Blood-C – 07

This dog just became 90% more awesome

I just realized that the credits in the opening spread out to look like bloodstains. That’s actually pretty cool. I love random small details like that. I also noticed how creative they’ve been with the blood gushing sound effects this episode. Lololol I don’t even want to know how they make that sound in the first place. That aside, back to Saya and her dead friends.

With two of her friends dead thanks to Saya’s great skills at saving people, she’s pretty depressed. While she just stares at her sword, her father talks to a police officer about the disappearance of the twins. Apparently the police think that MAYBE something MIGHT have happened to them, proving once again that anime police are useless. After the VERY HELPFUL officer leaves, Saya’s father goes over to where Saya is.

“We’ve also received reports about a schoolgirl running around with a sword, but we have NO IDEA who the she might be”

Saya interrupts her staring contest with the sword and asks her father if she’s really qualified for her job because she couldn’t protect the twins (or the 20 other people who have died so far, but she doesn’t seem to care about them as much). Also, she asks her father who she made the promise to protect everyone with. After mentioning that her mother also fought Elder Bairns as per orders of the gods, there’s a brief image of blood cells and Saya has a flashback headache thing again. Her father tells her that losing her friends might have been hard, but she is the only one who can fight the Elder Bairns.

That night, Saya has a dream about thermometers again and a voice (the narrator’s) talks about Saya and him conducting an experiment to see which one of them is right. Said experiment will apparently involve other people. Saya wakes up in the middle of the night and wanders outside.

The dog thing asks if she can’t sleep and Saya realizes that her hearing it talk the other day wasn’t just a hallucination. Seeing Saya act normally around talking animals, the dogs asks her about it. Saya replies that the Elder Bairns talk, so she’s not that surprised. Also, she says that she doesn’t believe the dog is a Bairn because she doesn’t feel evil from it (though to this, the dog says that some evil things are extremely skilled at hiding it *coughHINTcough*) and that she feels a power different from the Bairns coming from the dog.

The two go sit down and the dog explains that he came to Saya to fulfill a wish because he owns a shop that grants wishes (W-Watanuki, is that you?). Saya asks some stupid questions, like if all the customers are dogs, but when she asks who made the wish, Watainu (name non-canon) says he can’t answer that. Same goes for what the wish actually was.

He’s here to screw with the storyline and make up for the previous moe

Saya wonders if he has the right person, because she’s never been to such a shop and doesn’t know anyone who went there but Watainu asks if that’s really true. He also mentions that having wishes granted costs a price and the dearer the wish, the greater the price (and that’s why he’s in dog form, though we all know CLAMP has him in dog form just so they can throw him in there for the lols). He says that he’ll stay by Saya until the wish is granted and Saya suddenly wakes up in the morning.

She leaves early for school and her father tells her to bring the sword with her everywhere from now on. On the way, she stops at Guimauve and manages to eat Fumito’s food without any suspicious headaches. They also bring back the whole ‘guimauve’ thing when Saya asks Fumito what it feels like. He points to her face and when she asks if it’s supposed to be lips, he says it’s something like that. (I could have sworn we’ve been over this already.)

Saya wanders around town for a bit, but nothing significant happens so she eventually heads towards the school only to find it deserted except for Kanako. Kanako says that school is closed because the police are useless the missing people haven’t been found yet. Also she mentions that they probably shouldn’t be found because they might have been eaten by things like the story she told a couple episodes ago. Screw teaching, this woman would be a great help to this town’s law enforcement.

On her way home, she’s stopped by a policeman who says she should hurry home because school is closed. As he says this though, he’s stabbed by a Bairn and dies before Saya even knows what’s going on. She’s attacked by a samurai Bairn (yes, you read that right.) that would look like a comic relief character if he hadn’t just sliced a man in half.

The two trade blows for a while and the samurai comments that she’s already this weak. As the battle continues on, the samurai comments that before she would have been fine and keeps bringing up how weak she is. He stops destroying things after he collapses a bridge and Saya says that she might be weak compared to her mother (who she assumes fought him before), but she declares that she will defeat the Elder Bairns.

To this, the Bairn just laughs, asks if that’s what Tadayoshi (her father) told her and calls both of them fools. Saya gets angry and attacks him, but the samurai just grows more arms and forces her back. She yells at the samurai that her father isn’t a fool (denies nothing about herself though, lol) because he supported her after her mother’s death, but the samurai just asks wtf she’s going on about. At least her comeback wasn’t “No, YOU’RE the fool!”.

