Natsume Yuujinchou San – 04

Childhood memories and renewing old friendships~

As Natsume episodes are pretty much standalone in terms of story, I would be covering all episodes separately rather than bunching up them together. I know it would have been less time consuming if I had but c’mon, some extra love for Natsume is never bad so I am back after the whole Anime NTM Cycle 3 hubbub to present the latest episode of this brilliant series. Let me just up our Anime NTM Cycle 3 here as well because Natsume is one of the HAWT bishies trying out his luck on the runway. All fans are obligated to vote, so don’t forget!

Coming to the current episode, it’s the end of midterm exams for Natsume and gang (Sasada, Nishimura and Kitamoto), which they decide to celebrate by going for a trip to an art museum and finally rejoice their free time to get their minds off studying. While they plan their trip, Touko-san has her own fears of meeting a childhood friend who didn’t like her pressed-flowered cards in exchange for her handmade cookies (Kuriyama sure sounds like Reina from Usagi Drop to me; annoying!). Poor Touko-san is traumatized to meet her but decides to anyway, as Natsume gives her an encouraging smile.

This triggers his childhood memories, none of them are happy to the least. So, we meet a ‘noble being’ as she calls herself, a tree youkai. From the way this particular youkai guards the tree, it’s apparent that she’s a pure environmentalist. Not to mention her life is connected to the tree she resides over (don’t forget Murasaki from previous episode). Though it’s a boring job and it sure gets lonely when you are alone just sitting on a tree. Playfully she tries to scare the passersby, only to be walked through instead until the day she shocks Natsume by jumping in front of his face suddenly. Knowing that the boy in question could see her, she starts stalking him like a bad omen. Of course, she doesn’t get the fact of trauma that Natsume has to go through and remain unflinching in front of the other kids.

This is not the only drama in Natsume’s life because he’s being transferred from one home to another as usual by his relatives. He happens to listen to one of such conversations and in being found out, his uncle gives him his old jacket, which he treasures like his first toy. DAWWWW, Natsume, you just gave me déjà vu of Harry and the cupboard under the stairs. ;-;

Kawai neko youkai~


Having enough of the youkai creeping on him all the time and causing him trouble, Natsume starts to take the long way to school. Of course the youkai in question gets lonely and one day she transforms into a cute black neko and searches for him. She finds him zoning out near a riverbank and as you already know, being such a cat person, Natsume hugs the cat and shares his pain, “I wish I grow up soon so that I could live by myself.”

Even being a youkai, she understands his pain because loneliness is indeed painful

And with the passing time, she understand Natsume even more when he screamed to his heart’s content with, “Get lost! I hate you all!” because she feels the same way about how humans treat her abode and her loneliness stretching to many a seasons. What she doesn’t know is that Natsume remembered this particular area during his journey towards the art museum via train. As he moved around a lot, he didn’t remember the places until he saw them again. He remembered this particular youkai from his childhood and came to visit her, just because their goodbye was so awkward and it had been bothering him similar to Touko-san.

A very touchy reunion

Of course, she thought about his kinds smile and sad wish. How could anyone forget Natsume of all people? The reunion was quite emotional with some heart lifts as the youkai shares her name with Natsume and realizes that like her, he too has gained some very precious friends.

Extra Youkai~

ROLLROLLROLLROLLLLL. Who doesn’t like this round furball, huh?!

Youkai Creeper Gonna GETCHOOO~


Chibi Natsume…… HHHNNGGGGG.

End Thoughts:

This episode is filled with nostalgia of old times and memories.  This is one of the early chapters of manga that I went through while watching the first season and really caught my attention because it dealt with Natsume’s childhood and how he had to cope through many situations. Like I always stress that all youkai he meets are not inherently bad; actually, if you ask me I’ll say you’ll find more good than bad in this series like the current one. Though like coming of age, Natsume has to deal with many dark beings and even situations even if he doesn’t want to.

This episode was so sweet! Another signature Natsume-episode with the right amount of feel-good sweetness and realization. Everyone has their own version of childhood memories; it’s fun times for some, while a mixed pot of weirdness and normalcy for others. How one copes with the situation presented and perseveres is what makes a person what they are. Natsume could have simply become a copy of Reiko with hating on everyone but there was this positive spark in him that kept him sane even in the most difficult times.

