Fate/Zero – 02

Is your expression similar to Illyasviel, whenever you watch a new episode of Fate/Zero?! 

Well, at least I do. So, another week and another episode of the awesomeness that is Fate/Zero and I’m bringing this for your eyes only SUPER FAST. News for those of you who don’t know, this series is being split up into two parts with one season’s worth of break. The first thirteen episodes will air this fall, while the remaining twelve will air in Spring 2012 so you’ll have to wait for the climax of the fourth Holy Grail War till June… >< I’m as sad at this news like any other Type-Moon/ufotable fan but hey, if this means that the quality will be maintained; I’m all good. I’ve waited too many months for this anyways so if I have to wait for few months for deaths and bite my nails, I’ll patiently wait. Not to mention, I’ll have Nisemonogatari, Kizumonogatari and Natsume Yuujinchou’s fourth season to keep me company among other promising titles of next season.

Moving on to the current episode “False Start”, it’s all about the very opposites (Waver/Rider and Ryuunosuke/Caster) and an unlikely partnership beginning between Saber and Kiritsugu, while Kirei schemes from the shadows. We are finally faced with the seventh master and servant and what a horrifying pair they are. Let me finish the final part of the character bio that I started with the first impressions here:  

Ryuunosuke Uryuu

A heartless serial killer, who revels in the act as if it gives him energy because nothing else interests him. He’s amused by the many names given to him from demon to animal and in his own words, “Unemployed. Favourite hobby is to murder, murder and stabbing people; especially, kids and little girls.” In short, killing is highly amusing to him and he’s always on the lookout for doing it in unique ways. In finding more such ‘ways’, he finds an old book from his ancestors at his parents’ house (confirms them as participants of a previous war). As Ryuunosuke doesn’t know anything about magic or even the war, his only goal is to summon a demon following the instructions.

After some failed attempts and still on his usual killing spree, he kills an entire family saving a kid. He uses their blood to etch the summoning circle and while he idiotically makes terror jokes to the kid, his command seal appears, which activates the summoning circle and the last servant Caster makes his entry.

Bad for the kid, this specific pair of master and servant turn out to be peas in a pod. On Ryuunosuke’s itching for sacrifice, Caster shows him that some forms of terrors are more potent than others and as terror is not static but dynamic, fear’s intensity can be played around with and that is what happens with the kid who was set free just for few moments before he’s horribly killed by Caster’s spell. Even if Ryuu can’t care less about the Holy Grail War, he partners up with Caster happily just to get an understanding he hasn’t gotten from anybody earlier. And of course, seeing more murders in innovative ways.

Secondary characters:

  • Too many murdered bodies to keep a count
  • Servant: Caster (Blue Beard – only servant with magecraft ability)

If Ryuunosuke and Caster are becoming all buddy-buddy, we have a rough start in between the scuffling pair of Waver and Rider. There’s not just a few feet’s height difference between the two but the King of many, Alexander (true identity of Rider) is more than a handful for Waver, who’s stuck with a gakki (kid) to fight the current war. In order to find out what’s been up with Macedonia and Persia, Rider steals some books on Waver’s instructions to find out where he is and which countries he need to conquer to reclaim the glory of his country. Rider accepts the fact that Waver is his master as they have made a contract but he has an agenda of his own: conquering the world (why am I not surprised?! Old kings and their world domination goals >>;). However, Waver aims to be treated fairly by the Clock Tower snobs he hates so much, which is of course seems petty when you look at the whole scheme of things. I mean, people are talking about world peace and holding family honour but Waver’s obsessing about internal gratification… Narcissist much?! Like me, Rider isn’t amused as well and goes for a ride on his fancy ox-driven chariot to entertain himself.