Life lesson: No one can accidentally see your underwear if you aren’t wearing any

Saya doesn’t believe him, so she figures ‘IT MUST BE LYING TO CONFUSE ME! Derp’. However, the samurai says that humans are the ones who lie and don’t keep covenants while he makes ribbons out of her back. Saya collapses and the samurai says that after he kills her, he’s going to go kill Tadayoshi, which pisses off Saya, causing her eyes to turn red. The samurai says that he can finally feel her old self again and with little effort, Saya kills him (gaining two shoulder injuries in the process). Before he dies, the samurai says she should go ask her father who she really is. She just gives him a death glare and slices him in half.

In the lovely blood puddle at her feet, Saya sees her reflection and the light sword appears again. Either collapsing or moving to take a closer look at her reflection (it was pretty vague), Saya falls to the ground. Just then, a surprised Tokizane appears behind her asking what she’s doing. Meanwhile, Watainu is watching from atop a nearby pole asking who Saya make a promise with and who asked him to grant a wish.

“They were right! My hair DOES look ridiculous!”

It was then that Tokizane realized that Saya wasn’t wearing a bra

Ending Thoughts: Well I now know why the dog has a drop dead sexy voice. It’s freaking Jun Fukuyama (Hime, are you reading this?). Oh, CLAMP. You and your crossovers. Yes, I’m just going to assume that the dog is indeed Watanuki because: A.) He said directly that he owns a shop that grants wishes (as if that isn’t an obvious enough hint), B.) They have the same seiyuu and C.) CLAMP loves shit like this. I assume this is within the time period that Watanuki wasn’t allowed to leave the shop, so that’s just another explanation as to why he’s a dog. So yeah, I guess Blood-C happens in the main CLAMP universe along with Gouhou Drug and Kobato (and wouldn’t that be an awkward crossover). Glad we cleared that one up.

Moving on, since we now know that the narrator has some kind of contest going on with Saya, I rewatched the narrator’s parts to try and figure out what it might be. The first episode, he talks about what defines a person, the second, he says that the other person (who I assume is Saya) thinks that time defines a person, but he thinks that there’s more to it than that. Third episode, he asks “if what makes up the person changes, will the core of the person change as well?” and the part in the fourth episode talks about changing a person’s strong emotions (like hate) by overriding them with equally strong ones (like love). The fifth is thoughts getting in the way of instinct and the sixth is about the two of them trying something, which leads into the whole contest thing here. SO, from that, I assume the whole contest thing is why Saya seems to be missing memories. The way that works is if she was on the Bairn side, made a bet, lost her memories to see if her ‘core’ would change and joined the humans. Or something like that, my guess isn’t necessarily correct (she was in her uniform during the flashback so lord knows when it actuallyhappened). I don’t even want to start guessing how the covenant and all that other stuff fits in here. Either that or this is one big troll. Well in any case, they’ll tell us what this all means eventually.

We all knew Saya’s father was keeping secrets, but this episode just confirms it. Also, it’s one thing to say that Saya and her mother are supposed to kill Bairns, but it’s another to say that the gods told them to do it. I know that they’re part of a shrine and all, but they’ve never mentioned the gods before, so it just makes this whole story sound like a load of bs. Speaking of her mother, from the sounds of it, Saya might be her. Not in some weird time paradox incest thing, but maybe thinking her mother used to hunt the Elder Bairn’s is caused by her father’s (if that’s who he really is) lying and making use of the gap in her memory or something? From the samurai’s comments this episode, it sounds like Saya was always the one fighting the Bairns. Anyways, this episode was super interesting and they didn’t censor anything, so yeah. I’m content (even though I have a million questions now).

Preview: Well, now Tokizane knows about Saya if he didn’t already. THIS SHALL BE INTERESTING.

Very very interesting.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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35 Responses to “Blood-C – 07”

  1. Elyon says:

    H-how did I not realize that was Jun?! HOW?!?!? I am so disappointed in myself right now. >.< I've been wondering when they were going to pull a cross-over, but they sure went about it in a weird way by making Watanuki a dog.

    • Karakuri says:

      I feel disappointed that I didn’t recognize him right away either… I wasn’t until he said that he was there to grant a wish because he was a shop owner that I went “HOLY CRAP IS THAT JUN I HEAR?!”.

