Mayo Chiki – 09

Kanade- “Hello, everyone! I am taking over this series please enjoy my show.”

Yaaay Mayo Chiki! It’s my weekly dose of comedy that’s actually supposed to be a comedy so I can’t believe I almost forgot about it (yeah, I admit. I almost forgot.)!!!!! Sighhhhhhhhh. I guess actually having to wake up in the morning is starting to get to me…
Welcome back! Thanks for joining myself and Kara for more fun with Mayo Chiki! Not a whole lot to report in to everyone besides working on some more random fan art! I might do a Subaru or Kanade drawing in the future before this series wraps up. Anyway hopefully everyone is having such a good time with this anime as I am.Plot this week follows Jirou helping out Usami at her part time job working at a–drumrolls please!–Maid café!? Yes, it appears Usami does dress up as a maid and asks Jirou to help out for a few of the sick workers. While Jirou and Usami are working, Kanade arrives to give Usami a hard time at work, making her go through some embarrassing events to expose Jirou’s maid fetish.

Jirou- “Oh man… I could get used to this life…so many maids!”

We start out with Jirou cleaning dishes at his new job as he agreed to help Usami because of their “friendship”. Yes they are friends now but I think Usami wants to be more than friends. Of course we need love triangles in our harem shows. While working at his new job a certain someone decides to pay a visit to stir things up as usual. Once Kanade arrives and learns of Usami working there, she quickly begins to exploit her into doing some maid duties: like calling her master and serving eggs with love written in ketchup.

Omlet rice for your enjoyment! That’s some impressive writing, Usami.

Kanade- “Operation embarrassed bunny is going well… Fufufufufu.”

While Kanade is having a blast messing with Usami and Jirou, Subaru wanders the streets looking for her missing master and gets pulled into a butler themed café. We learn Subaru ended up smashing a door at that café and now she has to work off the debts to the owner… Poor Subaru. At least she fits in with the guys, right? They do get impressed by her skills calling her a pro and she’s indeed a pro after all after dealing with Kanade on a daily basis.

Butler- “You there! We need a blonde to complete the butler collection.”

Best pairing ever! These two are so cuteeeeeeo!

Back to the maid café, Jirou is soon joined by Kureha and Nakuru. They end up working as the other replacement maids for now and quickly adapt to the new job really fast! Then again these two are super care free for the most part. With some new maids joining the other workers, Kanade decides to stick around and cause more trouble for Jirou after she proclaims he has a secret maid fetish, which we learn he does not really have one. However, Kanade feels she has to prove this fact and ends up making Usami pull her skirt up to try and excite him with garter belts; nice try, Kanade! But I think she might be powering up Jirou’s maid fetish even more with that crazy stunt.

Double heart-o’ love for everyone!

Kanade-“Yes it’s true! WE all have a maid fetish right, girls?”                     Usami-“…well, I don’t….”

Jirou activates his H powers! Target’s acquired.

Subaru eventually arrives at the café to save the day and takes Kanade home. Before she can leave, Jirou chases her down to talk about the confession of being more than friends from the previous episode. Sadly, she tells him to ignore what she said and pretend it never happened; damn, I guess you are back to square one again, huh, Jirou? After returning to the café, Jirou talks with Usami, who drops her phone, which he decides to call just to hear the random ringtone making Usami angry and she decides to chase him down the street afterwards.

Subaru has some fun ideas in her head for you later, Jirou.

Extra Service

With all these maids the manager is set for life!

Kanade is in heaven this week, surrounded by so many lovely girls.

Who wouldn’t want their own harem of maids?

I will get a towel just…sit tight…yeah….

Usami- “Why do you all keep calling me, bunny??”                 Jirou-“….Your name, you idiot!”

End Thoughts:

Omigosh a maid cafe episode. First swimsuits, then yukata and now a frigging maid episode. This show loves its fanservice.  Not that I mind, because maid cafes are awesome. I totally agree with Usami about working there in order to wear the uniforms. Lol for Subaru being dragged to work at a butler cafe though. Funnier yet, she was actually really good at it. Actually, this entire episode was hilarious. Those other maids though, was that a KissxSis parody? I never watched the anime, but they looked kind of similar…

I kind of wanted to see an epic ‘maids vs. butlers’ (nothing like the anime with a similar title though) battle between the two cafes but I guess everyone suspecting Jirou of having a maid fetish was amusing too. But the whole ‘showing him your garterbelts will prove that he doesn’t have a maidfetish’thing?LOL What kind of broken logic is that? That doesn’t prove anything. He could have a zettai ryouiki fetish and you’d never be able to tell the difference from his reaction.

