Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 06

Ika-“Behold little fishes! I have invented Shrimp flavored ice cream! De geso!!”

  Hooray! Ika Musume is back from another week break and this means we are halfway through this second season, but fingers crossed for more amazing episodes in the future. In other Ika Musume related news I am working on a new drawing of Ika in the next few days, look forward to seeing it soon on Twit-Pic account or my Tumbler! Yes I have one but I barely use it. Anyway it’s time to find out what our Ika has been up to shall we?The three stories this week follows Ika visiting the local area while on a jog with Chizuru, Eiko and Takeru. Next up! Sanae plays the role of bodyguard to Ika calling herself SP (Squid-protection) The final story follows mini Ika as she manages to get lost again.

Chizuru-“Do you think you can handle a girl like me?”                     Goro-“…BRING IT!”

Starting things off this week! Ika goes on a jog with Chizuru, Eiko and Takeru until they bump into Goro who decides to join in on the fun. Goro ends up getting pulled into jogging with Chizuru for the entire day while the others decide to take a break and grab some food. After eating the others decide to head out and visit some local tourist areas to show Ika around; they end their short trip visiting a giant buddha statue.

Ika-“Move aside humans! I have a lot of kracken stuff to look at…”

Eiko witnesses Ika’s expression change suddenly after seeing the giant statue and she decides to mess with Ika’s mind for a bit, she teases Ika about the statue coming to life to attack her. Damn Eiko! You are trying to troll Ika this time huh? I guess Eiko wants some payback. This fun story slowly ends with Goro passing out outside his apartment; he was completely drained after running with Chizuru all day.

Ika-“What! You mean that giant inking statue is actually a mecha?! De geso!”

Goro died like a bro that day! With a epic thumbs up for everyone to enjoy.

And now moving right into our second story with Ika gaining some protection by Takeru and his friends from school, they are trying to keep Sanae away from Ika. However Sanae has her own bright ideas about getting close to her target by wearing a suit with glasses and acts as Ika’s bodyguard or Squid protector or SP for short. This new job means Sanae has to stick to Ika like glue! She takes this role really seriously. Eating her food while checking for poisons, she even appears in the bath with Ika.

Ika-“What the gill is going on here?!”                        Takeru-“WERE THE POWER RANGERS!”

Sanae-“Don’t worry I get hit by cars all the time, not a problem for me! Ouch…my….ribs…”

 Sadly there are lots of problem to her plans to protect Ika, the one flaw she didn’t think about! Herself of course! Because we all know Sanae has a extreme love of all things Ika. Sanae tries her best to fight off her desires to glomp-attack Ika while she sleeps in the next room. In the end Sanae ends up setting off her own traps and this failure eventually causes her to fall out a window where everyone finds her the next morning tied up. Congratulations! You caught the real criminal, but how did she tie herself up like that?

Sanae-“Never fear! I have caught the criminals..wait why are you calling the police!?”

The final story and one of the most adorable so far, another fun adventure with mini Ika Musume of course! Only this time she ends up getting blown outside of Eiko’s bedroom after hitching a ride on some paper. Mini Ika ends up getting lost while she explores the area and battling a freaky rainstorm, cats and Sanae’s dog. Thankfully Mini Ika was found by Eiko and brought back inside the house safe fully ending the episode.

HNNNNGGGGGG Levels are rising…

Mini Ika Musume versus large animals run away little Ika.

Goro-“please call the Moe-bulance I am dying over here.”               Eiko-“You gotta buy something first.”

Extra squiding fun

Sanae-“Looks like this is…”         *puts glasses on*          “A whale of a tale for you…”

Ika counting shrimp to sleep was great! I bet she is starving in her dream.

Mini Ika and this frog discus the presidential elections.

It shall be a glorious death indeed.

Mini Ika’s DO NOT WANT reaction.

End thoughts

Ohhh how I always miss Ika Musume when it suddenly goes on break, but it’s always worth it for me after all Ika always brings a smile to my face. I loved watching Eiko laugh while she was trolling Ika with the giant statue! I laughed really hard just seeing how crazy Ika’s mind got, she really is quite gullable but still Ika has some of the best reactions. I love the fact that Ika comes out around the same time as Gintama! Before Ika came along with the second season it was Gintama followed by Yuru Yuri, I guess Gintama will always have another comedy series to go along with it.

Second story with Sanae dressing up as a secret agent! Whoa that was really great to watch, although I kept picturing Ohana, Saten or Sena dressed up in that awesome suit. I guess you can go ahead and call me a Itou, Kanae fan boy! I do love her voice a lot. Sanae really went to some extremes to protect Ika from danger, but she might have gone a bit too far, I mean sneaking into that bath? I don’t think Ika was in danger there. I am starting to think Sanae had some secret ninja training, I did grin watching her fail to dodge her own traps like that bear trap? OUCH! I bet that would hurt so much…

And to wrap things up! Mini-Ika Musume ending this episode with a few d’awwww moments and some cute overload for us to enjoy. These episodes must be the easiest thing to dub, I haven’t seen the first Mini-Ika scene one from season one in English yet but I don’t think it will be anything different. I liked the scene when Mini-Ika got that new dress made from the flower, and when she was knocked around by those cats for a bit at least Eiko found her. Overall this was a great episode with a few laughs and the usual cute moments.


Ika do not agree to any damn contracts from any white fluffy creatures.

More adventures from Shinryaku!? Ika Musume! Also she forgets things and stuff.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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7 Responses to “Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 06”

  1. Yerocha says:

    It’s hard to watch those mini-Ika segments and not smile like an idiot. I’m very happy nobody died in this one, too.

    Of course we can’t forget the antics of SP-Sanae. It’s interesting how the show can downplay the fact that she caught an arrow between two fingers. Does everyone in this series have mad ninja skills?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed! Mini-Ika is pure love xDDD

      Oh yes SP-Sanae was great I knew she wouldn’t be able to resist Ika forever, yeah pretty much everyone has super ninja skills.

  2. Tabinchuuru says:

    You don’t say.
    Well, there actually IS shrimp-flavoured ice-cream in Japan… I ate it and that’s why I can tell you it tastes awful.

  3. kidd says:

    LoLs “Its Because Im an SP” was one of my favourite lines XD

    And Mini Ika Musume is just sooo HNNNNGH!! great episode just great, also Im stealing one of your pics for Google+ hehe

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed! I really like Sanae she makes things so random and hilarious <3

      Hahah no problem! I will probably do a few more fun stuff with this series.

  4. Mushyrulez says:

    Wow, never thought SP could also mean squid protection. I thought it meant SUPER POWER rangers but I guess there’s no R in there 🙁

    Eh, this episode didn’t resonate me. Ika feels more like a ~healing~ slice of life anime (note: I’ve never watched one of those shows so I’m not sure what they’re actually like) than a comedy, especially with Ika exploring new places, the mini-Ika segments, etc. Pretty strange that the two solid comedy shows I expected this season (Working’!!’s the other one) aren’t really comedies anymore…

    P.S. I’m more scared about the paper flying away just from a breeze… imagine if your final school essay/project/drawing were swept off your desk like that!

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