No.6 – 04

Who let the dogs out?

I was spending so much time on Catherine that I’ve fallen behind for the second week in a row. I thought summer would mean more time to watch anime and be a blob, but then I forgot I actually had friends who want to do stuff almost every day. You still love me, right? Or at least, you retain your sense of acknowledging my existence as that strange lady who blogs No.6. I’ll consider that a win, too. I’ll take what I can get.

This week on borderline BL theatre, we see how Shion’s mom is faring now that his son is missing. She feels a lot better once she receives that small, fortune cookie-sized letter from Nezumi confirming her son’s safety. Awww. However he’s not THAT safe, as the outskirts of No.6 are a nasty place where just walking through the city presents a lot of issues. Just by trying to follow Nezumi, he ends up being pulled into an alley and kissed by a prostitute. Nezumi saves the poor, oblivious boy from her by stunning her with an amazing kiss and then dragging away Shion.

Nezumi scolds Shion for walking around like a headless chicken and practically advertising himself as a newbie to these parts of town. A couple of pimps try to press Nezumi to pay for Shion’s, ahem, fees with the lovely lady back there; but as if they’d give in. Nezumi beats them up and then gives them the slip. Shion once again thanks Nezumi for being his savior.

They end up in some rich guy’s home in order to try and dig up more information. The man is a fan of Nezumi’s theatrical performances, where he goes by the name Eve. Kind of womanly, don’t you think? His admiration for Nezumi’s acting and love for Shion’s mother lead to him divulging a lot of information. He starts explaining how he gives No.6 tips on women who need to be “dealt with” with an evil grin. Outraged, Shion tries to strangle him. Nezumi manages to calm him down before he causes any more damage. On the way out, they see a photo of him along with Shion’s mom and a team of researchers…

In case that heterosexual kiss threw you off (HET PAIRINGS EXIST?!), No.6 didn’t forget to give you a nice scene in Nezumi’s library where he puts Shion’s hand on his chest. He can’t stand the other boy asking so many questions, because he knows it means they’ll end up getting too close. That’s only going to be a burden if Shion decides to side with No.6 in the end. After the mini confrontation, Nezumi receives a job from Inukashi…which he promptly dumps on Shion.

Shion didn’t believe someone so pretty could be a man. Until now.

Dog-washing duty. Not the most glamorous of jobs by a long shot, but Shion doesn’t seem to mind. He is equally affectionate towards all living things, which really throws Inukashi off. She’s so derailed by this ridiculous boy that she effortlessly begins telling him how she was abandoned and raised by dogs. She even tells him that Nezumi sings to dogs as they’re dying in order to carry away their spirits. Of course, the actual Nezumi appears and ruins everything by throwing around some insults and parading around with that cocky strut of his.

His cool attitude quickly turns sour when Shion starts exasperating him with the way he’s naming mice, like a true dorky airhead. His naming sense is kind of…off. Nezumi starts to yell at him, but then quickly suppresses himself when he sees Inukashi watching in awe. She’s never seen Nezumi actually show his real emotions to this extent. Once she recognizes Shion as the cause of this sudden soft spot, she concocts a plan.

“This one is Dark_Angel222 and this one is Super_Kawaii_Chan177717!” “…..”

While Nezumi is out doing his nightly brooding, Inukashi follows him with a pack of dogs. Nezumi is quickly surrounded. Finally, another chance for some Nezumi action! Nezumi does a lot of dodging and weaving until he gets to Inukashi. Once he’s got a knife to her neck, the dogs won’t do anything. It’s a smart move, but Inukashi is a step ahead. The tables turn when Shion runs towards them from the distance, obviously worried about why Nezumi wasn’t home in time to taste his special soup. Nezumi can’t kill in front of Shion or else he’ll be cast in a dark light. Inukashi breaks out of his hold, but calls it a day for now. She seems to have something else up her sleeve for later.

and then suddenly, Wolf’s Rain happened

Shion’s vision must really suck to have not seen Nezumi getting MAULED BY DOGS or anything of the sort. Or maybe he thought they were playing. Nonetheless, he innocently follows Nezumi home. On the way back, Shion admits that he can’t forget his mother…and yet he’s insistent that he stays here to make a living. Why? Because he’s so hot for Nezumi he could be the cause for global warming, that’s why. Nezumi just smirks and mentions something about improving Shion’s literacy. Perhaps he’ll let him see “Eve” perform a famous role?