      And yeah, it’s pretty random. You’d think they would have portrayed him as a bird or whatever his signature animal was (like how Yuuko was a butterfly). Then again, there’s a ton of bird/angel CLAMP characters.

  2. Samantha Zan says:

    Uwwahhhh Karakuri you are so fast with your updates >wW<!!!!!! However (serious sense XD), it kind of worries me that he said Elder Bairns can hid their evil aura well. That could mean he's a super powerful Elder Bairn too. Maybe he could be a good one perhaps? Or maybe I'm overthinking things, and it's just Watanuki being a complete Badass xP. Multiple theories xD. Well, I just hope he doesn't turn out to be anything like Kyuubi from Madoka or something. That would jut ruin me in a sense D:

    Another thing, I have a feeling the sensei is getting more suspectable about something. I mean when she had that talk with Saya (Oh btw, didn't there school say they would close because of all the dissaperences!!! WTH was Saya going to school for???) about how Nono and Nene were supposively eaten by the Elder Bairns. How would she know that! (Well maybe she was actually paying attention last episode). Anywho I have a feeling she may know of Saya's missing memories , or maybe she's just that old enough to be a long lost time traveler. Maybe she knew her mom, I don't know XD! Connections, connections, connections. She knows something that's for sure!!! I know I'm just mentioning the sensei, but everyone knows that Saya's dad is probably the real kicker behind all these mysteries, and I want to see how that's going to be excuted.

    Oh Saya, Saya, letting another character die again? Well then again it was a cop, and I think his death would probably be the next lead to the dissaperences happening around town or, I don't know, MAYBE WHAT HAPPENED FREAKKING LAST EPISODE 0-0! Seriously how did none of the cops catch that! That really bothered me, there town must have HORRIABLE security xP.

    The fight scene at the end was a little bit boring for my taste. (Plus, always taking the opputurnity to drown Saya in blood for just that cool shot of her XP). BUT OMG Tokizane finally showed up, seriously every time Saya fought something, I expected him to come out of the blue; like in this episode. But this fight scene also gave me a nod to the fact that Saya's father may have done something regretful, or sinful. Since that Elder Barin just had my doubts about Saya's dad raise about 45%.

    As you said before, next episode is going to be INTERESTING. Now that Tokizane knows her secret, who knows what will happen! (I'm goning to bet that he's going to know something next week about Saya. Or just about Elder Bairns themselves)

    • Karakuri says:

      Hmmm, I guess it could be a powerful Bairn, but I was thinking he was referring more to the people around her (like Fumito, her father, or Kanako). All he said really was that “Truly evil things can hide their evilness well” or something like that, so that doesn’t necessarily mean Bairns.

      Yeah I was confused too, but I guess killing her friend made her forget all about what her sensei said before.Yeah, she’s suspicious alright. I don’t know how anyone else would know that stuff unless they knew something about Saya and the Bairns… Oh yeah, that’s possible. I keep forgetting that they told us earlier that she was a researcher. HOW DOES THAT EVEN FIT IN?!

      As for another person dying… Saya didn’t even really react lol. I guess she doesn’t care unless it’s her friends. I’m surprised that nothing happened after the last episode either since the deaths were all in BROAD DAYLIGHT in front of a bunch of people. Either they all forgot as part of whatever crazy experiment Saya’s in, or they didn’t go to the police for whatever reason.

      I admit the fight scene was pretty dull (it was pretty much a guy in a suit of armor destroying things), but the dialogue made up for it. But yeah, her father knows something. It’s also probably significant that the Bairn knew her father by name as well. None of the other Bairns have called anyone (including Saya) by name at all.

      …As for Tokizane, I hope this isn’t a sign that he’s going to die next. Everyone else who’s seen Saya in Bairn killing mode has died shortly afterwards. I hope he does know something just so they can avoid killing him off. Nothing too significant though or they might just kill him off anyways.

  3. amado says:

    I think when fumito was referring to “something closer” to the lips, he meant it was either the tongue(you know…) or he means BLOOD/flesh.
    oh and I thought that saya was kneeling down to get a drink from that…

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha oh yeah, blood/flesh would be interesting if he meant that. …Oh, Saya. Why do you keep going back to that extremely suspicious place?

      I realized too that after I wrote this. I would certainly lend into the whole Blood/vampire franchise this is based on…

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Jun and Clamp! Ah they go hand and hand don’t they?! Well Geass is the only real connection I can remember…Course talking animals are nothing new to them.

