Meta Jump Issue – 11

Along with our regular issues, we have even covered the new OP 3D Chase in this issue of MetaJump~


Gintama 233

The force is strong in this penguin… I suggest you join him NOW!

Another Star Wars this week, Renho clan is finally making their move by injecting the Renho virus into water and pour the water down to Edo to make it look like rain. Those who get splashed with the water will have their heads turned into… Eliabeth’s head and, um, start talking with signs. Before they reach Renho’s Death Star, Gintoki and the others found out that it all started because of Sakamoto’s naivety… Or more like dumbness. It’s so obvious, SO OBVIOUS from Dark Vader’s pictures that they’re trying to take over earth, yet Sakamoto thinks that they’re trying to protect earth? God Sakamoto, why are you so dumb? Why do you trust your clients too easily? And stop puking so much! His vomit is more than the amount of puke he had before. It’s as if he’s trying to make up the more-than-one-year absence he had in the series. The later part of this episode is interesting though. Poor Shinpachi is being treated as an invisible being even by the Renho, and only elites in the Renho can eat Final Fantasy IV and Dragon Quest video games. Stupid Joei War veterans had to take FFIV and DQ games into their plate. Thank god Elizabeth came to the rescue by “recruiting” them in the middle of the ruckus. The twist at the end was unexpected. I thought Dark Vader was making the laser beam in the Death Star, just like Star Wars. Who knew that he was making GUNDAMS to invade earth? Yep, ramble again this week because there’s nothing serious…yet. But I’m totally cool with staining the MetaJump page with my Gintama ramble. Epic illogical writer is needed for an illogical series.


Bleach 347

Daisuke, Ono makes one bad ass evil guy.

At this point in the anime series, you would think Ichigo would join Xcution by now, but he isn’t interested in restoring his powers sadly as he is still worried about his close friends. Of course Ichigo wouldn’t just say YES! WHY NOT HELP ME?! Ahahaha, oh well, I guess we have to wait. A fun fact for all the Daisuke Ono fans out there! He is voicing a bad guy in this Bleach arc as Shuukurou Tsukishima. And damn Uryuu! You could have let Orihime heal your arm; I guess he is just scared of fighting right now? This was a creepy episode from Ichigo’s point of view; not being able to see hollows felt a lot like they were trying to introduce some horror themes to Bleach. I have to comment on the music around the ten minutes mark as there was some nice BGM playing. I can’t wait to get the OST from this season. We are really starting to see some of the sneaky things surrounding Ichigo and his trust issues with these new fullbringer friends of his. I mean who can he really trust? In the end Ichigo finally decides to join them just to regain his powers to protect his friends! ABOUT DAMN TIME! Now prepare for training mode for the next few episodes.


Sket Dance 32

When feeding your robot switch avoid using liquids.

In Sket Dance, it’s a gag episode full of side characters and absolutely nothing plot related. The first half is the Sket as ninjas who need to rescue Chuuma’s daughter Roman because she was kidnapped for reason. However, it’s Roman, so the 4th wall is broken, shanked, and then beaten senseless. In the end, they all spend the night doing random ninja tricks while Tsubaki and the Student Council wait for the epic battle that will never happen. The second half, the Sket are in space *insert Portal joke here*. Nothing much happens until alien Tsubaki crashes into their spaceship and starts talking in an alien language while acting completely out of character. So he asks them to take him to his home planet to save his fiancée/people, but after they leave, the Sket realise it will take about a year and a half to get there. Really, the highlight of this episode is Argata talking like a gajin (minus the Engrish).Not a clue what’s happening this episode, but I’m fairly sure that Himeko’s past arc is coming up…. soonish.


Hunter x Hunter 07

Everybody get up it’s time to slam now! Going to the SPACE JAM!!

