Hanasaku Iroha OP2 Single

Hanasaku Iroha OP2 Single, Omokage Warp by nano.RIPE

Now this is more like it. I didn’t like the first Opening but Omokage Warp is a song that I warmed up to. Hopefully, you have too. Enjoy~

Artist: nano.RIPE

1. Omokage Warp
2. 15 Byou
3. Sora no Shounen


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3 Responses to “Hanasaku Iroha OP2 Single”

  1. Jrow says:

    YES! I had been playing the TV version of this a lot recently. Will rock to this on the car ride today. :3

  2. Yvoon says:

    YES!! Its finally out~

    Btw, how come no-one blogs this anymore?

    Even Seki stopped! >_<

  3. Yi says:

    Love this OP!! I’m slowly becoming a fan of nano.RIPE.

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