Midsummer Party for the first Trio of Senpais

Finishing the first year for any aniblogger is a big achievement. So, time to celebrate and give some love to the first trio of senpais~

If you have been following the Team twitter accounts, it’s a common knowledge that the first trio of senpais have finished their first year at Metanorn this month! And of course, this is the kind of occasions that need celebration and like always we are ready to party. Nostalgia is sometimes cool and this milestone of senpais warrants a look back at their many achievements. I took a trip down memory lane of how Metanorn has been becoming lively through the years and of course the team effect is what makes us. I have much love for my team, each and every one of them has helped in contributing to whatever Metanorn is today. I seriously couldn’t have done it without these brilliant individuals.

Now for the first trio, they are definitely special and have built examples for the ones who followed. For this special occasion, I pulled out some stops by delaying the Anime NTM’s second episode (no worries, it will be up soon too!), and profiling the first trio of senpais. While I highlight their achievements and lovely-pyon-ness, the entire team came together to give a pat on their back with very personal messages.

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Words from the Boss: Now here is a lovable creature with love for many; some Korean boys are definitely on her priority list but there’s plenty of hawt prospects she fangirls over. She’s shy in nature but warms up to people as they get to know her. If you have been following her reviews, her attachment to shows she blogs is very apparent. I remember her BRS post sample and application mentioning over-enthusiastic interest in manga; I literally wanted to hire her then and there. She has evolved with time and has finished all the series she took up, even while moving around and PC crapping up. Her manga recommendation posts are gems and her tilde is adorable. There have been many chats, where we didn’t talk Meta at all but simply fangirled on Kuragehime or a shipping that we really loved. So, it’s been awesome knowing her and I can only wish more future awesomeness and additional manga/Kpop goodness to ensue on Metanorn.


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Words from the Boss: Now this girl is my right hand General. I tell her to go kill people and she’s back in a few hours with a big grin on her face. Well, I’m talking about season reviews, what did you think? It’s just brilliant how dedicatedly and regularly she has kept up with all the shows she signed up for. Not to mention, come up with ideas for editorials and game reviews. And oh, if you add her and Hoshi into mix, they both can make you a combined feast! You don’t even know how multi-tasking the girls of Metanorn are. :3 There have been many a days when we have grinned like hellish creatures on our stash of fanart, DJs and love for everything that has blood, gore and complexity. All the best of luck in uni and shuffling so many things that you do including bossing karate kids around. I see more cutting edge content on Metanorn and why not?!


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First Impressions: Star Driver, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, Bakuman, .hack//Quantum OVA, C, Denpa Onna, Deadman Wonderland, MM, Koe de Oshigoto, Onii-chan, Samurai Girls and Cat Shit One
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Words from the Boss: I still remember how enthusiastic his application was. Excitement was dripping from it and I just had to say yes. Being one of the first authors in the team, he was quite diligent with the Amagami SS reviews. He worked around some extra time on our season reviews and finding pics too; however, with uni starting, he hasn’t been as active as he was before. Still, he’s one of the main co-hosts of MetaVerse and has kept awake many a nights and early morning to meet other time zones for the recording. Personally, he’s such a hipster and I think that’s the fun of knowing him and Junko would agree with me, swiping at him. xD My view on him totally changed when I first heard him. He sounded like 30 and I was like, “Are you seriously, Hato? I just can’t imagine you having such a deep voice.” He’s been a sport and the one who campaigned to get myself signed up on tumblr. I wish him all the best of luck with uni and contributing more to Metanorn with podcast and our very own comic conceptualization.


Wishes from the Team

Overcooled: Whoa! Congratulations on completing a full year on Metanorn. I remember reading your posts randomly one day, when I was looking up new blogs back when I was just joining Ruby over on Banana Muffin. Now we are on the same awesome blog team! So amazing, anyway I always get a good laugh when I read your current posts. Hope we can find a show to tag team on eventually! Well keep up the good work.

Hoshi: Hey! Congratulations on completing your first year on Metanorn, seems crazy, huh? Well, we haven’t done much together as far as tag teams, but you do always review the fun fluffy shows. I do end up watching them just to see cute characters doing cute things LOL. Anyway hope you enjoy many more years to come on Metanorn.

