Mawaru Penguindrum – 05

The Mawaru of Strategy and Penguin Destiny

I swear I didn’t threaten to kill Jrow, that’s not why I’m here! He let me pitch in for this week’s Mawaru Penguindrum, in case you’re wondering what the hell a woman is doing in this post. Let’s do this, penguin-style~
Heya Overcooled, always a good time tag teamin’ with ya! She didn’t threaten me at all you guys. hehehe…heh..heh… Anyways, we have quite another episode of Penguindrum to review.

Flashback to 9 years ago when the Takakura siblings’ parents were around, Himari is very sick and the hospital isn’t very willing to go pick her up. Chiemi keeps calling, and Kenzan tells her it’s no use and takes Himari on his back to take her himself. Kanba races out after his dad and just as he catches up, what looks to be mirror is seen flying towards him and breaks into many shards of glass.

At the hospital, Shouma visits with the doctor for an update on Himari’s status. After the doctor calls her situation a miracle, Sho brings out the possessed hat and asks if the doctor thinks it is a kind of extraterrestrial object. Laughing it off, doc prescribes laughter which, as we all know, is the best medicine. HAHAHA!!! (See, I feel better already…) Also, Asami Kuho is in the hospital after her fall from the escalator. Natsume visits her and initially expresses regret for what happened. Once Kuho explains that she saw some guy before the accident, Natsume’s attitude changes and she points a heavy-duty slingshot (with a laser sight, no less) at her.

As Doc laughs off Shouma’s hat idea, Asami is about to take a pengi shot point blank.

Uncle Ikebe visits Kanba to discuss the living situation he and his siblings are in. Ikebe doesn’t think they can keep up with affording the house and they might have to stay with other relatives. When the subject of his parents coming back home is brought up, Kanba becomes frustrated and claims that he’ll be able to get the money to pay so that he, Shouma and Himari can stay at the house.

Ringo and her father meet up for lunch and order seafood curry. Thumbing thru pictures, she talks about going to the aquarium again to see the penguins. When her dad takes a phone call, she notices that the strap on his phone isn’t the same as hers. The strap looks very familiar to the animal on the cover of Ringo’s diary.

One of the symbolic images seen during Ringo’s lunch with Papa

Ringo’s father has a very unique, yet familiar phone strap. Why does a grown man have a phone strap?

After lunch with dad, part of Ringo’s fate is to visit Tabuki on her way home with a Mont Blanc meal. She spots Tabuki with Yuri in a restaurant eating mont blanc, being all giddy with glee about how much he loves it. Upset, Ringo stomps on her box and runs off. As rain starts to fall in the city, Ringo & Shouma spot her.

We flashback to the second part of the scene with Kanba and his father, Kenzan. He protected his kids from the broken mirror, taking some glass in his right arm. Cut back to present time, a man in all black walks up to Kan and hands him something in a brown envelope.

Itadakimasu! Kan’s late, but the others decide to eat without him. Shouma thinks this is the right opportunity to ask about her “notebook” and asks without any hesitation if he can borrow it for a moment, mentioning that he noticed some kind of agenda written in it. As you might expect, Ringo’s a bit defensive about giving it to him, but does admit that it is a Fate Diary. Shouma persists further and shows Ringo the hat that has been possessing Himari. Thinking that he’s gone crazy, Ringo super-duper slaps him down.

Himari’s hat has a mysterious way of ending up on her head, doesn’t it? Seizon Senryaku is put into motion, inviting Ringo for the first time along with Shouma. Ringo assumes the spot Shouma is normally placed, and Himari asks her to give the diary to Shouma. The penguin pushes the button to have Ringo fall into the trap, but shockingly to everyone, Ringo not only climbs out of it, but she breaks out of her cuffs, runs up the stairs and snatches the hat right from Himari’s head. The scene closes with Ringo running outside and tossing the hat far away, which eventually gets stuck to the roof of a “Good Bye” truck.

Shouma starts running for the truck, and once Kanba notices what’s happening, he grabs a bike and dashes like crazy as the truck turns onto a main street. As he and #1 try to reach for the hat, Kan loses control and falls off the bike. Amazingly, #1 is able to grab the hat, hold the handle of it with his feet, and grab Kan’s shirt to hang on for dear life. #1 loses grip of the grabber, but Kanba is able to grab hold of it while dragging on down the street. Eventually, he is able to snatch it away from the truck.

Perhaps others will be excited to know Kan’s boxer color

The 3rd and final part of the flashback sequence shows Himari resting in the hospital as Kanba and his father (now with an injured arm) talk about protecting the ones you love. Kanba is able to drag himself back home with hat in hand and they set it on Himari, who wakes up not knowing what happened.

The next day, Kanba is talking on the phone with his uncle saying that he deposited the money (clean money, mind you) for the house payment.

