Meta Jump Issue – 07

Another week brings us another Meta Jump!


Gintama – 224

Gintoki- “This is the worst shortcut ever!! THIS GPS SUCKS!!”

Well this week on Gintama we have the ring ghost making a special appearance! After Gintoki bought a random blu ray player from a shop, which had a disk stuck inside that had a spirit trapped inside of it! Shinpachi and Gintoki are freaked out by this suicidal ghost girl who seems to be messing with them, Kagura on the other hand is perfectly fine with this ghost…This was a great comedy episode but I think that damn ring joke is getting old! I mean Mayo Chiki episode ten had the same lame joke for Usami’s apartment. I did find that ending section of this episode really funny watching Gintoki put that ghost inside a GPS device and driving right off that cliff for the best ending ever. But I nearly lost it with the opening did anyone else watch it? THAT CRASH! Ahahahah I died laughing and Gintoki’s comment about doing that twenty two times how they mess up eventually? This is why Gintama is one of the best comedy themed anime out there.


Bleach – 338

Urahara- “Damn I am one sexy beast!”

  Filler fun continues this week with Urahara and Kon playing detective as they search for Kageroza’s secret lab! They use some of his blood to track him down after Urahara does some squad investigation. He is trying to figure out what squad Kageroza belonged to before transferring into squad twelve, but finds no records on his past. Meanwhile Hollow Ichigo is somewhat wandering around about to start blowing stuff up! And Kon finally finds Nezumi and attempts to free her, but of course he freaking fails horribly at his one mission I guess he tried his best. And she ends up fused to Kageroza who suddenly shows up out of the nowhere to face off against Hollow Ichigo. Surprise! Ichigo you found the main boss again, now how will you be able to fight back? I really hope we get to see the final hollow form soon! But probably not so I won’t hold my breath, if anything Ichigo will use his amazing willpower to regain control of his body. I almost forgot! Urahara versus himself! That was so hilarious and all those clones, and whoa that song during that fight and Kon running around?! I want that remix so badly.  Either way good episode of Bleach this week, I hope we get to watch an amazing fight with Hollow Ichigo next week!


Naruto Shippuden – 228

Naruto fired their animator this week! Now we have Chibi Madara who isn’t happy…

 Seasickness seems to be an ongoing theme for these fillers. This week we get a whole episode of Gai-sensei and Lee’s shenanigans as well as borderline-puking. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited for this episode. After all, these two are the most ridiculous characters EVER. When they’re together, hilarity is guaranteed to ensue. This episode we got to see Lee’s Drunken Fist and the training he went through with Gai-sensei. I have never seen such…crazy training. They almost killed themselves five times or so? Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. Anything that this pair does is crazy and/or dumb. I really appreciate the bond between the two of them though. It’s a little overdramatic and yet endearing all at once. Gai-sensei and Rock Lee are so meant to be! That being said, I’m really, really, really ready for the actually plot to ensue. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF FILLERS.


Sket Dance – 23

Evil looks! Bossun has plenty of them now give him back those kids!

  So this was the episode where Himeko and Momoka drink Chuma’s crazy age reversing potion and turn small like Bossun did however many episodes ago that was.  Himeko gets all excited, Tsubaki finds them and freaks out, and then Daisy and Unyuu turn little too. In order for them to turn back, Bossun needs to pick up dried seaweed and this is where things get hilarious. It laughed SO HARD at Bossun’s mother and sister thinking he was a lolicon. Switch having to borrow uniforms was pretty funny too. Also, seeing the end with all of the characters as children was great. I think the president’s role was the best though. He totally fits that image. Anyways, they get the aging potion, turn into 25 or so year-olds, and the process is implied to repeat but they don’t actually show what happens because the episode ends. I kind of wanted to see what happened after they aged… Oh well. Y-E-S! The arc about Bossun’s family is next! I’ve been looking forward to this!


One Piece – 514

Beware the roar of the flaming-cyborg-tiger! Or bring some marshmellows.