Hato! Everyone’s cool bro on Metanorn, congrats on finishing a year on Metanorn, you might be on break due to other things but you always do good work. From hosting our podcasts to teaming up with Junko and creating such an awesome comic series. And we both have a secret love over K-On! Yes, you heard me right I do enjoy me some K-On! even if they eat too much cake. Hopefully we can do something together one day until then CONGRATULATIONS again!


Overcooled! You’re pretty much the most badass of badasses ever.  You just kick ass, literally and figuratively which is like…ultimate asskickage. While leaving masses and masses of pwnage in your wake, you also manage to be a supah fast, supah hilarious aniblogger. You’re just plain awesome. I’m seriously in awe at how fast you manage to get your posts out. You’re really witty and have great insight and I really cannot imagine Metanorn without you and…and…I’VE LOVED YOU EVER SINCE I WAS A LURKER.  You were one of the first people from Metanorn that I ever really spoke too when I was much more of a noob than I am now and it’s always really great to chat. Congratulations, OC!  You’ll always have a special place in my heart! *sniffles*

Hoshi, Hoshi, Hoshi…My dearest comrade! Where do I even begin? Should I start with your ridiculously hilarious cougar tendencies? Or maybe your penchant for whip cream? Either way, if you can’t already tell, I’m really glad I got to know you! Our conversations on Kpop and Kdramas (ARE YOU CAUGHT UP ON HEARTSTRINGS?) and yaoi and our respective cultures are SO much fun! You are simply hilarious and ah-mazing which is pretty much the best mix ever. Also, I really appreciate the fact that we both totally sob over Usagi Drop and regret absolutely NOTHING. Congratulations on making it this far with Metanorn and I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of Taemin and all other cute Kpop boys who are too young for you! Ah comrade, I LOVE YOU SO! ;D

Oh Hato, I’ve always thought you were really awesome. Though I may not agree with you on all counts (Egypt is definitely cooler than New Zealand), your hipster ways are pretty dang cool and I gots mad respect. You know what else I respect? Your ability to get up at frickin’ 4 in the morning to, not only record, but also HOST MetaVerse. Not only is that borderline godly, but also that takes dedication and just…skills. From what I’ve seen of you thus far, you’re a really imaginative individual and I’m really having fun getting to know you. Also, I greatly appreciate it when you get on Twitter when you’re drunk. It’s hilarious. You should do it more often. xD Congrats, Hato!


Ane-san! I remember when you first started off and nobody feared you yet… Anyways, your posts in this past year have been awesome and just full of wit. Awesome wit, if you will. If I had to state my favourite posts of yours, it would definitely be your Madoka Magica ones. You made the boring interesting and the interesting even more interesting. So yeah, it’s been a fun year of you writing and me lurking (well, now I actually participate XD) so thanks and congrats again on your first year here!

Hoshi, you have no idea how many manga series you got me hooked on through those posts you did over this past year. If that was your goal then consider it complete XD. Your posts also convinced me to watch (and get hooked on) Kuragehime. It was something I never thought that I would have enjoyed before, so thank you! Really, you’ve done an awesome job here and I hope to keep writing with you in the future!

Hato…. You know, it would be much easier to congratulate you for being here a year if I knew what you actually did here XD. Ahaha but seriously, congrats! Hmmm, if I had to state your greatest piece of writing yet, I’d have to say it was Oshigo- okay, maybe not. Honestly though, I really did enjoy your Amagami posts and your work with the podcast is great, so happy one year anniversary with the site! (Lol I have no idea what else to call it)


Woooo congratulations, Hoshi, on hitting the big one year mark! I’m sure you expected some sort of surprise and celebration from your fellow Meta peeps xD Though we haven’t been able to converse much, it’s always interesting when we are actually able to and especially those long K-pop discussions that I somehow end up sitting through in some group chats. But aside from that, I always look forward to reading your manga reviews because it’s great recommendations for my to read list. I’m glad that you finally got into 2PM but I bet you’re already a pro at knowing about that group hehe. But yeah, I look forward to more of your manga reviews and hopefully one day we can do some tag teams! Grats~

