Meta Jump Issue – 10

We are back with the tenth issue of MetaJump. Are you ready for some action?!


Gintama – 232

Gintoki- “This episode of Penguin drum is sure messed up.”

Ow man Gintama is just getting more and more epic. I’m so glad I stick with it until now, or else I won’t be able to watch that whole Star Wars puns in this episode. And dang, Elizabeth! I never expected your Renho clan to be that sadistic! And you’re one of Dark Vader’s captain too! Talk about SURPRISING revelation! Elizabeth’s pretty mean too. How could you betray Katsura like that? He’s been your friend since episode 6/7! I mean, sure, we haven’t seen you for exactly a year, but c’mon, this is how you’re going to treat Zura after all that 365 days? Poor Zura T___T. Oh well, at least Zura hasn’t given up on Elizabeth yet. I guess that will make Zura Gintama’s Luke? Whatever that’s going to happen, the next few episodes of Gintama will be very space opera-ish. Which is another reason why you should start watching Gintama NOW. If you don’t believe me, you should look at the screencaps below. Yeah, I’m rambling a lot here, but I’m rambling a lot because I really enjoyed this episode. It’s so EPIC. And hai thar,Fujiko Mine


Bleach – 346

A tsundere and a tough guy! The perfect bleach couple

Oh Bleach! I really love this whole arc so far finally we have reached the reveal of the Fullbringers and it’s about damn time. I know we have to wait for the really good stuff to come our way of course, and for those who are somewhat confused on what the hell Fullbringers are; they are special humans who have the ability to pull the “soul” out of any object and use it as a weapon. Some might call this a straight rip off of the whole Vizards arc, after all these guys and girls are going to train Ichigo for a while. My favorite new character would be Riruka and yeah, this girl is the typical fanservice themed character with twin-tails and short skirts with stockings with an odd attraction towards Ichigo. Seriously Ichigo! You have all these chicks after you and you still don’t do anything!


Sket Dance -31

Sket dance crew learning they are going to be over soon…

  On the Sket side of things, HOLY CRAP I just realised that Gackt does the vocals for the OP. …What the hell happened there? Anyways, this episode Shinzo is having a RL meeting with some bijin girl he’s been (s)talking to over his phone, so he wants a modern wardrobe. Momoka lets them have access to the costume room so they can pick an outfit for him. (Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice company advertising there TV Tokyo.) Normally this would be a quick grab clothes, get out affair, but of course nothing is that easy. Everyone has a chance to force their opinion of style on to him (niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice DBZ reference there Switch. There was Bakuman and Gintama in there as well… and was that Shaman King? That hair looked like Ryu’s.) and in the end, the whole thing is in vain because Megumi is actually a scarily manly guy with an extremely feminine face. Afterwards, Shinzo is worn out from all of the exercise (normally I’d leave this to your imagination, but I guess they actually DID work out) Megumi made him do, so he passes on a workout DVD to the Sket. Let me just mention here that this next segment is one of my favourite chapters from the manga and Hime watches the low budget workout video. IT. IS. HILARIOUS. Though they did cut a few parts out. Next episode looks pretty funny as well. I remember enjoying these next few chapters.


Naruto Shippuuden – 235

Ninjas and mechs in Naruto! Perfect combo!

This week was a bit different as far as story, and yes we are still in filler modes for a while. I can’t wait till this damn arc is over and Naruto meets Killer bee! Anyway this episode followed Naruto meeting some old “friends” of Jiraiya and we all know that can only mean one thing: Boobs of course. Then again Jiraiya said he was stalking the female ninjas for some much needed “research” for his books. A woman explains to Naruto that he has to duel this girl and marry Lady Shizuka if he can beat her, because of something Jiraiya did in the past and since Naruto was trained by him it makes Naruto really special. Yeah good luck with that we all know Naruto has his mind set on Sasuke like forever. I did enjoy the ending how it showed both Jiraiya and Naruto and how similar they are towards love. Naruto still loves Sakura and knows his love will only be one sided for now. But that fact doesn’t bother him too much for now anyway.