It’s always to know that the main characters aren’t overpowered little brats who can beat everyone without so much as an ounce of training. Seeing Killua and Gon eat a little bit of humble pie was definitely needed at this point. Killua especially needed to be brought down to earth, as he hasn’t had to struggle at all during the entire exam period. It was sort of cancelled out by his comment about killing him in the end, but I still like the thought that they have a lot ofroom to grow as Hunters. Speaking of Killua’s killing comment, did they really have to do it like that? Over in a flash, no sound effects, and zoomed out like crazy? I’m relieved they kept that scene in, but it was almost comical the way it was pulled off. This anime has no sense of subtlety and likes to remind us with dark, purple backgrounds and chesire cat grins when a character is evil. DO YOU GET IT? HE WAS ACTUALLY LYING! HE IS GOING TO LIE REALLY BLATANTLY AND THEN AFTERWARDS TELL YOU HE WAS LYING. THEN THE OTHER CHARACTERS WILL SPEND A GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME SAYING “OH MAN, THAT GUY WAS LYING, HE’S SO EVIL!” BECAUSE HE IS EVIL. Okay, okay, we get it, please don’t insult our intelligence by explaining every little thing. Even the ball-snatching fight had a lot of explaining going on. Let us draw our own conclusions about some of their abilities, and only explain the ones that need explaining, such as Killua’s assassination technique. Over-talking aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the match between Netero and the two boys. It was fun, a bit silly, and really showcased the differences in personality and techniques between the two boys. Next episode we’re finally getting into the thick of the exam! Things are looking up~


Naruto Shippuuden 236

Don’t you hate fire spiders? They always make a such a mess!

OH HEY, LOOK ANOTHER BOAT SCENE! Ahahaha damn you Naruto, and this boring stuff! Oh well, at least this episode didn’t focus just on Naruto but a trip to the past. oh boy… I think I would rather watch Naruto sit on a boat for an half hour instead of a flashback. This episode follows Shino, who tells a story of his past to a few younger ninjas and how he was scared, but with the help of super powered friendship, he changed. Side notes: younger Hinata totally looked like Yurin from Gundam AGE! She just needs a long pony tail and purple hair. And who do they end up fighting? Someone who uses spiders as weapons; man that is creepy but perfect for Shino the bug master. The best thing about this episode probably was that fire spider; at least some amazing fire effects.


Fairy Tail 105

Natsu! Master of normal fire and OMG WTF SHADOW FIRE So bad ass.

  So Natsu and Zancrow have their epic fight of the Slayers while Wendy and the cats do… not much. They pretty much just sit and comment on everything that’s happening, stereotypical to most (if not all) shounen battle shows. Though they get injured as well, so I guess they have some relevance to what’s going on. Zancrow can eat Natsu’s flames though, so he has the upper hand. Everyone is fighting their battles, etc and in the end, Natsu somehow gets rid off all of his magic in an instant so he can eat Zancrow’s flames. I’m not sure how that even works, but whatever. It was epic. So Natsu wins. I have to say that this was one of my favourite battles involving Natsu, but I’m more looking forward to seeing Mirajane in action again. Her battle in this is pretty touching (or at least the ending is. It will make more sense when it gets animated). I think this happens next episode anyways.


Beelzebub 42

I think it’s time we put things….under….wraps…

Hey, that Ero-oyaji was supposed to train Oga this episode! But seems like that would have to wait as he is too stubborn to go ask for help. After seeing Kunieda’s grandpa, his mind suddenly blooms of secret techniques and thus, he requests to becomes his student. Of course, that means lots of dojo cleaning and Beel throwing random tantrums after getting into trouble trying to show up to Kouta. Who would’ve thought this little brat would give the demon king’s son a run for his money in evil glares? I liked the little moment between Oga and Kunieda, when he finally shares his feelings of frustration of being weak and aiming to get stronger. Sure, you’ll get stronger with time Oga but stop getting tricked by oldmen to eat baked potato! Also, Hilda’s alright and recovering; though her mojo is distorted. She now needs Lamia’s help to track En. Will Furuichi and Lamia find the brat? Find out next time!


One Piece 523

Try the new and improved bubble shield! It protects you against giant monster fish.

