No.6 – 05

Boys Love, thy name is No.6!

Oh no, it’s that starting paragraph where Overcooled talks about herself! When will the torture end?! In two days I’ll have been writing for Metanorn for a year. Hato and Hoshi have already passed that milestone of 365 days since their first post, and I’ll be soon to follow. It’s kind of nostalgic, really. Thanks for putting up with me for this long!

No.6 is still infecting people with wasps, even in the thick of Winter. So much for Shion’s hibernation theory…those things will bust out of people’s necks no matter how cold it gets. Speaking of No.6 civilians, Safu makes a triumphant comeback. We get a peek at her painfully average school life, which only differs from normal people in the sense that she still sees love as just a step towards sexual reproduction. Yeah, she’s still a weirdo.

Meanwhile, Shion reads The Happy Prince to some kids. Nezumi scolds him for being so benevolent, but Shion tells him he’s a hypocrit. Afterall, he did give Shion’s ugly sweater to one of them. Instead of admitting it, Nezumi just grumbles and goes out to work. Shion follows suit, to his less dangerous job as a dog-washer for Inukashi.

Shion’s new job: lure in children and then use them for soup

This might backfire later, but for now, Shion goes to Inukashi for relationship advice. He just wants to be a good husbando, so why is Nezumi so mean all the time? During his shift, the guy who Shion strangled last episode makes another appearance. He’s here to buy information, but Inukashi demands he pays extra since he’s a dirty pimp. Receding  Hairline Man challenges Inukashi by outright telling her that he knows she’s been smuggling materials out of the correctional facility. They come to a reluctant agreement to do the exchange after Nezumi’s rat breaks up the tension.

He has been hearing rumours of the wasp infestation, and wanted to know if it was true. Shion just spills the beans without much restraint about the whole situation, and even how he himself was a victim. Once he realizes that the wasps are active in Winter, unlike his predictions, he panics and begs to be taken to Nezumi’s workplace immediately. Cowardly Moustache Man takes Shion to the playhouse where Nezumi is performing Hamlet, and that’s where things get…interesting.

Let’s just say the casting wasn’t exactly what I had expected. Nezumi plays Ophelia, which means that you hear a husky voice coming out of a frail-looking beauty in a dress. Nezumi spots the awestruck Shion and panics at first, worried some audience member might slaughter him or something…but that eventually fades to happiness that he can show Shion what a pro drag queen he is. It’s a shame his performance is cut short by the wind blowing and playing a song that only he seems to hear. Back in No.6, Safu is experiencing the same phenomenon during a trip to the musuem. They both end up collapsing.

Nezumi has a hallucination about lying in the grass while wasps surround him. He can’t move, but a voice promises to sing a song of protection if he comes towards her. IT’S A TRAP, DON’T DO IT! The dream shifts to one where he’s a kid and is being sucked into a tar pit. He screams out Shion’s name, and wakes up with a jolt to see Shion there. Like, right there. A few inches in front of his nose. He frantically asks Nezumi a million questions to make sure he’s okay, but it just pisses him off.

NOW IS MY CHANCE TO…Awww, he’s awake now

Once Nezumi recovers enough to get out of his dress, Shion tells him about the wasps. Nezumi proposes they celebrate. Shion would probably protest, but I guess once he had Nezumi’s body pressed against his, the political correctness of it all just faded away. Nezumi teaches Shion to dance to celebrate the inevitable fall of No.6. They go at it for a long time, until Shion is sweaty and exhausted. I swear to God these double-entendres are not necessary.

Shion sucks at dancing, but he’s clever enough to realize that Nezumi was trying to teach him how capable Nezumi is compared to him. Despite this, Shion still worried about Nezumi because he’s the most important to him. Moreso than his mom, Safu, or even himself. This should be a shocking confession for Nezumi, but he’s more alarmed that Shion managed to move from the couch to right in front of him without as much as a rustle of clothing. So why does Shion have secret ninja reflexes? I sure as hell don’t know, and it keeps Nezumi up all night in confusion as well.

Bonus Screenshots:

Safu does some “research” for the future


Shion with Bowtie Guy AKA Pimpy Pimperson AKA The Man Who Stole Kotetsu’s Hat

We need to look less racist. PUT A GINGER KID AND A BLACK GIRL IN THIS SHOW, STAT!


