Meta Jump Issue – 12

Jumping into your hearts this week!


Gintama 235

Gintoki-“CROTCH CANNON! ATTACK FIRE!”                   Shinpachi-“Wait what?!!!”

Ok, I had a good laugh in both of the episodes. Half of episode 234 is nothing but Gintoki “switching” side with the Renho now instead of trying to save the earth. He even played UNO with his Renho gang members. I love how they insert all of these characters from other anime as Renho – Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Amuro and Bright from Gundam, Kotetsu and Barnaby from Tiger and Bunny. If you have time later on, try to pause at the scene where all the Renho gather. I’m sure you’ll find lots of anime characters you know there, as Renho. Anyhow, it’s surprising (not really) how Elizabeth spills all the details of her plan to SHINPACHI. Turns out that Elizabeth went back to Death Star to stop Darth Vader’s plan.  Then in episode 235, it’s revealed that Death Star is alive, and the leaders of it are nothing but creatures that the Death Star made. So the bad dude is Death Star itself. I totally didn’t see that part coming. And since Death Vader has transformed into a huge Renho robot, the Kaientai fused into Kaien (LOL at that GaoGaiGar and Gundam reference). It seems that the Renho are pretty desperate to have a new planet. It was mentioned before that the humans stole their planet, so does that mean that Earth was theirs? Either way Sakamoto is right in this episode. The planet doesn’t really matter, what matters are the people on it, the people you care about. Sometimes Sakamoto really think.


Bleach 349

Ichigo-“Just what I always wanted a giant propeller blade…”

So when we last left Ichigo he was training with the full-bringers, I was soooo eXcited to see Ichigo finally start getting to the good parts. It’s great to see some of the epic moments from the manga getting animated! In episode 348 Ichigo met with Riruka and she eXplained how her full-bring works aka the Dollhouse. She can place “souls” into objects which allows her to control like stuffed animals, so she puts Ichigo into a doll house and forces him to fight for his life! Through this process she hopes to “unlock” his powers. Finally with this episode Ichigo unlocks his powers through his shinigami badge, and his badge transforms into an odd X shaped weapon. So for now Ichigo has a ranged projectile weapon, kind of lame but it gets much better later on. Also Orihime is in a bit of trouble near the end so hopefully Ichigo can show off his powers soon! Damn I can’t wait till the good stuff happens…


Sket Dance 34

Bossun-“I don’t even have the words to describe how horrible this manga really is….”

This week on Sket features Roman again! (That poor, poor 4th wall will never be the same.) In the first half, Roman writes a how-to guide for manga drawing for an underclassmen that is critiqued (aka tsukkomi’d) by the Sket Dan. We go through the process of materials and how to draw faces, and Sket takes a few jabs at how useless Bossun’s character is XD. …And then of course, there’s the whole late for school, running with a piece of bread in her mouth, transfer student shoujo stereotype that’s brought up again. Despite her good intentions though, reading Roman’s book actually makes the underclassmen’s artwork worse. The second half is about Onee-san, who has gotten better at teaching, but then wrongly explains history and talks about an army of invading dan-goes. The Sket have to cheer her up after that and they start talking about Onee-san’s past where she used to act in a children’s show. Upon losing a mascot doll that Onee-san treasures from that show, the Sket come across a group of crying children and a hurt teacher. Onee-san helps them calm down using her children handling skills and that brightens her up. So do encouraging words from Chuuma (HINTCOUGHHINT). Another standard comedy episode from Sket! Next episode looks excellent since it’s finally time for the Student Council to be quizzed!


Fairy Tail 107

Goat man-“DUDE TURN DOWN YOUR HIGH BEAMS! They really hurt!”

lt starts off with Evergreen and Elfman fighting their enemy who’s obsessed with beauty/grace/whatever (yeah, can’t remember his name) while also managing to bicker like an old married couple (they are soooo canon). They go on to talk about Grimoire Heart’s big plan to get rid of all magic users (lolol what is this, Harry Potter?). So they all fight and Elfman destroys the Grimoire Heart member’s glasses for Evergreen to use her stone eyes power…. Only to be trolled because the guy’s power is to make anything he wants into reality. Not only is this power ridiculous, but it also makes a point about how half of these character’s powers make no sense. Anyways, the two of them have a somewhat touching moment before everything explodes. Meanwhile, Wendy has not only fixed Natsu’s scarf, but she’s also taken the liberty to strip him and flip back his vest. Around that time, Loke requests to fight Capricio one on one because SURPRISE, he’s actually a Spirit as well. He tells the others to run away and after they’re gone, Capricorn realises that Lucy is Layla’s daughter and wants to kill her. So yeah, more fights are ahead. Erza/Juvia and Loke’s from the looks of it.


Naruto Shippuuden 237

Tenten-“I don’t want to train anymore! Baka!”

