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And I was thinking my weekend would go in a breeze but it didn’t. Things happened but let’s just leave it at that. For one thing, I live-watched this episode with Foshy and Foomafoo on skype. If you want to join me next week at 4:30pm GMT on Saturday, just give me a shoutout on twitter and we’ll share credentials for the skype channel. I don’t wait for the 720p just because I can’t wait; sure I download it later but there’s something in catching it as an early bird on NicoNico channel. Truthfully, can you even wait a second for the next installment of this awesome series?! Na-uh! I thought so.


The first scene sure was nostalgic. Almost seemed as if I was seeing a part of the 9/11 footage. However, it didn’t contain a giant silver ball and that just proves that Kayneth and party are safe and unharmed. Kirei’s father Risei and the Judge for this Holy Grail War issues an emergency provision that all masters are to cease fighting and attack Caster instead, who is behind the Fuyuki kidnapping reported in news. Reward for the winner would be an extra command seal, left from the previous grail wars. Five familiars report back, further proving the fact that Kayneth has not kicked the bucket yet. Risei and Tokiomi evilly plan the fact that once Caster’s weak from everyone’s attack, Gilgamesh would go in and finish the job, winning the extra command seal. If you’ve forgotten already, Tokiomi and Kayneth are the ones who have used one already. Every master has a total of three so this was a very early use by these two masters and they should be ready to do anything to gain one back; leveraging over others.

Broskander is DA MAN~

We don’t move to action before some comic relief by Broskander and his tsundere master Waver. Every FZ fan needs this duo on screen because they are that entertaining. Rider uses the home shopping network for the first time to order in an “Admirable Conquest” T-shirt with a world map on it. Seems like peer pressure is rife everywhere and even between kings. Our cool dude, Iskander wants to wear modern clothes just like Saber and thus the order. And you know what his next mission is? Get an XXXL sized pants but he has to first win Waver’s heart by defeating a servant first to get it. Time for srs, bsns? Heck yeah!

Kiritsugu: “It’s settled then, we’ll divide our minions in half if we separate. You can have the blondie.”

Things are heating up at Kiritsugu’s stronghold with lots of strategizing. Saber’s wound hasn’t healed yet but she’s still itching to go after Caster as per her Heroes’ Honour. Iri is right to question the motives of Church because Kiritsugu has finally pieced two and two together: Risei giving sanctuary to his own son when his servant still lives and their connection to Tohsaka, who’s playing from the shadows for the win. He doesn’t want Saber to face Caster rather plans to send Maiya after him and deal with him in his own way. Saber doesn’t like it and moves to action on Iri’s urging when Caster brings the game to their state.

DAAAAAAWWW, you two… =3=

He’s afraid of Kirei? Damn, will this Bromance ever end?! xD

I’m satisfied to see Kiritsugu finally lose it. You just can’t show an all knowing character going BAMF all the time without any weaknesses. Sure, he has a beautiful wife and a cute daughter but she’s weak and his wife is not really a human but a homunculus tool of Einzbern dynasty. Not to mention, his picked up stray, whose life he saved loves him, when he doesn’t. Oh also, he has to save the world and has an elaborate plan for it. Of course, he has to lose it to show some human characteristic. If he wants to run away with Iri and then save Illya later on; let him dream on for just a few more minutes Iri before you get a reality check done. But no, Iri knows that’s never going to happen due to his higher plans. Currently, you should suffice it with ‘saving the world’.

Saber: “I see a creep…”                  Caster: “I’m here, my virgin~”

Children turned to tentacle monstrosity. Not cool, bro!

Iri uses the remote-viewing crystal ball to see Caster’s progress, who has brought his game to their doorsteps aka lot of kids for sacrifice. It makes me sick to the stomach just by thinking that he has brought them to pass his time, while Saber comes to tackle him. This time he’s come prepared and he uses the kids bodies to infest them with magic to produce many tentacled-monsters, who do his bidding and keep hatching even after Saber cuts through them repeatedly. It doesn’t help that she’s still wounded; however, Lancer arrives as a Knight in Shining armour to aid her in getting rid of Caster and the copious number of wriggly things.