The Appearance of Bulldog Bro:

Shion just isn’t drawn to that sort of thing, I suppose.

Shion almost got his 2nd unwanted kiss in the same day

Everyone is getting mad, but Bulldog Bro is just like “fawk this shit, ima sleep.”

Planning an assault? Bulldog Bro knows it’s best to wait at home where all the noms are.

End Thoughts:

Okay, I’m starting to see why this show could be scaring people away. The BL is continuing at a steady pace…moving from physical affection to almost directly confessing strong feelings for each other. For me, this is heaven. I never thought it odd that Nezumi snapped at Shion, but Inukashi pointed out something important. Nezumi isn’t one to wear his heart on his sleeve. He only yells at the damn boy so much because he’s so worried about his safety. Nezumi denies how deep his feelings for Shion are, but it’s pretty obvious by how many times he ends up playing the hero that it’s more than petty companionship.

I’m not sure what Inukashi really has to gain from killing Nezumi other than getting him back for an offhanded comment (and I’m sure he’s said worse things to her), but I hope she doesn’t make Nezumi question his relationship with Shion. But this anime so Shion’s POWUH OF FRUNDSHEEP will probably make Nezumi realize that it’s not a weakness, but a strength. For now, she’s probably going to be a real pain in the ass for the two of them, casting shadows of doubt at every opportunity. I really like Inukashi, so hopefully she doesn’t get TOO mean to our main duo. That would mean an episode without chest-groping, hugging, and talking about how attracted they are to each other! How would I survive!

While I loved learning a lot about Nezumi through his actions and even about Inukashi, Shion is a completely different story. He now suffers from airhead lead character-itis. I know he’s supposed to be naive and sweet, and that’s attractive to Nezumi because he sees him as pure. However, he was plain stupid a lot of the time, sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. He strangled a guy because he reported women to No.6 and insulted Nezumi…Doesn’t that sound like a dangerous person to just jump on while shrieking like a banshee? I know he’s sheltered, but he should at least try to realize he needs to change his actions if he wants to survive. His ideals will take time to change, but for Christ’s sake, don’t start asking what everything is like a tourist when you’re in the middle of a street. They’ll realize you’re a noob right away and then shank you.

Preview: Man, these endcards are PURTY. Inukashi tells Shion he will never understand Nezumi, which means yet another episode where Shion does his best to understand his aloof captor. Inukashi, just what are you planning?


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21 Responses to “No.6 – 04”

  1. animeluv04 says:

    I have to admit I LOVE No.6 and I don’t watch yaoi or BL. I love the relationship between Shion and Nezumi and the plot.I’m sticking around until the end. Screw the BL haters, they’re missing out a good anime.

    • Overcooled says:

      High five right here. The anime has even toned it down (apparently) from the novels. The two of them have an undeniably interesting dynamic going on, so I’d say it’s worth sticking around for those who don’t get antsy at boys being a bit touchy every now and then. :3

  2. Hime says:

    While I’m still not really enjoying No.6, this episode did have some good things in it. I really liked how quick to turn on Rat Inukashi was. A lot of these type senarios that boast cut-throat outsider towns never follow through with that attitude, and if they do it’s always just with random bad guys, not characters that appear to be on descent terms with our mains. Her almost instant betrayal after finding out Rat had a weak spot really broke out of that cliche, and was really refreshing.

    When that guy suggested Rat, Oh, I’m sorry, Eve become a prostitute I was like PLLLLLEEEEAAAAAASEEE. That would be amazing xD Shion would just die of embarassment.

    Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      About SPOILER. WHERE IS DISSSSSS. Why this show is not shounen ai? It should be. :3

      • Hime says:

        I dunno, sadly. There were having arguments about it on 4Chan.

