Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 08


Sheesh, since when has UtaPri come out so early in the week? I swear I just watched episode 7… Oh well. Tons of fanservice this week and I’m not complaining at all. XD

It’s the summer camp in UtaPri and Tomo announces that she’s pairing up with some random guy who’s not part of Haruka’s harem. Haruka however, is still undecided as to who her partner will be. She has a flashback of Tokiya emoing in the rain last episode while staring at him being a loner again.

Shining (who has the greatest background music ever) comes in wearing a ridiculous outfit while twirling a stick that’s on fire and then jumps into the ocean wearing a loincloth. I’m not entirely sure what the point of all that was, but afterwards, Tomo calls Haruka to help find their cabin. She runs to catch up only for Tokiya to block her path. They stare at each other awkwardly for a while until he moves out of the way.

Later, both girls are in their swimsuits and Haruka is spacing out again. Tomo leaves Haruka to go on a date with her partner and Haruka decides to wander the beach. Otoya calls out to her and says that he has something important to say. After stuttering for a bit, he suddenly announces that he loves her! …music. -_-

He tells her that her music is amazing and that he wants to sing a song she wrote, but that’s about it. He just kind of announces this and then leaves. Oh and he says that he’s going to write down her name on the desired partner sheet.

Elsewhere, Ren’s fangirls are harassing him over who he’s going to choose as his partner. Sho and Natsuki are also undecided, but Natsuki says that his pick is someone who can accept him. A ton of fanservice later, pretty much all of the bishies have stated that they have someone in mind.

N-Natsuki… *facepalm*

That night, Haruka can’t sleep, so she goes outside and finds Kupuru out there for some reason. She confesses to the cat that she can’t get Tokiya out of her head and wonders if there’s anything she can do for him. Kupuru runs off and Haruka follows.

After wandering through the forest, Haruka finds some abandoned ruins and a mysterious bishie. The bishie introduces himself as Cecil, a prince from a foreign country. He then mentions that they’ve met before and that they will meet again as he kisses her hand. Then he sings to her in the cheesiest scene ever. Oh and flashbacks reveal that he’s actually the cat.

Foreign bishies: Apparently they give you magical flying powers (and a ridiculous amount of sparkles)

Haruka asks who he is and Cecil avoids the question completely saying something about how his clan came to these shores a long time ago and that Haruka will continue to have tough times, but she can create a miracle. He leaves he wishing that Muse give Haruka divine blessings and Haruka wakes up outside on the deck.

She sees Tokiya walking nearby and runs up to him. Haruka says that his music saved her before and she apologises to him. He says that it’s not her fault though and he apologises for being a jerk just because he was PMSing over being confused.

He also explains that after his debut, he was hospitalised for whatever reason and he heard a shota (…could be a loli. The gender was pretty ambiguous.) singing Amazing Grace and so he joined in because it was the first time music had moved him like that. Soon, Tokiya had a choir of hospitalised children at his disposal.

The moral here is that injured children sing better than ones you pick up at the park.

They all promised to go to his concerts, so that’s why he feels the need to sing for a living. Haruka starts crying begging him to sing and so Tokiya decides to give it another shot.

Later, Haruka goes to return to her cabin only to find Ren waiting for her. He says that the person who can make music for him is Haruka and the episode ends. Now here’s where things get awkward XD.

I wonder how she’ll break it to Ren that she’s been 6 timing him

 Final Thoughts:

….Cecil, wtf are you doing there so soon and where the hell is Satan? NOOOO I WANTED TO SEE SKIRT FLIPPING MASATO…. Gah. Dreams… shattered… Anyways, LOL they didn’t explain why Cecil was in Japan, why he was a cat, or anything about Muse, so it just sounded like he was part of some weird cult. He got a crappier episode than Natsuki did lol. At least his musical number was fabulously cheesy and complete with a magical sparkling flying scene. Who brings a cat on the school trip anyways? Sigh. At least Tokiya is finally over his angst phase. Though that ended pretty quickly with little to no effort on Haruka’s part. If only all bishie PMSing was that easy to solve.  I’m glad that they didn’t just forget about Tomo’s character too. It’s nice to know that she found someone instead of just being forgotten while Haruka deals with her guy troubles. At least now she can be forgotten, but we know she’s happy XD.

I figured Haruka would end up partnering up with Tokiya in a big dramatic “I’m sorry for being a complete asshat to you! Let me sing your songs written with LOOOOOOOOVE” type of way but after the quick make up this episode, I don’t know anymore. They DO seem to be favouring him a lot here since no other bishie has gotten as many insert songs as him (plus Miyano does the OP). It would make more sense too since every other bishie has had just one episode to them with minimal relationship development. Hell, Sho’s episode wasn’t even that romantic. Ah well, the downfall to having a short series. I’m curious as to who she’ll end up partnering with (please tell me this isn’t going to have a 7p harem ending). Seeing all these guys fumble around her is hilarious, but at the same time kind of painful to watch because she can only partner up with one. …Unless they form a fabulous boy band. Sadly, I can see this happening. LOL


…Yeah. I pretty much only use the UtaPri preview as an excuse to post bishie pictures.


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10 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 08”

  1. Junko says:

    The cat..is Aladdin..

    Welp, there’s only one thing left to do…


  2. Elyon says:

    I think Haruka got her hands on some shrooms or something, because that girl was definitely tripping. I mean, suddenly the cat transforms into Aladdin and starts singing? NO. I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS AS ANYTHING BUT A HALLUCINATION.
    I really couldn’t stop laughing when they started singing amazing grace. Just….LOL. This is the most hilarious thing I’ve watched in a long time. XD

    • Karakuri says:

      PFFT AHAHAHAHAHA …yeah. It wasn’t even that plot relevant, the writers just threw it in there XD.

      The singing in this was hilarious all around. Especially when Miyano tried to harmonize with his choir of hospitalised children.

  3. Yvoon says:

    STOP WITH THE FLYING!! It’s the most ridiculous thing they keep doing…

    man, sometimes i feel embarrassed just watching this…”OTL..

  4. Alynn says:

    OH MAN. This episode made me laugh so much.
    Oh god the Amazing Grace part. I laughed so much it was ridiculous. I really can’t take this sometimes.

    PFFT CECIL. NO WAIT, ALADDIN. What is this show doing, really.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, this episode was pretty hilarious for all the wrong reasons, like usual XD

      ….Don’t ask me. lol. There is no plot! Only bishies!

  5. Kitty says:

    I approve of the bishie posting pictures ^_^

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