Nichijou – 18

Coffee makes people act crazy!

Heya all! Wow, summer is almost about half way finished and what have I done? A lot of work but a good amount of going out. Though, I hope that I can do more before it ends. Actually, this is probably the last review you’ll see from me for most of August. Going to be busy with family that I won’t have time to watch anime. But I will still be working on Meta Projects like ANTM. But yeah, Nichijou… still good as ever…
Hello all! That is so true, Ness, Summer is almost done. I haven’t done much of anything well besides drawing of course! And more World of Warcraft. Nichijou is always the highlight of my week! It never seems to be slowing down, well time to start this episode review. 

Stories this week follow Mio showing how great she is at ordering coffee. Mia and Yuuko dress up for a late Halloween and why you ask? Because they can, of course. And the return of the elf princess too, who seems to be very bored with her current setup after taking over. Over on Hakase’s side of the episode, she invents a robot boy who runs on biscuits.

Yuuko had to escape after killing everyone in the coffee shop.

The episode begins with Yuuko taking Mio to the new coffee shop. Without even thinking Mio orders her coffee perfectly with no issues, well Mio is smart compared to Yuuko who storms out of the shop after being shown up. Not like it’s hard, Yuuko! You uhh just need to read a bit more than others. After that fun coffee event, we follow everyone back to school, with our daily dose of Nakamura failing to capture Nano. Sasahara has a chat with Misato, who uses some rockets and a strange tank suit to shoot  pellets at him. When will these two talk normally?! Well I don’t think it would be as funny without the guns.

Nakamura-“Hmmm maybe I should label these DON’T DRINK?”

Sasahara- “Why did it get so cloudy?”               Misato-“I can control the weather, duh!”

This is the power of love! It makes you shoot rockets at your lover.

Oh I can’t get enough of Sasahara and Misato together! Anyways, we follow a random adventure with Yuuko meeting Mia for some Halloween fun, which was really random but she does meet another new character named Mihoshi, the little sister of Misato. I guess the hair color really helps with that pairing. She ends up helping Yuuko who gets lost on the way in meeting Mai, who shows up dressed like a knight in a suit of armor.

Yuuko- “Now that pink haired girl will be more popular than me, I need pink hair.”

Yuuko-“What the Fuuuuuuu–! Did I just time travel?!”

Hakase-“Sakamoto! I had a dream where a girl was failing to order coffee.”

Mai you win for best costume! Mihoshi goes home with her sister who fixes her kendo sword as Misato is the master of weapons. Mihoshi picks on her sister after making comments about her liking Sasahara! Come on it’s so damn true, Misato. Watching her blush is always so much fun. During these fun Misato events, we have Hakase who wants to show off her newest creation: a robot boy she has built, but quickly forgets the kid after gaining praise from Nano about how smart and cool she has become. No! Nano, don’t make Hakase’s head bigger, unless she is trying to sweeten the deal and get her key removed?!

Hakase-“Behold! I have made my own onii-chan!”   Number two- “Please deactivate me quickly! I CAN’T DO THIS!”

Robots that read books are so amazing and very moe like Nano!

Now for the epic moment of this episode! The elf princess Starla who demands her new henchmen to impress her. All the henchmen are super excited to show off for the princess; however, they quickly learn the princess is not all rainbows and sunshine! She begins to send several people falling from the blimp with a series of trap doors. Seems like the princess really is hard to impress as the henchmen begin to drop like flies. Number eight runs off and throws his pom poms out the window that land on Mio’s head! This causes Yuuko to scream randomly. I am starting to think the princess and henchmen are a part of Yuuko’s very active imagination.

Mihoshi- “Ehhhhhhhhhhhh”

Party time for the henchmen!

Princes Starla is getting really bored being evil.

Henchmen-“Oh my god! This is the worst party ever!!”

Yuuko-“Damn, that was scary, I had a dream where I did something right.”

Extra laughs

This little sister has magic water powers and twin-tails!

Some of the best animation ever, looks like a long haired Mia or Nano.

Hakase- “Fufufufufufuf I like stars.”

This princess is hard to entertain, maybe she needs some cake.

Two best friends for life! Yuuko and Mai.

End Thoughts:

Pretty cool episode. Actually, I can’t fully remember what happened in the previous episode. But anyways, I so knew that Mio would be a pro at ordering coffee. Oh poor Yuuko thought that she could outsmart Mio hehe. Actually, I’m still not that great at ordering coffee too! I mean, like I just stick with the things that I usually order like my favorite iced caramel frapp but I don’t deal with those shots and of course gotta pass on the whip cream. xD Anyways, seems like Yuuko is down on her luck this episode with all those misses on her way to meet up with Mai. That happens to me sometimes too, when someone waving and I think it’s to me.. yep, I fell for that one. But yeah, guess Mai isn’t all that smart genius with forgetting that Halloween passed by already. Wouldn’t they have noticed?

