Mayo Chiki – 08

Jirou- “So many girls so little drugs er I MEAN TIME DAMN IT!!”

Karakuri here~! I’m back again for another episode of Mayo Chiki! Oho, this week looks like it will be interesting since Kanade randomly decided to invite all the girls over to sleep at the inn with them. Does this mean Subaru and Jirou are going to share a room? What kind of hilarity will ensue this week? Your thoughts, Fosh?
Welcome back to another exciting episode review of Mayo Chiki! That last episode left us hanging and wanting for more, I am happy there is some connection between Jirou and Subaru, well if only Usami can stop messing things up. Anyway tagging again with Kara for another fun episode, also I hope everyone has a chance to vote on the latest versus match between Madara and Kyubey!

Plot this week continues with all the summer fun with everyone staying in the same hotel, a random fan service filled hot spring scene with Jirou and Subaru and her father who causes trouble for them. The next day we learn why Subaru and Kanade ran away together, so Subaru can visit her mother’s grave while introducing Jirou to her mom giving us a dramatic scene between the two of them. Jirou does pass out and eventually wakes up to join the other girls in a battle game using paint, the prize just so happens to be Subaru as anime rules give her extra beauty points to win any contest.

Nagare- “Who’s strawberry shampoo is this?”              Jirou-“I..I like how it smells in my hair!”

The episode begins with Subaru reading some random boys love stuff that Nakuru wrote herself, thanks to winning one of those sheep tickets making Subaru do whatever the cat girl wishes. The story is really embarrassing to Subaru as she throws the book out of the window which causes Nakuru to actually jump from the window; I wonder if Nakuru landed on her feet? The next random event takes place in the outdoor bath, yes the bath is a perfect place to hide from any fan service right? Well not so much as Jirou walks in on Subaru in the guys bath. She’s hiding out as a guy to confuse the girls that is until Subaru’s father arrives to give Jirou some hell about hanging out with his daughter, because friendship is pure evil.

Subaru- “Damn, I left my rubber ducky in the other bath…”

Angry punch from your Tsundere daughter = Family bonding time!

After Subaru kicks Jirou’s ass and does the same to her father, we have some fun with everyone at the beach with volleyball and then a short trip to the local festival. Where Usami and Kanade faceoff with a random shooting game, this is when Subaru sneaks off to have some alone time while she visits her mother’s grave. This whole event is the sole reason why Kanade decided to run off with Subaru; I guess Kanade really does care about her.

Kanade- “HA! My twintails are longer than yours! So I will win always.”          Usami-“…..your logic…is broken.”

Somewhere Ichigo is in the background having an amazing battle against a hollow.

After Jirou wakes up from getting hot and heavy with Subaru clinging to him, we join the girls and Jirou as they play a crazy game to win a kiss from Subaru! So who won the beauty contest? Well, Subaru used her awesome anime powers to pull a win, so we have everyone running around with paint filled water guns.  And with any anime law the main characters are the last standing contestants; Nakuru apparently is a pro at these games after she downs a soda that makes her drunk. Kanade sneaks her way close to Jirou and uses his glasses to distract the drunken cat girl and pulls a quick one on Jirou, hugging him close till he passes out. Kanade gets a kiss on her cheek from Subaru as her prize! Damn, no mouth to mouth kissing for those two.

Those guns are actually filled with acid….

Nakuru- “Muhahah I will auction these off at a high price!”                    Usami-“Noooooo!”

Kanade- “If you let me win, Jirou…I will do anything you want…”            Jirou-“EVEN THAT?!”

Kanade gets love from guys and girls.

The ending scene was kind of nice too after Jirou wakes up AGAIN! Seriously he takes like three freaking naps during this episode. Anyway Subaru and Jirou talk about how close they have become as friends; however, Subaru tells Jirou she really wants to be more than friends with him! YES! I will take that as a one-sided confession, way to go, Subaru! Taking the lead right there.

More than friends! Awesome confession; your move next Jirou, what will you do?

Extra service

Nagare- “You caught me! These are totally my favorite panties.”


Kureha dreams the American dream of flowers and sparkles

Subaru-“Oh hello there! Yes, I was totally checking you out while you slept.”

End Thoughts:

Lol another episode with swimsuits thrown in just because the animators can. They even added in yukata as well. It’s not summer in anime without yukata. Uwah~ this episode was hilarious as well. Of all the things to make Subaru do with a ticket, why make her read a BL novel? Lol. Though I admit, I wanted Subaru to continue reading (and so Kara finally reveals her fujiyoshi tendencies…). This is why Nakuru is awesome. I’ve probably said this a million times before, but I like her character a lot more than I originally did for sure.

There was a serious turn here though when they brought in the whole anniversary of Subaru’s mother’s death. It was sweet that they introduced Jirou as Suabru’s first friend in front of the grave stone too. I like how they randomly throw in seriousness to break up the hilarity. It makes this show feel like it actually has a plot. It’s hard to tell that Kanade cares for Subaru from how she acts, but this episode made me realize that she really does look out for her. Not just this episode, but even forcing Jirou near Subaru so she finally has a friend too (though I don’t know if this is what she intended when she started all of this). Their relationship is really ‘D’awwww’ worthy.

Poor Jirou though. I was totally Subaru’s fault (or her father’s too in a kind of indirect way) that he saw her in the hot springs, but he got a roundhouse kick to the face. He wasn’t wearing his glasses anyways, depending on how bad his eyesight is (or at least if it’s as bad as mine), he might not have seen much at all. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Persona, it’s that guys always end up getting the short end of the stick in hot springs scenes. I should have seen this coming. (And they were doing so well at somehow hiding Subaru from her dad… XD.)