While Sanji can’t contain his proverbial hard-on for Nami, the rest of the crew is starting to settle in as they finally get a chance to just kinda chill on the Thousand Sunny as it goes toward Fishman Island. Being underwater isn’t a new thing for Luffy as the idiot always ends up falling into the water quite a bit, but seeing him admire it was kinda neat in spite of the fact that it is his kryptonite. What was funny was Usopp and Chopper having to beat up Luffy and Zoro so that they won’t try and “fish” thru the bubble. One more point of interest; whenever Dr. Vegapunk’s name comes up, I’m always intrigued by the footprint he’s left in the One Piece world. That footprint gets bigger each time someone mentions how he developed someone’s powers or studied Devil Fruits, etc. We know so much about him… just not the whole story.


One Piece 3D Chase

Luffy-“Dude! Nami! Your boobs are really 3D!”                         Nami-“Whhaaaaattt!!”

Also finally getting a sub is the One Piece 3D adventure. The sub is a whopping 3 GB for 30 minutes worth of Luffy chasing a Dog-Bird for his hat. Luffy’s hat is the easiest plot device for a chase episode and perhaps boring if it were a feature-length movie, but as a 30 minute CG/3D tour de force, it turned out to be a really fun watch. Toei’s CG work is much prettier than Appleseed XIII, and boob jiggle physics are in effect, those tastefully minimized.

See ya next time~


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24 Responses to “Meta Jump Issue – 11”

  1. Bob from Accounting says:

    That Hunter X Hunter bit filled me with a horrible feeling. A ‘comment’ about killing people did you say? God, I’m glad I stopped watching that crap.

    If you don’t understand what my problem is, allow me to fill you in: You see, in the manga, Killua’s establishing ‘not to be trusted’ moment is not simply him musing that he’d soon have wanted that ball enough to kill for it. It’s him musing that he’d soon have wanted that ball enough to kill for it WHILE RELIEVING HIS FRUSTRATION BY CUTTING TWO RANDOM GUYS WHO JUST HAPPENED TO BE UNFOTUNATE ENOUGH TO BE PASSING THROUGH INTO BLOODY CHUNKS WITH HIS BARE HANDS. And then the reader goes: “Holy crap! And this guy is on of the protagonists?”

    If this is what they think is okay over at Madhouse then I can’t wait to see how the ‘fight’ with Johness will turn out. He’ll probably get poked so hard that his soul goes to the Shadow Realm. Or something.

    • Overcooled says:

      I meant that he comments about killing Netero, but then actually kills some people that pass him by. I’m a manga fan, so I know that scene is supposed to be a shocking revelation of Killua’s more violent inclinations. It still happens in the anime, but it’s over far too quickly, and with almost no blood.

      I’m disappointed with the censoring, but I don’t find the series to be THAT bad. It’s alright. I will say that the manga is IMMENSELY better than the anime though.

      • Joojoobees says:

        I liked this episode okay, but the scene you are discussing was confusing to me. As someone who has not read the manga, I wasn’t sure if Killua had killed them or not. They just show two people falling, so it wasn’t clear if they were dead, or just knocked out, or something.

        • Overcooled says:

          Yeah, it was very vague. They zoomed out during the actual confrontation and only showed him walking away after. Another downside of the anime’s censoring. I do believe he actually killed them though, as in the manga he clearly decapitates them. :B

  2. Overcooled says:

    The 3D One Piece movie is good? Guess I’ll have to watch it then~ :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah it was decent almost like a cutscene or something like that, even thou the story was boring I found it to be lots of fun! Waaaay better than that failure of CGI from appleseed series…

    • Jrow says:

      I joke about the jiggle, but all of the character designs look great in CG and the action is really good looking too. I forgot to mention that another 3D feature has already announced.

  3. xochandaox says:

    ahahaha I loved that ep of hxh.. Killua is so brutal XD I love it.

    One Piece- Still as epic as ever. i really want to know the most about what Robin learned when she was under Dragons care.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! One piece is getting back into what I love the most! The crew is back ohhh how I have missed them. Yeah in the manga they haven’t revealed much between Robin and Luffys father, soon I hope!

