Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 07

More fabulous than your average identity crisis

…Thanks to me watching this on nico for the lols, I will now forever read Tokiya’s name as Itchy-nose-san. CAN’T FRIGGING UNSEE.

It’s raining in UtanoPri, but unlike most cases here, Haruka is not the one depressed. She’s is actually doing excellent in school ever since she worked up the balls to play piano in front of the class and everyone is surprised by how much she improved. Despite Haruka’s life being fabulous, she still has problems though. They mostly have to do with the whole Hayato-Tokiya-what? injury thing from last episode.

Haruka runs after Tokiya when she sees him and says that she realised that they’re the same person. She asks him if his injury is okay and he tells her to drop the subject because it’s a nuisance.

“I-it’s not like I was stalking you from a window or anything.”

Later, Haruka wonders why Tokiya would come to school posing as his younger twin brother. Tomo picks up that Haruka is acting weird and assumes it’s about Natsuki interrupting Hayato’s concert last episode. She tells Haruka to tell her if she has any problems.

Meanwhile, Tokiya is recording and for some reason, the rest of the S Class bishies are there as well. After he’s done, Ryuuya says that while his singing was perfect and followed the score exactly, his song was lacking heart (LOL CHEESY). Since his singing hasn’t changed since he got there, Tokiya will be kicked out of the S Class. OH NOES.

Tokiya goes back to ignoring Haruka in the hallways and meets his manager in a car. After talking a bit about all of Tokiya’s schedualed events, manager-san goes on to say that the concert they planned after he released a new single was cancelled. Also, they plan on shifting Tokiya’s career from singing to acting instead. From his reaction, Tokiya doesn’t seem to like that very much.

Yep. No stalking here.

At the school, Haruka and the gang are conversing about how Tokiya’s life sucks because he was kicked out of S Class. Otoya is immediately saddened because Tokiya tries so hard and they admit that his songs lack heart. Haruka flashes back to the concert but when she sensed that something was wrong, she thought it was his injury that caused his singing to be off.

Tokiya returns to the school late at night, only to find a letter in his shoe locker. He heads to the principal’s office to ask Shining what he wanted. Shining reveals that he and Tokiya have a promise of some sort to help Tokiya move to a different agency because the one he’s at is balls pushing him away from music. Also, the one who told Ryuuya to kick him out of S Class was actually Shining.

Tokiya was so surprised, he lost half of his nose in the shot

Haruka is taking the news about Tokiya pretty hard and when she sees him outside from a window, she runs after him for about the 20th time this episode.  She manages to find him having flashbacks of children while singing by the pond where they first met.

 He’s already been out there for at least 5 minutes, by anime standards he should be hospitalized soon due to rain exposure. 

Haruka realises that he’s singing the song that saved her back when she was in the city and starts crying. Also, Tokiya acquired a spotlight somehow during this scene. After missing a perfectly good chance for a Miyuki Sawashiro and Mamoru Miyano duet, Tokiya stops singing and notices Haruka behind him. Haruka states once again that Tokiya is Hayato and Tokiya says that she noticed right away when they first met.

Haruka asks why he’s in school since he’s already debuted and he says that it’s because he wants to sing. Despite his song from a couple of minutes ago being good because it was Hayato’s, when Tokiya tries to sing as himself, he lacks heart. Haruka realises that she might have been the same way because when she tried playing the piano before, she couldn’t move her fingers despite the fact that she could play.

Totally not stalking.

She tells Tokiya that she’s sure that he’ll be able to sing someday but he continues to be an asshole and says to stop comparing them because they’re not the same. HARUKA COULD NEVER UNDERSTAND HIS PAAAAAAAAAIN

The next day, Tokiya joins Haruka’s class like nothing happened and the entire class is pretty awkward around him (minus Masato because he’s too busy playing piano like a boss). The awkwardness continues into Tomo and Otoya performing a manzai on camera and everyone enjoying it except for Tokiya. Haruka just kind of occasionally glances at him being a loner.

Just look at her not stalk him.

The next day, the school trip is announced and it’s at some southern island resort because the school has money to burn. Ringo also announces that when they return, they will have to pick their composer-idol teams so the trip will help them pair up. You know what this means? BISHIE BEACH EPISODE! Maybe. Hopefully. PLEASE.

“The audience has demanded fanservice! WE MUST PROVIDE!”

Final Thoughts:

LOL this episode they waaaaay overused the dramatic sound effects and put them in places that didn’t really make sense (ie Haruka’s flashback. Why did they feel the need to put that there? Lol). That’s okay though. It only made me laugh more XD. Oh wow it feels like Natsuki was shafted in his episode though because his was partially Tokiya’s episode too. And then this one was dedicated to Tokiya as well (and I assume the next one will be too because he hasn’t gotten over his annoying emo ‘NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME AND MY ANGST! NO. DON’T EVEN TRY.’ stage yet). They didn’t even fully explain Satsuki yet. Why can’t Natsuki get an episode to himself??? Lol.

Speaking of Tokiya, they weren’t exactly subtle about him being Hayato. If you look at the vest he was wearing last episode, it was totally hanging in Hayato’s dressing room before the show. What do I think about Hayato being Tokiya? Well to be honest, I knew this from a while back so it’s not really that much of a surprise. I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t add in the part from the game about Hayato talking to Haruka about Tokiya, but this anime needs to cover all the bishies so I guess it’s only fair that they cut stuff out. I am hoping that they’ll do some coverage on the teacher’s routes though from the Aria and Serenade games. Or at least have a Ringo episode. I want to see him in non-trap form XD. Oh and the ending single has already come out too (amazon says it’s been out since the 20th of July. Wtf. Why wasn’t I informed?! D=). The foldout is pretty hilarious. You don’t get much more fabulous than this:



Normally beach episodes are pretty meh, but if they do a bishie beach episode, that’s another story. Assuming they’re actually going to have one.


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4 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 07”

  1. Alynn says:

    I marathoned the first seven episodes today. Oh man so much FABULOUSNESS. I died when I first saw the ed single animation. There was so much FABULOUSNESS that my eyes were bleeding at the end of it all. I’ll admit the song is pretty catchy though.

    It was SO obvious that they were actually the same person. It didn’t buy it one bit from the beginning.

    Oh man that is SO cheesy that I laughed so much at that part. No heart in his singing. I’m laughing all over again.

    Following this anime now mostly for the music + cheesy stuff now.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha I can only imagine. It’s enough fabulousness for once a week let alone a couple of hours of it in a day XD.

      Lol yeah this anime loves its overly dramatic cliche stuff. I’m watching it for pretty much the same reason. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much for a non-comedy anime before.

  2. Elyon says:

    Oh god…that foldout is almost as fabulous as Star Driver. BUT WHY IS REN NOT MAKING THE HEART SYMBOL WITH MASATO?! (Yes, I ship that. XD )

    I just love the way the principal talks. Even when he’s just having a normal conversation his voice is so…exaggerated I guess? I don’t know, but it’s hilarious.

    • Karakuri says:

      ….That’s pretty fabulous XD. And LOL agreed. Ren looks better with Masato anyways. The almost bowl cut and the long blonde hair balance each other out XD.

      Shining is awesome. He does talk weirdly though. I’ll be having a hell of a time trying to figure out what hes saying when my game finally comes.

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