Guilty Crown – 04

Nurse- “I am sorry but he has a bad case of…The pop rock flu!”

Whaaatsss up peoples?! Not too much for me. Just the usual stuff of work, chillaxing (when I can) and Meta stuff. Been looking for a room to rent since I was supposed to be moving but it’s been postponed until the end of January. Guess I save monehs for now XD Anyways, yeah! I’m finally appearing on a Guilty Crown post. I’ve been caught up on this anime for a while now and man this anime has been pretty good. Can’t wait for the action scenes.
Yo peeps~ How’s it going? I’ve finally gotten some off time this weekend. I sure needed some TLC… =w= So, this week, we decided to rejoin the old Freezing tag even if I wasn’t around on all episode coverage. I for one expected a lot from Guilty Crown but at least I can say this; it’s hella pretty with a blonde bishie and some interesting baddies.
Welcome back, Guilty Crown fans! I hope you are still having a blast watching this series as much as me; this week I get to do a tag team with Kyokai and Ness bringing back the old Freezing team so just sit back and enjoy this fun review.Plot this week picks up with Shu after he’s pushed off the train thanks to Yahiro and right into the hands of the GHQ and Major Segai, who drills him for information on Gai and the other Undertakers. In the meantime Gai arrives to break Shu out and another friend named Kido, whose void Shu uses to escape with him, Inori and the other Undertakers.

Major Segai- “Buhahahaha!! I totally kicked your ass in Words with friends.”

We start right with Shu getting picked up by the GHQ thanks to cool dude Yahiro for shoving him off the train and right into the hands of a very happy Major Segai. They bring Shu in for questioning to ask him to leak information about Gai and the other Undertaker members. I did like that design of that prison, I mean it looked quite amazing. Shu also discovered news of another important person that Gai needs named Kido who is currently locked up due to murder charges against him related to a bombing.

Kido- “Trick or treat….boys and girls! I don’t bite….much.”

I really want that table and this scene screams Metal Gear to me.

Major Segai tries his best to trick Shu into revealing information after showing him what the GHQ  are really about. They are trying to find cures for the Apocalypse virus and rehabilitation against it; Major Segai does present a good argument to win him over. He wants Shu to betray Gai by using a special transmitter that can be used to track Gai and alert the GHQ of his location. While hanging out in jail Shu gets a surprise visit from a random lawyer who just so happens to be Gai and he was wearing another great looking suit of course. Gai chats with him thanks to some clever camera hacking by Tsugumi, which buys time for the rest of the team to prepare this operation to save both Kido and Shu from the GHQ.

Major Segai-“Starreeeeeeeee…”                   Shu-“Dude stop looking at me! Your eye looks infected…”

Inori- “Damn, I’m so freaking lonely… This robot is my only friend.”

Shu-“Who the hell are you?!”        Gai-“I am your FATHER!!!         Shu-“Nooooooooooo! Wait… I love your hair.”

Hair flipping his way into the hearts of his fans.

Inori eventually shows up to rescue Shu, I know Inori is doing something very important this week. I guess she really missed his touch, huh? or got tired of the haters? During Shu’s escape, Ayase and her fantastic looking machine saves Shu and they finally find Kido. Shu rushes over to him and uses his void power to summon a small gun that screws up gravity and creates massive bubbles by distorting the nearby fountain. Shu hears Inori calling out to him and he uses the giant bubbles to jumps towards her and catch her in mid air. After a short chat with Inori, Shu summons that badass sword to take out several enemy machines, while Major Segai watches in amazement calling it beautiful! Yes it was very beautiful indeed. The episode ends after Shu saves Kido and Inori walking out of the destroyed building where Gai asks him once again to join his team and he finally agrees to join up, finally!

Ayase heating up the stage this week!

Shu- “GO GO SUPER WEAPON! Oh my god a bubble gun seriously? Lameeee.”

Major Segai-“…..That is so not fair! I want a magical girlfriend…”

Shu-“Time to kick some ass with metal power!!”

Gai-“Yarr! Avast ye!”                Shu-“….you are not a pirate.”                   Gai-“Yarr…”

Extra Crowns

Hot damn, it looks like an amusement park

Inori just discovered hentai for the first time.

Tsugumi- “Don’t mind me, I’m just hacking into your personal files, nyahahaha.”

Somebody needs a spell checker at Production I.G for sure. Saccessfully? Right… 

Gai- “This dark light makes me look amazing! What do you think?”

Major Segai tweeting- “Lol, fireball.”

