blackmail makes everything better.

On to less depressing things, Konoha attempts to teach Fear how to dance. However, Fear fails miserably (apparently the dancing in the first OP was all a lie) and Kuroe comes outside. Watching Konoha jump around, Fear and Kuroe form a flat chested alliance and then proceed to grope Konoha (which gets little to no reaction out of Haruaki at all). Like all slice of life segments in this show though, this is interrupted by a more serious news report. Apparently some woman was found dead. Stuffed inside a box.

The next day, Fear figures that it was Alice who did this, so Fear, Konoha and Haruaki track her down to a café, where Alice is drinking tea and once again leaving ridiculous tips. Alice doesn’t deny killing the woman and states that her and future victims all have something in common. Alice then ninja runs through the trees and is chased by Fear and the rest. They finally catch up to her in an abandoned building, where Alice pulls out a cello. The cello is actually a Cursed Object …hammer…? in disguise. Alice says that the fun will end in 2 minutes and after a bit of a battle, the entire building collapses. Luckily (ironically?) Haruaki is saved by a bronze bull summoned by Fear. That, and Konoha has her glasses off for once and her hair turns blue. Fear is depressed that she let Alice get away.

At school, Fear learns that victims are still popping up. She asks Kirika for help, but Kirika apologises and says that’s there’s nothing she can do this time. Also, she looks physically unwell. Haruaki helps Kirika with the sports event coming up (while Fear goes off on her own) and there, Kirika confesses that she doesn’t want Haruaki going because that cuts into the time she gets to spend with him. After saying that, she collapses and Haruaki takes her to her house.

There, Kirika explains that she’s being threatened by someone and tells Haruaki to watch her do things that ‘shouldn’t be done’. (Meanwhile, Fear sees Kuroe do something with glowing hair in her shop). Kirika then strips and the ribbons(?) of her Cursed Object wrap around her body. This is pretty sexual… until the ribbons start breaking her fingers (and various other bones in her body). After she wakes up, Kirika explains that the Kurokawa Karen’s curse is that it wraps around it’s owner’s body and hurts them (which is an understatement), and so with her Cursed Object that makes her immortal, she’s the perfect owner for it. So I guess Kirika has two Cursed Objects. Haruaki then calls Kirika kind for bearing so much for other people. He also asks for Kurokawa Karen, since the curse won’t activate on him (oh yeah, I had forgotten about that). However, Kirika says no because if she didn’t have it, she wouldn’t be able to fight.

Stained glass makes everything better.

Haruaki is okay with this and then leaves, telling Kirika that he’ll see her later. Kirika is obviously happy that Haruaki doesn’t view her differently now that he knows about her secret. Haruaki then finds Fear, who is watching another news broadcast about a new victim. So who is it? The girl with the awesome hair from last episode. Fear also states that all of the other victims have also visited the hair salon.

Konoha remembers the camera from last episode, so the three go and watch the videos from it. There, they see Kuroe receiving a present from someone and Fear says that she saw that the bag’s contents were the victim’s hair. Fear flat out states that she thinks that Kuroe is the culprit.

End Thoughts:

Let’s ignore the bone breaking and possibly evil lolis and focus on Konoha for a minute here. HOLY CRAP. WHY WAS HER HAIR BLUE?

Does she have some sort of double personality thing going on, or do her glasses seal her powers or something? Aaaah I can’t wait until they go into Konoha’s background a bit more since her kind/stern/onee-san persona seems like only part of her. Plus, that was the first time she’s shown wielding a sword as well, since she usually IS the sword. …Okay, back to the rest of the episode.

How many times will this anime troll us until it’s satisfied?! So is it Alice that’s killing people? Is it Kuroe? Is this the writers framing Kuroe to make us less suspicious of Alice? Wtf is going on here? Ahaha… it wouldn’t surprise me if it was Kuroe. Her character has been too straightforward so far and almost every character (minus Haruaki and the more minor ones) have been involved with a plot twist of some sort. Not to say that Kuroe doesn’t have a good reason for what she’s doing (…if she’s actually doing anything), but chances are that she’s involved. …Somehow. Probably. Though another common feature that all of the victims (shown on TV at least) have had is that they’re wearing crosses. Crosses? A character dressed as a nun? Hmmm… IF Kuroe is the one killing people, then why did Alice not deny that she was the culprit? She also had her hair cut in the salon as well, so technically, she should be on the list of people in line to die. Is this why she was following Kuroe in the first place? Gah, too many questions. Though the theory about Kirika’s organization and Alice’s organization being at odds may have some truth since Kirika’s organization did not want her getting involved (or at least the rapist sensei didn’t).

….Which leads into the next topic. Kirika’s …er, bondage problem. Ouch. I’m usually okay with seeing pain and violence in anime, but the stuff in this episode was kind of hard to watch. Fingers aren’t supposed to bend that way xD.  I can’t imagine having to live with that, but this just makes you realize how bad these Cursed Objects are for humans. Ever since Fear lost her crazy murderous side (or at least took control of it), the Cursed Objects have seemed less dangerous. Sovereignty was pretty dangerous as well, but he/she lost his/her edge as well thanks to Konoha… Er, what I’m trying to get at is that the objective of Cursed Objects is to kill/torture humans, but Haruaki’s group is kind of softening that image so it’s kind of a shock seeing them attack people without another person controlling it (like say, Peavy or Alice). Though that’s probably what they’re trying to do by showing us things like this since it points out how hard Fear would have to struggle to stop killing people and the good of what Haruaki is trying to do. …That being said, I had completely forgotten about Haruaki being immune to curses. They just kind of mentioned it the first episode and forgot about it until now. Him being immune didn’t really make sense back then since Fear’s curse was more her killing people than an actual curse, but it seems pretty convenient now.