So we have been jumping back to the other ninjas as they enter “training” mode for the war! This week we follow Rock lee training with Tenten, not really the most exciting pair of ninja ever. I mean Lee is awesome in some scenes and completely bonkers when he is drunk, and Tenten has a cute sounding voice thanks to Yukari Tamura I only know her for a few roles like Asuha in Astarotte no Omocha and Fear-chan from C3. So yeah this is pretty much another trip to the past so we can learn more about Tenten training to improve her skills to be like Lady Tsunade! I guess you could say a origin to how she became a ninja? As much as I don’t like Tenten I do love her ninja skills! She is close to Ezra from Fairy tail thanks to all of her weapons she can summon.


Hunter x Hunter 09

Kurapika is using his x-ray vision to see through your clothes.

Two battles in one episode! Yes! Gon’s battle was more of a test of brain power than skill, but that’s part of what I enjoy about Hunter x Hunter. The anime version gives you plenty of time to let the decision of the long candle versus the short candle stew in your mind before coming to any conclusions, and I like that they didn’t rush the pacing. They took their time explaining all the inner thoughts of the serial bomber as well as Leorio and Kurapika trying to find the right answer. The battle was over really fast, but the whole point of this challenge is not let battles drag out or else they won’t make it to the bottom on time. Kurapika’s fight was a lot more action-oriented, although he only really threw one punch at the guy. That was the first time we saw Kurapika go mental and show his true strength. So much for being the calm, voice of reason of the group…just toss a bug at him and he’ll go nuts! His battle was also mostly talking, which was kind of the main point of the battle. As much as I liked the pacing and inclusion of all the dialogue form the manga, I felt like the animators had no idea what to do during these long inner thoughts. Without sound, the episode is just a lot of pans and still shots of things like…candles. Lame. Maybe I expect too much after watching things by SHAFT, a studio that is the MASTER of making super long conversations between two people into something visually captivating. This is just a straight-forward shounen anime, from the way it’s being directed thus far. The next episode finally lets Leorio have some fun! I wonder just how a doctor will fare in a fight against a convict…Oh boy………Except, I actually know, I just have to reach over to my shelf and flip to the right page in the manga…BUT YOU GET THE IDEA. I’m trying to build tension here!


One Piece 525


Not the headlights One Piece fans have been clamoring for, but hey, they are pretty cool!

The opening to this episode was really cool as we got a peek at some of the Big 3’s newest techniques, and I always love it when other people on thew crew get to see it and go like, “ooo, aahh, so strong!” Well animated. Not just that, but I’d say the episode as a whole including the darkened faces of the remaining Straw Hats in fear of the coming Flying Dutchman ship made it a finely animated episode in the dark confines of the deep blue sea. The rest of the episode was a little slower paced, but the usual Mugiwara antics were funny and I found it to be one of the best episodes since the Time Jump. Caribou plotting against them was pretty hilarious. He does seem like a tough guy, but he has no idea whatsoever about just the other 6 people on the ship; they all would deck his ass so fast!


Beelzebub 44

Oga-“What? I don’t believe in ghosts, that’s just bob! He loves to follow me.”

When we last left off with Oga he was currently training with Aoi’s grandfather! Now we follow Oga as he continues to train, but this time he is with the bald guys that invaded during the school festival and got their asses beat by the maids. They continue the training starting off finding rocks, which quickly turns into a contest between Oga and a few others. Not only did they find rocks the next assignment is to break the rocks in half! Damn this is some serious training, but Aoi’s grandfather wants to show them some new fighting skills because they are going to need it for future battles. After all of that fun we visit the hot springs for some bath time, which means the bald guys decide to peek in on the girls.

Well thanks for reading! Catch you next week.


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8 Responses to “Meta Jump Issue – 12”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Thanks for getting this up, Fosh! XD

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Naruto Shippuuden – It looks like they’re doing everything they can to make the least interesting characters likeable. The only cool one in Guy’s group is Neji. I have nothing nothing against Tenten, it’s just she’s not as appealing as Sakura, Ino, Temari and Hinata. Even Sasuke’s ex partner Karin is hot. What she has going for her is her weapon skills, she’s a living armory.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I KNOW! And it is sooo annoying -_-

      Tenten is alright and yeah not as appealing as Sakura not just on looks but story line for her is really weak, right Tenten can summon all kind of weapons! She is very similar to Ezra off fairy tail <3

  3. amado says:

    come on. include the manga.
    especially: the world god only knows, medaka box, mahou sensei negima and nurarihyon no mago.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well I would but not sure if the others are reading the manga versions, I am still 40 chapters behind in Naruto and 20 behind in Fairy Tail. I am caught up in One piece and Bleach, why God knows? Not sure that fits lolol.

  4. Jrow says:

    I know people have been going on about HxH, but man I love that show! I watch it right as it comes out. This week’s “battles” were fun, but I do worry that Leorio is going to screw up his match.

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