I can’t believe Usami actually fell for Kanade’s obvious lie too. Man that girl is innocent XD. On another note JLSDAGLKJDSFLKAJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN IT. Jirou didn’t understand Subaru’s confession and then she basically took it back!!!! HOW???? WHY???? COME ON!!!!!!!! And here I was all excited that a girl actually straight up confessed in a harem show and then all the progress was reversed by her saying it wasn’t a confession. Gah and it was such a perfect moment too…best friends…*mumble mumble*….

This episode was perfect for anyone with a true maid fetish! I don’t mind maids too much but I wouldn’t say I have a fetish for it; not that I’m complaining! It was a sight to see Kureha, Nakuru and Usami wearing those kinds of outfits. And go figure, Kanade would pop up just to cause chaos for Jirou as he helps a friend out! Then again I honestly think Jirou would do anything for the girls as he happens to be close friends with his harem, if you think of them that way. I really think Usami and Kanade are a lot of fun to watch! They constantly butt heads and always “troll” each other so much. I think deep down inside, Kanade is grinning whenever she pokes fun at Usami.

And Subaru! I did laugh when those guys randomly appeared and grabbed her, pulling her into that butler themed café. But honestly, you would think they could tell their own employees apart? Guess not! And that random butler talking about Subaru paying the debt with her body ahahaha that line was so damn funny and the guy’s reaction to her possibly being interested in BL?! Nooooo!! Run away now Subaru! Still that whole scene ended up making me laugh for a while.

Now I know I can’t leave this out! That confession of Subaru’s from the previous episode and then Subaru telling Jirou to just ignore it all of a sudden?! How can Jirou ignore it! ARRGGGG… Why, Subaru? I guess she might be ultra embarrassed to reveal she has feelings for a guy… I really hope we don’t end this series hanging on that subject. Although I really think we might be getting an ending like that or maybe we will get something else? Either way people will probably hate on Jirou for a while after backing down and failing to return any hints or feelings to Subaru.


Time for a episode about food! Do not watch while hungry.

Parties, changes in clothing and of course some cross dressing with Usami wearing a butler uniform, and yuri filled kissing?! Also, Kureha as a child?! She is so damn cute but still deadly.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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8 Responses to “Mayo Chiki – 09”

  1. Hime says:

    Oh, hurr. Maids. Still, a single episode of this was better than a whole season of Kaichou Wa Maid-sama.

    Kanade has to be one of the most awesome villainesses ever. She’s just having so much fun.

    • Jrow says:

      It’s kinda true, though Ayuzawa is my waifu.

      I always forget to watch this show. I always need the Foshakuri posts to remind me to download it, cause I do like it and all.

      EDIT: So I know Chiki is somewhat of an ecchi show, but I never would have thought they’d sell a cast-offable figure of Konoe. Link NSFW, reader. It’s Sankaku Complex.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhhh true that I remember watching every episode of Maid-sama and getting no where at the end…

      Yep! Kanade is tons of fun to watch she is always up to something sneaky.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    So many maids!!! This rivals the maids in Sacred Seven. I’m starting to get a maid fetish myself. All the characters look great in maid outfits.

    Kanade is this show’s viewer drug and her sadistic cruelty knows no bounds. Her lies and set-ups always manage to fit the situation without a hitch. And she does so with a child-like innocence. A villainess you can fall in love with as long as you don’t cross her path or become a person of interest in her schemes.

    Now that I think about it, Subaru trying to keep her act as a boy is just like Charlotte from Infinite Stratos. They both look alike and both shows are produced by TBS

    The previews look awesomely funny. Anime: the only place where cross-dressing is tolerated. And possible yuri kissing?! OH YEAH!!! Sign me up with a front row seat!! I’ll be anxious all week!!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes! I would have to do a official headcount on Sacred seven maids versus Mayo Chiki! Well the ones in this series are more fan-service and Sacred seven are more battle ready xD

      Yep! Kanade really has no bounds when it comes to her favorite thing ever! Maids and butlers! Oh yes just stay away from her unless you are into that kind of thing….

      Now that you say that Subaru really does remind me of Charlotte from IS, I mean both characters start out as “friends” with the main guy then slowly become best friends to possible girl friends. They probably tried their best to mimic that type of character because we all know how popular Char became.

      Ahahaha yep! We might get some Nakuru kissing Usami action next episode and of course Kureha breaking Jirou’s bones.

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