Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 02 – 07

Kobato- “Ku ku ku! Mortals you shall all be infected with the Hanazawa virus very soon…”

Hello! I have to say I am quite addicted to this series as there are lots of oddball characters like Maria, Yozora, Kobato, Rika and the very popular Sena! Well she is popular for other reasons right, guys? Anyway I figured I would pick up this series for reviews and give it the special Metanorn treatment for the fans out there, so sit back and enjoy these quick recaps.

Sena- “ONE MORE LEVEL TO GO!!!”                                Yozora- “I WILL LEVEL UP FIRST! BUHAHAHHA.”

Achievement unlocked! The popular triple head desk landing.

Episode two follows Kodaka, Sena and Yozora playing some monster hunter themed game together on their fake psp devices aka Playing States Portable! All is going well in the game until Yozora starts to team kill Sena by “accidently” killing her character a few times. I laughed so hard during those scenes because I have done the same thing in a few games. After killing each other over and over, they quit that game for the day. The next day Sena decides to bring a dating game to the clubroom and starts to play it, Sena soon finds she is really attached to certain characters and plays for hours. The episode ends with Sena giving the game to Kodaka telling him to play it and try to finish all the character stories.

Sena- “With this outfit I will take over the interwebs and cause heart attacks.”

Episode three is the dreaded swimsuit episode! Before the fun at the pool, we follow Sena getting caught playing an eroge game which parodies The Scared Blacksmith. Yozora quickly pokes fun at Sena for playing such games at school; so she tries to prove a point that Sena enjoys those games and gets her to read the sexual scenes out loud quickly embarrassing her. The next day Sena asks Kodaka to join her at the local pool and teach her how to swim, because she doesn’t know how to swim. I really I think she wanted to show off her body to Kodaka, which is fine right? This episode has already spawned tons of fan art of Sena in that two piece bikini. This episode wraps up after Kodaka having a short nap in the club room where he dreams about an important event from his past; he actually forgot his childhood friend was Yozora! Damn what a twist? Well not really but expect some drama later about that.

Note: One of these characters loves porn! Can you guess who?

Episode four introduces a few new characters starting off a nun named Maria, who’s only ten years old and is actually a teacher at the school. She is voiced by Yuka, Iguchi better known to most as Index; which is the perfect role for her: a loli nun that loves food. Yozora quickly begins to mess with Maria’s head eventually tricking her into joining the club as the moderator. The next character we meet is Yukimura, a young kid who looks very feminine! He stalked Kodaka for a while because he wants to learn how to be just like Kodaka, eventually Yujimura asks Kodaka to teach him how to become more of a man and he agrees. And finally we meet the extreme ecchi scientist Rika, this girl thinks about nothing but sexual things, science and mecha. She is very open about her unique interests to everyone; she even goes a bit far asking if Kodaka if he wants to have sex with her! Damn that Rika she is easily one of my favorite characters just for making me laugh. The episode ends with the club gaining three brand new members.

Final fantasy XXX sadly will never see the light of day…

Kobato-“Ku ku ku! Behold my imagination at work! I made it myself.”

Episode five brings all of our new characters together to play some game thanks to Rika bringing the game to the club room; just think  dot hack//SIGN theme. Everyone finally chooses their classes and they begin the game. Everything goes smooth for a while after the team kills off some monsters. The team encounters the final boss of the game and Yozora gets Sena killed off after tricking her. Kobato arrives at the club quickly taking her place in the game and attempts to save her brother, after the party was completely wiped out by the demon. Maria wakes up and she meets Kobato for the first time and they begin to fight and argue over Kodaka. After that full day of playing games, Kobato and Kodaka return home where she later sneaks into his room so she can sleep next to him, she is really attached to him but doesn’t show it to him or anyone else.

Sena and Yozora looking nice, it looks like Yukimura is the male version of Mikuru Asahina.

Dude look! The rooms totally merged into one….