  Hello! Jrow is out this week hunting the one piece or doing other pirate related stuffs, this episode continues the set up for Luffy’s secret message to his crew! I already know what this message really is due to reading the manga and I must say wow! I really enjoy reading it. Anyway we have Nami preparing to get some weather training from the grandpas; I couldn’t help but laugh at Nami’s ecchi comment to the old guys! Leave it to Nami to pull stuff like that on guys. After Nami we joined Franky! And that made me to laugh even more! Ahahah that fire lion scene with the marines amazing! And the reactions to seeing Franky’s missing face….And last we saw Sanji! And his new “friends” I really think it’s great to see them using his cooking as a way of training, it looks like things are running smoothly for the anime series I am still waiting to see if we do any time jumps. Sadly I do smell some sort of random filler headed our way. By the way I still love this current opening we have! Well the visuals are touching and filled with so many D’awwww moments between the characters and the song is catchy.


Fairy Tail – 96


  This week’s Fairy Tail was basically a bunch of scenes that worked kind of like a filler episode. So Edolas Fairy Tail moved to the city to work and Earthland Fairy Tail had an extremely wild party to celebrate Lisanna’s return. There was also a scene with the new magic council saying that they want to get rid of Fairy Tail because there have been a lot of complaints about them and a scene with a guy who wants to meet Natsu, but I don’t want to spoil anything about that yet so that’s all I’ll say. It was nice to see Fairy Tail acting like usual since we haven’t seen that for a while, but I can definitely see why people complain about them XD. So next episode seems to lead into the S class mage arc. Yeah, I don’t have much to say about that, but it should be exciting.


Beelzebub – 33

Oga’s super technique of the week THE ROLL LIKE AN INSANE BABY!

Oh man, Oga. You can be so thick headed sometimes, just like Beel! Following up the last episode, we got the presumed fight between Miki and Oga. And again as presumed, Oga got beaten up quite hard by the special techniques trained and honed by Miki. So, you would ask, why all the rage? Well, flashback finally shows what the deal was about: Miki worshiping Oga in Junior High because one time he saved him from bullies who were a full fledged gang. Supposedly, Oga cut all his ties to save Miki for further harm as he was moving away but that was taken too seriously by Miki, causing him to train hard and fast to face him one day to defeat. Hey, nothing new here in case of shounen but knowing Oga, would he actually remember doing that or was it simply on a whim? Of course, it never helps that he keeps on repeating, ‘Who were you again?!’ ALL THE TIME. Maybe some training with Toujou would do him good. Next episode, school festival happens so expect the girls in maid costumes. YOU ARE NOT A GIRL, ALAINDELON!

There you go readers! Another issue of the always fun Meta Jump! Thanks for reading.


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8 Responses to “Meta Jump Issue – 07”

  1. Namika says:

    go-go Ogaaaaaaaa¬ xDDD

  2. Kitty says:

    You know after every arch in Fairy Tail and next episode is always a party once, where Natsu usually ends up fighting Grey and eventually the whole guild joins it. Honsetly, I look forward to them. They make me laugh so hard.

    Looking forward to S-Class Arch, the death guy is interesting!

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha oh you’re right. I guess they do party after every arc.

      Believe me, he’s extremely interesting.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! That’s just how Fairy Tail rolls! I want to be a part of that guild after all so many parties. Oh yes I always laugh watching Natsu stir up trouble and get rough with his guildmates xD

      Nice! I hope we get some great fights <3

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I love the current OP on Naruto Shippuden. I never skip it at all. Instead, I replay it about two to three times.

    Guy and Lee aren’t my favorite characters in the Naruto universe but they do have their moments. Plus, the fights weren’t half bad. Lee sure knows how to show off when he’s fighting, especially when he’s drunk.

    So Lee’s main fighting style is Drunken Fist, eh? He should meet Nakuru. Drunken Fist vs. Stripping Drunken Fist. I’d love to see that.

    • Karakuri says:

      Druken Fist vs. Stripping Drunken Fist? Seconded.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I have skipped it a few times, it has been wearing out for me I do love the song just bored of the visuals I think around 235 we will get a new OP soon.

      Those two?! I always freaking laugh so hard! Usually I hate them but this time I have no idea they were just so damn funny and that opening video? Those Chibi designs that was awesome.

      Yeah I have seen him use it before to fight! Really awesome watching the hand to hand stuff, Lee isn’t really my favorite but I don’t mind watching him go all out!

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