MetaJump – Issue 09

Check out the happening Meta Jump Issue Nine~


Hunter x Hunter – 04

Pink hair dude! You might be related to all of the yandares in this fall season.

Phase one of the examinations continues, having the contestants run over 70 miles before reaching the exit. What’s waiting for them at the end is a horrifying swamp full of monsters that have evolved to trick humans into becoming their prey. It’s funny how an episode where all they do is run in a straight line and talk can still be entertaining. Although it wasn’t very visually exciting, it was nice to see some hints of the more dark elements of HxH peeking through. I’m not a fan of the chipper tone thus far and the triumphant music. I’m much happier when Hisoka is killing things and vultures are ripping up bodies a couple of moments after they hit the floor. The manga is heavy with an aura of darkness and maturity, and I’m just not getting that feeling from the anime quite yet. Let’s hope the mind games start to ramp up from here.

Leorio’s flashback was the highlight of the episode. In contrast to beasts like Gon, Kurapika and pretty much everyone else in the show, he’s just a regular guy. He doesn’t want revenge on some genocidal group or to push his abilities to the max – he just wants to help people. You could tell without his little spiel that he was a good guy this whole time and the gold-digger thing was just an excuse, but hearing him put it into words just makes you like him even more. A nice guy who doesn’t admit he’s nice. Awww.


Fairy Tail – 102

Gajeel- “My shirt came off! You know what that means? You are in for a beat down!”

  JKFADSHLKSADFLK!!!!!!!!!! Gajeel and Levy. So continuing the fight from last episode, Gajeel and Levy take on a goat samurai and some…chicken…thing and get the crap kicked out of them. Gajeel then tells Levy to run and warn the others that Grimoire Heart (the dark guild attacking them) is there. Gajeel fights and flashes back to when he first joined Fairy Tail. After he and then defeats both of his opponents. The S Class test is put off (which Cana doesn’t like) and Charle and Lily finally find Wendy/corner Mest. However, the episode ends before we find out his true identity. This was the part in the manga where I started really liking Gajeel’s character. I mean, he really seems to care about the guild now and he makes for an excellent bad guy turned good character. ….While this episode was cute, I can’t help but feel like the manga was more D’awww worthy. Maybe because I was distracted while watching this? I don’t know. This was still pretty good though. More battles ahead for Fairy Tail and I’m really looking forward to some of the upcoming fights~!


Bleach – 344

Ichigo-“What do you mean we have an anatomy test Orihime?”                 Orihime- “…….”

  Bleach this week continues with Ichigo meeting some of the new cast of characters, and slowly getting pulled back into the new plot developing. We got to finally meet Ichigos boss! He works at an odd jobs style place doing random jobs *cough* Gintama/Sket Dance *Cough* But not as comical, well his boss did kidnap him! I did laugh watching Ikumi change her personality when yelling at Ichigo and then acting calm and nice with her son. I also liked how some of the less popular characters changed like Ururu and Jinta! Even thou I really don’t care too much for them. And more Urahara! I liked that whole talk between him and Karin; it really makes me wish they would do something with her character…But this whole start to this brand new arc is really all about confusing Ichigo and making him second guess his allies and friends.


Sket Dance – 29

Eating contest! You should have got Kagura to return….

 This week on Sket, Dante appears again. He’s lost a (an extremely girly looking) pencil and the Sket have a hell of a time trying to figure out what he’s saying (they’re getting better at it though). Normally, this wouldn’t really be that much of a problem, but there’s a rumour going on that if you write your crush’s name on a piece of paper and don’t let anyone see it for a certain amount of time, your feelings will be returned. So yeah the Sket look for the pencil, harass Jougasaki and figure out that the girl’s side of the rumour is that if the girl can steal a guy’s item for a certain amount of time, their feelings will be returned. The Sket call out Dante’s crush and it looks like requited love, but TROLLOLOL it turns out that feminine looking pencils are popular and the girl stole the wrong guy’s pencil. Poor Dante. Also, it turns out that the second half is NOT about the ramen guy, but instead about Captain who can eat a lot in a short amount of time. The Sket call her in for revenge against an annoying ramen cook who made fun of the Sket (aka Bossun) when he couldn’t finish his ramen within the time limit, she eats everything except the egg and the Sket have to convince her to eat the egg. …Yeah. Nothing that interesting here. This entire episode was pretty bland despite the Gackt. …Actually next episode looks somewhat bland as well. Momoka comes back and Bossun and Switch go through a collecting addiction (actually, this part of the episode should be entertaining).


Naruto Shippuuden – 233

Beware of those evil bellhop ninjas! They steal your stuff!

  Welcome back Naruto fans! This week we are still stuck in filler mode with Naruto meeting a random imposter! Who would want to do that? Then again he is very popular right now after saving the hidden leaf so are the creators of Naruto watching One Piece lately? Anyway at least we got to see all of our ninjas in their natural habitat THE TREES! I have missed those awesome scenes with everyone jumping around. Fake Naruto you need to change your hair color! You are not fooling anyone, I died laughing with Gai and the others after meeting “fake Naruto” Ahahaha so good! Of course the fake one wants to fight the real one, did he really think he could win? We end things with the awesome power of FRIENDSHIP oh and real Naruto saving the day.


Beelzebub – 39

They see me rollin… They hatin’… Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty…

 You know this new kid in town is up to no good. Sure, he has plans to end the world but before that he needs to play all available games and go crazy riding fast cars and park rides. While he’s doing that with his maids, the Oga company is on a triple date thanks to Azusa; of course, Furuichi would never accept Alaindelon’s forbidden love so the double date progresses with Oga/Kunieda and Kazuya/Azusa. Compared to Beel, En is such a smug child, crying easily and being a total I-want-my-way-NAO! The kid actually became a hot property if you catch my drift and caused a lot of mayhem. He even managed to get himself lost only to be found a bit later thanks to Oga and folks. This seemed like a filler theme park episode but at least one thing came out of it: Behemoth, the 34 Pillar Division. He’s an enemy of Beel and soon be onto him. I hope Zenjuurou plays a part in tackling this Behemoth and even train Oga to level up. So, let’s see how things roll in the next episode.