Weekly Marching of the Penguins:

How #2 wiggled his way in there is quite a mystery

Today’s Slogan: Borrow Responsibly

Cockroaches finally get a win vs. #2

It was a rough day for #1. Luckily, #2 and #3 have PhD’s.

Looks like I tuned in for a good episode. I love Ringo and her craziness, so it’s good to see her get to shine every now and then. Fate never turns out how she expects it to, but she still manages to bounce back. You have to admire someone with enough dedication to avoid falling into a hole and then muster up enough strength to punch a flouncy penguin lady. Now THAT, was an awesome scene: unexpected and dynamic. I don’t blame her for pulling a Madoka and thinking that throwing away the hat/soul gem would be the best decision, but it obviously backfired. It gave Kanba yet another opportunity to be the manly savior while Shouma just fails at everything. The chase scene was yet another epic moment, although it did go on a bit too long for my liking.

Shouma seems really unaware of what his brother is up to. He always assumes he’s just out with girls, but Kanba seems to have much more important things to do than break young maiden’s hearts all the time. How did he get back the money so fast? He didn’t seem to be lying when he said it wasn’t dirty money, but I can’t help but feel like he’s working for some shady organization. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was working for Masako and was the one to push that poor girl down the stairs. Whatever he’s doing to get that money, there MUST be a way it’s going to come back and bite him in the ass further along the line. You don’t just raise enough money for a house in a day without a few sacrifices.

As for Masako, she looks like a really interesting new character. I’m still really skeptical that Ringo has anything deeply related to the Penguin Drum, so I’m immediately suspicious of any new characters. Who is this woman, running around and having some mystery man attack women? She also seems to have the ability to erase people’s memories with her slingshot. That, or the impact just gives them a concussion and therefore mild amnesia. Derp. Regardless, it’s nice to see another fabulous woman strut her stuff. I can’t wait for more sparks to fly. Perhaps she’ll have a standoff with our main trio of siblings soon? Kekeke~

Wow, that second half was quite thrilling, wasn’t it? Seizon Senryaku was awesome after an absence last week. As soon as Shouma pulled out the hat, I was excited for the potential of Ringo being sucked into the fantasy world. And when she climbed out and broke her cuffs, I was just watching on in awe of what Ringo was doing. And man, Boushi-sama is pretty foul-mouthed, calling Ringo a slut among other nasty things. I really enjoyed the scene with Kanba dashing on the bike (though I do agree with OC that some specific scenes were perhaps 3 seconds too long), and the music in Penguindrum continues to impress as the track that played then plus the little insert song afterwards were really enjoyable. (Quick music note: the ED single will come out August 31st)

Parents. They exist in the world of Penguindrum, and might have to be added to a list of potential players in the search for the Penguin Drum. It was great to see the Takakura elders in a flashback and get just even the slightest bit of story about what’s happened with the,. I almost wonder if they somehow got involved in the past with what their children are dealing with now. Another parent to consider is Ringo’s dad, just based off of his phone strap which is the animal seen on the cover of the diary. The show didn’t really mention his whereabouts previously, so I was surprised that he even showed up at all. Ringo very quickly seemed to drop concern about why his strap was different from hers, which was a little odd to me.

I love how Penguindrum implements the flashback scenes into the episodes. They are well-placed and provide a nice bit of backdrop not only for how things happened in the past, but applying them to what is happening in the current situation. This time, it showed even in early childhood how strongly Kanba cared for Himari (and also further displaying the difference between he and Shouma in terms of maturity), which adds more weight to seeing Kanba chase after that truck and almost get his pants pulled off in order to save that hat. Speaking of him, he seems to be involved in some shady dealings with a guy that looks like he walked off the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” movie set. The lesson this week was to not end up in a debt spiral, and like OC, I feel a little uncomfortable about that package and fear for the house the kids live in.

Episode 6 Preview:

Ringo is aware of what fate it. Color us surprised.


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17 Responses to “Mawaru Penguindrum – 05”

  1. animeluv04 says:

    Kanba is officially a BAMF.

    • Jrow says:

      He definitely showed it off this week! Seems like he takes after his father a good bit.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Kanba and Ringo! Both of them were so awesome this week, I mean what’s cooler than face-surfing-truck rides? And Ringo climbing out of the trap door and breaking the cuffs xD

    I was so happy that they let Ringo in on their problems with the penguin hat. Things are getting good! And yes the return of Seizon Senraku!!! Always a episode highlight 😉

    • Jrow says:

      Haha, yeah Kanba’s face is so strong that even the cement can’t damage it! And for Ringo, I love that screenshot of her breaking free, letting out her rage on Ringo after that smack talk!

      I like that Ringo came as well. As a matter of fact, I want a photoshop of Uncle Ikebe in Seizon Senryaku! 😀

  3. Hoshi says:

    ~I honestly feel like we’re going nowhere with Peguindrum thing. They’re just giving us little clues here and there, paired with some suspicious actions, which pisses me off. I just wish they’d give us a little bit moreeeeeeeeeeee damnit (Though I was pleased Shouma finally told Ringo about everything)! But, I can’t be all that mad because I get to see some cute Shouma I’m so wildly entertained by Ringo and the other characters.