He instructs his master to find him another hero or two soon if he’s serious about acquiring the Holy Grail. There’s definitely no team work here at all. Waver is too pissed at Rider for bossing him around, yet he’s intelligent enough not to waste his three chances on command seal to order him around. On the other hand, to Rider Waver is just a means to an end and a contract that he has to obey in order to get a second chance at being Iskander the great and move ahead with world domination. Things usually don’t pan out the way characters think so I won’t worry about it much.

On the Britain’s side of things, we have a rare moment of cuteness, when father and daughter play a silly game in the snow filled garden of spotting chestnut buds. Illyasviel = OMG, KAWAIIII! She’s just too cuteooo for words, especially her adorable lisp and pouts. Saber is surprised at this scene and the genuine smiles Kiritsugu gives while playing with his daughter, who in turn never calls him ‘Daddy/Papa’ but Kiritsugu.

Saber: “Yes, I always hid the fact that I’m a reverse trap.”

As usual, Iri comes to the rescue of explaining his actions to Saber that he was working for world peace and there was a reason for his shock to find a young girl as Arthur Pendragon. Though, he’s in no position to criticize someone having too many burdens on her shoulder, accepting such a fate of a King at a young age. So, he doesn’t comment and simply readies to put his strategy in action. Though, Saber lauds Kiritsugu’s ambition of using the Grail to save the world. She agrees with this because it was hers as well for Britain at a different time line.

If everyone is regrouping and/or preparing, Kirei has finally decided to make his move after finding out about the last surfaced master of Caster. He instructs Hassan to enter the Tohsaka mansion and murder Tokiomi (as I predicted with preview last episode). Of course, things won’t be easy as he’ll have to battle the Archer-class Gilgamesh. You have to applaud his stature because he’s one of the servants from the knight-class. Even if Assassin was sleuthing as ever, he couldn’t breach the Tohsaka mansion fully. He’s captured and supposedly killed by Gilgamesh’s many swords from the Gates of Babylon.

Epic dialogue is EPIC: “You don’t have the balls to look at me. A worm should be facing the ground when it dies.”

Extra Zeroes~


Rider: “I can pimp any RIDE~”

I believe I can FLY~

Do better next time. Princess is not amused


Hassan: “Who’s playing Lucifer?! Now I can’t stop my body from moving~”

End Thoughts:

You can’t think Assassin is dead, right? Nope, he’s not because this is just the beginning after all. One thing that I left out from the servant description is the specialty of Kirei’s Assassin servant, who can manifest in different forms so if one was killed, don’t worry there are more around. I loved the whole tap-dance over the tulips as my eyes have been itching for a fight! Though it was a quick death for this Assassin and Gilgamesh got the chance to show off his I-CAN-PWN-YOU-WHENEVER face because I’m awesome (which he is). I expected more fighting but I guess, all in good time because Ryuunosuke deserved such a ghastly introduced! All that blood and craziness was just awesome.

I would have liked the episode to start from the summoning, especially of Saber’s and to watch Kiritsugu’s reaction. But I guess, it’s a plot thing for running on a schedule and the story to be paced properly in two cours. I don’t see any smooth sailing in terms of Kiritsugu and Saber because let’s face it, he is cold by nature; at least when he’s not around Illya and Iri. He plans to follow Einzbern orders of killing the rest of the masters to reach the heaven’s feel using any means necessary, which won’t sit well with the noble king. Would Iri be their forever moderator? We’ll have to watch and see. I hope we keep getting some moe as the episodes progress with Illyas and Rin. Also, more Iri is never bad as she’s elegant and rocks the white atmosphere like an ethereal cloud.

Now to good stuff~ How awesomely sadistic was Ryuunosuke, HUH?! I heard about his brutality but wow, the way he lightly blushed in joy, screaming his partnering with Caster to finish off even more people just for entertainment was pretty interesting. He’s a twisted one alright and with Bluebeard as his servant, I can bet this pair will be wrecking much havoc before Kirei or Kiritsugu punch them down a peg or more. In contrast, I pitied Waver for being totally taken for a ride by… well, Rider. I also hope he finds a better motive to take part in this war because with his current state, he just doesn’t look serious rather a boy lost in a game he thought he would PWN in a day.