    Damn that fight with Mr eight arms was so laameeee! Damn why doesn’t Saya go all red eyes and kick ass from the start!! Guess we have to have some awesome build up huh? I did like how she killed it lol clean cut right down the middle, I think Saya was about to drink the blood…it did look that way.

    Every time she eats and drinks at the cafe I was like DAMN IT SAYA STOP GOING THERE! Guess she is “addicted” to whatever is in that coffee…Still I did laugh when he was making hints to what was in the cubes I know ITS PEOPLE!

    So I think Saya is actually the princess of the demons! Or her mother was? it does seem to be interesting…And of course I have a feeling Tokizane knew about saya all along if not ah good she has a new friend.

    • Karakuri says:

      He’s been in a lot of other CLAMP anime, but it’s mostly just him as Watanuki in a crossover. Lol yeah, they just had to throw a talking animal in there.

      I have no idea why it was so prolonged, but that fight was won waaay too easily. Either she’s getting the crap kicked out of her, or she swings her sword once and the battle is over. THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND.

      ….I keep forgetting that this show is supposed to be based on vampires (damn you slice of life moe crap that led me astray!). Yeah, it’s been a while since she ate guimauve and it would totally make sense that after she eats them (if they’re made of people, like you said), she would randomly start craving blood from a convenient puddle at her feet.

      Hmmm yeah, that would fit in with what happened in Blood+ as well. Lol well from the sounds of the preview, he knows next to nothing so hopefully that doesn’t mean he’ll end up as a dead friend.

    • BlackBriar says:

      True, Saya should’ve went all out at the beginning. The samurai was big and strong but he was slow. Maybe she was lost in anger from the taunting and didn’t think of looking for an open spot at the time.

      I’m sure whatever she’s eating at cafe is bringing out what’s hidden inside of her along with a need for blood. If it is made of people, she might unknowingly attack someone and start feeding on them.

  5. ayumi-chan says:

    OMG!!!!i cannot believe that the dog is voiced bu jun fukuyama…i so think that he is Watanuki.
    BTW: i love tokizane…it’s about to get very, very interresting from here on out!

    • Karakuri says:

      Same here, I was super shocked when I realized it.

      I love Tokizane too! Hopefully this leads into some interesting character developments…

  6. Carla says:

    OKEY… My husbando is a Dog now U_U

    • Karakuri says:

      Don’t worry! He’s still a sexy megane shopkeeper elsewhere since he can’t physically leave! He’s just appearing as a dog… thing here for whatever reason….

      lol, good luck with that though XD

  7. BlackBriar says:

    Yeah, that’s definitely Jun Fukuyama playing the dog. The same VA playing Exorcist’s Yukio. You can’t hide that kind of voice. Hime’s gotta be loving this. Blood-C, Exorcist and Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi.

    Okay, first it was the cafe guy, then the teacher and now even Saya’s “father” seems to be hiding secrets from her. That teacher knows far too much. The fact the twins were killed Elder Bairns was completely on the mark and she nowhere near them. Maybe losing her friends has made Saya completely numb to pain because even though she was being cut up, she didn’t flinch once or it was just adreanaline while she was angry fighting that samurai.

    It looks like she was really thirsty. She just dropped to the ground like she was about to drink all of that blood if Tokizane hadn’t shown up when he did. Maybe she’s a half-blood or a full breed like the Saya from Blood+. And those memories, there’s no mastaking it, those are scenes from the movie Blood: The Last Vampire.

    • Karakuri says:

      Sigh, I can’t believe I didn’t realize it sooner. It’s so easy to spot in the previous episode now that I know.

      Yeah, those three are the most suspicious. There are a million ways that the twins could have disappeared, but she got it right. No way that’s coincidence. Hmmm, yeah I noticed that too. Then again, she hasn’t really reacted that much from other injuries she’s gotten when she has red eyes so far either.

      The fact that she could have been thirsty didn’t even occur to me until after I posted this. I keep forgetting that Blood is based on VAMPIRES. …You keep mentioning that. I really need to watch this thing.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Isn’t Tokizane freaked out about that bloody scene around Saya? He was utterly ignoring it. He’ll probably become Saya’s servant later on since he’ll want to know everything. For Saya’s sake, he better not die. She can’t handle anymore personal losses.