    • Jrow says:

      I’m really looking forward to know what happened with Robin during those 2 years also. Might take a couple arcs for Oda to get to it, but in time.

  4. Samantha Zan says:

    SKET Dance – Just another comical episode for SKET Dance~ Though I enjoyed the episode. It really did make me laugh, especially with Roman breaking the 4th wall (LOL!), and Tsubaki’s pewpupi talking. I really laughed hard at that XD.

    Hunter x Hunter – Well, since I am an anime fan so far (haven’t read the manga sorry xP), I think this episode was really nice too. Gon and Killua against Netero equals funess (lol) x3. I do think the exam process is a little long, but then again, I do think I’ll be that mad with extra challenges for the main crew xP.

    Oh and TSUKISHIMA!!!! God Daisuke Ono! Why such a SEXAH voice 0w0~

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sket Dance has an odd charm to it, I find it very hilarious and sometimes serious when they want to be of course, you should watch Gintama! They break the 4th wall all the time xD

      Yay! Tsukishima I like that guy he is such a fun character and yes! Daisuke Ono ftw.

    • Overcooled says:

      Don’t apologize for not reading the manga XD It’s fine! The first part of the exam really does drag out for a long time…It’s only until the second part (starting next episode) where I think it actually gets exciting.

    • Karakuri says:

      Sket does comedy pretty well~. My respect for Tsubaki’s seiyuu went up this episode. I could not have read those lines without laughting xD. I wish I could have covered the GintamaxSket crossover episode in Metajump… the fourth wall was beaten mercilessly in that one too.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Naruto Shippuden – It’s kinda nice they shed a little light on Shino, but sadly, he’s still not that interesting of a character. He’s in Rock Lee and Guys’ state of non interest. But I laughed when his bugs spread out in the hot springs everytime he passes out from the heat.

    Big or small, Hinata’s still really cute. She and Kiba are good friends for trying to help Shino out. He should be grateful to have them along. The fire spiders were really awesome.

    This episode was nice and all but I’m beginning to grind my teeth about these filler episodes and with what I’ve seen on wikipedia, there are at least 4 more filler episodes yet to come. Honestly, I wish the main story would start sooner than later.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I suppose so! He is one of the less popular characters, and his bug skills are kind of weak…Right! I do not like Lee or Gai but they provide the lulz mostly.

      Yay Hinata! Agreed out of the girls she is popular, to bad Naruto is to dumb to see that fact…Fire spiders! That was great usually we see fire birds xD

      YES! ARGAGAGAG!! I think soon were in for new stuff <3

  6. Ness says:

    So Naruto is on fillers showing flashback type episodes of when they were younger?

    Wow, can’t believe Fairy Tail hit past 100 already.. I’m soooo behind on this stuff >_>;

    • BlackBriar says:

      It looks that way. Maybe Naruto and his friends want to revisit the past before the war breaks out because they’re expecting a lot of casualties, mainly friends that might end up getting killed.

    • Overcooled says:


      …*ahem* alright, continue on with your day.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Naruto will be in filler mode until December and then it’s the start of the epic ninja war arc! And Naruto learning new skills from Killer Bee! I CAN’T WAIT because these flashbacks SUCK T__T

      Yeah I was surprised to see Fairy tail continue after 30 episodes! I think Sket Dance and Beelzebub are next in line for 100+ episodes to come out xDD

    • Karakuri says:

      …I feel the exact same way when I look at Bleach. I think I stopped around episode 130 and the thought of having to catch up depresses me.

      • BlackBriar says:

        It’s a common feeling to feel depressed when you have to catch up on things. I stopped watching Naruto Shippuden like around episode 50, a large amount of weeks passed and then I started to watch it again. The funny thing was, I started watching again when they reached episode 200 with the Five Kage Summit. Now I’m hard pressed to even try to fill in the blanks.

  7. Dojo Mojo says:

    I think the best is Meta Knight, he’s fast, has pretty amazing attacks, and has an incredible jump.
    I think the worst is Peach. Or Lucas.

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