End Thoughts:

So, I’d say that this episode was one of those slow beginnings with lots of talking and explanations until we get our 10 minutes of action in the end. But really, it wasn’t all that bad. Besides, we got to see why Yahiro betrayed Shu after their bro-bonding time over some Dr. Ginger in the previous episode. But who would have guessed that the betrayal was over getting care for Yahiro’s younger brother who’s suffering from virus. Finally we get a little bit more information of why the world or Japan is in the state that it is.

This Segai guy is pretty interesting. He’s another messed up character introduced to give some good entertainment. When he was asking Shu about a possible answer for his word puzzle, I just cracked out. I almost thought Segai was asking Shu’s preference of undergarments or so. But with that aside, it felt kind of weird how serious this guy is even though we know he’s psychologically unstable. The guy does some interrogations and messes with Shu’s mind with mere words to show the state of things. We get the pity treatment for why Yahiro betrayed Shu and they make it really look like these people are trying to help despite that they kill innocent people because they refuse to register into their system. But really, I think Shu’s actual character at this point is kind of annoying but it’s typical of this boy who was plunged into the real struggles of his society. What else can a boy who’s like in a prison do when he’s been safe until now? But who would trust some weird looking man?

I sometimes think that Shu is dense or maybe he just is. What person would yell out the name of the rebel leaders in front of guards? But ah well, very nice disguise Gai… right. As well, Inori seems to finally not feel completely emotionless. Now she just wants to serve her master, Shu. It’s good to see her run to the rescue, I think she was trying to rescue him. But wait, I guess she did by providing him with her void. I want to see the reason in rescuing this Kido Kenji. I do find that this guy’s void to be pretty interesting. Shu’s using it to reach Inori in the air was actually pretty cool. As well, it was amusing how we see Segai so fascinated by the event and nonchalantly killing off one of his men. This 10 minutes of ending action was worth this episode. I look forward to more along with some more story explanation of where Undertaker is heading to in their rebellion. Now that Shu has agreed to join, I hope he doesn’t go along with that pen signal from Segai but since he didn’t throw it away, I guess we’ll be seeing some backstabbing and such. But yeah, until next time. Laters~

Oh Guilty Crown, how you troll us every episode. No this is not Mawaru Penguindrum at all but things are becoming so obvious that the surprise element is nowhere to be found. This has become more of a pretty eye-fodder of this season and sadly I’d be only looking forward to the Original Soundtrack because it’s ryo after all. Why I’m being so tsun towards it, you may ask? Well, because noitaminA has let me down this season. Though, I’m not gonna completely hate on it because it still has some things going right, the foremost being the breathtaking animation. And everything boils down to the pretty action and explosions. It’s okay if it’s followed by deep plot development, right? Sometimes entertainment for entertainment’s sake is enough. The voice acting is definitely something that I have to laud in this series, especially the crazy characters; who else wants more Daryl, huh?!

Coming to progress, Inori finally showed emotion or else I would’ve dubbed her another android. Of course, I know she’s not with that kind of a void and all but seriously, at least I’m out of my hate-mode for this pink-haired chick. As this series will be twenty-episode long, hopefully all the characters will get their time in limelight for their reasons of joining respective party of Undertakers and GHQ. The latter however seems too good to be true. I’m somehow reminded of corrupt politicians who misconstrue every statement and glamourize one side of the coin alone. Sure, GHQ has helped rehabilitate Japan but is it that goody-two-shoes and there are no skeletons in their closet? Like bio weapons and experimentation on humans? I can bet, we’ll find out more about this.

A big question, “Gai, I really want to know what shampoo you use, man!” Such silky falls and unperturbed expressions to boot. No wonder, all fangirls go kyaaa~ over him. I can only wish our main hero caused such screams but sadly Shu is busy being all emo over complicated decisions. His acceptance of Gai’s hand was a long time coming but don’t be such a jilted sneak, dude! I totally resented him pocketing the device Segai gave him because he’s acting like one those good-for-nothing opportunists (like Segai), who backstabs people and let me tell you, I hate backstabbers! Shu, you better start acting like the main protagonist and grind whatever problem you have with Gai or else you are visiting Metanorn dungeons pretty soon. Mwahahaaa. Also, Inori, honey, wear some proper clothes for change, ne? Anyways, fun tagging this episode of GC, see ya readers on next Fate/Zero post~

Well that was certainly an interesting episode this week. The action was really amazing and the story wasn’t so bad either this week. Although it was a simple story of breaking out a friend from prison, another very Geass story line but hey, I really loved how they dealt with it in Guilty Crown versus that other series. I enjoyed the fact that we got to see Shu take some charge this time using the explosions to escape his own fate; I know some out there will probably say sure Shu managed to escape but without the full help of the team, he would still be locked up.