        I hardly go there anymore, I swear.

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s good that No.6 portrays EVERYONE as being cut-throat instead of “everyone but the main character’s jolly circle of buddies.”

      Rat would be an epic prostitute, just saying. Also, oh my God, WHY ISN’T THAT NOVEL IN MY HANDS RIGHT NOW HNNNGGGG

  3. BlackBriar says:

    That ruined town Nezumi and Shion are in looks like the slums of an old Persian market place. Come complete even with prostitutes and pimps. The people there are absolutely feral as if they were locked in the city and put under quarentine like Doomsday.

    Shion is becoming a little irratating now with his personality. He’s weak, naive and a little too optimistic. I didn’t think it was possible but he might actually be worse than Deadman Wonderland’s Ganta. He needs a prison to toughen him up. Nezumi is still ice cold and badass as ever. He even had a soft spot to let Shion’s mom know that her son is still alive.

    Release the hounds!!! There’s no I can picture a girl being raised by a dog. It’s too disturbing. Kill first and ask questions later seems to be the law of the land.

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s like Aladdin! …Forgive me, that’s the best comparison I have.

      Looks like I wasn’t the only one bugged by Shion’s lack of self-awareness. The kid needs to be more street smart! Maybe if Nezumi lets him get roughed up a little more, huh? Ganta seemed to respond well to getting beaten up.

      • BlackBriar says:

        No problem on the comparison there. I’m sure everyone might consider the same thing.

        Yeah, Shion really needs a reality check or he won’t survive as Nezumi keeps. He also might respond well to getting beaten up. That naive attitude should be the first thing to go where they are. Although, I never expected him to snap the way he did in front of that guy. He might be a ticking time-bomb. Now Nezumi has to play the nanny. Lol, I pity him for that.

  4. Alynn says:

    Wowww there actually is so much bl hinting in this series… honestly. LOL not that I’m complaining.

    I really like the characters in this series. Nezumi reminds me so much of Alto from Macross Frontier. I probably the hair tied up and the feminine facial features LOL.

  5. tomphile says:

    I can’t tell if the Dog Keeper is a male or female

  6. Kyokai says:

    Nezumi: “Lay off, he’s mine.”

    Shion: “I’m drawn to you.”


    What else do you want anyway? :3

  7. Elyon says:

    So…InuKashi IS a girl, right? It has been driving me crazy since she first showed up.
    I still don’t get why everyone is dropping this just because they’re OMIGAWD GAY. It’s still doing a damn good job telling it’s story. >3> Personally, I think an actual relationship forming between them would be a good thing as long as it’s done in a way that seems natural and believable.

    • Overcooled says:

      I’ve seen Inukashi fanart with her wearing dresses…but for a show like this, I guess that doesn’t prove much. <_< It's not building a relationship for the sake of sex scenes or kissing to make fujoshi go wild, the relationship is part of the story! I would love for them to flesh out a more romantic relationship as well. It could work so well for the story.

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Not a bad episode that dog chick is kind of cool xD

  9. Mad Chemist says:

    I think Dogkeeper’s goal ”was” making Nezumi question his relationship with Shion instead of killing him. I had trouble figuring out her intentions, but her comments at the end about Shion making Nezumi soft makes me think that was the purpose of siccing her dogs on him. I could be wrong, but trying to kill someone because they insulted your mother seems a bit off.

    I was kind of disappointed by Shion’s derp and fish out of water behavior. I like the show because it lets both of its mains be intelligent in different ways, and Shion didn’t get to be at his best here. Hopefully he’ll get better when he’s more used to the outside world.

    • Overcooled says:

      That makes sense but why does she want them to fight amongst themselves? How does that benefit her in any way? Is she just a little bit sadistic and likes screwing with people if they insult her? Even that seems a bit much..I don’t get her.

      Yeah, Shion is supposed to be a genius and yet he’s really quite useless in situations like these. :/ Come on, boy, get a hold of yourself.

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