Gintama – 230

Gintoki-“What the hell is with all this spam of emoticons?!”

Aahh, technology is such a gem for poor people, especially for the Odd Jobs. This episode really brings out the feminine and girly side of Kagura, not to mention the fact that she’s still in her teenage years. Oh youth. Kagura here reminds me of us Twitter and Blackberry Messenger addicts, where we do nothing but tweet tweet tweet about what we do. Gintama, as usual, is able to bring out both the negative and positive effects of technology. Like Shinpachi’s first reaction, some people might see technology as something that will makes us forget reality, but Kagura’s also right about how technology is convenient for long-distance relationships (and I’m not talking about the romantic kind only). And using messages as a way to convey one’s feelings? Won’t that make technology necessary…WHO CARES ABOUT ALL THAT. This episode really has that Gintama-ish feelings with all the dirty jokes and sex puns. So yeah, screw technology. The Odd Jobs members don’t need such thing as cell phones, because, like Gintoki said, they’ll always be there for each other. Oh, and I’m lying about “screw technology!” thing. I totally can’t live without my internet.


One Piece – 520

Brook knows how to rock!

  I haven’t gotten to talk on Meta Jump since the Time Jump. First, I LOVE the new opening! Ich ni sunshine Go! We GO!!! Also love the new musical cues for eyecatches and previews, and I also enjoy the seiyuu mixup for the fake Straw Hat pirates. And if there’s any two idiots that can not properly recognize their own nakama, it’d be Luffy and Chopper. Nami and Robin are HAWT! HAWT HAWT HAWT!! All other anime girls are like, “C’mon!” It’s kind of distracting how hot they are, but anyways, onto 520. Chopper and Usopp fanboying over Franky’s upgrades was funny in addition to him playing along with it; almost like me fawning over Nami so much. I wasn’t really liking his look when I first saw it, but I’m really liking it now, and he did comb his hair to the classic pompadour he’s had before. The Brook stuff with the song was fun, and I love his shark guitar, really cool. However, indoor fireworks, maybe not the best idea. Oh, and I do want to mention Haki. I always am curious of how the anime will animate all the attacks I see in the manga (like Whitebeard’s earthquake) and I like how Haki looks and sounds.

Thanks for reading! Look forward to the next issue!


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10 Responses to “MetaJump – Issue 09”

  1. Kitty says:

    Is it wrong that I was happy Gajeel kicked ass because he was thinking about how awesome Natsu is? Also those little flashbacks on how he got into the guild were appreciated. Long live Levy x Gajeel! This S-Class ARC is really heating things up!

    • Foshizzel says:

      No way! Because I agree with you 100% It’s about time we got o see some other guild members step up and do something badass! Because most of the time it’s Natsu lately. Oooh I loved his flashback! Sooo good <3 and yes Gajeel X Levy forever! Love those two.

  2. Jrow says:

    I’ve started watching Fairy Tail after seeing all the fanservice in this arc. I might stick with it, but I don’t have enough vested interest in the story or magic, w/e to watch it past seeing Lucy/Erza/Cana each week.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oooooh Fairy tail is awesome! After you get past the first few lame episodes and some of the weaker arcs stuff gets exciting! I am sooooo glad they didn’t stop after 30 episodes.

      Of course! Lots of Lucy,Ezra,Cana service for this arc! The previous one had of course Lucy wearing a similar bikini outfit lolol guess she is the closest thing to Nami from OP.

      So Jrow! How many episodes until we get to the good stuff in OP!? I think about five more before the real arc starts.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Naruto has become a victim of identity theft, getting humiliated in front of his teammates and getting a bad reputation. Oooh, do I feel sorry for him.

    Even though those two imposters were doing wrong, they weren’t so bad, they were just immature and trying to make a quick rise to fame. And they were actually pretty funny and great to watch, especially when their friendship was tested.

    I didn’t like the OP and ED at first but I’ve somewhat grown accustomed to them now. Still laughing over the Super Saiyan-like flying. I can’t wait to see Naruto master the Nine-Tails and see his eyes change from all that power.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahah fake Naruto! Yea that dude…he fails so hard, but at least the real Naruto came back and was all cool with him pretending to be cool.

      LOLOOL that OP it makes me laugh just at how random it really is and that ED meeeh I skip it now soo lame, but I just want the real stuff to start! ARGAGAGAAGA! I am on OP chapter 540/560 of the manga <3

  4. Joojoobees says:

    HxH was fairly weak this time around, but at least we got some introduction and backstory out of the way, and the encounter with the Ape-man was pretty amusing.

    • Overcooled says:

      I actually liked the most recent episode, if only for the hints at darker things to come. The apeman and how Hisoka dealt with it is a perfect example of this. Can’t wait for the swamp to throw some more tricks at them~

  5. Bob from Accounting says:

    Heh heh heh. The ticking time bomb that is Fairy Tail keeps counting down to oblivion…

    Ahem, anyway. Hunter X Hunter is getting better, even if several scenes are STILL being ruined by idiotic music choices. Oh well, at least the potrayal of Killua (and the beginnings of his relationship with Gon) was completely spot on.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, the background music makes me cringe. It’s wayyyyy too happy. I think the only slow track I heard was during Leorio’s flashback. With Killua in the mix, I’m hoping this changes things. They’d be crazy to change up the awesome relationship those 2 have – it’s the perfect clash of justice and chaos.

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