Mawaru Penguindrum – 07

Hey Ringo, does that diary mention anything about frog excrements? Cause if so…

Mukatsuku~! There should be 48hours in a day, damn it! I’ve been so tied up lately and without much sleep too. Anyways, with a working Saturday, I actually saw this in office and it was still hilarious and awkward as hell. I’m so glad of my private space because nobody heard my snorts and muffled laughter caused by this episode. Glad to join Jrow for tagging this one because the seventh installment of Mawaru Penguindrum sure raised more questions than it answered.
Hello there Kyokai! Thanks so much for tagging along with me at “Station 7” of Penguindrum, especially given that you watched this during working hours, on a Saturday no less. Let us see what Destiny has in store for us this week…

To start, Ringo’s necklace isn’t drawn properly, right?

Continuing to sleep under Tabuki’s apartment, Ringo is actually joined by Shouma as she receives a message from Tabuki about having tickets to go see a play. Delusional enough to think it was a love letter, she’s quite surprised when they actually go to a play that Yuri is starring in, the Tragedy of M. Yuri performs the title track of the play to much applause from the cutout people.

Yuri is quite popular as the white cutout people are wanting to see her and get autographs, so she messages Tabuki to have he and Ringo go to a fancy restaurant and wait. When Yuri arrives, she reveals to Ringo that she wanted Tabuki to invite her so that Ringo could see her perform. As thoughts of hate fill Ringo’s head, she gets invited to a party and the two force her to bring Shouma along with her.

The cutouts rampage over Ringo. White people, amirite?

As that transpires, Ringo’s view of what Yuri is really like plays a scene of “Yuri’s early days”. She’s at at a bar with a Kingpin whose face is covered. She dropped a cherry on his pants, then later on… pop. As any woman that lacks self-respect does, Yuri aims to get ahead by giving BJs. And to that, I say FABULOUS MAX!

At the party, Yuri makes two surprise announcements. First, she is retiring from the Sunshiny Troupe after her next play. Secondly, she and Keiju Tabuki are now engaged to be married. Floored by the announcement, Ringo falls down, dragging Sho with her by the ear. I really love the shot of Ringo falling away.

We know Ringo too well by this point; she won’t give up as she starts to think of a plan with Shouma on the train. Kanba is also on the train, where he receives more money from the Man in Black. Kan pulls out the penguin bullet and questions if one of the guy’s people was responsible for it. Masako is following him again, continuing on about crushing him soon and that Project M must be completed.

Inside Shouma’s head: “For Himari For Himari For Himari For Himari For Himari For Himari”

Ringo sneaks into her school with Shouma where she’s trying to extract a “love elixir” from a frog. The directions seem to call for a 16-year old boy, and alchemy circle and a temperature of around 42 Celsius. As Shouma lays shirtless on the circle, the frog starts to sweat and eventually takes a huge frog dump right on his back, letting out some of the eggs. As Himari covers her face in fear and disgust, Penguin #2 sucks up the eggs and ruins Ringo’s plan.

Should they be so excited to see a frog poop?

Seizon Senryaku! Though Yuri and Tabuki are now engaged, Boushi-sama suggests getting Tabuki to hook up sexually with Ringo, and Kanba thinks they can convince him to do so. Ringo however has no time to afford, as the now revealed Maternity Mission must be completed. She sneaks into his home through an opening in the floor and crawls into his bedroom.

Mom (Kappie) shows disgust while Dad (Ottie) seems inappropriately happy about the situation 

Weekly Marching of the Penguins:

Today’s Slogan: Know when to give up. Ringo, pay attention to the board.

#2 has OCD

I love Ringo’s faces when she’s annoyed

Wow… Fabulous Max is how I’m going to sum this one up. It’s so fabulous that my eyes bled… Penguindrum can sure raise the ‘awkward’ quotient. Was it not enough to have an over obsessed stalker romping about scheming to get Tabuki by hook or crook? I guess not because they went and added a casting couch filatio (with Nakato Jouji’s voice for god’s sake), make a weird toad come all over Shouma’s back and planted a rape seed in Ringo’s mind to have Tabuki’s babies…. I remember squeeing over the wincest part but this is just too much. I love this series but it sure likes to push my buttons and at times like these, I wonder what’s so great about this.

I guess, it’s the surprise factor because even if the seizon senriyaku is getting old by the episode but the developing events are never as you expect or speculate except for a few guesses. There’s always that WHAT-THE-HELL-JUST-HAPPENED and OMG, THAT-JUST-DID-NOT-HAPPEN! I mean who would’ve thought that Nakata Jouji (THE NAKATA JOUJI) would do a kingpin cameo and groan ‘Fabulous MAX’ to your shocked face, while Yuri did some stuff in the background? Not to mention Romi Paku voicing a glittering hamster and Noto Mamiko playing a blonde go-getter bitch. I mean, for a seiyuu fangirl, things couldn’t get any better with surprises like these. But the question is, does it matter to the storyline?