Yayayay OC~! Grats on your one year anniversary for Metanorn. Wow, I can’t believe it’s already here. Sometimes it feels like not too long ago but it’s already here and I guess that means that my batch’s turn is coming soon heheh. But that’s beside the point xD Chatting with you whenever you’re on is always fun. As well, your cooking skillz rock! Such yumm foods xD Also your editorials are always an awesome read. Glad to see more of it on Metanorn. But yeah! Congrats again on hitting that one year mark xD

Oh, Hato…. almost forgot about you… yep, that guy. Always amusing to listen to on skype or the podcast and especially when raging about sucking at using your out of date Photoshop. But it’s okay man, you’ve done an awesome job on MetaVerse co-hosting and LtR. Oh yeah, I forgot to say but CONGRATS on hitting that one year mark on Metanorn xD Hehehe, we always seem to be celebrating something. Anyways, hope to see more from you like those cool game reviews that you somehow to get out faster than anything else you work on.


Hato: Congrats, Hato-senpai! I might be mean to you, but I swear, that’s just my tsundere gene working inside me. Since you’re very busy with the podcast and all that, I don’t really see much of your writing =( But it’s ok, since thanks to the podcast I can hear that sexy New Zealand accent of yours xD I kind of admire you, you know. You’re so busy with college and things like that, but you still save time for Metanorn. I love Metanorn, but I’m sure mine can’t be compared to yours. You’ve been here for a year, after all xD Congratulations!

Hoshi: Tehee, my yaoi buddy reached her one year mark. Omedetto, senpai! Man, I remember those days where we would squeal and go “KYAAAA” over yaoi and K-pop (still doing it through twitter of course). Once more, congrats for your one year mark! People come and leave, but it’s actually pretty hard to stick here until now. You’ve achieved something that some people are unable to <3 Gold medal for senpai! Uh wait, you deserve more than a gold medal. All right, I will send you Taemin gift wrapped today.

Overcooled: Ehm, what should I call you here? Sadistic Princess xD? Anyhow, congratulations for reaching your one year mark! Metanorn has been a fun place, but what is Metanorn without a “little bit” of blood? Thank god you supplied us with a decent amount of blood for the past year. And please don’t stop supplying us with blood, do give us bloody supply for a looonnnggg time, maybe forever =p

Hoshi: The times that we’ve hung out on MSN has been really funny. Whether we need to get on task for those t-shirt ideas or we planned Shaft’s direction of a new Yaoi series, I can at least count on hilarity to ensue (although admittedly I do get lost once all those k-pop references come in). Funny enough, your first blog of the Black Rock Shooter OVA on Metanorn was my first write-up when I did blogging on Anivision! Congrats on your first Meta-birthday, keep up the great work and hopefully we’ll get to tag sometime, you and I!

Overcooled: It’s been really great to get to know you as well as I have in my short time with Metanorn, and it’s been fun to tag with ya on a couple Steins;Gate episodes. Looking back on that first tag chat, I was right about Suzu being from the future, and you were on the money about Feyris’ d-mail. It also was a pleasure to have you join me on Anivision, as I must remind those guys that girls exist on the interwebs. We have games in common and we’re buddies on PSN, but we haven’t played online yet. I think you have MvC 3 possibly? Yeah, you should let me kick your butt in that. Anyways, congrats on your first Meta-birthday and keep up the great work on the blogs!

Hato: We’ve really only communicated over 4 podcast episodes and a bit over twitter, but it’s been a good time with ya on MetaVerse and we need to get on PSN and play some games, need to find out which ones we have in common. You’re also a mac guy, which is great! (mac people can take some crap sometimes, can’t they?) And as I look through the series you blogged in the past, I actually remember reading some of your Infinite Stratos posts back in the day and liking those as a lurker. Congrats on the your first Meta-birthday, and let’s combine forces in the future to bring some more gaming flavor to Metanorn! TGS coming up next month…

Congratulations to all the Senpais! *throws confetti about* You guys seem like such a permenant fixture it’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since you started at Metanorn.

Hato: Being a part of Podcasts with you has been all kinds of laughs, whether it’s involved square sausage or not. As owner of the DEEPEST VOICE Metanorn has ever known, I’m pretty sure I had to come to you a few times when I was just a noob because I’d messed up a post or didn’t know how to do something xD So thank you for your MANLY words of wisdom, and just general awesome senpainess! Being pretty noobish when it comes to games as well, your posts on the subject were always enlightening and fun to read. I actually felt I knew what I was talking about if I somehow fell into a discussion about a particular game, and that was all thanks to you! Not only that but your ideas on the Left to Right comic strips are just drool worthy, so ROCK ON~!