I find Sasahara and Tachibana’s scenes to be dull and not that entertaining. It’s like once you’ve seen a few of their scenes, seeing anymore is just not interesting. We all knew that Tachibana had a crush on Sasahara. It’s like the saying that when a girl or boy picks on someone specifically and a lot, they most likely have a crush on them. But I find Tachibana to be not cute hah. Anyway, I’m trying to figure out what the Helvetica Standard segment of the show is really about. I’m guessing that it’s just random stories about non-main character people. The one about the book was actually interesting until I saw that inside the book was a gun. This didn’t make sense because the girl was saying how the book brought color back into her childhood, so does that mean she used the gun as a kid?

I’m just going to skip over Nano and Hakase because hey, this Biscuit Boy stuff is so not amusing. Making a robot that runs off of biscuits when you like to eat biscuits? Hakase rather let it shutdown then hand over her damn biscuits. But yeah, the ending part of the episode was awesome. It was a bit extreme but it was nice seeing the airship story again. Though, the Princess seems less pathetic then the previous appearance and more of a snobby bored royal. Oh those poor number guys but oh it was so funny. As well, I was waiting for the connection to the main characters. Mai’s pigtails were the pom poms!! Yuuko’s dreams are just that cool. I guess I’ll have to try to catch up with the series near the end of the month. So until then, laters~

Great episode this week and I agree with Ness there, I figured Mio would be a pro at ordering her coffee the correct way. But Yuuko running away like that made me laugh, I guess she can’t stand Mio being good at something, not that ordering coffee is extremely hard. And I can’t forget when Yuuko had to go meet up with Mai for Halloween!? What?! I figured we would have had a whole episode dedicated to that theme, ah well we will probably have a Christmas themed one too. I think this was another attempt at Mai pulling off one of her epic trolling of Yuuko’s feelings! But it looked like it was real, I was waiting for Mai to pull a just-kidding move.

Sasahara and Misato, together as always and on the roof of all places, usually that’s where people confess in most anime! Well I always find the two of them fun to watch, I know a few that don’t really like Misato much but really like Sasahara. Now that I have seen more episodes of The World that God Only Knows, I can see why people think he is a bit like Keima. Yes I can echo what Ness said it’s clear that Misato really has a thing for him! After all she is always picking a fight with him. I liked that we finally got to see Misato’s little sister, hopefully we haven’t seen the last of her! I am waiting on her to swing around that sword of hers. She doesn’t appear to be as violent as her sister, then again we don’t really know much about her.

I felt so bad for that kid robot that Hakase made! Poor kid left out in the cold after Nano praised Hakase, she totally forgot about that robot. And ohhhh yes! Seeing the elf princess again and the henchmen, that part of the episode was random and fun at the same time. Of course that princess was getting so bored being the boss of all those guys! And seeing number eight with those blue pom poms? I was thinking Mio the whole time. So yeah a great episode with random and funny events! Well see you all next time, enjoy.


Whoa that sounds really good! Damn you, Nichijou! Making me see this.

Expect some random and crazy adventures with the cast of Nichijou! Thanks.



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8 Responses to “Nichijou – 18”

  1. Junko says:

    Hnnng, this show <3

  2. Moni Chan says:

    lmao this episode like any other nichijou episode was EPIC

    I loved when the Henchmen yelled when they where falling I couldn’t stop laughing at that

    I am so glad I dont drink coffee or even “Coffee Coffee” It seems to get people into a lot of … stuff

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed very nice this week.

      Oh yes! That was a great moment those henchmen and the elf princess? Good stuff!

      ahaha yeaaahh some people are way into their coffee 😉

  3. Amuro1X says:


    This episode was quite fun, as usual. But damn, was I the only one that noticed this seemed like quite a dark episode? The gun inside the book, the mooks plummeting to their doom, and Biscuit 2 being abandoned by his creator. Nichijou can be dark.

    • Foshizzel says:

      High five Amuro! I love Nichijou too!

      Ahahah yes! The gun inside the book was amazing, I think the animation for that whole section blew me away some quality stuff right there. LOL Poor Biscuit 2 left out in the cold T__T Dark Nichijou would be crazy! But a welcome change.

  4. Hana says:

    Yukko attempting to outsmart Mio… yeah, you knew how that was gonna end…

    I wonder where they are going with Biscuit-Bot… it’s the second time we’ve seen him in as many episodes, but Nano is clearly unaffected by him, so I wonder how he’ll factor in re: Nano’s ‘I just wana be a normal girl even though I’m actually a robot’ theme. I guess it says more about Hakase than either of the others, like why she suddenly felt the need to create another Bot, possible jealousy aside…

    and that last pic made me both rage and drool at the same time – damn those pretentiously named but delicious sounding concoctions! *Shakes fist*

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hana! Thanks for stopping by 😀

      Ahaha yeah! I enjoyed that attempt by Yuuko poor girl…

      Yeah I have no idea what they are going to actually do with Biscuit-bot maybe Hakase needs someone at home to entertain her? LOL I sure hope not! Guess they want to expand and introduce more characters.

      LOL yes! Well I haven’t had any coffee like that before, it does look really good xD

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