MetaVerse Episode 10 – MetaQ Special

MetaCast brings you a MetaQ special on our first two-digit episode of MetaVerse

The MetaCast of Kyokai, Foshizzel, Ness, Overcooled and Hoshi got together and answered a bunch of the questions that had been building up in our MetaQ page. The team answers questions about the possibility of a second season for Angel Beats, in what moment they felt so BUSTED and many more. If you’ve got any questions about anime, manga, music or whatever that you’d like to hear us answer and talk about on the podcast, make your way over to MetaQ now and drop a comment!


00:00-01:05 – Intro (Ness’ tune – “Sixth Sense” by Brown Eyed Girls)

01:06-08:47 – What’s up?

08:48-22:20 – The MetaCast’s favorite Summer anime series

22:21-23:09 – 1st Intermission (OC’s tune – “Kingmaker” by Straightener)

23:10-47:57 – MetaQ Part 1

47:58-49:07 – 2nd Intermission (Hoshi’s tune – “Don’t Touch My Girl” by Boyfriend)

49:08-1:15:47 – MetaQ Part 2

1:15:48-1:22:02 – Ending

1:22:03-1:23:52End Tune (Kyo’s tune “The Boys” by SNSD)

End note by Kyokai: September was quite an interesting month for MetaVerse because even if we released only one episode, our listenership increased by 51%! To date, we have more than 12,100+ unique listens and we don’t even have 12 episodes out yet. Thank you for sticking with us for this long and I can only hope that we are not done yet and there will the 25th, the 50th and so on and so forth. Jrow works pretty hard every episode on editing because there’s always some background noise or the other as we live worlds apart. I can only hope it’s not much hindrance to your listening pleasure. This one is for the fans of site who have stuck around for years and even more years to come. A humble thank you.

We appreciate the love, let’s look forward to some more numbers!


The team behind Metanorn's Podcast, MetaVerse. Our aniblogging experience gives us the expertise to dish out detailed opinions on which series to watch and ones to drop. And remember, we take fangirling seriously!
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14 Responses to “MetaVerse Episode 10 – MetaQ Special”

  1. Jrow says:

    Angel Beats season 2? – I really liked Angel Beats, but a second season, it’d be tough to replicate the charm of it while keeping it feeling fresh and unique. Like it’d be too much more of the same.

    Most precious to me? – Probably my work wives. 😛

    Rewatching anime – I’m not a big rewatcher. Whatever it is I’ve watched most would be at either 2 times, or just once rewatch. I mainly rewatch if I buy the DVDs or Blu-rays.

    Favorite food? – Chili. I wasn’t here for this episode because I was at my hometown of Cincy, Ohio. In that city, we will not STFU about how great our chili is. Ate it 5 times during my trip and brought some of the seasoning packets home with me; I normally have my grandma mail me the packets.

    Cried over anime? – Hughes death in the first FMA anime was very sad. Also 236 when Luffy beat Usopp and thought he had to leave him behind. ;_;

    gf and my dedication to anime? – I haven’t had a gf since I picked up blogging, but my ex was cool with the podcasting thing though she didn’t listen only when I forced her to.

    Laugh the most? – School Rumble, probably by a longshot.

    Favorite anime studio? – I’m really liking Brains Base atm. I think Madhouse is another good one.
    Favorite year? – 2005 was the first year to come to mind, with shows like Eureka seveN, School Rumble and Mushishi. I though 09 wasn’t all that good, ’10 was pretty good and I’m liking ’11 a lot.

    Busted moment? – I was in German class, and I was really good at it (inb4 your nazi joke). One thing I didn’t know, I had written it on my desk and got caught cheating.

    Good stuff girls and boy! I’ll be there next time for sure!

    • Foshizzel says:

      True! I have a hard time thinking about another Angel beats, but if they bring in fun characters again like another Yui type or another angel! It might be interesting, then again it might be perfect the way it is…

      LOL! Nice work wives xDDD

      Ahh yeah I can see that wanting to see HD anime, when I rewatch something it’s usually the dubs to see how they did with translating and what not.

      Chili is alright depends when you have it, I like eating that when the weather is cold. Dawwwww you have a very nice grandma! My grandma always makes banana pudding so good xDD

      Yeah Hughes death wow really sad, I always found Clannad AS to be really sad around 15+ to the end so sad D:

      Madhouse is great! Pre marvel animes, and Brains base is good! I just learned a while back who they were hahaha I feel like a noob xD

      We need more questions!! <3

  2. BlackBriar says:

    First Favorite Anime Since Childhood? – DBZ. That was an absolutelute classic no matter how years roll. My prefered arc was the Buu saga. Out of all the bad guys in the show, Buu was a insane badass villain who did more damage than anyone else: Near human extinction (Hercule was the only human left alive at the time), blowing up the earth and changing into forms stronger the last.

