MetaJump – Issue 08

It’s been a while everyone, but we are back with EIGHT times the fun!


Hunter x Hunter – 03

Kurapika-“This one goes out to all my homies.”                          Gon-“YARRR I AM A PIRATE.”

Looks like I’ll be jumping into Meta Jump every week now with Hunter x Hunter! Hope you don’t mind me joining in on the pumped-up-adrenaline fun~ Last week, Kurapika, Gon and Leorio did a fun little life-or-death quiz and then managed to convince some crazy bat-foxes to lead them to the exam centre (I am leaving out a LOT of detail there, if you couldn’t tell). As for the most recent episode, the trio finally arrive at the actual test centre where they are introduced to like 20 different characters, who may or may not be killed 5 seconds after the exam starts. One of them dies before the exam even starts. It’s a really chill episode that just sets things up and builds the tone for the examination. The only exciting thing was the appearance of the fan favourite Killua and maniacal villain Hisoka. Fans of the old series are probably comparing the seiyuu already, but for a manga reader such as myself, the voices seem just fine. I especially like Killua’s voice, while I still have to hear more of Hisoka before I cast my judgement. It’s not that I doubt Namikawa Daisuke’s skills, it’s just that I can’t picture him playing the role of a sleazy, ruthless villain with a cold, calculating undertone. He’s a hard role to play, I’ll say that much. Back to the issue of pacing, considering how things have been paced thus far, it was a bit surprising that they spent so much time on going through the background characters and explaining them. Heck, they spent more time on Hanzo than they did on Hisoka and Killua. No one wants to sit through that many long-winded introductions in one episode, so the result was kind of boring. Lots of people standing around and talking, and half of them aren’t even pretty to look at. Despite the “meh” episode this time around, they’re diving right into the heart of the examination in episode 4! It looks like they’ll finish Phase 1 by next week and get some fighting going on! Trust me, things are about to get good…


Bleach – 343

Ichigo has battled hollows and Aizen, but he faces his toughest enemy yet! A LITTLE SISTERS RAGE.

Hi there, Bleach fans! It has been a while since we saw you on Metanorn, huh? To recap what you might have missed from the final episodes of the fake captain arch, basically after defeating the final boss of the previous arc, Ichigo’s powers were only restored thanks to Kon and Urahara’s skills. However after that big fight, Ichigo’s powers continued to fade away up to the point where he couldn’t even take down a simple hollow! Rukia and several others were told to keep an eye on him; until one fight with a hollow one day Ichigo’s spiritual pressure was gone after going all out to win. Shortly after we got to witness a sad yet touching scene between Rukia and Ichigo as she said her final goodbye to him. Because without his powers he can no longer see any spirits, which means he can’t see any of his shinigami friends ever again.Shockingly with episode 343 we jump ahead for with a seventeen month time-skip since Ichigo lost his power. He now lives the life of a very average high school student. Well for now anyway! Fans of the manga will know where this new arc is finally headed, so to avoid spoilers let’s just say Ichigo will be making some new friends shortly. Other than that big news a few of the other side characters have changed; well more like new hairstyles, like Ichigo’s little sisters, Orihime, Tatsuki, Chad and Uryuu who’s a complete badass now! I guess hanging around Ichigo taught him a few things? This episode basically is a setup for things to come with Ichigo having a random encounter with some new faces. Other than that whole new arc setup, we got to see new opening and ending. One last thing, the animation… damn it is looking so sexy! Really enjoying how much things have changed in that department.


Fairy tail – 101

Levy and Gajeel forever!! Who’s with me??

