Mirai Nikki – 06 & 07

How I Met Your Mother (and smacked her in the head with a hammer)

One of the most nerve-wracking things in life: introducing your bf/gf to your parents. Amplify that by the fact your partner is a stalker, and your mum is a nut, and you get…HILARITY. Painful, forced, cliched hilarity. Oh, boy. It really is getting close to Christmas, isn’t it? STOP TRYING TO BE A QUIRKY SLICE OF LIFE MIRAI NIKI, YOU ARE NOT GOOD AT IT!

So episode 6 starts out with Yuno, not so subtlety, breaking into Yuki’s house. Yuki, meanwhile, is meeting his mother, Rea, from the trainstation. She’s a computer programmer and your typical male protagonist mother – extremely touchy feely and invasive. When they get back Yuki finds that Yuno has set everything up for an ideal introduction with his mother, (how you would introduce your stalker is anyone’s guess). As you’ve probably guessed things don’t pan out so smoothly, and Yuno and Rea meet in a very uncomfortable way; either side of Yuki’s porn collection. Somehow Yuki manages not to die from embarrassment, but that doesn’t mean things don’t go from bad to worse.


Even his porn is weak

Rea loves Yuno! And she even goes as far as to ask whether the two of them have done it yet. Charming. Cut to Ninth, who is getting a fake eye in some no doubt seedy medical facility. While there she sees children that her doctor exposits were being used by the Sacred Eye cult as experiment specimens. Never mind that though! That’s potentially interesting! Let’s go back to the Amano household where Rea is inflicting Yuki’s baby pictures on Yuno who, of course, is only too happy to see them. Yuki on the other hand…is less than thrilled.


Least it’s not a laser beam…

So night eventually falls and obviously Yuno couldn’t just – oh, I don’t know…GO HOME…she has to stay at Yuki’s. In the same room. But much to her chargrin not in the same bed. She shares a diary entry that says her and Yuki will “unite” on the 28th of July. Yuki is adamant that this won’t happen, but Yuno is just as determined to make it so. The next day the two are awoken to find Rea has brought them a little boy! (kidnapping children must have been why she was missing in action for the first 5 episodes) His name is Rei and he’s just adorable, aside from his scary hand puppets and psychotic tendencies.


Oh, I bet they do

While running over to give a drawing to Yuno, the little munchkin “slips” and falls into her chest. Yuki panics that Yuno’s been stabbed by accident as Rei was carrying scissors, but she holds up a punctured cushion. Luckily it went through that instead. He runs off to the bathroom, and pulls out a Diary…In the bathroom Rei converses with his creepy hand puppets. So his diary is actually a picture diary that shows scribbles of three events every day, morning, noon and night. I think it’s safe to say Team Yandere has the advantage here. So Rei wants to kill them because they killed his parents, most likely in the Sacred Eye massacre, and he plans on doing it via poison. Poison injected into a cherry tomato! Oh, the fiend! Well it doesn’t work out as Yuno NOTICES THAT THE TOMATO IS HEAVIER THAN WHEN SHE WASHED IT. Oh, yes. She notices the cherry tomato is heavier than when she washed it. Just…what? Urr, anyway, moving into the other ways Rei is going to fail at killing Yuki and Yuno.


These two are seeing who can make the creepiest face

Electrocution is the next route, but alerted by his diary Yuki cuts the power before Rei has a chance to electrocute Yuno. So now Yuki knows Rei is out to get them, and while he tries to figure out what to do Yuno decides to be pro-active about it and just starts chasing Rei around the house with hammers. Unfortunately Rea appears at the wrong time and gets a mallet to the face instead. Yuno, feeling bad, goes on some random psycho-semantic trip to decipher Rei’s plan. It’s too late however as Rei is one step ahead of them; he organises for his diary to be delivered to the house, Yuki races to grab it but when he opens the package poisonous gas is released into the house. Yuno drags him into the bathroom to recover while Rei outlines the game he has in store for them.


Yuno has to catch him in order to get the antidote and save Yuki but she has nothing to protect herself from the poison except a hanky, Rei on the other hand has a gas mask. UNFAIR ADVANTAGE NO JUTSU. Well, Yuno does break a window in order to get some air. There is also a little flashback showing that Rei came from an trouble home. Yuno climbs the stairs to find Rei waiting for her; he soaks the floor and smashes a lightbulb, electrocuting her. Just as Rei is about to stab her with a needle, Yuki comes storming up the stairs, getting him in the shoulder with his signature dart.

He kisses Yuno and she recovers, stabbing Rei cold right through. He gives her the antidote, though plays a bit with whether it’s the real thing or not. Before he dies he also tells her that she will have to kill Yuki in the end for this Survival Game. Yuno just smiles. So Rei dies and Yuno staggers down the stairs to give Yuki the antidote but collapses before she gets to him. It’s a this point Ninth appears in all her massive trench coat wearing glory. She saves them, of course (cause the series would be over otherwise) and Yuki wakes up to see her walking away.


