Happy Birthday, Zabo!

Time to host the last birthday party of this year. Come join us~

Gosh, readers! I told you all not too long ago that there was another birthday coming up, but you went and forgot, didn’t you? So here I am, having to remind you about whose birthday it is this time! Can you girls (and guys) guess? Nothing? Nope? Well let’s see what the team has to say…
Happy birthday! It’s time to throw a birthday bash for one of the fresh blood! Woooooo! Thankfully there will not be too much blood shed this time. I hope you have a fantastic day filled with awesome cake and whatever it is you actually have planned for on your birthday! I can only guess it has something to do with Anaaga and some dark room muhahaha. Sadly my special gift to you might be a few days off, due to some technical issues on my end but fear not! I shall make it extra special for you! xD
OMG HAPPY BURFDAY ZABO MY LOVE! Bury yourself in cake of the highest quality, I’m sure Anaaga will be waiting for you at the bottom with some whipped cream, kekekekeke. And if not then have some of my ceremonial bishies *tosses sexiness at you* Anyway, what more could you ask for than having a birthday smack dab at the start of the fall season? I’ve heard anime is a great hangover cure…or maybe it’s the opposite and it’s good to watch when you’re high….are you even old enough to drink? I have no idea! Either way, best make anime your SURVIVAL STRATAGY in case you party too hard (as if there is such a thing!) Again, though, in all seriousness…*glomps* have an awesome birthday, m’dear! <333
Happy Birthday, Zabs! I still don’t get how you can be so nice to everyone. I always just give up halfway and hit people when they say something dumb. You’re an inspiration to us all! Party it up with your buddies and burn down your school so you get a holiday! YEAAAHH!! Okay, no, don’t do that. (But if you do, don’t tell anyone i gave you the idea). Just make sure you at least put the homework aside for a few hours to have some quality cake time. Sorry I didn’t have time to draw something, but my multi-tasking skills simply could not handle that much during the new anime season, test season, and karate. I’ll sneakily draw something and just…email it to you…later…for now the most I can do is send you birthday wishes on time XD

Happy birthday my dear waifu! It seems that your week has been shitty, but I hope today is not. Ever since I saw… Well talk to you for the first time, I can already feel the chemistry between us. You charmed me with your… Grammar? Anyhow, your way of talking charmed me because you were able to pull of the idea of being “nice and mean” perfectly. You showered me with lots of attention to the point where I just fell for you deeper and deeper. And when we got married, nothing can describe the joy I felt when that came to pass. I’m so glad to be your waifu, waifu. I hope this small confession can make your day better. Once more, happy birthday waifu (although I forgot your age. But love conquers all, even age right? :3), and have a great birthday. Don’t try to do anything bad to your Calculus teacher though. Challenges in birthdays are great, but not the ones that will burn your ass later. Love, from your waifu. More secret stuff on personal convo, ne~ <3
Otanjoubi omedetou ZABO~!! Hope you’re having a good one filled with lots of fun. I think I’m a bad influence but I’d say, heck with life and take one whole day to yourself doing what you want to do and that includes skipping class.. BUWAHAHA. Well, I always do so and you know what, I don’t regret it even if it’s skipping out on work. But yeah.. have loads of fun and chillax~! Man, birthday cake sounds good right now… mmm… and ice cream… yeah! So hope you have a great and memorable one. Take cares and Happy Birthday!! Yayayaaa~!
ZABO!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Make sure to take a break from school (from what I hear, you seriously deserve it!) and eat/drink unhealthy amounts of cake and alcohol! …You can drink legally at 18 over there, right? If not, who cares! Do it anyways! …Er, though if you attempt to drink the cake, you may run into problems. Anyways, take a breather from all of that school related stress and have a fantastic day! (PS. If I could fly over there and give you cake, I totally would.)(PSS. We should get together and talk Studio Ghibli one of these days. I freaking love their movies.)
Happy birthday Dr.Zabo! I swear I’m following your prescription word for word! Anyway! Now is time to take a break and just laaaaaze about, demand cake and sweets, watch animu and do whatever. You’re entitled to it! So once more, with feeling, Happy birthday, Zabobinator! (You will also be receiving double the doodles next year, this is your online IOU).