Fairy Tail recently hit it’s 100th episode. I can’t believe I’ve actually stuck with this through 100+ episodes. So the S Class arc (aka the arc where a bunch of side character couples become pretty much canon) is underway! Also, a Zeref is introduced (and the new group of bad guys for Fairy Tail to defeat) but more importantly, his seiyuu is Ishida Akira!!!!!! And Loki is back too!!!! I freaking love Loki. *cough* Moving on, Yeah, nothing really happened this episode besides introducing the new evil people with their evil motives of evil (the day when a dark guild shows up and doesn’t start saying ‘darkness’ every 10 or so words when explaining themselves will be the day hell freezes over), making Mest look more suspicious, giving Natsu a kind of new outfit and finally giving Fairy Tail fans some solid shipping fodder. Also, like my other Meta Jump show Sket Dance, Fairy Tail has a new opening and ending (which came out a couple of weeks ago). I’m really liking the opening since it reminds me of KOTOKO (even though it’s Daisy x Daisy) and I guess the ending sounds alright. Though Fairy Tail’s music is usually pretty good, so that’s nothing new here. Next episode, let the GajeelxLevy shipping begin!


One piece – 519

A nice shot of Nami for Jrow! Hope you enjoy it, dude!

Jrow is out for the week enjoying a party with family so enjoy my comments! Meanwhile in Luffy world, we finally are starting yes another brand new arc! When we last left off in One piece two years have passed since Luffy and the other straw hat members started their two years of special training. Some of them changed both physically and mentally well mostly just ended up growing longer hair and increasing bust sizes or in Franky’s case a complete new body! Out of all the pirates Zoro, Usopp, Nami, sanji and Luffy each of them have changed a bit over the long two years. Well Zoro can officially wear an eye patch if he really wanted, to since he gained a scar across his face. Anyway the arc right now is currently slowing to super crawl speed, as Luffy and the other pirates are gathering for their first meeting; but things are not right as they soon discover a few imposters claiming to be the famous straw hat pirates for fame.This episode reunites Usopp, Nami and Chopper who was following the fake straw hats because he was so dumb! YES Chopper you fail hardcore. In the meantime Sanji and Zoro are together and Luffy is wandering around a bit lost, just hurry the hell up and find the ship! We have an epic adventure ahead of us and another outbreak of pirate on pirate war of course. Before I end my thoughts on One Piece, we have a new opening is quite nice seems everyone is getting upgraded openings, even though I preferred the fight together opening because daaammnn can they ever animate the hell out of an opening.


Beelzebub – 38

Oga is throwing one HELLUVA party this week!

OMG, PIErROT, what are you doing to me? When I lag behind a few episodes you suddenly decide to add in loads of interesting characters, plot twists and even start a new arc?! Not to mention have a kickass opening by MBLAQ and a CUTEOOO adorable ending by Nozomi Sasaki?! 0.0 My body was not ready and I rather enjoyed catching up. The last time we met Oga, he was still sweating over to get things straight with the Knights and they decided to face it off in a volleyball match, which ended up being in their favour. However, an old enemy came knocking having history with Oga, Miki and Furuichi. Like we guessed, Oga saved Miki from this dude when they were in middle school and the reason he didn’t talk to him. So, they joined forces and Miki became a true fanboy of Oga once again.If you were thinking medetashi medetashi~ HOLD it! There’s a new teacher in town and it’s actually Tougou’s teacher Zen with a special royal spell seal. He’s a Johnny Depp wannabe but still interesting. He even helped the boys clean up their gym mess but things don’t stop here. Beel’s Aniki’s in town as well and he was solely sent to destroy the world. He comes with a packaged deal of Maido-trio, one of them being Hilda’s twin sister Yolda. So, things are definitely getting steamy hot and there’s more than sibling rivalry. Will Beel keep on making his big bro cry? We’ll see next time. Ja ne~


Sket Dance – 28

Love in the air or bad photoshop?

So this episode of Sket, Michiru has his own cooking show aired over the school broadcast. Unfortunately for him, Daisey and Agata are chosen as his assistants so it all goes to hell. Hilariously, of course. The best part of the episode? TSUDERE AGATA. …Well, he was kind of tsundere. I wasn’t aware that Agata and him had known each other for that long either. Michiru getting drunk and Daisey’s reactions to everything were pretty funny as well. I kind of wish we had seen more Tsubaki, but his past arc should be coming up in the next 20 episodes or so (…I think) and the student council is entertaining as a whole. … But yeah, how about those new OP and ED songs? (Because all shounen shows feel the need to change them after 12 or so episodes.) Personally, I’m kind of indifferent towards them. The opening isn’t really that memorable and that ending is just an excuse for fanservice. The song for the ending is okay though. Anyways, next episode is more Dante and ….some…ramen…guy… who I can’t remember from the manga. Was he even in there? I’ll remember if I watch it.