Welcome to this week’s caption THAT DOESN’T NEED A CAPTION. Enjoy.

End Thoughts: Why is this show so perfect? WHY IS THIS SHOW. SO. PERFECT? It’s not an understatement when I say I absolutely adored this episode. It was mostly development between Shion and Nezumi, which had me a bit worried considering how short this anime is going to be. But then I remembered that they revealed quite a bit about No.6. Shion and Nezumi now have less time than they originally predicted if they want to stop the wasp infestation and now the wind has been mentioned again. That’s no normal “wind.” It seems like only Safu and Nezumi were affected by it, which is seriously suspicious. Safu said she saw Nezumi when the wind blew, so could they be linked together somehow? Has the government messed around with their minds? Are those two just innately special? Will it get worse than just hearing voices and fainting? I have a lot of questions about what the wind is doing, but not enough evidence to do anything outside of wild speculation.

I like how the government’s corrupt side was shown even more this episode. Funny how both No.6 and the outskirts are essentially corrupt in nature, but No.6 likes to pretend it’s perfect. Those poor bystanders might be subject to more than just interrogation after witnessing that gruesome death. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were “disposed of” for knowing too much. I like how the anime flips back and forth between the two parts of the same society for contrast, but couldn’t help but want the No.6 segments with Safu to end faster. I don’t dislike the girl, but I’d rather see Nezumi in drag. DON’T INTERRUPT MY NEZUMI TIME! But seriously, the flipping back and forth could really take off if Safu becomes the inside spy of sorts to figure out what the government is up to. She’ll probably end up helping Nezumi and Shion if they ever do go back to the city to stop whatever conspiracy is going on. Come on sperm girl, you’re smart…you’ll figure out the government’s tricks in no time!

Now all that No.6 related jazz was great and all, but I really want to talk about how well Shion and Nezumi are developing. The BL man, it’s all about the BL. Inukashi didn’t meddle in their affairs any more this episode, so their relationship was able to bloom. I guess they have a fragile truce that could break at any moment…but for now, the two of them are getting unbelievably attached to one another. Shion looked like he was about to have a heart attack from Nezumi’s acting prowess…and I think I was too. Come on, Nezumi dresses in drag for his job, can we just say they’re gay and stop holding back? It’s only half a step up from what they’ve been doing up until now. It’s not just the wistful thinking of a fujoshi, it would actually help to improve the story. It makes more sense that Nezumi is losing his edge because of love, and Shion’s dedication is so unwavering that calling it “friendship” just seems lacking.

They even danced together. It was a long, well-animated scene of intimacy, BL, and my heart nearly self-destructing from euphoria. So first of all, for my fellow fujoshi: HHHNNNGGGGGG. For everyone else, that scene also doubled as Nezumi proving a point to Shion that he’s physically too weak to go out like Nezumi does. Nezumi is so harsh because he’s worried about Shion getting hurt. Nezumi is capable, Shion isn’t, etc. etc. The startling part is that Shion actually shows the opposite almost immediately after when he grabs Nezumi by the throat. Perhaps he has some latent, fighting ability? That would be nice, he’d be less useless that way. Either that, or Nezumi is REALLY getting soft after dedicating so much time and care to Shion.

Preview: Ooo, a nice, long preview. Safu laments the death of her grandmother, but seems to be proactive in finding out more about her death and No.6. Is she going to start uncovering the truth now? As for Shion and Nezumi, they seem to be undergoing some tension. Either Nezumi is super pissed, or he’s trying to get Shion to use those lightning fast reflexes again. It’ll be a good one, that’s for sure!

I don’t understand you, hand. Why do you hold so many mysteries?


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23 Responses to “No.6 – 05”

  1. 2PacFan says:

    Safu seems like a nerd that needs to get a life. I’ve met antisocial people with more sense than her. >:I Either way, I managed to enjoy this episode. I always enjoy the episodes. <3

    The dancing part was so…I can't explain it. I don't think I blinked throughout the whole part. I love their development 🙂 Even if isn't homolove, it's still pretty close. I love these two bastards. When I saw Nezumi dressed as a chick, I thought I was going to die laughing. He must have issues.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, she seems to have forgotten what “fun” is. I hope her friends snap her out of it >_< The dancing was glorious, I wanted to cry tears of joy. Same with the drag scene. It's really amazing~

  2. Mina says:

    Your preview made my day XDD
    I totally understand you, first there is carassing… and now they dance. They should kiss soon, and then comes the bed, I say!
    I wonder what that wind and song was, I really do. And that somehow Safu and Nezumi seem to have a connection was SHOCKING. Seriously shocking xD
    Can’t wait for the next episode~!

