Nichijou – 24

Sasahara-“I really love robot girls…”

It’s time for my favorite day of the week! Nichijou! Oh man we are down to the wire here with only two freaking episodes left! WHAT WILL I DO!? Guess I will look for more comedy of course, anyway time to review this episode! Enjoy.

Stories this week follows a familiar trend again: Love or falling in love with Sasahara of course. He seems to be on the minds of our gun-dere Misato and the BL manga artist Mio. Oh and the usual dose of Sakamoto, Hakase and Nano filled adventures. No opening this week so you know what that means? Serious bsns, yo!

Sasahara- “This book represents my love…”                      Yuuko- “Whaaaat!”

Things start out with Yuuko watching Nano talking to Sasahara after he picked up a book she dropped; however, Yuuko decides to poke Mio with this information that leads to a tiny lie being formed. Mio tries to ignore her chatty friend because she is working on an assignment. That is until Yuuko said Nano was kissing Sasahara, selling out your friend Nano. How could you, Yuuko?! So, Mio discovers the truth that Nano was just talking to him and Mio of course knocks Yuuko over the head for bending the truth like that.

Mio- “Yuuko, you so crazy! Sasahara doesn’t read books.”

Yuuko- “I saw Sasahara turning Nano’s key! If you know what I mean…”             Mio-“OH MY GOD…”

Dramatic artistic change and censored human x robot girl fun

Our next love themed section has some Kendo fun with Misato and Nagonhara, who actually shows up to help the girls train for the tournament coming up. On the way home from the doj,o Misato has a chat with her little sister Mihoshi about Sasahara of course; this dude is the best, and has been visiting the dojo lately to watch but Misato takes this way out of context. This gives Mihoshi an opening and she comments about her sister confessing to him. That comment just causes Mihoshi to get blasted by a random rocket from Misato. More sibling love! But being Misato’s sister is suffering…. Unless you wear bulletproof vests all the time.

Mihoshi- “We are being attacked by black spikes! Save yourself!! AHHHHHH!!”

Next! A trip to Nano’s house where Hakase is having trouble finishing her dinner after pushing the onions to the side; yeah I am with you, Hakase, I hate onions in my food too. But Nano stands her ground and refuses to give Hakase anything until she finishes all the food. Big news, Sakamoto sneezes and we soon learn he caught a cold. I wonder do cats really catch colds? I guess this works for the story as Sakamoto is a special case and its anime. Nano does a few special things for him that instantly causes Hakase to rage and she begins to act sick too just to get some special treatment from Nano. Oh Hakase, why are you so jelly of the awesome Sakamoto?

Nano- “Onions targeted, activate spoiled kid alarms.”

Sakamoto- “Please….destroy….Hakase… this is my final wish…”


The final section of the love episode follows Mio visiting a vending machine to buy some drinks, but she has a hard time choosing. I know right? All those choices but Banana juice sounded great to me. Before she can buy anything she drops her money, which lands right in front of Sasahara; I guess Mio has some fate with him? However, Sasahara takes this as a message from the heavens and uses Mio’s coin to buy some coffee. Well, the machine eats his money and drops the cup upside down and fills the bottom with water. You so could have flipped the cup before the water hit! But Sasahara drinks the water like a boss and looks to the sky with Mio as they share a moment together.

Mio- “Damn! All I have are these hundred dollar bills.”

Sasahara- “This money is blessed by my awesome good looks.”

Mio- “This man…amuses me so much… I will make him mine! SOON!”

Extra laughs

I love Nano’s new face design! Looks amazing.

Mio-“No one is going to take my man! I WILL CRUSH THEM!”


Hakase saw that last episode of Mawaru Penguindrum and loved the artwork.

Mio, You are so cuteeeeeeoooo!

End Thoughts:

Ah love is in the air! I do enjoy the themed filled episodes of Nichijou, really good stuff this week for Mio, Nano and Misato. And of course that science teacher Miss Nakamura plotting more ways to capture Nano for personal studies, you would think she would just follow Nano home? I did laugh when she followed that random black cat around the block and then jumping from that high up!? I was shocked she didn’t break something. Not to mention Nakamura was spying on Nano the whole episode! She is a bit of a creeper for doing that or I can blame the power of SCIENCE!

I am not too sure which pairing I like more Sasahara and Mio? What about Sasahara and Misato? Both of them work out really well for me. But I really have no idea who would actually confess to him, inside this heavily themed comedy series. When you get down to it both girls have equal shots, because Mio knew him since she was a kid and Misato knows him through the kendo club. Anyway I really don’t think we will actually get anything to really happen between those characters sadly but you never know! They might take a chance and run with it.

Now with Hakase not eating her food! I guess we should come to expect things like this from a kid character they are naturally picky eaters. But it was still amusing to watch Hakase try her best to talk her way out of it, but Sakamoto getting sick? That was random but Sakamoto is more human than animal to me since he can talk. And as soon as I heard Sakamoto was sick I was like oh man! Hakase is going to be so jealous! And man was I ever right, because as many people know I have siblings too and this has happened before to me when I got Jello while I was sick my little sister was like I WANT SOME TOO! Ahaha I guess that’s just how it goes but I still laugh at that even now.


Yes, the law of you just got robbed by technology sucker!

Will Sasahara and Mio get together?! Or will Misato battle Mio for the love of Sasahara! I wouldn’t mind seeing those two in a fight….

Thanks for reading!



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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12 Responses to “Nichijou – 24”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    awww Sakamoto got sick cause of all the abuse, and i learned that cats can’t eat onions.

    YES Nano looks awesome in Mio’s imagination

    Hakase watching Mawaru Penguindrum. That put a nice image in my head

  2. Elyon says:

    Awww yeah, finally we get more Sasahara! He never ceases to amuse me no matter what he’s doing.
    I support Sasahara and Mio! Not that they’d have real romance in this show anyway, but still.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes! I loved this episode just because of Sasahara! He is a great character even thou he is a bit…random at times, yep he is very amusing xD

      Sasahara and Mio! YES!! Sad but so damn true….this is a straight up comedy, then again we shall see how things “end” soon…

  3. Kyokai says:

    Sasahara episode?! The best episode! xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sasahara is so pimp! All the popular characters want some of him, and LOL @ Mio’s ideas in her head so hilarious xD

  4. Shizuo says:

    Helvetica Standard: 1 million Yen…!!!

    Maybe I’ll do the same thing if I have a lot of money… LOL

  5. Hana says:

    I don’t know waht I’ll do either, Foshii 🙁

    On the brigt side – OMG GOAT GUY! So. Much. Goat. Guy. =D

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah I know! I guess I will look forward to Squid girl or Working!! For my comedy needs ;D

      Sasahara! <3

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