If you’ve already memorized all the masters I described for you in the previous post; time to get down and remember the servant identities too. I might make a quick guide once everyone’s introduced but for now:

  • Saber: King Arthur Pendragon
  • Rider: Alexander the Great
  • Caster: Bluebeard (Gilles de Rais)
  • Assassin: Hassan (from Hassan i Sabath)
Masters definitely took a backseat this episode, so enjoy the very servant themed ending song “Memoria” by Aoi Eir, which perfectly suits the history of every hero that we will come across in Fate/Zero.


Now that all seven masters and servants have aligned, time to get this Holy Grail party started; but of course, with double fun of fighting for the top spot and lots of backstabbing. Among others, it seems we’ll finally be meeting Lancer and his unique paired masters next episode. Pro tip: Can’t recognize the seiyuu so you are clueless about what happens next? Worry not, you can always check out this linked cheat sheet for command seals, while Kiritsugu’s is above. So, how did you find this episode and what are your predictions? Tell me everything! Till next time, ja ne~

Extra Notes:

Episode Count: 2/25 | Online Streaming: NicoNico | Recommended subs: UTW | Fix video tiling with Updated Player Codecs | Master Character Bios


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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50 Responses to “Fate/Zero – 02”

  1. Reaper says:

    Wow, quick post FTW. Just finished watching it and gar, want the next episode now, especially with that preview…I really like the way the Servants were done, from Iskander’s ego to Caster’s twisted nature (all the better because he thinks it’s right…for him anyway 🙂 )
    Grr, didn’t get enough Saber but definitely got enough Gilgamesh! And I have to say, his Gate of Babylon; it was deadly before and now…it’s just downright BADASS! Assassin had little chance…As for that ED animation, I really liked the montage of the different Servants again…fufufu the Masters definitely took a back seat in this ep…now, all we need is some LANCER! 🙂 And in a perfect world, Shiki would be in this too…

    • Kyokai says:

      Woohoo yeahhh! I used RAWS after all and thought to finish early and get it over with. Usually after watching an episode, I can’t wait to let my hands go and get the typing done. I feel even more enthusiasm than when I used to blog Durarara!!

      I can’t wait to find out more about the servants because the they deserve as much attention as the masters. Their true identities are highly fascinating and loved the ED just because it showcased them in their own form (when I was posting youtube link wasn’t available so inserted now xD)

      Gilgamesh was SO COOL and poor Assassin didn’t have anything but to tapdance for a while and get killed. Tsk! Same goes for Caster/Ryuu duo of sadistically badass. Oh what would I do to have Shiki in this too. THAT would be a perfect adaptation. xD

      *first comment cookie!*

    • Dan-go says:

      Great ed. type moon never dissapoints on that front. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxEp-oDtn3Q when the violins come in i’m always on the verge of breaking up. beautiful stuff

      • Kyokai says:

        I remember some people bitching about the songs when the series didn’t even air. Blow to those because both OP and ED are pretty suiting for the theme.

  2. Renn says:

    I liked the contrast between Uryuu and Waver’s stories this episode. One gets along with their servant while the other doesn’t. One has a very light-hearted atmosphere while the other definitely doesn’t. I’m expecting an epic bromance between Waver and Iksander though. 🙂

    Kiritsugu’s daddy scene shocked me. He’s a really sweet father even if he’s far from a nice guy. Then again, if you’re married to someone as perfect and hot as Iri, it’s hard not to try and be on your best behavior.