Preview: Time for some answers… Hopefully.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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14 Responses to “C³ – 10”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    I still love the new OP, it’s great. Go Eri Kitamura!!! Well, I must say the beginning was really sexy. This anime has all kinds of personalities: Tsunderes, yanderes, sadists and masochists. I laughed when Fear grabbed Konoha’s breast without any warning, though they were bouncing while Konoha was jumping up and down. Konoha was probably doing that ridiculous dance training on Fear just to humiliate her.

    Alice is pretty ice cold. Saying that she’ll kill people with a smiling face is ruthless and she moves fast with that violin case. More hidden cursed tools? Nice!! Who’s worse: Alice or Peavy? It was awesome seeing Konoha going berserk for a while after the church was destroyed. We need to see her and Fear go berserk at the same time.

    I never imagined Kirika had such a depraved side to her. At first, it looked like she had those cursed clothes on her against her will but after hearing that she does that almost on a daily basis for her own solitary amusement and feels refreshed afterwards, she’s a complete and total masochist. She was actually enjoying her own pain and suffering because she’s immortal. LOL, I should be charged for raping the replay button because that scene was really hot and kinky and I count at least 25 times. A serious guilty pleasure. And yes, the stained glass worked perfectly with the scene. When Haruaki asked Kirika to give him the Kurokawa Karen, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was asking her to give him the same kind of masochistic treatment she gave herself. It would be funny if it was.

    This is a twist. I wonder if Kuroe is really behind the deaths of her salon customers. Though the talk about the cut hair does make things look suspicious. This is so sick and twisted and I love it.

    • Karakuri says:

      I didn’t want to call Kirika a masochist, but…. she’s totally a masochist. Ahaha I wonder if the reason Fear can’t dance is because she’s a box. Everyone knows that boxes can’t dance XD.

      Aaah, Alice is pretty awesome. I’d still say that Peavy is worse though. Plus, she had a bitchin’ catch phrase. YES! I want to see that! Though going back to episode 4 , her hair was blue too when she was attacking Fear to show her that she had no control. Though I thought that was just an artistic thing they did then. Apparently not.

      Yeah neither did I. I will confess that I did NOT rape the replay button (I blame the whole breaking fingers thing. That was WAAAY more distracting to me). The stained glass was a nice touch~. AHAHA that would be funny. They could have abnormal fetishes together.

      Hmmm, yeah. I wonder. And I think you just described perfectly why I like this show.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, now that you mention it, squares can’t dance. Too many corners in the way.

        Eri Kitamura sure disappeares into her roles, be they sadists and masochists. Such contrast.
        Mayo Chiki: Kanade Suzutsuki: Sadist.
        C³: Cube x Cursed x Curious: Kirika Iinchou: Masochist.

        I think Kirika has become favorite. I knew she’d have a personality that would need some getting used to, then I saw the Kurokawa Karen and then that hot and kinky display. What was Haruaki thinking during that time? I hope there’s more of that to come. I have found yet another for me to keep watching. LOL. I’m such a pervert.

        They need to explain more about Haruaki though, about why the curses don’t affect him. They should start with his father since he’s the root of the entire thing.

        I want to know more about Kirika’s organization. Not only that, Peavy’s organization is in the dark as well and we’re running out of episodes.

  2. amado says:

    oh yes BDSM, but too bad it started getting out of hand…

    ah and I already liked konoha before and this ep made me love her more. she is indeed quite something and has a hidden aspect of her that is murderous.

    man I hope there is a 2nd season and that we can see more of konoha.

    and @blackbriar
    why are you stealing my first post? you also took my place in the top commentator as 5th…

    • BlackBriar says:

      LOL. My bad. It’s just that this was such a good episode that I wanted to talk about it a lot. So once I saw the post was there, I didn’t hesitate and started commenting.

      We need to see more of Konoha being out of control because that was surprisingly nice.

      And I agree with you that there hopefully will another season. To think I almost dropped this because the first episode trolled me.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha ‘out of hand’ is an understatement

      Yes~ her and Fear have been fighting for the spot as my favourite character ever since episode 2. I really hope they go into Konoha more.

      Yes! Season 2! Then maybe Konoha will get her own season based OP.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Kirika! Such an interesting character this time haha and ya the whole breaking of her bones OUCHH!! That is terrible, but I suppose she is used to it? xD

    Season two would be perfect <3

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha yep, that was my first reaction. “Ouch.” Hmm, from how she described it, it sounds like she does that for fun…. yeah, I’m going to drop this subject right here. XD

      That it would~

      • BlackBriar says:

        That’s what masochists do and enjoy. They love inflicting pain on themselves or have someone do it for them to take pleasure in the sensation. For some reason, the greater the pain, the more intense the pleasure is for them and in this case, it’s Kirika breaking her own bones and being choked. She liked it to the point she starting drooling and blushing. So I guess it’s in her nature that she’d do that for her own amusement.

  4. Justin says:

    Actually, it was also mentioned back in Episode 3 that Haruaki’s immune to curses…but it still has been a while though since that was mentioned.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ah, was it? Either way, it hasn’t really played a part until now… Hopefully it will pop up more in the future. It actually sounds pretty useful.

  5. Moni Chan says:

    ohhh the fanservice in this episode, the unnessessary fanservice…

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