There were a few surprise moments throughout this episode a few good ones and a few what the hell was that? I am speaking more on Inori’s character. She went from emotionless robot girl to someone that actually has “some” emotions, after Shu was taken away she felt alone and depressed while singing to herself. And the biggest HUH moment goes to flying Inori, I guess having beautiful long pink hair, you gain super flight abilities or something like that. So does this mean I am more team Inori now? We shall see how things develop between Shu and Inori; I am not expecting anything amazing after all, but I can see her clinging to Shu forever now.

Action! Hot damn there was lots of extreme action; I loved that last ten minutes of the episode when stuff finally goes down around the GHQ. Kido’s void weapon was very interesting, I have seen something similar in another anime but I have forgotten maybe it was a similar power in One Piece? Anyway that whole scene with Shu running and jumping on the bubbles to catch Inori was fantastic to watch. I think I re-watched that three to four times today just to drool over that animation and when Shu got his hands on the sword again to hack and slash those mechs it was just great. That whole scene screamed insane action video game! Something sort of like a Devil may cry style game; with Shu’s mid air sword moves and bouncing off the walls to attack the enemy suits.

Last thing I want to touch on, Gai and Shu’s special relationship. I know it is so easy to tell that Gai is using Shu as his personal super weapon but I am interested in seeing how things play out between them. I can tell Shu really can’t stand Gai so maybe both of them benefit from each other? Gai is protecting Shu and he has something Gai needs so they need each other. Now to sit back and wait to see if Shu eventually sells Gai out to the GHQ or decides to get over himself ahahaa.


Shu- “Inori sure is light…we need to get you a sandwich or something, girl…”

Shu and friends go on a beach vacation! Just kidding….Stay tuned for more Guilty Crown!


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20 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 04”

  1. Sabine says:

    Yes Gai yes you are a pirate!!!! XDDDDDDD Haha, that made me laugh so much, he is our little pirate, yarr! *fangirl mode*
    I loved this episode really much, mostly because a) The Music!! The sountrack will be EPIC b) Gai, it was so great when he came to the rescue, didn´t see that and finally c) the awesome new character Kido who is so CUTE-*krhm, cough* fell in love with him straight away, insane characters are the best!…. even if.. he isn´t so insane in this episode yet! (..Don´t have already a few charas like that in this show already.. Insanity O_ó)

    • Kyokai says:

      Insanity sells this season like hotcakes. xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Pirates are always awesome!

      This episode had some great music and action, can’t wait to see the other special characters that eventually pop up! yeah there are plenty of characters for people to enjoy even a few we might love to hate xDD

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Wow, prison uniforms are pretty fashionable in Guilty Crown. Shu looked great in those clothes. And that awesome looking prison is nothing to sniff at. They actually put inmates in there? It might as well be a hotel.

    Gai and Tsugumi make a fearsome team. I need a hacker like her around. The things we could get done. I love it when Inori starts to sing, even when she’s watching her own videos. And I love it even more when she’s wearing her red bikini-like dress. That’s my favorite.

    In anime, the guys chase after random girls they’ve never met before and the girls are determined to save and protect the guys they love. Shu and Inori are proof of that theory. Shu destroying the mechs and the building while holding Inori in his arms was the beautiful part of the episode.

    • Kyokai says:

      Everyone looks pretty in this anime. Even the baddies in their own way. Btw, Inori was watching the video that Shu was making as a class project (refer to episode one) with two of his other friends.

      The last few minutes were definitely ruled by Shu and Inori’s void’s awesomeness. I would say, if Shu doesn’t trust Gai, he should at least trust Inori.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I was thinking the same thing like nice prison clothes! Maybe it’s a fancy one…hmmmm…

      Moe and bamf team! Very deadly combo, normally I hate on Inori but I actually started to like her a bit more. Maybe there is more to her than a “Rei” clone from Eva? And I loved the fact that she went into a dangerous area to save Shu! They are starting to have a small Renton and Eureka relationship.

  3. Kitty says:

    Man this anime pulls out no stops! The villains are as awesome as the heroes. Gai defiantly got some good shots in this one and was that a hint of character development from Shun? Ah I love my monday mornings of Guilty Crown and Fate / Zero pure bliss ^_^

    • Foshizzel says:


      Guilty Crown has lots of great villains so far from Daryl to Major Sengai and yeah Gai is all for the girls ahaha or guys? Possibly.