Hoshi: *GLOMPAGE* A full year of being Metanorn’s Manga Queen! How impressive is that? I hope you have a decent cushion on that throne of yours cause you will be there for a long time. As the go-to-girl for manga I have learned a lot and picked up a number of good series from your Manga Digest posts. I lost my love of manga for a while but I always manage to find something to get excited about again in one of your recommendations. While it isn’t much I’m glad to have had the chance to tag-team Exorcist with you these past 16 weeks, it’s always interesting to hear your thoughts when they differ from mine. It helps me see a different side of things and to appreciate another take on it.

Overcooled: For a whole year you’ve been bringing us the darkest, bloodiest, bromance-y-est anime out there, along with coverage of Anime North, the delicious Cooking Showcase, and some really interesting and insightful Editorials. Srsly, that one about Tiger & Bunny was fantasically in-depth and well put together. Urayamashii!

We have already started the party. Come on in, wish the senpais and join in the fun~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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15 Responses to “Midsummer Party for the first Trio of Senpais”

  1. Congratulations OC, Hoshi and Hato-kun on your meta-birthdays! Keep up the awesome work and you all shall remain aniblogging royalty forever in my eyes Uwah *sparkle sparkle*

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Congratulations OC ( The Yandereism and Bromance Expert0, Hoshi (The Manga and Kpop Queen) and Hato-kun (The Gaming Guru with MANRY voice) on your meta-birthdays! I bet a lot has happened in just one year. Your reviews and editorials are brilliant. Especially the ones with blood, gore, insanity and complexity.

  3. Overcooled says:

    AWWW thank you so much for this surprise post! I’m used to getting hit by swords and yelled at for not doing well enough, so all these kind words really make my heart swell <3 I...I mean..w-what..n-no...! It's..it's not like I like you guys or anything! *hides dere side again*

    @Kyokai: Oh my God, almost at 150 posts *faints*. Anyways, my loyalty to Metanorn is unfailing! I will destroy all enemies in our path! *salutes obediently*

    @Fosh: Thanks! I think the only actual series I've done tags for were Arakawa and Panty and Stocking. Maybe we'll be the next hot tag team combo? =O

    @Zabobinator: You are like a goddamned saint, how are you so nice and sweet? I vote you most moe member of Metanorn, I swear. Thanks so much for all the praise, you're boosting my ego to the high heavens, I swear...

    @Karakuri: My kawaii imouto! Thank you so much! I always thought Madoka was such a daunting series to blog because of the huge hype, but I'm glad I did a good job. I NEVER SEE YOU ON MSN, WHERE ARE YOU HIDING?

    @Ness: I NEVER SEE YOU ON MSN EITHER, YOU'RE ALWAYS SECRETLY BEHIND THE SCENES DOING STUFF! Anyways, thank you Ness! I'll try to keep it up~

    @Anaaga: I like how blood is becoming a trend lolololol. Thank you~

    @Jrow: Yeah! Tag teaming was fun! Thanks for inviting me to Anivision by the way, I loved it (and you made me a fan of the podcast too. so...organized....!) Also, I suck at MvC3 but I'm willing to have you kick my ass XD

    @Hime: Awww I'm so glad my posts are loved! I'll try to think up more awesome editorials~

    And of course, gratz to my fellow senpai~!

  4. Amutofan123 says:

    Congrats everyone! It has certainly been a very enjoyable year with you three. Hopefully there will be many more to come! :3

  5. Alynn says:

    Congratulations on a year! Looking forward to more from you guys! : D

  6. Hime says:

    The hustlers and dancing girls should be here shortly.

    Meanwhile…*rolls in the beer kegg*

  7. Carla says:

    Awww Congratulations!! :3

  8. jGLZa says:

    Happy anniversary guys! Looking to many many more posts & Metanorn goodness.

  9. Samantha Zan says:

    Congrats guys! Hope for another great year for everyone ^_^

  10. Yvoon says:

    Congratulations Senpai’s!!~

    time sure does fly by! haha.

    keep on being sparkly and hope to see lots more awesome stuff from you guys in the future! XD

  11. Elyon says:


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