    • Kyokai says:

      Yep, the opposites were very apparent in this episode. Whenever there are two talking heads, there’s bound to be differences as in case of Waver/Rider but damn! It seems Ryuu and Caster were made for each other in hell; so compatible and both having kiddy obsessions. >< You say Bromance and I think Kirei and Kiritsugu; let's see if Waver and Rider join this category but there'll be some humorous situations, I can bet. I so want to know more about Kiritsugu because his is the multi-faceted ones I really love to discover slowly. He's the mage killer at one hand, but a loving husband and father in the other. His motives will definitely evolve and we'll see how the 'women' in his life (srsly, he has the biggest harem in Zero) influence it. :3

  3. Joojoobees says:

    I never realized that Iskander == Alexander. Makes me think about Star Blazers (AKA Battle Ship Yamamoto) differently.

    Ryuunosuke is the sort of character you don’t want to see in a game such as this, first because his methods for winning are going to be bad, but also if he wins … :shudders: Well, let’s just hope he doesn’t win.

    • Kyokai says:

      Iskander is the true Persian pronunciation of Alexander’s name and I’m glad they used it properly with his middle eastern lineage. Haven’t watched Star Blazer so I’m clueless on the reference.

      One thing about Ryuunosuke though, he’s not serious about the Holy Grail War at all. To him, Caster is a fierce demon that he has summoned and now he’s an ideal partner to his killing sprees. Of course, Caster is serious about the War but to him as well, killing small children is more fun than facing off with different heroes. It’ll be interesting nevertheless whoever they faceoff even if they don’t want to.

      I’m looking forward to meeting Lancer and the Black Knight (Berserker).

  4. Toori-chan says:

    What an awesome episode. Alexander’s “Gordius Wheel” is looking really cool, making me impatient to see it in action.

    The moment when the little boy was grabbed and killed by the shadow really scared me *still getting the chills*.

    Hassan lives up his name as the founder of the Hashshashin (Assasins). His moves are so sneaky. Too bad he’s dead.
    Show ▼

    I was seriously taken aback how Kiritsugu was expressed as a gentle father. It was so nice that you may not even believe that he is a mage killer. (Daww~ Illya is so cute~ Total win over Rin and Sakura)

    • Dan-go says:

      ARGH HATE YOUR SPOILER! DO NOT READ, IT IS SO SPOILING! also he’s pretty badass, wish you could do that in assasins creed

    • Kyokai says:

      This was a good mix of cute and evil balance. With such contrasting material, I can’t wait for the next episode!

  5. Dan-go says:

    scary shadow caster crap. so scary. least favourate of the heroes is definitely caster. i’m so ready for this. also >3 illya, you’re just adorable

    • Toori-chan says:

      He’ll be very annoying whenever he meet with Saber.

    • Kyokai says:

      Bwahahaaa. Such a devilish due these two are. Also, Illya PWNs all moe kids to kingdom kong, she’s just too adorable!!! xD

      And yeah, seems like everyone will take more than an interest with Saber.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    This is getting interesting now that everyone is getting their servant. Some easier than others like the contrast between Uryuu and Waver and the similarity between Arturia and Kiritsugu. So far, Arturia is favorite servant. You can see a lot of power just looking at her face and beauty to go with it.

    First time seeing this character and I already hate Ryuunosuke with a passion. To go that far to terrorize and kill a child, he deserves a slow, painful death. You can be sure he’ll beg for mercy when he’s on the receiving end of the situation.

    This is the second Type-Moon anime I’ve seen and it’s not half bad. My first was Lunar Legend Tsukihime (Shingetsutan Tsukihime) and it was really nice. My favorite is always Arcueid. I hope they continue to make shows like this because Type-Moon has a strong reputation.