Beelzebub – 41

Kanzaki- “Will you be quiet, woman! I am trying to stalk someone…damn!”

Lol, I’m sure good at predicting because what I foresaw in the last MetaJump, actually is in process while two more episodes progressed of this Demon Lord tale. Because indeed, Zenjuurou does play more than a part in tackling the Behemoth troublemakers and will even be training Oga to level up in the next episode. I swear, I’m not reading the manga but shounen isn’t hard to predict. The fun of current episode was the auto-pilot of Toujo and how he simply joined forces with Izumi to overhaul the two Behemoth dudes. Btw, these dudes have ugly ears; sure demons are suppose to have quirks but srsly, membranish ears? A character that really shown through is Yuka, who I just looked up the name of because I really didn’t remembered her except for being part of the Kunieda trio sisters. She leveled up with jokes and really kicked Kanzaki’s butt; poor him, he hasn’t seen much action lately and whenever he does he simply goes KO after being faced with a strong opponent. Count your luck Kanzaki that Zenjuurou showed his ace and the demon dudes of Behemoth’s Pillar Squad ran off with their tails between their legs. I definitely want to know more about this ‘sensei’ character and how he’ll play a role because at least Oga’s training with Kunieda’s father but he definitely needs to do more than just clean the dojo. Also, one of the lowest of lows for Furuichi for being caught with a huge maido dress of Alaindelon; ah his motives tickle me. xD So, with the blobby doctor and pink-haired tsundere back in town, Oga and Hilda are on the road to recovery but damn, someone reveal more stuff about half-demons and Zanjuuro’s power source. Ja ne~


Hunter x Hunter – 06

Epic meal time visits the set of Hunter X Hunter! SO MUCH BACON!!

Let me just talk about episode 5 for a while because IT FINALLY HAD THAT FIGHT WITH HISOKA IN IT! What I love about Hisoka as a villain is that he can be insanely strong and overpowering to the protagonist, but it’s always in his character to let Gon go. There’s no deus ex machina “oh, I have to go now” BS, Hisoka genuinely wants Gon to grow into a better hunter in order to better satisfy his desires. More than killing, he likes the process of a riling fight and witnessing the look of despair on his opponent’s face. That being said, the peppy shounen tone with horrible music is taking its toll on me. It’s weird that they’re showing people getting impaled by spikes, but leaving out things like showing Hisoka’s card going right into someone’s face. I’m getting less and less excited each week, since this show seems like it’s made for kids and that’s not what HxH should be about. This week continued that sort of tone, with a cooking episode. The music to this show makes me want to strangle someone, it’s just too happy. Can’t. Take it. They cut out the sushi-making part from the manga, which would have been more interesting to elaborate than roasting a stupid pig the same way. There was no clever trick to it, they just had to use some frickin spices or cut the pig into smaller pieces. If someone says they feel like eating pork, you don’t put an entire pig on their plate. Compared to last week with Hisoka, this episode was pretty “meh” on the enjoyment scale. The highlight of the episode was hearing Aya Hirano back in action. Despite all the drama, she’s got some impressive voice acting skills~


One Piece – 522

Sanji can’t take the over load of Robin and Nami and their sudden breast growth!

Sanji is literally going to kill himself if he keeps looking at Nami and Robin; his nosebleeding this week was enough to save a handful of lives. I bursted out laughing each time he would nosebleed or turn to stone, and I’ve been waiting a long time to see when Luffy told him about being at Amazon Lily way back. Poor guy stuck on Okama Land for two years, and Luffy wasn’t much different with his mecha porn! So hilarious, but onto the rest of the review. These 6 episodes building up to the Mugiwara Pirates meeting again and sailing into the New World has been so much fun to watch, and has only refueled my absolute love of the series. This episode was Chapter 602 animated, and the manga is currently at 645. If the anime can repeat the recipe that helped them through Enies Lobby, the pacing should be just right to where filler won’t be necessary. I don’t think I’ve confessed this on Metanorn, but One Piece is my #1 anime and has been for some time. I <3 it!