Episode six starts with a flashback from Kodaka’s past as his father tells them about their family moving in two weeks to a new town. Kodaka then rushes off to tell his childhood friend the terrible news but he decides to wait another day, unfortunately for Kodaka he never got a chance to tell his friend about the big move. And now for the cheerful part, the club members decide to go out after school for what? Karaoke time of course! Once they arrive they decide to trick the owner after seeing the real price for one room. Sena and Yozora come up with a really dumb plan to have everyone to pay for separate rooms to sing. Yeah I know that plan was totally dumb! It works for those two but Kodaka ends up paying for a room and sings with Kobato, Rika and Yukimura leaving Sena and Yozora to do their own thing. The two girls end up have a contest and end up singing the same song over and over to reach the top two spots wearing out their voices. The episode ends with Sena inviting Kodaka to visit her house soon because he happens to know her father, this doesn’t settle well with Yozora because she can’t stand those two having secrets.

Ah the power of technology isn’t it amazing everyone?! It makes you feel all electric.

Episode seven is the cell phone themed episode! Kodaka starts to notice some of the club members haven’t been showing lately, so the club members come up with a plan to use their cell phones to message each other if they miss a day of school. Kodaka and Yozora suddenly start to freak out; apparently the two of them had no idea that you could use cell phones like that! Sena watches the others having fun with the phones and tries to hide the fact she doesn’t own a cell phone. Yozora can tell Sena is hiding something and starts to tease her by calling Kodaka, that scene really sets Sena off and cause her to run away crying. Sena manages to get a phone the next day and shows it off to Yozora who pushes the teasing a bit far sending Sena tons of spam texts that messes up her phone. The episode ends with Sena crying to Kodaka to fix her new phone, who eventually calms her down and Yozora sees how emotional Sena got and quietly walks away.

Extra friendship powers

A nice DAT ASS Shot for you to enjoy.

Kodaka- “Seriously, Kobato! Stop watching scary movies before a shower.”

Nuns versus vampires! Look for it next summer.

Karaoke! You are doing it very sexually and oh ya, wrong….

Someone should teach Kobato not to dress like Sena…

End Thoughts:

Whoa! My hands hurt just looking at those summaries, but I have to say this series came out of nowhere for me and has become my secret addiction. This series has a very catchy opening packed with some amazing visuals and yes it has plenty of fan-service, camera zooms and angles of every girl. Other than the opening, I love watching the character interaction, like when you have both Sena and Yozora in the same room. Those two are easily the best just because they go at each other with some harsh words, they never physically fight but they do use verbal attacks. Not to forget Sena’s unique nickname of meat! Due to her breast size but in the end I think both will eventually become friends right? I wouldn’t hold my breath…

Another favorite character the ecchi scientist Rika! Damn I have to say she always makes me laugh, sure she is the sexual girl that wants to get with Kodoka so badly. Usually you only see guy characters doing that sort of thing, but does anyone remember Yamada? From B Gata H Kei she is Rika! You just need to add in some mecha thoughts and a lab coat. And then you have Yukimura! DAMN THAT CHARACTER! Err I mean I fell for that trap in the opening I swear it was a Misaka clone from Railgun. Sadly it turned out to be a dude! I don’t hate Yukimura he is strange and we all know either Sena or Yozora has a secret maid fetish or more like a cross dressing fetish? We will figure it out soon they can’t hide it forever! I almost forgot Kobato, how could I do that? I just love the way she talks to everyone in her role play speak and then you throw Maria in for some major laughs as they fight over Kodoka damn that was amazing.

And finally the drama moments! Some of them only pop up during Kodoka’s flashbacks and they are doing an impressive job hiding the fact that Yozora was Kodoka’s childhood friend. In most anime we would know right away, but Kodoka says he has some memory issues right? And the rest of the drama comes from Kobato clinging to her brother or An-chan.  With the seventh episode we saw more drama between how far Yozora pushed Sena into her dramatic breakdown over the cell phone. After that moment I really did not like Yozora! She did take it way too far, anyway this series is really fun I recommend you check it out sometime, I will do a full episode review next time.


Yozora speaks the truth! Also think of the DVD sales.

Everyone goes to the pool next week! Expect some extra special shots for that episode.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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16 Responses to “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 02 – 07”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Haha, this anime is awesome!!! It’s one of this season’s dark horses along with C3 and Ben-To. There’s a lot of crazed characters here. Kodaka is right up there with C3’s Haruaki, a male lead that seems to have the right balance in his role.

    Kobato has already become my favorite. Cute, aggressive for what she wants, we share the same admiration (a very BIG admiration: vampires. YES!!!) and she’s voiced by Kana Hanazawa who is becoming one of my favorite actresses (Got a little thing for Yoko Hikasa as well).