    • Kyokai says:

      Definitely a contrasting factor and not everyone is getting an ‘ideal’ deal. Saber is definitely on top list just because that she’s so outstanding but I have my favourites and most of them are somewhat weak. >< I agree with you on the slow and painful death; I haven't spoiled myself so I dunno how dies but I hope he gets a proper sending off like he has done for oh so many people! You've seen Tsukihime?! I guess, I've one advice for you, TM Visual Novels are the best things out there, Tsukihime and Fate/stay night English patches are available with mirrormoon so if you ever get a chance, DL and play them. They will show you the truth about TM awesomeness. Oh and of course, can't help but push Kara no Kyoukai movies/ light novels here too. Tee hee~

  7. Elyon says:

    So how come Saber is the only servant who is the same from Fate/Stay night? And why is Gilgamesh Archer now? I still don’t get some of this stuff. ^^;
    I loved Ryuunosuke~ And that scene where Caster killed that kid actually made me jump a bit, which doesn’t happen often. And then there was Waver….GAAHHHH WHY MUST HE BE SO DARN MOE?! >////////////< The yaoi vibes are going strong between Waver and Rider already~ Fufufufufufu.
    I thought the first episode was a bit boring, but I'm glad things have already picked up a lot.

    • amado says:

      you do know this is a prequel, right?
      in F/S night, saber already said that gil is an archer.
      as for saber being in F/S night, well its cause of the catalyst.

    • Kyokai says:

      Actually, Gilgamesh is the same from FSN too including Saber. Like amado said, this is a prequel and there’s a reason for some servants showing up again in the fifth war (Fate/stay night). Like I was talking with Klux on twitter, Rin’s Archer was an Archer-class servant, his name was not Archer. Same goes for Gilgamesh, he was never a king/Saber class and both these conditions are not exclusive as even being Kings doesn’t warrant a hero to become a Knight class servant (Saber, Lancer, Archer) by rule. Check out Rider (Iskander). People are mostly confused because DEEN did such a shit job of adaptation and now that ufotable is doing a wonderful job; people are going whaaaa…. >>

      I LOVED Ryuu/Caster pair. Man, they come from depths of hell. And I think my yaoi goggles broke because you and Renn both got the bromance and I didn’t. Maybe I was feeling too much pity for Waver and even getting mad on him because of his whining. xD

  8. Mad Chemist says:

    Rider, Ryuunosuke and Caster sure knew how to make their entrances, that’s for sure. Rider is pretty awesome, and I like that the comic relief for the show is taken by a duo I really enjoy watching. As for Caster and Ryuu… wow. I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen to that boy, but the scene where Caster showed his Master the best way to make a kill was genuinely disturbing and established both of their personalities very well. Also, am I the only one wierded out by Ryuu’s eyes? They’re not as obviously buggy as Caster’s, but the way his pupils take up so little space on his face makes something about him seem wrong.

    Nice start to the action of the show, too! Gilgamesh seems like a Servant to beat, that’s for sure. Incredibly smug, but I guess it’s justified when you can do things like that.

    • Kyokai says:

      This is the reason I love Type-Moon so much. Usually their characters are detailed and have enough ammo of development for you to root for them. Even with so many characters thrown in, I’m looking forward to know more about them. Of course, I got favourites but this ‘knowing’ them is become an experience.

      That kill scene was pretty goosebumpy and I’m sure I was the only one gaping and imaging the boy as Emiya Shirou, which wasn’t right of course. xD About Ryuu, this is how Takeuchi drew him originally (refer to the above art); his eyes are far apart and gives a disturbing presence to his face. Unsettling is the word. >< Gilgamesh is snobbish because he's another true King; I mean, fifth King of Uruk with the power of Gates of Babylon? He's definitely gonna be around putting up his nose to other heroes.

  9. Foshizzel says:

    illya! DAaaawwwww so cute! Then again all of the girls have some cute factor to them, well not so much Sakura but still! Nicely done.

    My favorite would be Rider! And that laugh, it is almost the same laugh as Black beard off One piece…And I love the new designs for Caster, Berserker, and Saber in that suit reminds me of a older Subaru from Mayo Chiki.

