Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 03

Ika- “My squdding brain is hurting while thinking up new puns.”

Hello! And welcome to another squidtastic episode review! I have to say my folder of Ika Musume screenshots and pictures continues to grow every week, which means I have plenty of chances to draw some Ika fan art in the future. Well soon as we get all of our first impressions out of the way and covered on Metanorn. So, time to dive right into this fun stuff! I hope everyone is enjoying this season so far.Stories this week follow Ika walking Sanae’s dog so they can get along, because Alex really hates Ika for stealing Sanae away from him. Our next story takes place with Ika learning about morning exercise and why humans love doing them so much, but she has a hard time actually fitting in with the other kids. And finally the last squidmazing episode has Goro trying his best to teach Ika how to be a lifeguard but he has a hard time drilling the rules into her head, but she proves herself at the end saving four kids from drowning.

Sanae- “Sorry, Alex, you do not have super cool tentacles like my Ika-chan.”

Things start out with Ika and Eiko visiting Sanae on a random sunny afternoon, but Sanae’s dog Alex sees how his master acts around the squid and bites her on the leg. No we don’t get any amazing reaction from the dog bite like in Nichijou, well I really wished something hilarious happened. Eiko gets a bright idea and suggests that Ika take Alex for a walk so they can bond. Sanae agrees and Ika and Alex leave together headed out for a walk. This sounds great, right? Well, not so much as Ika soon learns taking care of a dog is serious business. As Alex is not the brightest dog, he tries to fight a random big dog and runs away scared; this dog can’t even get close to a tiny dog without freaking out.

Ika- “Can’t breath…urge to Gill you…is increasing.”

Alex thinks Ika’s leg tastes like bacon.

On the way back home, Ika sees another person playing fetch with his dog and tries to copy him using her sandal for Alex to fetch, but the dog fails at playing and throws her sandal over into someone’s yard. She sends Alex after her sandal until he gets attacked by a large angry dog. Ika runs over to defend her furry little friend as the two of them run away after retrieving her sandal. Ika and Alex eventually return to Eiko and Sana as Alex bites Ika once again after watching Ika receive a huge hug from Sanae, bringing their relationship back to square one. I guess squids and dogs do not like each other at all…

Dog versus Squid versus Bigger dog! RUN AWAY, IKA!!

Ika- “You have inked up for the last squidding time, earth creature!”

Next adventure! We follow Ika as she watches Takeru and several kids doing some morning exercises on the beach. This event leaves Ika completely confused as she watches them. Yeah you should have seen this done on Gintama with Kagura. Well, this is roughly the same thing. But the next day Ika catches herself trying the poses from the previous day because the song is stuck in her head; only she tries them during work. This causes so much chaos as she scares Nagisa even more, knocks out Sanae like usual, and gets punched in the face by Eiko. Ika even throws a whole bowl of ramen on Chizuru’s head! Ahahah way to go Ika, if you keep this up you might be on the menu for making Chizuru so angry…

Chizuru- “I think we’ll add fried squid to the menu.”            Ika- “I am too squidding young to be eaten!”

After nearly dying from the hands of Chizuru, Ika eventually joins Takeru’s small group of friends as she tries out these random exercises with them. The only problem she runs into is her tentacles are getting in the way as she ends up slapping and knocking everyone out around her. I really think Ika should invest in some ribbons or bows for her tentacles, well might cause a few moe based heart attacks for some fans. After Takeru gets a card and some stamps and Ika learns if you fill your card up, you get a prize. Naturally Ika imagines a bowl of shrimp and this causes her to cheat filling the card with her own stamps. The instructor asks her to leave afterwards for cheating; did you already forget what happened in the first episode, Ika?! Maybe she has short term memory loss…

Guy- “The children! NOT THE CHILDREN!!”                      Ika- “What?! These little fishes were in the way.”

And finally the last Squid event has Goro teaching Ika to be a lifeguard or “lifesaver”, yay for random engrish. But Goro has his hands full as he spends most of his time running back and forth trying to teach Ika the basics of saving people. However Ika abuses this new job after she gets her whistle.  She uses this whistle to steal food from people and stops everyone from having any fun. Goro eventually gives up on teaching her until he hears some kids drowning nearby. Ika uses her tentacles to save the four children from danger before Goro can get to them; yes it seems Ika is slowly learning. This really changes Goro’s mind about Ika and leaves her alone for now.

Ika saves the day and teaches the humans about her invasion plans.

More squidtastic fun

Ika- “Don’t you Squidding move, you dogfish. I’m going to feed you to the fishes!”

Yo dog, you need to seriously calm down!

Ika- “Calling all squids! Lend me your tentacles!”

Goro- “You are definitely related to a certain rubber pirate aren’t you??”

Ika-“It’s not like I want to Squdding save humans from certain death or anything…bakaaaaa!”

End Thoughts:

That was another hilarious episode of Ika Musume! I really enjoyed watching Ika with Sanae’s dog Alex; I thought it was great when Alex get so angry and attacked her. Alex’s expressions made it funny, not Ika getting bitten, poor girl. So it looks like the animals get really jealous over Ika and we can just blame Sanae and her crazy addiction to squid girl. But we all know Sanae just loves to get abused by those blue tentacles anyway. I was waiting to see if Ika had any extra hidden skills like talking to animals, I wonder if she can talk to fishes…?

Now for those random exercises, I have to agree with Ika, what in the world were those kids doing?! But l I did remember something similar to this in a past Gintama episode, where Kagura was doing exercises with a new friend she met. Though, Kagura didn’t cause as much damage as Ika’s dangerous tentacles but still that made me laugh when those kids started to get slapped around and the sound effects were great as usual! I knew Ika would try to cheat to win a prize, after all she never really learns unless it’s Chizuru drilling the rules into her skull. The best moment besides smacking kids around, was watching Ika practicing those poses, while she was at work and then throwing that bowl of ramen at Chizuru…Whoa amazing job, Ika! Just don’t ever throw food at Chizuru ever again if you want to live.

And finally Ika the lifesaver part, I think that would have been a perfect job for her, sadly it’s not really her thing.  Ika probably has a major case of ADD, which causes her mind to always wander. I did get the feeling they were pushing a secret message to us, like HEY! STOP LEAVING TRASH on the beach and what not. I did find it funny once Ika got that whistle she went a bit crazy with it, but Goro really didn’t explain a whole lot to Ika on what is considered “fun” and what was “dangerous” but at least Ika was useful this time, saving those kids from danger.


Ika!? Is totally into yuri all of a sudden? I blame Sanae.

Next week Ika learns a bit of English! This should be interesting.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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6 Responses to “Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 03”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    Squid girl learning english. This should be interesting.

    This episode was hilarious. I had to rewatch the part when she was hitting the kids with her tenticles while exercising. That was the best thing about that episode 4 me

    • Foshizzel says:

      Should be amazing huh? Can’t wait!

      Ohhhh yes I died laughing during that scene those poor kids! They got so owned by Ika’s tentacles, agreed that was good stuff.

  2. Dan-go says:

    awww alex is adorable, also anyone know a sub where they just right “de geso” instead of trying to use cephalopodic adjectives every time ika musume speaks?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Alex! Such an amazing anime dog, well I think every sub group is doing this seems like they are trying to one up each other with every episode.

      I was told Underwater was good subs, but not sure I still think everyone doing subs is taking the whole squid pun to the extreme for laughs. I will keep looking! 😀

      • Dan-go says:

        Best one so far “What the squidding squid are you doing?”

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