    My second favorite is Rika, who looks completely addicted to sex and is probably a big time masochist (Someone should arrange for her to meet Seikon no Qwaser’s Hana). The very things she said like asking Kodaka to have sex with her right off the bat and out of nowhere and her porn books set off a lot of warning bells in my head. I expect a lot of perversion from her from now on. Hime needs to see this.

    Yozora is this show’s Ice Witch. She abuses Sena mercilessly, especially always calling her Meat. Sena really does know how to seek revenge when the time comes. But I love their cat fights, be they in the game or the real world.

    A trap? In this show?! No way!!! I’m still recovering from Phi Brain’s totally deceptive trap. I’m still in disbelief. And he looks too much like a skinny version of Misaka.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I am with you there buddy! This anime is surprisingly awesome and addictive oooh yes right along side BenTO so much fun right there.

      Ah ya Kobato! She is very interesting and I just love that vampire speech she uses so good and of course more Hanazawa ;D

      LOLOL Rika! I loveeeee that character she is freaking crazy! In a good way or what not lolol ya she probably has a big M side to her hidden away. Ohh yeah I will suggest that to her! xD

      Yozora I have a love hate thing with her, some scenes she is hilarious while others she is so damn mean to Sena. I do laugh at the Sena and Yozora interactions and how they have a “sibling” relationship.

      I know right? Traps are in this season it seems, Anna gram LOLOL Damn that one came out of no where! Same with Yukimura….a very skinny Misaka, maybe they messed up one clone and got a guy version? xDDD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Haha, Yuka Iguchi is playing the nun card again. I wonder if that will become a typecast later on since she’s better known for playing Index.

        Yeah, Kobato’s vampire speech is great. She’s gone a long way to mimic her favorite character and all she’s missing are fangs and blood near her mouth to complete the look. LOL.

        Nuns vs. vampires. LOL. You already know where I’d place my bet. Moreover, Yuka Iguchi and Kana Hanazawa are together again (Mayo Chiki: Subaru and Kureha).

        I’ve fallen even more in love with Rika. Not only is she extremely perverted, she’s a stalker and she’s awoken to the world of Yuri. Another one of my favorite things!! Now Yozora is scared of her. It’s too good to be true!!

        • Foshizzel says:

          Lolol yep! I read on tv tropes and the list for this series is quite funny to read, I kind of want to read the manga they said there are a few Ika Musume comments or something.

          Right! I remember reading that as well about Hana and Yuka getting together again, but I almost forgot about Mayo Chiki! Thanks for the reminder 😉

          RIKA! I love her too and lolol @ the unlocking the world of Yuri wow that was hilarious xDD yep Yozora will stay back ;P

  2. Kyokai says:

    Well done on such a long catch up post! *kudos* xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Why thank you! Now to recap gintama from 1 – 233? LOLOL Just kidding I would die from walls of text.

      • Karakuri says:

        LOLOLOLOLOL 1-233 of gintama. DO IT. That would be hilarious.

        • Foshizzel says:

          EL OH EL! I would have to be insane! xDDD

          • BlackBriar says:

            A recap post like this or one for Ben-To can work but that would take a considerable amount of time. A post with nearly 234 episodes in between is sheer madness. LOL. No one can do that even if they tried. I seriously doubt you’d actually do that.

  3. mo00odi says:

    i’m so glad that someone Decided to do recap for this anime

    I laughed first 4 episodes ,and the characters are so funny

    most I enjoy watching is the glasses girl

    good job ^_^

    • Foshizzel says:


      You are welcome I loved doing it xD

      Ohhh yes! The first four really capture our attention I loved episodes 3 for the fan service and then episode 4 with character introductions for Yukimura, Maria and Rika! Damn it will be hard to chose just one fave girl xDD

      Thanks! Episode 8 full review next time lol

  4. Jrow says:

    Yozora’s “backstory” is great, but Rika is easily my favorite to watch. That shot they showed in the recent ep of her was scandalous!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Totally agreed with you there Jrow I like that “backstory” LOL Yes! It wouldn’t surprise me if Rika had a crazy story!

  5. kluxorious says:

    this show was surprisingly fun because of the harem. I usually hate them but Yozora and Kodoka keep me interested. That was quite a feat in my book.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! There is something fun about this series, I agree Yozora and Kodaka are interesting I can’t wait till he remembers his childhood friend.

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