HAPPY BURFDAY, Sa–Zabo~! <333 One of the most energetic members of Meta, whose optimism rubs on everyone! Time to get on with Seizon Senriyaku and get over with uni stuff for the day because it’s YOUR DAY! Seriously, put your feet up and enjoy some YOU time with lots of sweets, cakeyyyy and gifts. Be the princess and order your friends around, go out and have a ball. Seriously let your hair down and party all night long or whatever you want to do with anaaga that is. xD Lots of love from my and team’s end as usual. We love you and hope you have an awesome time. <3
Happy birthday my dear Zabo~!! You should know that you are one lovely, fun person who I’m glad to have met ;~; I know lately things have been pretty crappy, but don’t let anything stop you from having a happy, stress-free birthday! It’s YOUR day gurl, and you deserve a damn good one (*snap fingers all over the place*). If I have to come over there and drag you away from uni to someplace fun myself, I will; never mind that it’s five hours from Cali to you! Anyway, I hope that things will get less stressful for you in uni, and that you have a wonderful birthday. Now have fun or chill to some music, and enjoy some delicious cake (with lots of whipped cream, hurrhurr)~!
Zabobinator, today is a day we celebrate the pure awesomeness that is you! *does the Gator Chomp* I wish you a very happy birthday (or burfday as you like saying) that’s hopefully filled with lots of cake and fun, maybe some presents/gift cards here or there. A check from grandmas are always nice. 🙂 Oh, and whatever fun thing anaaga has planned for you… if I’m you, I’d start thinking of a good safe word to use. So go ahead and skip any classes you got and have a blast, because today is all about you! *Gator Chomp*

…And there we have it! Happy birthday, Zabo. We all hope you’re having an awesome time out at college and we all of course hope do you don’t forget about your mates here at Metanorn! Y’know, the cool people on the internet that you sometime talk to. We wish you the best of parties and cakes and drinking and hangovers. Or maybe that’s just my birthdays. In any case, GET ROWDY.


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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28 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Zabo!”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Happy Birthday, Zabo. Cut the cake and celebrate. And by that, I mean find the biggest around. First October baby, huh? Another year past, another year wiser and I wish you many more in the future.

    Nice pictures. I see you’re a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki movies. My favorites are Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away.

    • Zabobinator says:

      October babies are the best. xD

      You have such good taste! Howl’s Moving Castle is my absolute favorite movie ever. 😀

      Thank you! <3

    YOU’RE ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE I’VE MET AND INTERACTED WITH. All those hilarious msn convos, including the one where we had a secret convo about the group convo…We’re perfect partners in crime.
    You never fail to make me laugh and I really enjoy your company on those super late nights where I had to do work! ANYWAYS HAVE AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY, PARTY HARD, EAT LOTS OF CAKE, GET REVENGE ON YOUR ROOMATE ONCE AGAIN AND KEEP BEING AWESOME!

    • Zabobinator says:

      STAR-CHAN! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We definitely make the best partners in crime ever. It was my absolute pleasure to be able to make you laugh so much. That’s mission accomplished on my side. xD



  3. xochandaox says:

    lol! Thats so hilarious we have the same birthday.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Kitty says:

    Hayao Miyazaki rocks!! Happy Birthday Zabo <3 Hope its a good one!!!

  5. Foshizzel says:


  6. Karakuri says:


  7. Tofu says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAB~~!!!!! <3

  8. Zabobinator says:

    Ahahahaa!!! SO MUCH GHIBLI! IT’S AWESOME! 😀

    I love you guys! You’re all so sweet! I was grinning like a fool while reading these.


    (Special smooch for waifu *smooch*)

  9. Bass says:

    Ahhh no one told me about your birthday lol

    So happy birthday! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you the past few months, you’re definitely one badass person haha. This week has not been all that kind to you but these things always happen in bunches so look forward to some epic shit in the near future haha.

    So if you’re still studying, take a break and enjoy yourself for the day. We all know you deserve it. And fill me in on the trelf revenge I know you got brewing back there.


  10. Elyon says:


  11. Renn says:

    Happy birthday! Hope you managed to take a break from studying and had a great time! 😀

  12. Reaper says:

    Happy birthday Zabobinator! Hope you enjoyed your special day of the year! XD

  13. amado says:

    happy bday zabo.

  14. Toori-chan says:

    Happy B’day Zabobinator~ A nice breaktime is always good when you’re studying. Less stress and more fun~ Enjoy your day.

  15. Hime says:

    *Obligatory birthday rape*

    That is all.

  16. Joojoobees says:

    I hope you had (are having) a very Happy Birthday.

  17. Alynn says:

    Happy birthday Zabo! Hope you have an awesome one!

    Oh yea you have a birthday in the same month as I do! -high fives-(Though yours is at the beginning and mine is at the end LOL)

  18. anaaga says:

    Happy birthday, once again love

    And Kyo needs to stop her obsession with ponytails. My hair isn’t even blue, it’s RED :3

  19. Amutofan123 says:

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a good one! We are both October babies. Except mine is on the 24th…

  20. Samantha Zan says:

    Happy Birthday Zabobinator! I hope its a good one 🙂

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