Fairy Tail – 104

Grey-“Quick lucy distract them with random fan service!” Lucy-“You first….”

Fairy Tail starts off with Makarov fighting with the ex master of Fairy Tail, Hades and despite both of them being over 80 there is not a single joke about sore backs. Fairy Tail: where absolutely everyone has more GAR than a room full of buff men breaking through brick walls with only their teeth. While the rest of Fairy Tail fights their way through hoards of faceless and unimportant henchmen, Makarov loses and has a hole blasted through his chest (which disappears in the next scene due to continuity errors) and Laxus notices a disturbance in the Force. Natsu finds himself battling a Grimoire Heart member with a face (meaning that he’s important) aka Zancrow. Zancrow fights using black flames that Natsu can’t eat and apparently Zancrow is a GOD SLAYER so he’s stronger than Natsu. Around this time, Lucy’s group confronts Caprico and Erza’s group is found by Merdy. …The other members of Fairy Tail also find strong enemies, but I can’t remember the Grimoire Heart member’s names and I’m too lazy to check. Apparently every single one of them uses Forbidden Magic, but then again, so does every other Dark Guild out there. Next episode looks like Natsu’s fight. Oh yeah, I just caught up with the manga again. WhatisthisIdonteven.

See ya all next time~


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24 Responses to “Meta Jump Issue – 10”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    Hunter X Hunter — this show is drifting a bit. When things started I heard many saying, “Once the exam starts it will get better.” Then the exam started and they are tested on walking and cooking. Have I been trolled?

    • Jrow says:

      I’ve read that the first two parts of the exam suck, but that the next 3 are supposed to be really good.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hunter X Hunter 06! It was all about that fan service character…odd hair and that outfit! Could she wear any less? And ya agreed JooJoobees COOKING?! WTF ahahah

    • Overcooled says:

      As Jrow said, it gets better during the final trials of the exam. The actual exam itself isn’t all too exciting, it’s afterwards that the fun begins. It all depends on how good the adaptation is at this point…they’d better not screw it up and make it all fluffy and peppey =.=

  2. Momogoldfish says:

    Delurks on Metanorn for the first time coz I can’t take it anymore…

    PLEASE watch the original Hunterxhunter anime to see how a good adaptation is done! This one just screams ‘low-budget cash in to ride the manga’s (and original anime) popularity and tease us with a possible anime adaptation of the Chimera Ant arc’ (and if they don’t switch from the 11am timeslot I don’t see how that’s gonna happen.)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Welcome from the shadows!!

      Sadly I have never seen the Original but I heard mixed things about it either people liked it or hated it, so do you think this is another fairy tail? As in 100+ episodes?

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m actually starting to really feel down about this adaptation too. It’s mediocre and they’re making it look like it’s for kids *sigh*. I love the manga too, so it’s a shame that things aren’t picking up yet.

      I don’t know if they will ever cover the Chimera Ant arc, it depends how long it goes on for and how the pacing goes from here.

      • Momogoldfish says:

        Thanks for the welcome~

        Well original anime weighs in at 62 tv eps+about 26 OVAs and that covers up till the end of the Greed Island arc while this one is listed as 50+ episodes so I think considering how fast they are pacing this it is possible.