Timeskipping #likeaboss

Kiritsugu instructs Maiya to escort Iri out of the castle grounds and in opposite direction of the fight. Just then Kayneth decides to gate crash with a blob version of T-1000. Kayneth announces his entry rather grandly and I was almost agape at his skill at fighting even if it meant spellwork rather than handwork. I’ve already dubbed him an asshole so he definitely surprised me in coming out of the shadows and facing Kiritsugu. Sure, he must be livid after the previous bombing and has come for revenge but I can only hope that he never returns and is taken care of soon! I have to mention Kiritsugu’s power of Reality Marble, which is basically the alteration of time within his body and has been passed down from the Emiya dynasty. His usage is either fast forwarding via Time Alter: Double Accel or Stagnate to slow down his body’s time for combat and stealth. This definitely surprises Kayneth but he’s still not afraid. But he should definitely be after Kiritsugu’s satisfied smile. I can only hope his special two-second-loading pistol is like Colt and can break through magic barriers. Just die, Kayneth.


Extra Zeroes! 

Show ▼

End Thoughts:

We are ALMOST at the half-mark of this series; for the first cour at least and no deaths yet? C’mon man, I need to see some BLOOD! I got plenty though even if it was octupussy gore. See what I did there? I don’t even— Moving on from bad puns, wow, Lancer, you are still not dead. You sure are one lucky Lancer because as per Nasuverse goes, Lancer is usually the first servant to go. Now the more I see him, the more I like him and I would rather Kiritsugu offs Kayneth than Saber offs Lancer. I can wish, right? We need more of Broskander as well because he can’t just sit in the house and TV shop; he needs to go out and fight some servants!

Progress-wise, things definitely didn’t play out as I presumed in this episode. The tactics are getting complicated with many elements coming into play. From the reference about the extra command spells left from previous war to Kiritsugu solving the Kotomine/Tohsaka alliance, which brings me to Kiritsugu’s motive. Now, remember, how he has been a Mage Killer from the start, as if on a suicide mission? Well, life is certainly like that for him, even now. He has a purpose to win this Holy Grail and for it and he’s ready to sacrifice himself. Pay close attention to, ‘I’ve already sacrificed you and leaving behind Illya’, he’s prepared for his own death and knows that Illya won’t get her parents’ love. Harden your hearts, people, there’s a lot going on here.

The reason he’s afraid of Kirei is because he thinks of him as his true nemesis; someone like him, who can thwart all his plans and even overtake him in this war. Kirei was an executioner himself and you can clearly see the killer-intent in his eyes when he had caught Maiya. He’s going to be a feisty player even if he’s playing the second fiddle to Tokiomi right now. I want to see his Black Keys (the long rapier-like swords), again and if you have seen Tsukihime, you’ve already spied them on Ciel; recycling weapons and characteristic features is common in nasuverse.

I have to applaud Iri in keeping her cool, when the enemy came knocking. I liked how she was worried about Saber and sent her to fight Caster, which she was dying to do as opposed to Kiritsugu’s plan. It was not defiance rather she took the most reliable decision at that time, looking at how Caster followed her to their gate. I also presume that she knows about Maiya’s feelings towards Kiritsugu and knows that his affection is merely of a caretaker towards her. Like Kirei’s Black Keys, I want to see Reality Marble in work some more; this is a pretty nifty power indeed.

Caster was creepy as hell with his virgin chants and wriggly things. I mean, how the creatures moved to their BGM was sickening; I literally EEKed at the little kid transforming into many tentacles with razor-sharp teeth and suckers. Someone put him to rest because that book of his is sure dangerous. Is it bad of me to miss Ryuunosuke here? I feel like I haven’t seen him much except for in dark room with weird shadow angles; not like he has handsome feature, that eye-distance is eerie to say the least. So, any bets for who’s getting killed next episode?

