Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 07

Eiko- “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!”                       Ika-“It’s a giant squidding turkey!”

More Ika Musume headed your way! Well in an awesome review format, so what else have I been doing? Drawing of course and you can see my Ika picture on Deviantart or Tumblr. Oh and to the American readers, Happy early Thanksgiving! I hope you don’t eat too much turkey but eat lots of pie! Woooooo!!The three stories this week follow Ika visiting Minami Kaze owner’s house where he shows a strange welcome part. Next up Ika gets amnesia because she slipped down the stairs hitting her head, but she slowly remembers everyone after trying to remove her “hat”. And finally Ika joins her friends from school to form the invasion club.

The cast is currently going over season three ideas.

Starting things off Ika, Eiko and Chizuru get “invited” to visit the owner the Minami Kaze’s house for a random gathering, but this seems more like a kidnapping to Eiko. Secretly this is actually a party for the three of them. Although the owner has a terrible way of displaying any happiness to them, Eiko thinks they are in danger but they soon learn through his daughter Ayumi Tokita this is just how her father shows he really cares. Still the dude was always so creepy to me! That design….Anyway Eiko calms down and he finally explains that the party was his way to show them how much Ayumi changed since meeting Chizuru, Eiko and Ika he is really happy the three of them were such a good influence on her life.

Ika-“WHY IS EVERYONE SQUIDDING SCREAMING!? Oh wait… caps lock was on.”

Ika musume’s greatest rival JELLO!

Next story up, Ika slips down the stairs after she getts called down for dinner. She runs down after hearing about shrimps and manages to hit her head on the steps, which triggered a sudden case of amnesia. She starts to freak out after seeing Eiko and the others has no idea where she is; however, Ika starts to instantly trust everyone again after they feed her some shrimp. They decide to visit lemon and see if it triggers any memories, she meets up with Cyndi and Sanae who start to convince Ika she is actually an alien and that she was once Sanae’s girlfriend. Chizuru takes some advantage over this and tries to get Ika to believe she was Eiko’s little sister! Damn it Chizuru you are making things worse for Eiko. This mini episode finally wraps up after Ika tries to remove her “hat” causing some major damage to her brain, thankfully she regained her memories and all is well again.

Ika currently playing Skyrim and completely losing.

I play Ika Musume in defense mode! Your move Eiko…

Ika- “You know this is a kracken dream right?”               Sanae- “Shhh don’t ruin this moment…”

Sanae has her yuri vision on full blast this week.

Ika’s face! So priceless.

Sanae-“OH MY SQUID! THIS IS TERRIBLE! Oh well guess I need a new girl to stalk….”

And finally Ika visits Kiyomi’s school and her friends describe the different types of school clubs. Ika then gets hit with a bright idea to form her own club! I wonder if Ika has been stalking Haruhi all this time. The others decide to join this odd ball club and they end up visiting lots of places nearby like a bowling alley, a huge department store, a water park, Karaoke bar and restaurants. The club starts to count these areas as invaded just by visiting them and marking them on a massive map. All of this invasion stuff starts out fun for Ika and the club members until Kiyomi catches a cold and Ika blames herself for it. Ika then decides to visit Kiyomi’s house with her friends and ends up catching the same cold the very next day ending this episode with a sick Ika.

Ika- “Hold on to your tentacles little fishes, I will sign autographs soon…”

Kiyomi- “What does the club do?”                                         Ika- “Uhhh we do…lots of squid stuff…”

Ika- “Prepare yourself, my little squid friend! Doctor Ika is on the case!”

Ika- “So yeah I inked up! I am not cut out to be a squidding doctor, de geso…”

Extra squid fun!

Ika visits the set of Mirai Nikki this week to find red koolaid all over the place.

Ika-“Buhahahahahaha I can’t stop kracken laughing!”

Ika’s got some nice dance moves this week, and that infectious smile of hers that I love.

PARTY TIME!! Wooooooo!

Happy Thanksgiving from Ika Musume and friends.

Interesting episode this week aside from a few boring moments like that first part which felt really weak and not as comical as most episodes. I never really liked the owner of the rival of the Lemon shop; his design was always so freaky looking that detailed face of his! But it really wasn’t all about him he really wanted to throw a thank you party for Chizuru, Eiko and Ika for his daughter Ayumi. Although I did laugh watching Eiko’s reaction to that special bathroom, I would have been freaked out too! Who knew that guy was big shot inventor?

Now for the amnesia story, which I was waiting for eventually most anime have that theme running wild in their series. With Ika Musume you can always expect a comical twist on things like that, and they proved it could work! I couldn’t stop laughing after Ika’s reaction to Chizuru offering her some shrimp, I guess that is one memory Ika will never forget. And then you had Sanae trying to convince Ika they are going out! That was also hilarious not to mention Ika regaining her memories after trying to remove her hat? Ouch! Good thing she didn’t rip that off.

Finally Ika forming the invasion club with her friends, for a minute there I was thinking Ika was going to wear a school uniform and join the school just like Nano did in Nichijou. Could you imagine another Ika musume series with her in high school? Damn now I want to see that get made. Anyway back to the club theme I thought it was kind of clever using visiting as “invaded” areas on that map. It was very nice to see Ika having fun with the others all those areas they visited, I can’t forget they stuck in the opening song from season one in the background and during the Karaoke! Overall this was a fun episode minus that first lame story.


Would you trust this squid to watch your house? Well, maybe…so cuteeeeoooo!

Ika watches over the shop and has a case of heatstroke! Poor Ika just go soak in the ocean for a few hours.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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  1. kidd says:

    I loved this episode, it made me laugh so hard and is the reason I upgraded Season 2 to a 9/10 show. yes there are only about 5 shows on my anime list with that rating and Ika Musume deserves it.

    Cant wait for the next episode its going to be so hilarious.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same! So much love with this series, and yes! It does deserve a spot on most comedy lists.

      Yep! Can’t wait for monday night hahaha

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