So, it’s all about finding the Pengiundrum but currently both Shouma and Kanba are preoccupied in their own crapload of handling Ringo’s stalkerishness and finding out more about the black penguin owner respectively. Seeing Ringo, I’m reminded of the Harima Mika episodes of Durarara!! which were fun in the beginning but when it was stretched I went meh. At least I had other characters to entertain me there but here there are times that Tabuki’s aloofness just gets to me, not to mention I want to swat Ringo upside the head and tell her to wake up from her stupid dream of becoming her sister. I hope the pacing gets more ‘relevant’ because this is a series having the potential to reach a certain height of greatness.

Coming to the stuff I loved: No.2 hitting a motherload of cockroaches and I agree with Jrow of him having a bad case of OCD; Noto Mamiko ‘owning’ Yuri so much that I love and hate her for her viciousness; Shouma is too adorable for words and I’m getting a feeling that he’s developing something for Ringo, I can only hope she ‘earns’ up to that feeling. There was very less Kanba in this episode and no pervert antics of no.1 so I missed ‘em. I want to know what’s Natsume’s deal because I’m pretty sure her Project M differs from Ringo. And I dread some more awkwardness to ensue in the next episode as Ringo runs after Tabuki’s sperm… Oh man, I’m getting No.6 flashbacks… Anyways, hope you enjoyed our dissection of the current episode of Penguindrum. So, what did you think about it and the looming destiny?

I feel very at odds with this episode of Penguindrum. Something just didn’t strike me the way the previous episodes have. I thought the frog scene was just beyond strange (though can be accredited to Ringo’s urgency toward the situation) and I was a little surprised when the cutout people started interacting with the others in the scene and were wearing nice suits and dresses. And I know #2 is a eating machine, even of Frog eggs, but what is this OCD its developing?

Oh my god, Ringo, you just keep on creepin’, don’t ya? You’re gonna sneak up into Tabuki’s room and have his babies? Even your dolls frowned upon it! If anything, Penguindrum knows how to keep making Ringo look more and more like a creep and get that shock value in at the end of an episode, though I wonder how much more dilly-dallying were going to be doing with Ringo and her definition of Project M (Maternity Mission). Ringo is no doubt one of the most abnormal anime characters we’ve seen in some time, but it just seems like recent episodes with Ringo will start losing there edge. And one more thing on Ringo, if any slogan has spoke volumes, it certainly is this week’s slogan; this poor, sad and mislead soul is going to get her heart broken. Oh, and one more thing! (sorry, I lied) I was thinking about how the other two girls in the ED theme with Himari have been compared to Kanba and Shouma in the past. Kanba has a past as a player/heartbreaker, and perhaps there’s something to be seen of Shouma having to work the sweeper.

We knew Kanba had some shady dealings going on back in episode 5, but one mention of the penguin bullet really adds an extra gear to the mystery of his character. The fact that he says only a few can use the bullet would imply he knows more about it besides being shocked that he saw it used on two of his exes, and that the Man in Black is associated with a group of people. With the show focusing so much on Ringo the past 6 episodes, almost to a fault, I really feel like a shift in focus needs to change. Kanba would be one place to start and Masako also tailing him wherever he goes. Oh, and Kanba… marriage blues is when the couple is already married. And also, Yuri’s a babe; good luck getting Tabuki off her butt.

I was excited to hear Paku Romi being cast in Mawaru Penguindrum! I really love the roles she plays (most notably Edward Elric), but her playing the role of Count from the play does completely wreck my theory from last week that the person in the play was actually Masako. Even Nakata Jouji got to say FABULOUS MAX, which is certainly a new way to express complete elation. Imagine if Saeko from Highschool of the Dead shouted “FABULOUS MAX!” during her scene in episode 9.

Episode 8 Preview:


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19 Responses to “Mawaru Penguindrum – 07”

  1. Alynn says:

    I love #2, he always does the most ridiculous things. Yup definitely OCD.
    Apparently actors/actresses HAVE THE LONGEST EYELASHES EVER.

    I really want to find out more about Kanba now. He is so mysterious; how does he know those things and what shady stuff is he doing! The recent episodes see to focus on Shouma and Ringo more. I want to see Kanba and Masako more.

    • Jrow says:

      You know who else has long eyelashes? Me. Really, I get that a lot from girls.

      As noted in our impressions, I do feel the same way in wanting to see Kan and Masako more. And what kind of organization is Kiga also?

  2. Miyu says:

    I really don’t know what to make of the frog scene.. my parents were like ARE YOU WATCHING FROG PORN?.. )<

    And yup I'm definitely interested in Kanba!! Where does he get all those money from and how much does he know about those pengin bullets…
    More Shoma/Himari! Less Ringo! D: Too much Ringo will make me sick x_x

    And because there is no appropriate way to end this review, FABULOUS MAXXXX.

    • Jrow says:

      haha, Frog Porn in the sickest kind of way! That’s like one of those sexual terms like a dirty “all that horrible stuff”.

      I would like to see Himari, the normal girl a bit more. Though I do wonder now, if Ringo weren’t in an episode, how empty it would feel. She has such a spontaneity to her that is kinda fun.