        As to the original, I guess the main criticism is that it’s pretty slow at times, though its more of the suspenseful ‘hurry up I wanna know what happens next!’ rather than ‘boring….zzzz…’ type of slow. It’ll probably be torture waiting for it on a weekly basis but marathoning it is great fun and the anime original content is absolutely high quality-as in you won’t be able to tell its not in the manga unless you’ve read it. Another bonus (for me at least) is that it has a darker, contemplative tone (especially with York Shin arc)compared with the remake and epic fantasy styled BGM which sets it apart from its more frivolous shonen companions. I could sprout pages more praises but I’ll just finish with saying that it’s highly recommended as an alternative more mature take on the manga which is worth a watch if you don’t like how ‘kiddy’ this version is.

        Generally I’m not against remakes rushing previously covered materials like FMA:Brotherhood, as long as they retain the original spirit that made the original great but I truly don’t see the same reverence here.

        • Overcooled says:

          I’ve heard that the original has a slower pace, but I’d prefer that over having cutesy music blasting in my ears. I might try watching a few episodes of the original when this series is done and compare them. Part of what I really enjoyed while reading Hunter x Hunter was the mature route they went, after all. I really don’t see what they’re trying to do with this 2nd remake yet, but I’m going to try and remain optimistic for a bit longer.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Naruto Shippuden – It seems Naruto is always there in time to pay for someone else’s decision, even if it’s before his time. I have to admit, that was a disturbing way to decide a marriage and I don’t know which is worse. It would be either this or the Kore wa Zombie vampire ninja marriage decided by a single kiss. *shivers*

    Naruto really is Jiraiya’s student. Same attitude and similar secret loves for girls who are chasing other guys. But where does that leave Hinata in all of this?

    I really wish they would start the main story episodes and quit with these fillers because it was good for a while but there’s a limit to everything. Maybe the fillers are there to stall for time because they’re so close to the manga. Also, there’s another Naruto game coming out in Spring: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. They say the story is going all the way back to him being a little kid to the Five Kage Summit or more recent episodes. Can’t wait.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Battle for your wife? Sure why not! Wait that is pretty horrible, well in Kore wa zombie it depends which vamp chick you are into hahaha

      Yeah they are so damn similar it’s almost scary….Well Hinata is pretty much sol at this point, I don’t think Naruto will pay her any mind because he is set right on Sakura forever that and he is super dense.

      Yes that is the true purpose of fillers in anime vs manga! Just so the two are not side by side in story. Because I think people would hate it that way, I never got into the Naruto games some of the DBZ games left a bad taste in me about anime video games…

      SOON! I think I heard sometime in DEC for new stuff?

  4. Jrow says:

    Fullbringers? What the what? And how long has Naruto been in filler territory?

    • Karakuri says:

      Seconding the filler question. I don’ want to start until something happens. I’m only just getting over the trauma the 80+ episode filler from the original left me with.

    • Foshizzel says:

      @ Jrow Fullbringers are special humans like Chad and Orihime they use items as weapons, not much of a spoiler one of them uses a psp type of fullbring to put you into a video game world that he controls. So things like that or turning a necklace into a sword like Ginjou the guy in black in the screenshot ;D

      @Jrow One piece! How excited are you for the new arc to start? I can not wait! Finally is all I have to say hahaha

      Ohhh man Naruto has been in filler for a long time I would say a month so far? probably more, I think they start the ninja war arc sometime in December…T____T

  5. xochandaox says:

    I pretty much fangirled the entire time while watching One piece and HxH.. hahaha… yea not biased at all :3

  6. Bob from Accounting says:

    God damn crappy version of Hunter X Hunter… *mutters darkly*
    It’s a pity I can’t go and destroy Madhouse for their crimes without cutting Chihayafuru short. Perhaps that was their plan…

    And I LOLed at Karakuri having caught up with the Fairy Tail manga. DID YOU HAVE FUN? AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah poor Madhouse people tend to love them or hate them ah well what can we do…

      LOL Sounds like the manga is that good xD

    • Karakuri says:


      • Bob from Accounting says:

        The manga is that good. READ IT SIR, READ IT!

        *Continues to laugh heartily at Karakuri* Yep, Mashima is totally the King of the Trolls.

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