Preview:  The next episode will be Mage Killer and seems like it’s about time for someone to get killed! I would love it that Kiritsugu kills Kayneth so that Saber doesn’t have to kill Lancer. I’ve really come to like this dude and not just because he’s a bishie and has that mole on his face. Though, I would love for Saber to kill Caster; this creep has been pissing me off from the get-go. Looks like I want a lot of people dead but it’s the fun of Fate/Zero. With Kirei’s Command Spell showing, do we have him join the fun too? Wrack your brains till next time, ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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35 Responses to “Fate/Zero – 07”

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  2. Foshizzel says:

    I want a pet ball of metal to cut things up! Seriously awesome effects even if it was CGI guess it makes things easier on the production crew.

    Kiritsugu totally needed to say BANG before the episode ended! He seriously looks so much like Spike from cowboy bebop, minus the cool hair thou xD

    Caster! Seriously creeping me out with all those fake Ika Musume clones…I will think of them as evil squids! And your pun was awesome in the end comments Kyo! Back to Caster thou I so can see him with a white van with free candy on the side…damn pedo caster >.>

    YES! Lancer X Saber fanfics and artwork will spawn in the next few days trust me! And it will all be NSFW D:

    • Reaper says:

      Kayneth’s floating ball of lead is just like Fear’s cube of death…but a bit more lethal, which makes Kiritsugu looks even more BAMF when he avoids it and tries to take down Kayneth 🙂 As for those evil squid things aka Caster’s minions…reminded me of a monster from the Witcher 2, especially with their appearance being so similar…hm…oh wait!
      Saber used Slash!
      It was not very effective… 😛
      Lancer joined the fight!
      LancerXSaber used COMBO BREAKER! XD now we just need to see what happens from here

    • Kyokai says:

      @ Foshy, This CGI was awesome and much better than the CG dragon of FSN. I always remember it and want to facepalm. At least this was sleek~

      You are right about the “BANG!” I’ll use it in the next review because we’ll know if it went BANG DA SE or not. I hope it’s the former! And LOL @ Caster. That dude is sure creeptastic to the max. Gave me the heebeejeebees! And don’t even compare it to Ika, she would run to the other part of the world if she sees ’em! xD

      And I can only hope for fanfics only. There shouldn’t be porn of TM but there is and I’ve seen it. >3< @ Reaper, It was awesome to see Kiritsugu PWN Kayneth and show a small part of his Reality Marble. Man, I sure am looking forward to see more of this including the Black Keys. And a good take on the resultant of COMBO BREAKER. May it prosper and kill all wriggly things! xD

  3. Reaper says:

    Yes, more action is always good, and when it’s done perfectly, it’s just even better! We got to see Kiritsugu’s softer side (which Saber doesn’t, hence her major dislike to her true Master), and Irisviel being his awesome waifu pillar of strength *shakes fists at Kiritsugu whilst attempting to take her away*
    So far, I have to say that each part of Fate/Zero, from the fighting and plot, everything that happened has a reason for it, no loose ends or vague plot holes (like the beginning of Kiritsugu and Kotomine’s bromance dance of death…true, it started way earlier but the last ep’s secret clash and with Kiritsugu admitting Kotomine being his most deadly opponent [actually, reminds me of Batman and the Joker; one wants to save Gotham and the other doesn’t have any goal just…madness…though for Kotomine, it might just be he’s looking for a bit of bromance~]))
    Caster still hasn’t waken himself up from his delusion, but for the rest of us, especially for you LancerxSaber shippers, things will get interesting very soon…and, oh yes, there SHOULD be more blood, kukuku 🙂

    • Kyokai says:

      Aah yes, the bliss of seeing something adapted by ufotable. There’s no stone unturned to make the story breath for itself, leaving enough clues for viewers to keep figuring things out.

