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Shounen ai vibes without the Shounen ai~

~Guess who’s taking over Kimi to Boku, you guys! I actually feel this is a little expected of me to end up covering this show; I mean, slice of life, cute boys, young boys, feminine boys, TWINS. This just screams Hoshi blog-material. Now I wasn’t here for the first impressions (because my whore of a college was calling me to pay it some attention), so personally, I think Kimi to Boku is sort of like A Channel; just a really, really, REALLY toned down, boy version. And, like A Channel, it has its own charm that you either like, or you don’t. With that, let’s catch up on this high school boys fest!

Episode two focus on dear Shun, who, while waiting on the top of the school roof for everyone else, ends up seeing a first-year girl with a scrapped knee. When he tries to offer her one of his fricken adorable band-aids, she runs away, yelling that she doesn’t need his help. Shun chases after her to give her the band-aid anyway. The next day he receives a ‘bad fortune’ in his locker written by the first-year, which prompts a series of incidents conducted by her, from replacing his book with dirty magazines to twisting the faucet so much that it spurts water all over his face. The boys try to help Shun out of this situation, but their efforts get Shun and Kaname scolded at by a teacher and Yuki to accidentally walk in on girls changing.

One day they spot her as she falls trying to carry hurtles. When she pushes away someone trying to help her, the boys realize she gets angry at anyone who tries to help her. However the last straw comes when she tries to hit Shun with a rock, but accidentally hits Yuta instead, causing him to bleed. Shun gets angry and chases after her once again. When he gets a hold of her, she apologizes but angrily asks why he had to help her, declaring she can do things on her own. Yuta suddenly lifts her skirt above her knees, unveiling Shun’s band-aid on her knee. She then starts crying as she reveals she actually was happy to get his attention. In the end, the girl finally gives them her name, Masaki Sato (and thus begins her quest to get Shun’s heart).

A new face appears in episode three as a transfer student, Chizuhara Tachibana, enters Yuki’s class. He suddenly claims he knew Yuki when they were kids and that they played in a park together, but of course, Yuki remembers none of it. They wonder if maybe he has him confused with his brother as Yuta remembers someone giving him some gacha toy that Chizuhara claims to have given Yuki long ago. When Chizuhara gets picked up by bullies, the twins manage to help him escape, which finally sparks Yuki’s childhood memory.

One summer, Yuki ended up playing with a blond-haired kid who spoke a strange language when the kid sat on the other side of the seesaw he was sitting on. One day the two climb on tree branches and the blond kid starts shaking the tree a bit to scare Yuki. When Yuki does it however, the blond kid ends up falling off, getting a cut on his side. He ends up being okay, but Yuki still feels like he should apologize. However, the blond kid can’t understand him when he does. The next day he ends up falling ill while Yuta goes shopping. Passing by the park, the blond kid finds him, thinking he’s Yuki, and gives him the gacha toy Yuki had wanted as a goodbye present. In the present, Chizuhara admits he doesn’t mind if he apologized or not; he was happy and had a lot of fun with him at the time.

Episode four brings on some more childhood reminiscence when Kaname runs into one of his current teachers. He remembers his jealousy towards this same teacher as a kid back when he was in love with his Kindergarten teacher, Kaori. When young Kaname rolls a ball of snow during their playtime outside, he rejects the young teacher’s help, but fully accepts help when Kaori comes by, asking if they should combine theirs together to make a snowman. However as she tries to stack them, she slips and falls onto the teacher. Kaname gets upset and runs inside, the young teacher following him to give him some comforting words.

Present time, an evening mixer created by the happy-go-lucky Chizuhara ends up giving Kaname a cold when they get caught in the rain. The gang visits him at home and become quite the nuisance to him as they go through his desk, jump on top of his bed with him in it, and ultimately take his notebooks for his notes, not letting him rest one bit.~

And because I obviously don’t have a thing for Shun:

(Shun is so adorable, you guys, if you didn’t notice already)

End thoughts: I think I should let out my compressed fangirling towards Shun out first since he’s THE MOST ADORABLEST THING EVERRRR. When Misaki rejected his band-aid at first, all I was thinking was, “HOW CAN YOU SAY NO TO HIS ADORABLE FACE AND THOSE ADORABLE BANDAGES?”  *cough* Anyway, not only is Shun cute, but he’s so sweet and helpful; kind of like a mother to the rest of the boys, which is something I absolutely adore. I’m sad that both the opening and ending show Shun with shorter hair because…I love that luscious, long hair of his *sigh* Speaking of favorite characters, Chizuhara has quickly grown on me as well because of his personality. Him being added to the group definitely brought some more pizzazz to the show with his enthusiastic, bright, out-going self. Without him, I honestly don’t think Kimi to Boku would have lasted long on my To-Watch list.

I know before some had said the comedy was a bit hit-and-miss, but as the episodes go by, I find myself laughing more and more. There’s more funny, quirky antics going on, thanks to Chizuhara. The mixer he had them do at the beginning of episode four and his mistake of thinking Shun was a girl in episode three were the scenes that literally had me laughing out loud, even after re-watching them three times for this post (probably because I’ve been in that same situation were I’ve mistaken someone for the opposite gender, heh). The childhood flashbacks are occasionally funny as well, but I find them to be more cute and a bit insightful more than anything. I thought one of the sweetest ones was when kid Yuki ended up playing with kid Chizuhara despite their language barrier. Of course, a close second is Shun and the tulips; I honestly had the strongest urge to run up and hug him after seeing his poor little hands get frost-bitten! MAMA HOSHI WILL COME AND COMFORT YOU, SHUN

Overall, I have to say this has to be one of the mellowest shows I’ve watched. I mean, the music, the characters, the story, the pace, it’s all so relaxing. I don’t have to worry about solving any hidden meanings, or whether so-and-so is going to get with so-and-so-so any time soon. It’s nice to know I can get home from a stressing day of school, lock myself in my room, and just chill while watching this. Yet at the same time, it’s not so mellow that it gets boring; I’m still quite entertained to continue watching every week. Kimi to Boku definitely has it’s own special charm that just draws me towards it, making me smile every week just to think about watching a new episode of high school boys antics~.


What’s a slice of life anime without a summer festival?! It looks like a typical festival outing, Kimi to Boku style, with Masaki joining in as well to possibly try and. Until next week then~!!


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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5 Responses to “Kimi to Boku 02 – 04”

  1. Amutofan123 says:

    SHUN IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!!! *cough*

    I thought the first episode was kind of boring, but things seemed to pick up for me in the second. So I shall continue to watch~ God, I love Shun.

  2. Kyokai says:

    UGUUUU~ I love this series to pieces. Makes me want to go all fluffy and mushy inside! Love the twins and every damn guy in that group. One of my top 5 anime of Fall for sure. ^^

  3. TheVoid says:

    As a guy I honestly can’t believe that Shun is male.

    I can only imagine the doujins that shall be made.

  4. Pinky BL says:

    Awaaaa Shuuun~ w<!!!!
    Every week I'm wanting for the next episode *3*, I'm so happy that now is going to be blogged <3

    I'm looking forward ;9

  5. Mina says:

    finally someone took over Kimi to Boku~
    arg you know, I already knew the manga… and was so sad, because it seemed like nobody knew this masterpiece of story xD
    but thatnks to the anime now everything changed~
    I know what you mean how Chizuru became on of your favs just as fast as a storm xD no… but I don’t have any favorite character in Kimi to Boku, all are great, but I do like Kaname more than the others I guess…. but I kinda hate his seiyuu xDD in the Drama CD Suzumura Kenichi got to voice him ~~~ >.< he was doing it great

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