    Lol Ryuunosuke! That guy what a creeper, but perfect pairing with Caster. Damn that scene with Assassin dodging the magic lasers? Awesome and I was laughing a bit when Gilgamesh suddenly showed up and owned him…

    • Kyokai says:

      ILLYA PWNs ALL Fate/Zero LOLIS! xD Her voice actress did a wonderful job and I rewound her ‘MIZUKE TA~’ many times. You gotta love her adorableness. :3

      Rider/Waver and Ryuu/Caster are interesting pairs. It’ll be fun watching them interact and Waver trying his best to put a leash on his servant. While Ryuu and Caster wreck havoc with serial killing spree… >< Can't wait to see Saber in a suit! Hopefully next episode. 😉 I can bet people didn't get much time in being impressed with Hassan because sure, he dodged a lot of spells and traps but just before he thought he got IT, Gilgamesh comes and totally owns the dude. His line was pretty EPIC too! One of the few snobbish characters that I actually like. xD

  10. Kitty says:

    For some reason my brain did not process this was 12 episodes, and I was like what Hassen dead already!! But we have 24 episodes to go!! <— fail!

    I'm still in love with Archer!! This season and Fate / Stay Night. Illya was pretty cute ^_^ and trap saber we love you!

    • Kyokai says:

      Actually, 25 episodes in total but the first cour breaks at episode 13. Hopefully, things will move fast and with more SHOCKUUU~ xD

      Also, Archer class is pretty epic, just like Saber class. Then again, I think I always end up liking the Knight category in general. :3 Will we ever see a moe part of Saber (somewhat seen in FSN?!), let’s see. xD

  11. Dan-go says:

    Hold up. Just checking. Did they just explain Arturia’s sex change. It was kinda glanced over in Fate/Stay Night. She was never a guy?

    • amado says:

      of course!
      how could something that beautiful be a guy!
      *hides from bishie fans*

      well really, the legends of the heroes in the nasuverse are altered ones. there are actually even more heroes that are supposed to be guys but are girls.

      also, yeah they did already explain it somewhat in F/S night.

      • Kyokai says:

        Bwahahahaaa, amado, good point there, bro. xD

        Dango, it was explained a bit in FSN and more in episode two of how Saber had to hide her identity after pulling the Excalibur from the rock, shouldering a very giant burden at such a young age. Though, she did it for her people and ‘save them’. The only reason, she accepts being the servant of Kiritsugu.

        • Dan-go says:

          Major armstrong from FMA thinks otherwise amado. And that annoying guy from toriko

  12. amado says:

    hey kyo, did you get that comment I said in the carnival phantasm that had a link to fanfic that is quite good and is another take on the grail war?
    if not, go back to that post and read it.

    • Kyokai says:

      I got the link saved but never got the chance to read. Will definitely do though; the beginning was hilarious. xD

  13. Sabine says:

    I am a bit sad of the fact that disturbs me xD I who was So so happy when I imagined that Rider (Alexander) would have been instead of Alexander a Nordic God from mythologys(fits so well for example to Thor, the god of thunder (yes, lightning??) and the nordic gods used wagons with two animals, Thor had giantic goats and so..?), when it´s even said in many pictures Thor had red beard and hair ; ///<) Is Epic 😉 even if… Alexander. ;_; Hope he will last long in the battle, theyre so funny xD

  14. Sabine says:

    Aah, why isn´t my message working in it´s whole lenght?? DD; Again, the second time it does so, takes away a big part of mah messages! DDDDDDDDDD;
    New try:
    I am a bit sad of the fact that disturbs me xD I who was So so happy when I imagined that Rider (Alexander) would have been instead of Alexander a Nordic God from mythologys(fits so well for example to Thor, the god of thunder (yes, lightning??) and the nordic gods used wagons with two animals, Thor had giantic goats and so..?), when it´s even said in many pictures Thor had red beard and hair ; ///<) Is Epic 😉 even if… Alexander. ;_; Hope he will last long in the battle, theyre so funny xD