      It’s interesting how Kiritsugu comes off as different personalities, when seen from different view points; shows the length and breadth of his character depth for sure. I would really love the bromance to continue and these two to face each other. It would be nothing short of epic! xD

      I don’t think Caster would wise up any time soon and more Lancer/Saber shipping? I don’t like these two together anyway. I’ll be looking forward to some more blood for sure! xD

      • Reaper says:

        No, I agree, not exactly a fan of the SaberxLancer thing (though it deserve credit…he being a knight and she a king of knights…I just wonder what Berserker has to say about that XD) Kiritsugu just reminds me of Hei from DtB so much, I really tune into characters like that; dangerous but for a good reason. And as for Caster…he’s the Servant we all love to kill for trying to take Saber!
        And if this ever happened, what would you think? Imagine; ufotable animating Mahoutsukai no Yoru 🙂

      • Kyokai says:

        Like amado said, Saber/Archer (both) has more fancy than Lancer/Saber but I like the moled dude anyway, because of his honour of course! If you ask Berserker, he might just go berserk yet again and try killing you with one of his black weapons. xD

        And yeah, Kiritsugu definitely has the Hei syndrome of being a misunderstood hero. Also, don’t get me to fangirl squee, talking about Mahōtsukai no Yoru! Before that, they should animate Fate/Extra or even heaven’s feel!

  4. amado says:

    actually no. in all of the routes, lancer has lasted for quite a while longer. its only in carnival phantasm that happens(I loved ep 5, berserker is a true bro)

    as for me, I approve of kiritsuguXirisviel. so sweet!
    id really like to see kritsugu materialize his reality marble and not just put it inside his body. I bet he could even beat a servant with it.

    • Kyokai says:

      Wasn’t he the first one to go in FSN route one? And he was the last one to go in CP too (that episode was so hilarious! xD)

      The only ship I support except for bromance is KiritsuguxIri. They are a picture of unconditional love, even at such harsh times. And I would sure like to see more of Reality Marble; I can bet Kiritsugu can take on any servant if he wants, maybe just not Berserker.

      • Fic says:

        Spoilers for F/SN:

        Show ▼

        So yes, Lancer gets the short end of the stick quite often, but he more often than not overcomes it, even if only to go out honourably. Not unlike the actual legend of Cúchulainn.

        • Kyokai says:

          Thanks for the info, I haven’t played all the FSN routes yet. And I like it how Lancer is such an honourable hero and usually ends up doing the ‘right thing’. He literally deserves more fan following! ^^

          • amado says:

            well im one of his fans.
            even when I first watched the anime(I still havent played the game yet), I instantly liked him near the end.
            he went against kirei and gil when shirou and saber were gonna get killed.
            and when kirei asked why is he making a futile attempt at defending them, lancer said the epic line: “it’s because I am a hero”

          • Kyokai says:

            Oh, I remember that line! As a character, I did like him in FSN and I’m liking him more in Fate/Zero. With how much people have been talking about him; can’t wait to play UBW and HF routes to know more about him now.

            • amado says:

              your liking him in F/Z?
              even though he isnt in F/Z?
              and if your talking about carnival phantasm, I feel more pity/giggly than like for him there.

            • Kyokai says:

              I’m talking about Lancer class in general. I know Diarmuid and Cuchulainn, are different people. XD

              So, you can say overall, Lancer is a true bro.

  5. amado says:

    sigh. the shipping is getting a bit too big.
    as the romance expert, I dont see enough basis yet to start shipping. not enough development either plus some of those already have their own love anyway.

    • Kyokai says:

      I don’t ship Lancer/Saber at all but I see lots of fanart with them. I would rather ship the canon ships than this. xD

  6. anaaga says:

    There’s always a threesome for Kiritsugu x Kirei x Gilgamesh. I WILL NEVER OVERLOOK THAT YAOI MOMENT IN EPISODE 6.

    Ahem, anyhow, I’m quite surprised that Kiritsugu can actually use Reality Marble and isn’t dead yet because of it. Show ▼

    And feeccck, Caster’s creppy as hell. I don’t even-, god he’s the grossest pedophilia virgin-chaser ever. Just, die, Caster!

    It’s Nasuverse, but the writer is Urobochi right? Or whatever his name is? I still have grudge at him over that Requiem of the Phantom crap.

    • BlackBriar says:

      LOL. It’s no surprise that everyone wants that disgusting pedophilic mistake of nature dead. Now, the question is, what are they going to do about his equally disgusting pedophilic murdering other half, Ryuu? He deserves to die just as much as Caster.

    • TheVoid says:

      You guys just don’t understand Caster and his master cause you aren’t as crazy as them.

      Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      @anaaga, there’s so much bromance going on, which I

      wasn’t expecting at all. Show ▼

      This is technically still Nasuverse, because all the characters are still pretty his, even the world. Gen just wrote it for an extension so imagine it as a story that he wrote on an outline of Nasu.

      @ BB, if you kill a master, the servant will have to disappear because their mana source would be gone. But as Caster is on front with Saber/Lancer, not sure about the repurcussions. Though, both of these two deserve death.

      @ TheVoid, I don’t think any of us can be ‘Caster-crazy’ and yes, I’ve see the Caster/Ryuu coddling. >.>

  7. BlackBriar says:

    I had such a big grin on my face when I heard the hit on Caster’s head. That vile, disgusting wretch should have stayed dead and he gives new meaning to the word “ugly”. Can’t wait to see him bite the dust again. And what better way to order a hit than with some sweet motivation for all the servants and masters by getting another spell command.

    Lancer and Saber make a great team and couple. It’s too bad they’ll have to fight each other later on and they haven’t made a big deal about it either. They talk about it so casually it’s like they’re looking forward to a date.

    While the servants are away, the masters will play. I’m surprised Kiritsugu is using magic than just relying on guns and bombs. It’s an interesting change but it looks like he’s using too much magic in such a short amount of time.

    • Kyokai says:

      Ah yeah, can’t wait to see Caster DIIIIEEE for sure! For Saber and Lancer, their fight seems a walk in the park because they are honourable heroes, unlike Caster. They take their responsibility seriously; the stuff I love about ’em.

      About Kiritsugu, even being a Magus, he doesn’t use his magical abilities until necessary. Like Reality Marble in it’s true form is a complicated ritual, which needs time and spellwork and at some point was even banned by the church. However, he has extracted one part of it and applied to his own body, thus speeding up or stagnating it as the time calls; though, it will take a toll on his body. Like in the current episode, when he triple stagnated it and then released it, the blood would’ve rushed back to his veins and if used multiple times, it has repercussions of bursting his vessels even… D:

  8. TheVoid says:

    Caster is pure. Show ▼

    Was wondering when the tentacles would return. Thankfully Lancer arrived to save Saber.

    • anaaga says:

      I bet there will be some hentai doujin based on that scene

      Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      @ TheVoid, Hahaa, the entire world knows that now. And there was a time while writing this review I thought to make ‘Tentacle Rape in MAH Fate/Zero?!’ as the first caption but then Kiritsugu’s BANG happened.

      @anaaga, I’m sure, there’s already some online. >.>

  9. kluxorious says:

    I only want Caster’s head in the next episode.

  10. amado says:

    surprisingly, im probably the only one who likes all of the characters equally. though in terms of their wishes, im leaning on tokiomi and kariya.
    even caster, kayneth, ryuu and tokiomi are in that list. id be shame that they’ll die, but il accept it as i’ll accept the others deaths.

    though I do admit my interest on saber has waned over visiting beast lair. I still have a bit for her, mostly shipping her with archer cause they’re closer in age really.

    btw, I meant BOTH archers :p

    • Kyokai says:

      I dunno why you support Tokiomi when the other name you mentioned is of Kariya. They were arch rivals from the time Tokiomi stole his girl from him. Though, with Kiritsugu, my interest in Saber has waned too. I mean, he is more complex than Saber would ever be. Not to mention the whole grey-area around his personality is quite intriguing.

      And I know what you mean, Saber looks good with BOTH Archers, damn it! xD

  11. Joojoobees says:

    I like the way this series has been plotted. The reward of an extra seal is convincing motivation to switch Lancer back to Saber’s side without infuriating Kayneth. Besides the judge has no intention of letting someone get the prize. Caster is a loose cannon, but everyone is trying to make use of him for their purposes. It’s a great balance of chaos and credible development.

    • Kyokai says:

      I agree. The multiple strategies at work here literally races your brain to arrive at different conclusions for different protagonists. I’m so glad we are not looking at this story from Kiritsugu’s perspective only (something that happened with FSN), but from everyone’s. And everyone has their own ax to grind, yet more than masters, the servants are being more honourable to keeping their end of the bargain.

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