  4. Amutofan123 says:

    Best episode yet, in my opinion! Inori actually showed some emotion and Shu was pretty cool.

    Actually, I liked the fact that he kept the transmitter thingy. I’m wondering if maybe the Undertakers (or at least Gai)are up to something that’s… not so good (sorry, can’t think of words at the moment). It does seem like Shu and Gai are facing off about something in the opening, after all.

    Even if the plot isn’t spectacular, this show is certainly entertaining, which is enough for me.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep I actually loved how Inori got a bit emotional during this episode sure it wasn’t anything super dramatic! But I still had fun. Yep Shu was actually quite cool this time around, he is slowly getting used to his role…

      Right it keeps that window open if Shu ever decides to trick Gai even thou he doesn’t trust him fully yet…

      I find the plot to be alright and slow but really entertaining! 😀

  5. Overcooled says:

    Agreeing with Fosh that the Devil May Cry level of INSANE ACTION was brilliant. I LOVE action, and this episode had that down in spades. So, so gooooooodddddd.

    I still have some of the same complaints, such as Inori and Shu bonding wayyyyyy too fast. So he’s ready to doubt Gai but trusts her right away? *sigh*

    I really loved Segai. I thought he’d also be batshit insane like Daryl, but he’s actually more of the quiet type in order to properly manipulate his prey to do EXACTLY what he wants. Love it~ Can’t wait to see more of him =w=

    • Foshizzel says:

      Now we wait to see if Shu gains a devil mode <3 This episode had some great action scenes I was really impressed and sure it was only in the last half but daaammmnnn it was amazing!

      Right fourth episode and they already like each other? Well more like Inori NEEDS him, and Shu we cal tell hates Gai so much! Much like Holland and Renton relationship in Eureka seven.

      Sengai was a interesting guy and you are right he is not as mental as Daryl, and very quiet lol the best moment was him just snapping photos during the explosions.

  6. Reaper says:

    Ahahahahaha! Your titles underneath the pics just cracked me up this time! Having seen Yahiro’s reason for ratting out Shu, I forgive him (with a reluctant and suspicious stare), but I’m confused about something; did he do it because he was caught selling Norma Gene or did he do it to get the care for his younger brother? Anyway, usual blabber with ‘Are they really good? Come join my side, we have cookies! and Daryl…‘ ‘No, believe in me! Just follow my damn orders!’ but with the interesting bit of where Shu keeps the transmitter; past experience suggests he’s either gonna discover he won’t like and report Gai in for it but then has to make up for it when Inori begs for it (he’s such a lady’s man…or a sucker to girls) or trick Major Segai (I said Gai would be here…but I brought my MAGICAL SWORD OF DOOM instead!)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Why thank you! I have to find some comedy to poke fun at and those rocks look like candy….

      Yahiro damn what a crappy friend! But true he had his reasons to sell Shu out like that, I think he might have done it to get his brother into that special hospital? I have no idea I assume it’s related to that.

      Shu keeping that device was interesting! Leaves the door open for a possible backstab against Gai later on! But we shall see how things play out.

      YAY Magical sword of doom!

  7. Samantha Zan says:

    That fight scene or battle scene with Shu was awesome! The bubbles looked so fun to step on x3. And Inori looked very elgent jumping out into Shu like that lol. But god that soundtrack!!!<3

    I think Segai is got to be one of the coolest characters in Gulity Crown right now. I just loved all the scenes with him and Shu! Oh and Gai did make me lol when he was being all Attonery-like too x3. I think this has got to be one of the best Gulity Crown episodes so far, even though past episodes haven't been too spectacular, it's enough to keep me interested for another week.

    • Foshizzel says:

      That was amazing huh? Ahaha bubble gun action! And yeah catching Inori was d’aww between Shu and Inori and of course badass flying and blowing up mechs with his giant sword xD

      Segai is really fun and cool I think he is very interesting to watch and isn’t as crazy as the other “bad guys” Yes! Gai was funny in that lawyer get up of his xD Right I can agree there best episode by far.

  8. Jrow says:

    Kido’s void is like what Kuma uses in One Piece. That effect is cool, and I did like how it was animated here.

    I’m right where I want to be with this show now… fanboying! The action at the end was the best so far.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ah yes that’s the character I was thinking of! LOLOL Those panda paw things xD

      Hell ya surprises popping up in every episode so far makes me happy <3

  9. Alynn says:

    Loving this series so much. The designs, the action, the characters!

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