    • Overcooled says:

      It makes my day when someone says my writing makes their day XD So thank you

      They need to just get married and save us all this grief. Then Safu can find her own man to “reproduce” with. I was actually pretty surprised that Nezumi and Safu were connected considering how they’ve never met, as far as we know. o_o

  3. animeluv04 says:

    Shion and Nezumi should just hook up already. It’s so obvious. Anyway, great episode as always. I heard Sentai Filmworks licensed No.6 so I can’t wait to buy it.

    • Overcooled says:

      Agreed. Just confess now!

      I’m a cheapskate so I don’t usually buy the DVDs or Blurays, but that is still good news!

      • animeluv04 says:

        I’m a cheapskate too. I only buy DVDs of the shows I really really love. I only have two DVDs.

        • Neena says:

          They don’t sell them in my country. I mean..yeah, sure, Naruto maybe. But dubbed. They’re super overpriced.
          Who would want to see them dubbed anyway?!hmpf!

  4. Mad Chemist says:

    As curious as I am about the wind, I want to know more about why that stained glass window in No. 5 had bees on it. All of this bee imagery in the cities has lots of ominous implications for the show…

    That scene at the end with Shion grabbing Nezumi’s neck could change their dynamic entirely. It looks like it shattered at least one of Nezumi’s defensive walls and proved that Shion isn’t quite as weak as he looks. Speaking of Shion, he was back on track this episode with this and his attempts to let the others know about the bees. I was a little worried about the show’s pace after last week, but this episode restored my faith nicely.

    • Overcooled says:

      Mmm you’re right about the bee imagery being ominous. There might be a long history with these wasps…It might explain why they sue them to transmit that strange disease.

      Shion was a lot less dense this episode, it was nice. No more strangling strangers, heh. I think things are moving long quite nicely so far too. Can’t wait to see what’s revealed next week.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Oh hey look singing and dancing! Awesome now I think Nezumi = Alto from Macross Frontier, maybe it’s his little brother from the past?! Anyway good stuff this episode and lmao @ Safu indeed she is researching through her friend.

    • Overcooled says:

      Haven’t seen Macross but hey, there are a lot of secret long, lost brothers in anime. XD

      • Foshizzel says:

        Lol yep! Lots of brothers and sisters out there for any character, I think Nezumi’s ponytail adds to the Alto factor ;D

  6. Miyu says:

    I LOVED IT. 😀 …and I have officially been converted into a fujoshi *dies*
    Anyway yup this question raised so many questions! Nezumi and Safu could really be mentally connected in some kind of strange way.. :\ And from the preview it looks like she’s going to join the two in formulating a brilliant plan to save no.6 or something.
    Still, I can’t help it – NEZUMI AND SHION HNNNNNN♥

    • Overcooled says:

      You’ve joined the dark side! Congrats! Now you can fully enjoy fangirling over this couple without any shame!

      I really want to know how a girl like Safu is connected to a boy like Nezumi. It’s mind boggling. I think they might meet soon though, so we shall seeee~

  7. BlackBriar says:

    Nezumi has talent. He was way too convincing. I didn’t know he could be so dramatic.

    Safu is researching through her friend. In every last detail possible when she sees Shion again, certainly after the last time they talked and she blurted out her mind scrambling demands from him.

    • Overcooled says:

      He’s quite the actor, isn’t he? He looks like a real woman too. Even moreso than poor Safu, who means well but….uh…she just means well <_<

  8. Neena says:

    Are you sure this isn’t yaoi? Or at least shounen-ai :)))They’re…they’re…I’m speechless :))

  9. Yvoon says:

    For some reason, this show is just addictive.
    I have NO idea what is it that makes it so addictive. Srsly!!!

    Think its gonna be my fav show this season.

    and all the BL…it kinda feel right….

    holy shivers….i think i’m turning into a Y**I fan…uh oh…OTL

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