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Just a notice for next week, expect my post on C3 out around Thursday or later. I have a bunch of papers to write since a couple of my classes are ending soon.

Continuing from last episode, Konoha has collapsed thanks to the Cursed Object running around the school. Kirika asks Haruaki what happened, but he takes her request of pretending nothing ever happened seriously and says he’ll tell her later.

Later, after a bunch of shots of Konoha’s boobs (and a bit of Haruaki taking care of Konoha, but it was mostly her boobs) Konoha asks to hold Haruaki’s hands… Which results in her having him grope her. Konoha falls asleep instantly and Haruaki gets his hand back, but then either Konoha’s boobs are TOO MASSIVE for a normal shirt to contain or Fear REALLY SUCKS at putting clothing on other people, because her shirt buttons start coming undone. Haruaki can’t look away, but before he sees it all, Konoha turns into her sword form (lol).

In the yard, Fear sits staring at her cube and tells Haruaki that she thinks she’s useless since she tried her best and failed. Haruaki takes her shopping to cheer her up and Fear learns the difference between cabbage and lettuce. Who says anime never taught anyone anything. Not a minute later, Fear decides to educate an elderly lady about cabbage and she’s thanked for it. Haruaki says that Fear did a good deed. They get into a conversation about how relying on others can bring happiness as well and Fear finally realises that she can rely on Haruaki. They make rolled cabbage together and Fear reflects on how her hands, which were supposed to be for killing, made something for someone else’s sake. She wants Sovereignty to know the feeling as well.

Kirika then comes to visit. Haruaki keeps pretending that nothing out of the ordinary happened, but Kirika gets fed up and uses her Cursed Object on him. She tells him to forget about the promise if it will change their relationship. Konoha wakes up from a dream about being grabbed while running in the hallway and tells Haruaki and the others that it can’t be Sovereignty who did this since Sovereignty was busy talking to Haruaki when she collapsed. They also visit the idea that Sovereignty had an accomplice (since Konoha felt a male presence), but they wonder when she could have made one.

And then they all simultaneously wondered how Konoha’s shirt managed to defy physics.

They decide to ask Shiraho, but she’s not at school so they check the school records for her residence info. However, when they look, Shiraho’s picture is actually Sovereignty. Meaning that Sovereignty was Shiraho the whole time and the person they thought was Shiraho was actually Sovereignty.  Once they get to Shiraho’s residence, a window breaks. Fear then picks up Haruaki princess style (increasing her GAR level significantly) and jumps over the fence.

Inside, a boy is seen holding a sharp object to Shiraho’s neck. Fear and Kirika attack him and he thanks them and then turns into Sovereignty. Or to be more accurate, they’re both Sovereignty as it can switch between genders since it’s androgynous. Fear gets upset over Sovereignty deceiving her, but Haruaki asks Sovereignty to explain itself. However, Sovereignty is struggling with something inside and tells Haruaki to get out of the way as something sharp starts coming out of it’s hand again. Konoha saves Haruaki while Kirika moves to get herself stabbed in the chest. Isn’t immortality convenient?

This was the groping episode

While Haruaki makes sure that Kirika is okay, Shiraho asks them not to kill Sovereignty. It turns out that Sovereignty’s curse is to achieve a deathly love with its owner so in other words, it’s another yandere minus most of the yandere personality lololol. It flashes back to when Shiraho and Sovereignty first met and Sovereignty warns Shiraho not to be its owner since she’ll fall in love with it. Once their love meets a certain level, Sovereignty’s killing mechanism will start and it won’t be able to stop it. However, Shiraho tells Sovereignty to come with her anyways since dolls are supposed to be loved.

Let’s take a look at Haruaki’s man points:

+10 man points

-2 man points

Fear: +2 man points   Haruaki: -2 man points, +5 derp points

End Thoughts:

Lololol this show and trolling. I can’t express how glad I am that Shiraho wasn’t a useless pink haired girl (though I have nothing against pink hair. Just uselessness). I must say that the gender switching seems like it was only put there to momentarily confuse the viewers, but it makes things more interesting at least. I’m interested in how Sovereignty came to be as well. Sure I understand the gender switching since anyone of either gender can love a doll and have their own preferences, but why the curse? I’m sure that there’s an interesting story behind that. Shiraho’s background relationship with Sovereignty sounds intriguing as well, but I’m not so sure that they’ll go into that any more than they already have… Though why Shiraho can control dolls and stuffed animals like she did last episode is beyond me. Or maybe that was Sovereignty in the background? That doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with its curse though.

Oh, Haruaki. Sure there was some stereotypical harem stuff, but I found that I didn’t mind it that much. I really like Haruaki as a character since he’s not whiney about having to deal with everyone’s problems and he’s actually pretty active in the plot considering that his harem is made up of strong characters (both physically and personality wise). I was surprised that he actually attempted to keep his promise with Kirika about forgetting everything. The whole thing seems pretty redundant since it was cancelled halfway through the episode, but I guess it showed that Kirika actually has interest in Haruaki and how great of a guy he is.