Gintama – 229

Gintoki- “What the hell was in that strawberry sundae? I FEEL GREAAAATTTT!! RAWRRR!”

Oh Gintama! You never cease to amaze me with so many jokes, the past episodes have followed Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kondo as they play a dating sim on a Nintendo DS knock off. Basically Gintoki is trying his best to convince Shinpachi to give up on his virtual girlfriend that he has made in the game and move on to real girls! If you are familiar with any of the Love Plus game series these past two episodes have been pretty much a huge parody about them. Kondo and Shinpachi get very moe type girls while Gintoki is stuck with an old woman that doubles as a creepy ass yandare chick! And to make things worse for him, he had entered in a contest to see who the best boyfriend really was to their fake girlfriends. He did this to save Shinpachi’s mind after getting sucked into this addictive game. I have to say I never laughed so hard in my life than with this episode! Watching Gintoki interact with his girl and all of the various video game parody scenes; those were so damn hilarious. And just like Bleach we get a new opening for Gintama as well and about time too! And yes, a new ending of course.


Naruto Shippuuden – 232

Hinata- “Are you going to drug our drinks Tsunade?”            Tsunade- “Damn! No yuri ending to this party?!”

Naruto! So dude what have you been up to? Well, sadly Naruto is still role-playing as a damn pirate! Because he is STILL stuck on that damn boat, how many episodes has it been? I think almost ten episodes or so. But seriously this is probably one of the worst Shippuuden arcs ever. Anyway Naruto is still headed towards Killer bee’s island to get some much needed training, on the way to this island he has run into several friends from home helping them on random side missions. Naruto even battled his very own clones in a very random episode where his shadow clones split off into each of Naruto’s personalities and they argued about who was the real one. Yeah I know what the hell…. At least we got another new opening and ending for the upcoming ninja wars.As for the episode it follows Naruto on the SS Yamato again, so nothing new as far as plot development there. I know the manga just jumps right into them arriving on the island at last! Why can’t Naruto do a successful time jump? Sure from Naruto to Shuppuuden they nailed it but why not now? Anyway seems like the hidden leaf ninja are prepareing for the war! This means training time for everyone and some special bonding time between the guys and girls of the village. They also really miss Naruto while he is on this special mission but the power of friendship man and all that jazz keeps them together.

Well, there you have it! Issue number eight for you to enjoy. We’ll leave you with some guruguru JUMP! See you next issue~


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18 Responses to “MetaJump – Issue 08”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Welcome back Meta Jump!!

    I can actually live with this filler episode. It’s nice seeing everyone reminiscing about their past before the war starts. I wish Naruto would quit being a blockhead and notice Hinata. After all, it was because of her sacrifice that he gained enough power to beat Pain.

    That was pathetic that Choji tried to have a guys get-together because he was rejected by the girls. Add a drunken, big breasted woman with a short fuse and it’s a party.

    I really don’t like this new OP. It’s too childish for an arc that is going to be dominated by epic war episodes. I’m semi-pleased with the ED. The song was cool and it was awesome seeing the parts with Naruto bonding with the Nine-Tails. Naruto had black and red pupiled eyes. The dude got a Shiki makeover. The rest of the visuals was strictly for the fangirls. I have a strong feeling if Overcooled, Anaaga, Hime, Kyokai and other girls see those, whoa nelly, it’s going to be No. 6 all over again since Sasuke and Nezumi look alike.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks! We are happy to finally be back at last sorry for the wait xD

      I know right? Poor Hinata, then again like every other shounen main they don’t really notice girls all that much it happens in Bleach, Fairy tail and several others. For the most part is really only a one sided thing, but maybe some series will get it right?

      LOLOL That new OP is soooo dumb, cool music but that video is pure WTF and that triple attack made me laugh ahahaha flying ninjas…ya….Oh “evil” naruto ya read that bit in the manga…very strange xD

  2. ceyrai says:

    More than anything, I’m excited by the influx of new OPs and EDs.

