Mirai Nikki – 02

“Dear diary, today I got to first base with Yuki. The burning corpses just made it even more romantic.” – Yuno

I am slowly catching up with my animu. Can you believe I’ve not even seen UN-GO or Chihayafuru yet? Argh! This must be remedied! Thought about doing this in a joint-post, but you all know how much I hate them. I’ll get episode 3 done before 4 comes out this week, though, I promise XD


Kuso Mesorogiwi by Yousei Teikoku

Yuki isn’t enjoying Yuno’s constant text messaging and feels trapped because Yuno is really the only one who knows the situation. He approaches her after class but she’s surprisingly aloof, heading off to her next lesson without her usual creepy smile. Left alone in the classroom Yuki is confronted by another diary owner, a gothic lolita named Uryuu Minene, who attacks him. Luckily, because her diary warns her of Yuki’s danger, Yuno’s is able to appear and save him. A lot of the other students die in the process, though.


Boobs and fire. Yup, the typical first date for most anime protagonists

Yuno’s guides Yuki in the use of his diary to try and ensure the two of them stay alive. It works, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some close calls…Yuki’s borderline hysterical joy at having Yuno on his side as she’s so efficient is also short lived. He quickly loses the will to continue and in a brief interlude between bombing he tells Yuki what he really thinks of himself. But with some gentle prompting from Yuno the two continue to make their way through the school.


This could be a drinking game; take a shot whenever Yuno ends up on top of Yuki

As the police and swat team arrive to deal with the explosions we see that one of the police officers also has a Future Diary. Minene has also been busy as she deactivated the motion censored bombs to allow the students to move around, if only to capture Yuki. They take his phone and bring him to Minene, much to Yuno’s horror. Naturally this brings out her most badass yandere side!


As Yuki further despairs as Yuno’s racing through through the school to get to him and setting off all of the bombs, the police officer, Fourth, confronts Minene (Ninth) on Yuki’s side. Ninth gives an ultimatum; if Fourth doesn’t kill Yuki then himself then Ninth will kill all of the students. So in the space of about 4 seconds Yuki’s saviour turns into his enemy. Fourth cheerfully turns his gun on Yuki who despairs some more, saying that at least he will do one useful thing before he dies.


Obviously Yuno isn’t going to stand for this as she comes bursting out of an above window and tackles Ninth. Yuki uses his now trademark dart to the face, stabbing Ninth in the eye thus subduing her. She flees on a motorcycle after launching missiles from under her skirt (it is as awesome as it sounds), exclaiming that her diary is the Escape Diary! Afterwards Fourth suggests that Yuki, Yuno and him all join forces and work together, as he has no interest in being God.



Pig-tails are now the signature hairstyle for yanderes

*takes a shot*


“We will be the…Fellowship of the Diary.”

And yandere fetishists everywhere let out a collective Hnng!


I have mixed feelings about the OP. While the Deadman comparisons are endless, it doesn’t have the edge of a good song or fanservice, and I thought it turned out to be fairly standard. It picks up towards the end with some creative and grisly parts, but on the whole not too impressed. What I am impressed with is the novice cast. These guys are perfect. Yuki’s seiyuu is very easy to sympathise with because of just how convincingly she delivers these lines and the same goes for Yuno. I just love them! I am immediately on their side, despite the fact they are both incredibly troubled and pathetic people. Ninth’s seiyuu, Aizawa Mai, was also barrels of fun. She was a good contrast to our troubled-couple’s measly, quieter voices and was just as hilarously crazy as Yuno.

I like how Yuno also knows she’s being used, and doesn’t really mind. In fact, all of her emotions, expressions and dialogue are really interesting. I like her because she’s a crazy bitch, but I also like her because she is a dynamic crazy bitch. There is this great movie called “The Haunting” that came out in 1963, and in it a group of people are investigating this supposedly haunted house. Needless to say, spooky shit goes down. There is a point where the only other person the main character can rely on and take comfort in is a chick who may or may not fancy the pants off of her. This adds another layer of unpredictability and uncomfortableness to preceedings, and it’s simillar in atmosphere to Mirai Nikki. Yuki has to rely on (and use) Yuno’s feelings for him to survive, and it’s scary because, one: she’s crazy and two: she is desperately trying to get into his pants, an idea he’s not so hot about at the moment. He can’t exactly reject her advances though because then she might leave him to get killed, …or worse. It’s a dilhemma, and a situation that adds tension. I just love it <3

Was pretty dissapointed to see the real ending. It was alright, but I actually prefered showing the footage backwards. Sure it’s cheap and lazy but I found it kind of effective and creepy. Fourth preposing the guys for a sort of “Fellowship of the Diary” was kind of hilarious. I like Fourth (it’s dem dreadlocks man) he’s your stereotypical gruff cop but it works. Also liked how not everyone is out for their own selfish goals (so far, anyway), his disinterest at becoming God was refreshing. I guess Yuno wouln’t really be interested in that either, she just seems to want to protect Yuki at the moments. It would be a cool twist if she suddenly went all power hungry at one point. She’s surprisingly competant out of yandere-mode as well. Usually yanderes are only capable once they snap, but she managed to hold her own against Ninth with a completely cool head. Nice work.