I was much more into this week’s episode as opposed to last week’s even though this had more slice of life. For one, Fear isn’t complaining about not belonging there anymore. There is only so much self-pity I can take before I want to flip a table. Do I even have to mention the awesome visuals at this point? (Though sometimes theres some pretty derp in between animation.) There was also Penguindrum-esque imagery here (like that door closing or that red…circle…thing… Yeah I have no idea what that was supposed to symbolize. The heart?). The twist with Sovereignty and Shiraho was great as well. Hopefully this wraps up next week though because I don’t know how long they can draw this out and still make it interesting. For once, I don’t think I want much bloodshed since I like the relationship Sovereignty and Shiraho have.

Preview: More Shiraho and Sovereignty. Though I can’t help but wonder how Peavy is faring without depth perception.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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13 Responses to “C³ – 07”

  1. amado says:

    um the subs I watched ended it with her saying “it’s okay. can dolls even fall in love together?” meaning that since shiraho is a cursed doll item as well, she didnt think the two of them would really fall in love.

    man, I was sort of expecting a point where their customers were actually in reverse(you know, the one where they help this person because it seems the person is good and that person wants to stop someone who seems bad. but turns out the bad person was really good while the seemingly good person was actually the antagonist).

    but not only did I not expect it this soon, I didnt expect that both of them were cursed items. now, I do believe this is the hidden gem of this season.

    • Karakuri says:

      Hmm, mine said ‘dolls are meant to be loved’… Shiraho might be a cursed object as well (it would explain the doll moving part from last episode) but I’ll reserve from changing anything for now. At least this goes for further proof that cursed objects are more human-like than one might think.

      • amado says:

        ah the latest ep disproved me.
        damn it.
        she was saying “human” to haruaki so it made me think so. too bad as it would make it much more better…

  2. BlackBriar says:

    No problem. We can wait a little longer for the next post, Kara. After all, writing school papers is a pain in the neck.

    Haruaki had the sight of a lifetime sitting next to Konoha while she was sleeping. If she hadn’t changed form when the last button came undone, I’m sure there was going to be a huge nosebleed. But he also has a streak of bad luck for his pride: Being carried by Fear like a princess and looked like he was being dominated by Kirika when she pulled his head toward her. Kirika’s immortality is totally convenient.

    Nice plot twist about the dolls. Not just one but two of them that can switch genders. Who saw that one coming? And that is a crazy curse to go along with. One that will continue to grow the more the other person falls in love with it and then will be eventually killed by doll. Twisted love story.

    This show’s harem number is growing. Speaking of harems, how far have you gotten with Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai? I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it lately, especially about the main characters’ little sister. Time for me to start marathoning that anime.

    By the way, Megane-chan, nice new avatar. It looks great.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha thanks, these papers are a pain in the neck… even more so when it’s due a week earlier than I thought it was.

      I was expecting a nosebleed too! Haruaki is a great harem lead, but he definitely does not have the greatest GAR levels here. I was expecting clothing to rip during Kirika being stabbed, but I guess closeups of her chest was what they went with instead. Lol, Konoha took up most of the exposure this episode.

      AHA! THANK YOU. I was trying to figure out why I liked this plot so much. That’s exactly it; a twisted love story.

      Truthfully, I haven’t gone on the episode 2 yet. It’s sitting on my computer unwatched… lol yeah, I’ll probably have to marathon it too if it’s gotten good.

      I freaking love my new title <3 Yep! I’ve been into Persona 3 again lately! Yours is Rosario+Vampire, right? Ahaha as expected of the vampire lover

  3. Reaper says:

    Denpa adolescence points? 🙂 I actually did not expect Konoha to change into her katana form when that button popped, guess I’m too use to my brother’s harem anime…but I’m glad they did something different than an embarrassing scene with Fear walking in blah blah blah…
    Anywho, have to say, the plot twist with Shiraho and Sovereignty caught me off guard, and when Sovereignty pulled its gender transformation, my mind just blew up. Kinda makes you glad relationships aren’t that dangerous in real life (at least most of the time) 🙂

    • Karakuri says:

      Lololol yeah, you got me xD. I was expecting Fear or someone to walk in as well, but I guess that’s more Konoha’s thing. she always seems to walk in on Fear and Haruaki doing easily misunderstood things xD.

      Yep, what a plot twist. At first I didn’t realise that the male Sovereignty was supposed to be male though until it changed genders and explained though. I just assumed it was the female one due to the hair and poor resolution on my computer screen. Ahaha any given anime relationship seems to be at least twice as dangerous as a real one. Just look at School Days XDDDDDDDDD.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    DAT CHEST Soooo hugeeeee and it was one epic troll by Konoha and turning into a sword while blushing?! Ahahah that was wonderful and hilarious lmao.

  5. Jrow says:

    +5 derp points, I’m still laughing. XD

    I feel I should check this one out again. And not just cause of the big boobs thing.

    • Karakuri says:

      Lolol yep. Some of the scenes are amazingly animated, but others are… well, derp =/. You should see some of the screenshots I’ve taken, some of them are hilariously derpy.

      Sure Jrow, suuuuure XD I can’t stress enough how badly the first episode trolled everyone, this show is way better than anyone thought it was going to be =3.

      • BlackBriar says:

        @Jrow. High five for thinking about watching it again. I might do so to see Haruaki’s face when he was Konoha.

        The first episode trolled everyone who saw it. I was so duped. A seemingly bad looking anime that turns out to be a fun ride. It’s one of the dark horses of this season. A surprise like Ben-To and Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

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