What an interesting episode, sure we got our daily dose of fan service and LOL SUNBEAMS of censorship; yes they are alive and well in this series. I don’t really care too much for the fan service of Mayo Chiki, sure it’s great when it happens and always makes me laugh or go whoa! But this series really doesn’t need to force it out on the viewers. I did laugh when Subaru’s father kept walking back in on Jirou in the hot springs, LOL that guy is always a fun trip to watch. Subaru’s amazing jump kick punch combo! Damn that was really cool, a bit creepy at the same time as her dad needs to chill on the whole friendship between his daughter and Jirou.

I did like the hint of story we got with Subaru’s mom and I will say chibi Subaru was looking really cute in that butler uniform. But that really didn’t move me too much however it was kind of nice to see Jirou and Subaru grow a bit closer through that scene. Also, Jirou passes out like in every other scene! Well he does have an excuse with his whole girl thing. I thought it was great to see him suck it up and cling to Subaru seeing her crying like that so I forgive him for passing out every minute around the girls.

Now the festival mini game! That was really so much fun to watch with all the characters running around trying to win a kiss from Subaru. I was expecting Kanade to win because who could really beat that character?! Nakuru would have been a close second! Sadly Nakuru got plastered after drinking that soda. It was so hilarious, reminded me a bit of Yumekui Merry, well she doesn’t get drunk but can’t stand soda. I did enjoy watching Nakuru using her special drunk move against everyone stealing all those clothes. And to finish up THAT CONFESSION! Yes, about time Subaru tells Jirou how she really feels about him and the fireworks in the background were very fitting for a surprise moment of this episode.


Around the universe! Mayo Chiki in space!!

Next week! So many maids you will be wanting one of your own. Thanks for reading!


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12 Responses to “Mayo Chiki – 08”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Damn you, Jirou!! You’re putting the harem male characters to shame. Sleeping in an inn with a bunch of hot girls which is every guys dream.

    I love it when Nagare flips out over Subaru. He’s the picture of every dad out there: He hates the guy who’s close to his daughter. Just how many fighting styles does he know? He tried an awesome dive-bombing move. But Subaru used a Butler memory erasing technique on him and then on Jirou who ended up with a dislocated neck.

    Note to self: Never give sodas to a BL loving, glasses promoting cat girl. What’s worse, she was drinking a Coke. That’s more fuel to the perverted fire. Now I’m afraid if I cross any girl like that. Stripping Drunken Fist? That’s the closest thing to rape I’ve ever seen and it’s instantaneous. Not even Usami was able to keep up and Kureha fell so easily.

    It’s about time there was some confessing going on. Once again, Jirou has no idea how lucky he is. And that sheep, it’s just plain creepy with the blood coming out of its mouth.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahah Jirou is so awesome, I like that only three of the five girls are actually after him well Kanade is probably more interested in using Jirou as her personal toy just to screw with his mind. Usami and Subaru both really like Jirou well I am not sure on Usami I think she wants to be “close” friends.

      Oh yes! Nagare is so protective of Subaru again reminds me of Maka and her fathers relationship in Soul Eater. I can bet Subaru knows every kind of martial arts out there! Well she is gifted with anime fighting magic.

      LOL Nakuru was so great during that scene! I have seen so many soda related problems in anime but getting drunk from it? That might be a first for me, I am sure there are other anime that use that.

      Agreed Jirou and Subaru all the way! I do like Kanade and Jirou but I think that’s just the anime trying to ship people together.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Kanade should use Nakuru’s Stripping Drunken Fist abilities for her own gain. It would make some deavastating results. Kanade would have a case of soda ready at any time. But I can’t Nakuru went on a rampage undressing everyone in her path because she Jirou’s glasses were broken. I wonder what’s more important to her: BL or glasses.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Oh if those two ever teamed up?! They would be a force to be very afraid of! Guys and girls would be fair game.

          Probably both of them I would say she loves her BL and those glasses.

  2. Jrow says:

    I love confessions like that. I remember Nae in Amagami SS doing a similar kinda confession and I was like YEAH! All in all, good funny episode and nice to see SubaruXJirou have some big development finally.

    I think Kureha might’ve enjoyed Naruku’s tickling, like, a lot.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? Those are really the best kind of confessions, you and me both! I was like WOOOOO!! Finally! Then again only four episodes to go do you think they will actually become a couple? I sure hope so unless we get Toradora ending…

      LOL That scene was great I think Nakuru might be more into yuri? For a side character she is really fun to watch with the other characters.

  3. Reaper says:

    This ep was awesome, not only because of the straightforwardness of Konoe but also because of the other characters like that megane/BL moe Naruku with her stripping drunken fist! If a real kung fu move like that existed, kung fu would be flourishing EVERYWHERE! Ooh, Mayo Chiki, how you outshone yourself from my expectations 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeaaaahhh I liked watching Nakuru get hammered after drinking that soda so good, and yeah her drunken stripping fist!? LOLOL Amazing! Leave it to this anime to have something like that happen.

      Best confession ever! I just hope Jirou doesn’t wait till the final episode to give Subaru a answer! Knowing my luck it probably will happen this way T___T

  4. Samantha Zan says:

    Nakaru was so awesome in this episode, I laughed so hard every time she was on. And the BL reading, OMGoodness x3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hell ya! Nakuru ftw! She is always up to something sneaky, yep! That scene was so funny watching Subaru try to get through that reading xD

  5. Elyon says:

    I’m surprised they actually had Subaru confess! How often does that happen in a harem show? I’ve been rooting for her, so I’m glad she actually said her feelings~

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? I am surprised too! I was not expecting her to do it, well she has been feeling more comfortable around Jirou lately…I know! In most harems you don’t get such a confession from the girls point of view, well if you can count Amagami SS…

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