    Rewatching anime – I’d rewatch an anime that’s really great and deserves another go. Especially when they come out on DVD (Trinity Blood, Burst Angel, Claymore).

    Cried over anime? – Blood+. When I had to watch that awesome and child-like villainess Diva crystalize and die at her sister Saya’s hand. I loved her character a lot. .hack//Roots when that pink haired girl Shino was killed by Trigun.

    My dedication to anime? – It’s pretty strong if I do say so myself.

    Laughed the most? – All through Mayo Chiki watching Kanade Suzutsuki scheme and manipulate anyone and everyone she sees fit. I’d bend backwards for her anytime. She’s great.

    Favorite studios? – J.C Staff and Shaft.

    Favorite year? – My favorite year for anime goes to 2010. 2011 is doing fine and could become my second favorite year.

    • Foshizzel says:

      DBZ!! I remember rushing home from school to catch it on toonami! And they always got to the moment when Goku beats freeza and ran reruns for a good year or so….I liked Cell and Buu sagas! Course = SSJ all over the place ahahah.

      Burst angel! I saw that ahahah so random and weird, Trinity blood I only saw in dub form but still great <3

      Mayo chiki! Oh yes I can see why that series is so good and yes Kanade made that series hilarious xD

      Nice studio pics! I do love JC Staff <3

  3. Tofu says:

    YEAH~! Hoshi HiFive! xD (…was it Hoshi?) I don’t usually like re-watching shows because I don’t like repetition and let’s say if I was to re-watch K-On 5 time or more I might get sick of it so yeah I prefer not re-watching for the sake of keeping that mindset.

    MAPO TOFU is mah fav~ :3 MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! <3 But seriously, it'd have to be 2010 because that's really the year everything started for me ^^

    I don't know if it's BUSTED for me but it was my fault in a way. I shall explain. I gave Fate Stay Night the Visual Novel to my otaku friend at school and like a friend of her's came over her house one day and decided to snoop around on her computer and looked into the FSN VN… the thing is, it was my FSN VN meaning I've unlocked everything, he clicked into one of the H-scenes and oh boy was he surprised ^^; By the way he doesn't watch anime so it was awkward for him and he was also shocked my otaku friend has it, plus the thing is she didn't know so it was basically my fault… AHAHAHA! ahahaha….haha…ah…..

    This is a Persona 4 question directed to OC and it WILL spoil you if you haven't played the game YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
    Show ▼

    • Reaper says:

      Heh, I’m not OC but I can help with that question!
      You’re probably about a third to halfway done in the length of the game (depending if this is the first run or second), though it has been a while since I finished the game…should do it again >.< As for maxing out Social Links, you need to have the good old talking/walk/doing something with them, as you would in reality, but obviously, that depends on the choices you make in responding to what the characters say. Derp it and well, you're derped. Your states don't increase when the S. links are maxed out but most of the times, your friends' Personas do change, not only with appearance, like Amaterasu!, but they do have some changes in their resistance and nullification against the different types of attacks (though Yukiko is still vulnerable to ice…:(). I think that covers it, unless I missed anything…you may blast me for not being a true P4 fan now *cringes*.

    • Overcooled says:

      That is quite the unfortunate busted moment there, Tofu…D:

      Reaper pretty much answered everything. No one’s gonna yell at you, you know what you’re talking about. All I have to add is that if you’re going for the true ending, you’re about 1/3 or more through the game. It took me 90 (89 exactly) hours to beat it, so if you wanna gauge it by how long you’ve been playing, there’s that too for a rough estimate. If you ever wanna check your progress, just look at how many dungeons are left on GameFAQs or something. Looks like you’re enjoying the game so far. I’m glad~

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahah your busted moment is amazing! Tofu thank you for that story xD

  4. Gene says:

    Cool cast, guys. Was interesting hearing you guys answer different types of questions as to opposed to something more discussion-oriented. Gives the listener a good sense of who everybody is.

  5. Samantha Zan says:

    Awesome cast Metanorn team! Nice to hear the piled up questions be answered x3

  6. Moni Chan says:

    hahahaha I always love listening the podcast. You guys are so awesome and congradulations on the DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!!

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