    • Kyokai says:

      Bwahahaaa, somebody’s been watching Alexander the movie quite closely~ :3

      • Sabine says:

        Ehe- Have I *cough, whistles* Is it only the movie..? I bet it must be a historical fact-! why would it be in the movie if not- *naive* >_<

        • Kyokai says:

          LOL! It’s a semi-fact but if history is to be believed, Alexander was very much bi. 😉

  15. Sabine says:

    I´m sorry if I´m blocking the comments.. *sad* I shall put my answer in two parts now-! *hates when things like this happens* I really want to send my comment into the discussion damit!

    from the red beard and hairbut// but No, it was Alexander the Great which 1. I personally think shouldn´t be so big and “clumsy” but a really Really clever handsome man- *cough* Aand 2. the fact Alexander the Great had a liking to Men, if I have understood right? xDD

    • Dan-go says:

      You’re just seeaaarching for some yaoi aren’t you…

    • Kyokai says:

      You can block the comments all you want. We love hearing from our readers at Metanorn! xD

      Dunno why the comment got cut though, wordpress can get weird sometimes… Le sigh. >.>

      And yes, Alexander’s ghey hormones are the talk of the century, too bad they won’t be explored in this franchise except for some onscreen tease. xD

      Dango, wear teh yaoi goggles, which is the shizznit. Though I completely didn’t see it this episode (mine broke).

      • Sabine says:

        Phew, thank you, I sure will comment in Important matters! *standing on a cliff, a quest of life and death*

        I shall hope the comment-cutting will not happen too often >_X) But, not when we have this big.. hunky man here… o.o oh my.. and certainly not in fate/zero..?) so of all the possibilities Him as Alexander? ; )

        • Sabine says:

          Aah it happened again! O_O DDX

          but what I was saying, that is the question is he or not? o_o
          aand to Dango, I´m not searching and that´s why it disturbs a bit xD (but I have to say I like yaoi.. *and now comes the hunky part of the message*

          But no worries, I´m only saying things to say things, I´m gonna watch Fate/Zero with all you guys X)

          • Kyokai says:

            Being such a mainstream series and Fate/Zero being for masses, I don’t think we’ll be getting any yaoi in here. Some, bromance, sure! Just look at Kiritsugu and Kirei going all curious about each other; that’s bromance. :3

            Whatever the case maybe, Fate/Zero has almost everything for any anime enthusiast, so I’m glad you are joining in the ride. ^^

        • Kyokai says:

          Yes! Your mission in life should be to comment here more on Fate/Zero, while I speed blog this every weekend~ xD

          Oh btw, a present for you here. More Bromance in the next episode. :3

          • Sabine says:

            DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW <-Was my reaction. Thank you Kyokai! and it shall be my mission, for the sake of Fate/Zero. xDD

            • Kyokai says:

              Fufufufuuu~ My mission this season is to get reviews out as soon as the RAWS are out on Saturday. ^^

  16. Sabine says:

    So a bit disturbing, but maybe I was fantasizing too much.. *sigh* (Have to do with it that I live in the Nordics, to bad so in the middle of nowhere, even the old gods would never shine (if someone even knows about them! o_o))

    But yea, me will watch and Fate/Zero (Gilgamesh! >///<) Is Epic 😉 even if… Alexander. ;_; Hope he will last long in the battle, theyre so funny xD

    • Kyokai says:

      Honestly speaking, at first glance Rider sure looks like a Norse god, he’s simply missing an axe! No worries though, he’ll have plenty of time to be awesome and showoff his power (which he has plenty!) Also, I’ve played LOADS of Age of Empire and Mythology to almost all ancient gods and no worries again, people know Nordic badassadery even if remotely. :3

      Gilgamesh sure gave me the giggles this episode and I hope he will continue to be awesome~ Now that we’ve seen Rider, I can’t wait to check out Berserker and Lancer (both will again have to be epic).

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