    Btw, Ringo got totally BURNED by Princess of Crystal. I was sitting there like, “OH SNAAAAAAAAAAP!” -sigh- Best moment of this episode for me~

    • Jrow says:

      It does seem like the Penguin Drum has taken a bit of a backseat, but of course for right now everything seems so dependent on Ringo’s diary. If anything, MP is good at diverting attention of the main topic at hand by giving us other intriguing plot points.

      I compared gg and nutbladder’s subs, and they were pretty similar in how Crystal laid into Ringo with the insults; that was pretty awesome. Ringo did get even, but now knowing what she does about Himari, I wonder how that might affect future visits to Seizon Senryaku.

  4. Mad Chemist says:

    Ringo and Kanba were pro this episode. RINGO PAWNCH was the first time anyone’s pulled one over other!Himari like that, maybe she’ll be a bit less haughty when asking humans for help after that. As for Kanba… wow, that chase looked painful. Man has serious guts, that’s for sure. I also want to know what he’s been doing to make that much money, whatever he’s been doing seems very suspicious.

    This episode also made me suspicious of Himari’s doctor. The way his glasses flashed and how quick he was to laugh off Shouma’s story makes me think he knows something about the hat he isn’t telling.

    • Jrow says:

      That would definitely be a surprise if Doc had some knowledge of something, perhaps thru Natsume or whoever else is pulling strings above all of this. I believe Penguindrum’s rule might be, “unless they are white cutouts of people, consider them to have some level of importance to the story.”

  5. Sweety8587 says:

    Penguin! Himari just lying down the smack down on Ringo was hilarious! I was watching the broadcast laughing my ass off. “Oh she didnt…OH SNAP SHE DID! BUUUUUUUUUUUURN!”

    And this episode showed…err, proved that Kanba is a total BAMF. I mean DAMN boy. And it also showed that no.2 can get himself into places that you’d look at it and go “no…no way…” I mean…HOW did he manage to get stuck inside that….contraption in the docs office? HOW.

    Its interesting (and dangerous) that Kanba isnt taking Shouma into more confidence but i think one can understand why. Shouma really hasnt shown that hes got the steel in him to handle any tougher situations. (admittedly, i’m chalking him up as crouching moron, hidden badass. so im just waiting for him to turn badass cause he will be UBER BAMF when he does). I wonder where Kanba got that money from though….he SAYS that its clean money but any guy in a black trenchcoat just screams non-clean money to me T_T

    • Jrow says:

      Almost could’ve been a Girl Fight had Ringo not so quickly taken the hat away. I love the little spit Himari did too, like she was just so sick of Ringo.

      Kanba is a BAMF, no doubt, face-surfing the street to get the hat back! And #2 is just so funny the way he just does things so casually. 🙂

      Shouma did save Ringo and offer CPR, so he definitely does have that Crouching/Hidden thing within him; and who knows what could come of those 2 after last week’s events.

  6. Alynn says:

    Ohboy. This show makes me laugh way to much.
    Those penguins get themselves into so much trouble. It’s a wonder how they get out of it all.

    I actually don’t like Ringo at all. But I think she was not that bad in this episode. I loved it when she showed them how boss she was by climbing out the chute and breaking though handcuffs.

    I find it funny how every time Seizon Senryaku happens, they are STILL surprised. Honestly it has happened several times now. When will they be used to it/ not surprised?

    • Jrow says:

      #2 being in that rotating globe-like thing was really funny, and it was cute when #2 and #3 dressed up and played Doctor to nurse #1 back to health. 🙂

      The shot of Ringo emerging from the hole with her hood up was pretty boss-looking; hoodies can make even Ringo look badass!

      Shouma should be used SS by now, right?

  7. Moni Chan says:

    I agree laughter is the best medicine. And just like any other medicine… if you have to much of it you can die

  8. wonton jr. says:

    I have to say, Ringo climbing up and stealing the hat from Himari was a total win. ^_^ like a boss i would say

    This show makes me laugh so much. I think what really entertains me is what the penguins do every episode haha.

    • Jrow says:

      Like a boss, for sure. Himari was just probably thinking the whole time, “WTF!?”

      The penguins get so many great moments. I hope for another episode like the second one where the Penguins got to go to work.

      p.s. – Trying new feature image deal. Style subject to change.

  9. […] “Looks like I tuned in for a good episode. I love Ringo and her craziness, so it’s good to see her get to shine every now and then. Fate never turns out how she expects it to, but she still manages to bounce back. You have to admire someone with enough dedication to avoid falling into a hole and then muster up enough strength to punch a flouncy penguin lady. Now THAT, was an awesome scene: unexpected and dynamic.” – Metanorn […]

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