      And to your comment, I say FABULOUS MAX! 🙂

  3. Overcooled says:

    I will never tire of Ringo’s frightening obsession with Tabuki. It’s pretty amusing. I just sincerely hope that her obsession is crushed one day, and doesn’t transfer to Shouma or something oAo

    I really wish they’d show more of Kanba. I want to know the deal with him, the people giving him money, and the slingshot lady. I do enjoy Ringo and Shouma, but seeing them this many episodes in a row makes their quirkiness lose its charm, you know?

    • Jrow says:

      That’s gonna be an amazing moment to see when/if her dreams are shattered, and I feel like Ikuhara is just gonna do a bang-up job animating that whole sequence.

      Agreed with you and also Kyokai about seeing more characters, especially Kanba and Masako. Ringo herself is interesting, I place blame mainly on the other half since he just goes with the flow.

  4. Kitty says:

    I’m never going to be able to keep a straight face when Yura (from Nurarihyon) says Yura Max again…

  5. Moni Chan says:

    lmao I wanna see Ringo @ the wedding and crashing the ST*T out of it.

    Ringo wants to have FABULOUS MAX with Mr.Tabuki

    • Jrow says:

      “Speak now or forever hold your peace.”
      RINGO – AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! DESTINY!!

      LOL, and Mr. Tabuki wants to have Fabulous Max with with Yuri.

  6. Masu says:

    i feel like this show has so much potential, still. we’re seven eps in and it still catches my attention. out of all the shows im watching this season this is the one that i look forward to each week.

    however, ringo is starting to annoy me. actually, if i think about it, it’s not ringo that annoys me, its the brothers. maybe its a japanese thing to be so fucking passive about these things, but really guys? if i was in their position i would already have the diary because my sister is more important to me than some stalker. plain and simple.

    i did like how they thickened the plot by explaining what the diary was to ringo in “reality” terms: a diary written by her older sister about her life. or at least i think at this point that it is about things that have already transpired. if it was a diary about future things then perhaps ringo sister was just as crazy as she was. anyway, the point being that i think, from a realistic standpoint, the fact that the brothers arent trying their hardest to save their sister is really starting to annoy me. i understand drama, but this is kinda getting a little out of hand.

    • Jrow says:

      Comment saved! 🙂

      There’s no doubt Penguindrum has potential. I kinda see it in the same way I did while I was watching Code Geass or Death Note during their airings: instant classic.

      The bros have at least made strides since the first episode, though Shouma is pretty much wearing a leash that Ringo yanks on so frequently now. Kanba seems to be showing some initiative, even sort of playing along with Penguin Hat Himari’s idea of Ringo “tapping” Tabuki.

      Her sister Momoka does seem just as weird as Ringo, though she and Tabuki at least seemed to have a deep relationship to each other, though calling it a “Maternity Mission” doesn’t help. And Kanba face-surfed a highway to save Himari’s hat, so I think he gets a free pass when it comes to trying hard to save his sis.

      • Masu says:

        not actually very analytic…more ranty than anything. but maybe thats just my personality coming out. :[

  7. Masu says:

    omfg i just wrote a really long and analytic comment and it didnt show up. r.r

  8. Snippett says:

    I also enjoyed this episode. Indeed, this show really knows how to make Ringo creepier each episode. Although, she has been the start of the last few episodes and has been doing all the creepiness, she’s not tiring to watch. It’s more of I’m anticipating what will be her next move.

    • Jrow says:

      While I do agree that Ringo is fun to watch, I think I’m mainly calling for a breath of fresh air. She’s been one-upping herself each time, but can the show keep it up? I should trust in Ikuhara, though, so I’ll just let him do tell the story and I’ll eat it up like a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

  9. Foshizzel says:

    Oh this episode! So damn funny I lost it around the frog scene LOLOL So good and the penguin eating the eggs?! Damn! Guess he was really hungry….and the sandwiches? Ahahahah good lord that was so good.

    Now on the serious note THAT ENDING! WHAT! But somehow I feel that Ringo would go to that extreme just to get close to that teacher…

    That said Ringo is fun to watch! I love her expressions 🙂

    • Jrow says:

      In the same way Ringo is always surprising, #2 never fails to just do the strangest things.

      It puzzles me that, if she knew she could sneak into his apartment like that, why not do that earlier? Were her moral standards too high at the time? :/

      I like making those montages of Ringo being annoyed! I was wanting to put gg’s “Cool story bro” in here, but it just missed the cut.

  10. Jenny says:

    I still don’t see the two girls as Shouma and Kanba. One of them does have blue hair but the other has pink hair while Kanba’s is red. They also act kind of goofy in ED while on the train they act more mischievous, things which the twins are not.

    And with each coming episode I feel like smacking some sense into Ringo. I thought she couldn’t even crazier but each week I’ve been proven wrong. I also think she didn’t go into Tabuki’s house because she thought she had time to spare but I’m kinda iffy on the idea that Tabuki will actually Fabulous Max with a psychotic girl that’s six or more years younger than him. The Hat should see having him drop gorgeous Yuri for Ringo is pretty impossible unless they drug him to believe that Ringo is her. Even then I have a feeling Yuri isn’t going to let go so easily or might see through it.

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