Like every other episode, this one had the lesson of not becoming a slave to loneliness rather be positive and friendly rather than hostile. The moment between the youkai and Natsume was so sweet! That hug was perfect reminiscing some good old memories that are not always at the back of the mind. Even the cat hug was just adorable! Fact: kid-Natsume is ten times cuter than the grown up version I wanna squish him, hug him, wewewewww! Even with a tough childhood, Natsume sure grew up to be a good lad. Now, take a lesson from this peeps, try to look at the positive side of things and enjoy every moment because life is short and you only get one chance.

Preview: Some youkai is lurking in a storeroom and seems like our Natsume as always is helping out a friend in solving this mystery. Will he get in peril while doing so? Tune in next time (which will be within next two days) to find out! Ja ne~

Natsume wants you to come back for the next review!


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19 Responses to “Natsume Yuujinchou San – 04”

  1. 2PacFan says:

    I think so far, this has been my favorite episode. That youkai grew on me. She was such a jerk, but in the good way, and with chibi!Natsume…it was an amazing episode. I cried watching this episode. I read the manga after I saw this episode and it just made me sadder. His relatives were not mean, but they weren’t very considerate.

    I like it how she actually got attached to Natsume. She even went looking for him. After that, I liked her. 🙂 The kitty scene was just tear jerking.

    • A-chan says:

      From which book there is that story ? OO I have from 1 to 10 waiting for the 11

      /Natsume’s manga and anime always made me cry ;_;/

      • 2PacFan says:

        Well , I’m not sure this story is in the manga, and if it is, I haven’t read it. But on chapters 30-31, they show a glimpse of Natsume’s life with his other family before he moved with his current family.
        I hope that helped 🙂

        • A-chan says:

          Yes I remember about this chapter :3 with the girl and him as shota. It makes me a bit crying xD !

          thanks ^^

          • Kyokai says:

            Natsume is such a roller coaster ride! And like I was just chatting up at twitter, somehow the most amazing episodes are from small specials or arcs of manga. The current one is an example, which was a volume 4 special and appeared with other two short stories after chapter 15.

            Also, I would love some past arcs to be animated, specially how the Fujiwaras took in Natsume. I’m already getting my first wish granted with the Matoba arc, which will start from next episode. :3

            • 2PacFan says:

              I know what you mean about the Matoba arc. I’ve been waiting for that for such a long time but I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome.

    • Kyokai says:

      Natsume sure makes me emotional… ;__; Somehow even with supernatural characters, the feelings just hit home and even some evil youkai turn out to be really friendly. I mean, sure she was mean but she was just bored and lonely. She realizes it later but the wait was worth it and that ending hug was just <3!

  2. tomphile says:

    Ahahaha, oh Nyanko sensei makes me laugh.

  3. Junko says:

    Ramen! Ramen! Raaameeeen!

    Oh god I remember reading this one. All my tears every time. Why the hell are you so precious, Natsume!

    • Kyokai says:

      Everyone scream for RAMENNN~ xD

      Natsume ALWAYS makes me emotional. The goddamn manga makes me cry and when animated like this, oh man…. QQ

  4. Carla says:

    This episode was… just ;______;

    • Carla says:

      And Nyanko sensei was so Cute ♥

    • Kyokai says:

      I know right! I became quite emotional while watching this. =3=

      Nyanko-sensei is always so lovable! Btw, a cute quote for you from manga:

      Natsume: How cute! I love Kitties!
      Nyanko: What? This is the first time I’m hearing it. If that’s the case, give me more respect! LOVE ME!

  5. A-chan says:

    I can’t choose between the episode 3 and 4 ! The both were so cute and sad in the same time TwT )/ hnngggg but Chibi!Natsume wins all /shotacon/ D: I want him as my brother. This episode was full of emotions, Yuki Midorikawa-dono your stories are the best <3

    Nice review :3 Kyokai !

    ~______~ and again, I would like to know where everybody read that episode ?

    • Kyokai says:

      Thank you, A-chan~ <333 Let's ride this season together, shall we? :3

      Omori is being an excellent director third season going, in choosing the diamonds of chapters to animate from the manga for this series. This is the best stuff of Natsume, being feel-good and slightly preachy yet awesomely heart warming.

      And here you go for the appropriate link to check out the manga special that this is sourced from. Go till the end and read after chapter 15 finishes.

  6. Elyon says:

    LOL Nyanko-sensei~ RAAAAAMEN!!

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