    Aggghhhh new Bleach OP by SCANDAL omg. I’m more pumped by the fact it’s by my favorite band rather than it being a new Bleach OP though – I don’t follow this series. Hah!

    Everyone loves some LevyxGajeel but I’m loving the GrayxJuvia imagine spot here too. No spoilers, but I can’t wait for their Solid Shipping Moment later in the arc.

    Ahhhh Beelzebub! The OP and ED are just too awesome for words. I miss Nanairo Namida, though, Kunieda being my favorite character. But Papepipu was just pure win its own way. DON’T TOUCH ME~

    WTF was that Naruto OP anyway? It does not give justice to the scope and tragedy of the Ninja Wars. At ALL. That was the silliest opening EVER. Counting the Naruto Part 1 ones. It would have leveled to Bacchikoi if not for the non-silly music. Maybe this just means more fillers? Still, the animation was great and for some reason Sakura looked rather pretty. But what was that Super Saiyan-ish flying over the water? Ninjas don’t fly. Come ON. But the clincher is this – why does the ending look way, way more appropriate as an opening!?

    …Well. Yes.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah there are some great openings and ending songs for all of these shows! Well I wasn’t a fan of Beelzebub one but it might grow on me.

      Love that Bleach OP and song! Really nice, I have noticed Scandal has done a few opening songs for them.

      Yeah I don’t mind Grey and Juvia they are more comical together and all of Juvia’s day dreams? Ahahah I love those they always make me laugh.

      Naruto OP yeah I have no idea, well currently there are fillers they are preparing for the actual real arch soon! Yeah flying ninjas was totally WTF xDDD

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Welcome aboard Oc! Wooooooo!! I like hunter x hunter it started out slowwww but lots of fun to watch, even though I spend most of my time poking fun over skype with a few watchers xD

    @kara Oooooh man fairy tail! Getting good so far and I sooooo like Levy and Gajeel together, even thou Levy looks a bit like Wendy must be that awesome blue color! And Mest screams evil….just look at the shot of him standing behind Wendy lolol.

    @Kyokai I was three episodes behind when they finished that volleyball “arc” but wow! More demons and Beelz brother?! Ahahaha I liked how he catches fire, so what happens to his dad when he gets angry? I wonder what element he is…

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah~! Welcome to Meta Jump, OC!

      @fosh Mest is …. an interesting character. He’s not quite what you think.

  4. Kitty says:

    I with you!!! Next to Natsu and Lucy. I love love love Levy and Gajeel!!!! I didn’t think I would but they are sooooooo cute~~~~~ I hope they last ^_^ Can’t wait for the next episode.

  5. Junko says:

    This Fairy Tail arc is my fave thus far. The anime sure is catching up to the manga. Also, omgomgomg movie annoucned eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-!!!

    • Kitty says:

      Omg Fairy Tail movie!!! Sonna!! So excited!!! Ne ne when does it come out???

      • ceyrai says:

        OMG FAIRY TAIL MOVIE WHAAAAT. Link please!

      • Karakuri says:

        I just checked. The site said August 18th, 2012.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yepppppppp movie news = A W E S O M E

        Can’t wait to see what type of high production a movie will get, if it’s anything like the Bleach ones it better be fantastic looking! But we all know it will be X Boss shows up Natsu gets beat comes back and VICTORY!! Well I think so anyway 😛

  6. Bob from Accounting says:

    Oh, so the Fairy Tail anime is doing Tenrou Island now, eh? Hee hee hee… have fun guys…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Best name ever! Just throwing that out there.

      Thanks! I might check out the manga soon, but I might hold off xD

      • Bob from Accounting says:

        Why thank you. I made it up on the spot. For this comment. Glad you like it.

        Oh, manga or anime , I’m sure the Show ▼

        will be just as hilarious/punch the wall frustrating.

  7. Jrow says:

    Thank ya Fosh! Nami-swan!

    Love that new OP song for one piece and I thought it was really funny how they mixed up the VA’s for the fake Straw Hat pirates.
    I’ll be back next MetaJump for 520!

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