Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi OVA – 02

Staring at pornographic pictures at work is totally all right

Less than twelve hours before I leave the country and I’m still writing. Haha. Yaoi love knows no bound! Anyhow, this OVA takes place one year after they have been dating. And still dating. Unfortunately, there’s nothing smutty exciting about this OVA. It’s just about the daily life of Chiaki and Hatori. Like how Chiaki always barge into Hatori’s house and sleep on his bed.

“Those sneakers… are just sexy”

Upon arriving at the destined place, the first thing that greeted me is SEX

How Chiaki is so bad when it comes to cooking.


How Chiaki always slack off when it comes to work, giving Hatori trouble. BUT WE ALWAYS SLACK OFF, RIGHT, KYO?

“Dear Diary, I xxx and xxx with Hatori last night.”

How Chiaki is an oblivious airhead when it comes to Hatori’s feeling or how Hatori gets easily jealous every time Chiaki mentions Yuu’s name.


Anyhow, something unusual happens that day. The one who calls Chiaki is his mom not Yuu, telling him to come home for a change. Hatori happens to plan to sleep in his parents’ house that night as well since his parents are on vacation, and nobody’s taking care of the fishies. Oh lol. Seeing this chance, Chiaki goes with Hatori to their old neighborhood.

Yeah, Hatori’s proposing

Nothing pleasant came out from that visit though. It’s kind of obvious that Chiaki’s sister has a crush on Hatori, and Chiaki’s mom keeps talking about marriage. What’s worse, his mom jokes about how Hatori should date Chiaki’s sister… To reject this “offer,” Hatori has no choice but to sweet talk the mom by saying that Chiaki’s sister is too pretty and she deserves someone better than the plain him. All dressed up at home just for Hatori, Chiaki’s sister storms off from the room out of nervousness, and Chiaki storms off from the room out of jealousy.

This is too obvious

He’s such a smooth talker

aka. INVITATION FOR SEX Come and Get Some

Of course Hatori’s pretty happy about Chiaki’s jealousy. Chiaki gets pessimistic though, telling Hatori that it’s better if he married his sister since she can give him a normal family. Then Hatori just has to be blunt, telling him that he has already thrown everything for Chiaki, his one-sided crush for twenty-eight years already. Then they make up with a kiss, but NO SEEEEXX FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU—

Hatori: gay since birth


Anyhow, remember that character Chiaki made with Hatori as its model? He scratches out that character though since he finds it awkward to draw love scenes with Hatori “in it.” Thanks to that, Hatori has one of his biggest grins, something that he rarely does in office. And of course Takano notices but everything is all good.

About sex obviously


Hatori was able to survive the night without sex. He’s a great man




End Thoughts:

Pretty short of an OVA, eh? Unfortunately it IS about Chiaki and Hatori’s daily lives, so there’s nothing exciting or dramatic about it. That will happen in the second season. Good thing is the OVA is based on Hatori’s PoV, something that rarely happens in Nakamura Shungiku’s works. She needs to make more chapters based on seme’s PoV.

And I totally love how this OVA is based on Hatori’s PoV, which totally redeems the fact that there’s little known about Hatori, thus making him the least favorite character in SIH (majority opinion). He has that grumpy face too, making it worse. Anyhow, this OVA obviously shows what kind of person he is. He’s grumpy all the way to his bones, but he has a soft side that he doesn’t show a lot. Well, he knows his soft side I guess? It’s just that he’s expressing it in a harsh way, mentally or physically. Like how he keeps scolding Chiaki in but it’s all for his sake. And really, Chiaki has got to be the worst chef EVAR. Or how he complains about Chiaki all the time in his mind, but he always ends up smiling or having this fond look every time he thinks about Chiaki, no matter how bad Chiaki is in his memory. GOD HATORI IS SUCH A ROMANTIC DUDE! I’m so glad I’ve always liked him since the start. And Chiaki…Chiaki…I still don’t like him. He’s too oblivious to the point it’s ridiculous.

This OVA isn’t as great as the first one, but it definitely has the same level of sweetness and fluffiness as the first one. I was yawning a lot in the first half of the OVA, but the later half definitely made me d’aawww thanks to Hatori. And Hatori has more plus points too because of this OVA. Yay! Unfortunately, the animation is still shitty. Not still shitty, but I think it’s getting shittier. Poor Hatori looks deformed in one of the scenes when he’s just a background character. HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO HATORI!!? FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU. And I think this won’t be the only time I’ll complain about the animation too orz. And the sex scene? I’ve already given up the idea of sex in SIH anime =’(


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8 Responses to “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi OVA – 02”

  1. Kitty says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! You crack me up *tear* Ahhhh~~~

    “WHAT!? NO CONDOM LAST NIGHT!?” <— classic.

    You know during that kiss scene I stupidly was thinking about the fish XDDDD If they started making out because Hatori does throw downs like that, that tank would be on the floor XDDDDD

    I hope we get an OVA about Kou and Shota. I know it won't happen but they were my fav…. second season?

  2. Kitty says:

    Why are my comments always eatten -_-;

  3. Elyon says:

    I thought this OVA was hilarious XD That awkward family conversation…I was just waiting for Chiaki to be like “BACK OFF BITCH, HE’S MY MAN.”
    As for the animation, maybe it will be better in the second season since the sales were really good (if not, FUUUUUU DEEN!!! *shakes fists* )

  4. Kyokai says:

    Dude, Hatori NEEDED this limelight. I dunno why people don’t like him. I love this serious dude, he’s my kind of a guy: serious about his work, clean and knows how to cook. A little bit grumpiness is all good with me. xD

    Oh also, Yuuichi Nakamuraaaaa~ <333

  5. pp says:

    oh is out? damn i need to start watching

  6. Hime says:

    I find the lack of sex disturbing.

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