Just walk it off like a bad hangover, Yuki.


They’re doing it again; trying to be funny. I wish they would stoooooop. It really hurts me. I know some people find it funny and enjoyable, but I just can’t. For me it is so out of place and just plain lame, it kind of makes me want to die.

Oh, hey! Yuki is having a dump. Lovely.

The reveal of our chibi psycho Rei didn’t do much to eliviate the anti-entertainment that was these two episodes, either. I’ll admit the ways in which Rei and Yuno tried to kill each other during the “game” were inventive and fun. They were unquestionably the best part of these two episodes. Yuno and Yuki also make quite a good team;Yuno saves Yuki,Yuki saves Yuno. It works.

By far the most interesting thing that happened was Rei posing the notion to Yuno about how she’ll have to kill Yuki in the end. I think it was a bit early to mention this, but, hey, it was still a good moment. Yuno’s reaction was perfect. And I was quite happy to see Rei killed. He was an annoying little fucker. His diary was also pretty limited, so I wasn’t surprised he got wasted so quick. Oh, well. Even if it wasn’t for long it was good to see Ninth appear, though God knows why she saved Yuki and Yuno.



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8 Responses to “Mirai Nikki – 06 & 07”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    At first I thought “Who lets little kids take part in a dangerous survival game? He’s what, about 5 years old? He’s not going to be much of a threat”. Boy, was I dead wrong when I saw this little freak with all of his gear. How did he ever get his hands on poison, poison gas, wire cutter, etc…? And a coloring book as his diary? I guess it suits him for someone his age.

    These censors are really starting to irritate me. First Sixth’s severed hand then Ninth’s empty eye socket and now they’ve even blocked out an entire knife that’s lodged in Fifth’s chest. I hope the censorship here will never get as bad as Blood-C’s. Where they blocked all the gleefully bloody parts.

    Haha, what am I seeing here? Yuki’s actually falling for that Strawberry Blond(Pink haired) psychopath Yuno? She broke into his house, knocked his mother out with a hammer, would have killed her with her tools if she didn’t like her and stabbed a kid in chest with no remorse or regret, all of that and he kisses her? It’s about damn time!! A yandere would definitely make an interesting wife. Now I’m curious. Who’s gonna be the dominate one when they eventually get to bed and have sex? My bet is on Yuno. LOL.

  2. Reaper says:

    I guess Yukkii expected Yuno’s presence to knockout his mum…but not in the way he expected 😀 From the way Ninth’s looking/acting, I feel as if she’s starting to become a kind of anti-hero? She reminds me of Accelerator after the failed Level 6 Shift project, especially when she actually saved Yukkii and Yuno (?), and when she gives the warning to Yukkii too (he probably should take note of it too…)
    I have to say, that little boy…wow, I’ve never found a small kid that annoying, so I admit it was a little satisfying to see that pixelated knife sticking out of him…agreed, his Picture Diary was pretty weak, but still proved to be annoying enough for our star-crossed/ill-fated lovers! And yes, when Yukkii saw it…he shat bricks XD

  3. Bob from Accounting says:

    I agree that the ‘comedy’ parts of this show are forced and awkward (though they’re not as bad as the rapey bits). Future Diary is better off aiming for the laughs it genuinely does get, i.e. the part in latest episode when Reisuke’s plan comes to light. Or Uryuu’s first appearance. A mad, cackling gothic lolita-styled terrorist is blowing the shit of their school! On one hand, there are innocent children in there, on the other hand, LAWL. This kind of OOT black comedy is, in my opinion, where Future Diary excels, not any forced standard anime comedy or equally forced attempts at being ‘creepy’.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Oooooh snap! This episode was quite amazing, that little kid was great! Even thou I wanted more blood…I think this chapter in the manga is my favorite by far.

    And those creepy ass faces? Damn they are wonderful.

  5. tomphile says:

    Killing the baby was just plain strange. Just proves how crazy and warped Yuno is, despite how perfect she may look on the outside.

    I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen once the competition is narrowed down to Yuno, Yukiteru, and the detective. They’d all have to fight it out or something (or fight the god of time).

  6. Joojoobees says:

    For me the worst was the ending. I just don’t see why Ninth would let HELP them live. As far as I can figure, she was in a perfect situation to kill the two biggest threats. If she thinks Yuno needs to kill Yuuki, how can she possibly not think she needs to kill the two of them?

  7. Moni Chan says:

    I haven’t been update with the anime or the posts. I must say the cell phone isn’t a diary, it’s just Twitter that tells the future.

  8. amado says:

    theres some notable differences from the manga.

    in the manga, just as 5th was opening the door from the rest room(the starting of ep 7), yuno is in front of the door and has one of her eyes staring at him as door is cracked open(like the scene when yuno says good night to yuki via mail slot on the door).

    and yuno was supposed to have a small mental breakdown after 5th said that yuno will have to kill yuki in the end.

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