Next Time


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9 Responses to “Mirai Nikki – 02”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Anybody notice how screwed up this anime is? But hell, I love it. I must confess, this is a new Deadman Wonderland. Weak, pansy-like main character, a crazy, hard-ass and obsessed stalker girl, insane people that want to kill you, gore and violence that anybody would love and destruction of property with bodies lying around. I mean, come on, someone just lost their eye here. Familiar, right? *cough* Crow *cough*.

    It surely put your mind through the shredder if you learned you can change your future but also that other people can manipulate it. There’s absolutely no certainty what will happen next. By the way, typical human nature that people would turn on you to save themselves. Quote: “When the chips are down, these uh… these civilized people…. They’ll eat each other”. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    Something isn’t right about that Fourth guy. He’s too suspicious that he’d want to stay a police officer when he has a chance to obtain complete power over space and time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually was a traitor because it really looked like he was gonna kill Yukkii. I’m glad Ninth is still alive. It’s too early for her to die and insane characters are what help sell shows like this. She’s crazy as hell for using her heart rate as a bomb detonator. It’s time for her to get an eye patch. Bull’s-eye on the ninth, literally! LOL.

    • Bob from Accounting says:

      I know what you mean about Fourth. I saw some other guy saying that it’s possible that he DOES want to become God so that he can instill perfect law and order and protect people more easily. I have to say, it seems like a pretty plausible motive for such an obviously dedicated cop. I mean, if he was so willing to kill Yukiteru to protect the people in the building, what’s killing all the other Diary Owners so that he can protect the whole world? Food for thought.

      Anyway, this show is pure awesome and these posts on it aren’t half bad. I’ll be interested to hear your views on the next episode and its mood whiplash (seriously, with the whiplash, the yandere behaviour and the *bleep*, I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t watching Higurashi).

  2. Joojoobees says:

    Chihayafuru — Don’t miss it.

    This episode of Mira Nikki was pretty entertaining. No. 9 was one crazy chick. I think school’s gonna have to be called off tomorrow, though.

  3. Reaper says:

    Fufufu, the Battle Royale has begun with the introduction of the sadistic Ninth, Uryuu Minene. It was actually frightening to see not only the bombs going off in the school, since it’s something no one ever wants to see, but also how it’s actually realistic in imagining the students in capturing and giving up both Yukkii and Yuno for the sake of their own survival; I admit it, I felt a dark streak in me when Yuno just Shizuo’d out the corridor without giving a damn about the other students…could this be a bit of yandere developing? No, no, it can’t be…*neck cricks as head tilts to side* Have to say, they aren’t holding back in the anime elsewhere, like the whole ‘DART YOU’ in the eye, or how the Fourth could so easily smile with sparkles with Yukkii before pointing his revolver at his face; I’m glad the Fellowship of the Diary Mirai Nikki Alliance was made (because, let’s be honest; you can’t survive against 9 (potentially 10) other people who so far seems to be out to kill you), but as already noticed, the Fourth’s reason of just keeping the peace is too…simple, and given what has happened in the latest episode, and the ED animation of the Fourth besides a hospital bed…I expect the *pardon this* ‘Shit just got real’ very soon…like, at least once every episode 🙂

  4. amado says:

    *shakes his head*
    uryuu isnt a yandere.
    the only yanderes her is yuno and another-person-I-wont-spoil.
    but heres and interesting spoiler regarding that:
    Show ▼

    heres an interesting tid bit of the diary holders:
    yuki has the strongest diary as it can observe anything around him and isnt specific like only knowing about crime scenes/escape routes/one person. but of course as you can see he’s the wimpiest one…
    which is the complete opposite of yuno. she’s got the weakest diary as it only has information about one person and doesnt even help her protect herself. but she’s the most badass character in the bunch.

    • Hime says:

      Haha I know, she’s just crazy. Pig-tails are for crazies then!

      I’m looking forward to this other person, mainly because yanderes are just so damn entertaining.

      It’s clever how the diaries work, I can’t wait to see what else they do with it 😀

  5. Foshizzel says:

    So if you have awesome colored anime hair you are either A important or B Straight up evil!! I don’t mind option B <3 and LOL yes boobs and fire typical main character dates and in Mirai Nikki that = Burning bodies!

    I liked this episode and the escape diary! FTW!

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