        I guess given her current mental state, her increasing injuries in battle and being drugged with poisoned food, it might start a strong craving for blood. If that’s the case, she might start feeding on people herself if she, herself, is an Elder Bairn.

        Saya might be older than she looks if she doesn’t remember who she made that promise to and whatever secret Saya’s father is keeping from her, it’s gotta be more morbid than the current situation because the samurai was talking about her father as if they’ve met face to face.

        • Karakuri says:

          He did look surprised a bit. Though depending on how he feels about Saya, he might have been more concerned with her injuries and the puddle of blood more than the dead monster at her feet. The twins were a enough of a hard loss for her. I don’t think she’ll be getting over that soon unless something HUGE distracts her from it. Yeah, if he dies not only Saya, but a bunch of other people here will freak out too.

          This opens up a bunch of possibilities as to why Fumito drugs her food too depending on where he stands on Saya’s predicament. If he’s trying to help her, he might be drugging her food so she doesn’t go around feeding on people. But if he’s against her, he might be doing it so she remembers things and loses the contest thing going on.

          Yeah it’s pretty significant that the Bairn called her father by name. No other Bairn has done that before. I think there’s a possibility that she’s older than she looks as well (because that’s how it was with the other Blood series).

  8. animeluv04 says:

    Oh Watanuki!!!! I watched this episode three times just to hear Jun’s sexy voice =) can’t wait for next week.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha three times? Wow. I’m glad they randomly threw Watanuki in there, even if it just because they could.

      Next week will certainly be interesting for various reasons….

  9. TheVoid says:

    I’m half expecting Doumeki to show up sometime during all this. Where Watanuki is there’s always a Doumeki nearby.

    • anaaga says:

      I think Doumeki is the stripes of the dog. Just sayin

      • Elyon says:

        Oh. My. God.

      • Karakuri says:

        …How does that work out? It’s been a while since xxxholic for me.

        • anaaga says:

          @Karakuri : Well you see, Watanuki just has to move his lazy ass to the village now since the one who request the God-knows-what-kind-of wish lives ALL the way inside the bush, and since the trains are basically monsters, he has to change into a dog and go to the village. But Doumeki, or maybe his great grandson is all like “No you can’t! What if another spider eat your other eye? I have to be with you!”, ignoring the fact that Watanuki might be Red Clown or Fei Long, BAMFs who are super powerful. So Watanuki’s like “Fine, I’ll make you be a part of me. You’ll be the stripes though, since you’re always on top of me every night.” So Watanuki turned into a dog with Doumeki/great grandson as the stirpes of the forehead. Tada!!
          The end. #itsallyaoi Yeah I’m making up nonsense now

  10. animeducky says:

    Gotta love how the policeman’s body and all traces of blood instantly disappear as soon as the Elder Bairn comes into frame. Must have been cleared away by the Super Speedy Gore Cleaning Squad who’ve been cleaning up all the blood and guts from all Saya’s previous battles

    • Karakuri says:

      LOL holy crap, you’re right. After the officer died they just kind of cut him out of the animation. Damn those SSGCS guys are good! No even a minute off screen and all traces of blood were gone.

  11. anaaga says:

    I didn’t know it was Jun. I am disappointed with myself, I’ve been listening to his voice every damn week with NuranoMago, and I didn’t recognize him? Time to slit my belly in front of Hime now.

    No, I don’t think Saya’s her mom. From my guess, Tokizane has hots for Saya (my main shipping is back, now that we know that the damn dog is Watanuki. And his heart belongs to Yuuko and the blonde chick). Yes, I’m denying the possibility of Saya being an old woman, since I ship her with Tokizane. Leave me alone.

    And lol why yuh mention Kobato? I imagine her running on Saya when she’s killing some monster. I can see the convo going like this:

    *Kobato get slashed*

    The end

    • Karakuri says:

      NOO! YOU CAN’T GO! Without you, who’s going to recommend yaoi to me?!

      Lololol okay anaaga. Yeah, I’m kind of glad Saya isn’t being paired with a dog. I approve of her and Tokizane.

      Ahaha I was picturing something more along the lines of Ioryogi bitching Saya out while she’s in moe mode. I do think that her and Kobato would get along excellently though. Eating cake, tripping all the time, singing randomly….

  12. […] the way, Karakuri’s post on Metanorn includes a recap of the narrated scenes with the blood ampules. They still don’t make sense […]

  13. Kitty says:

    Did anyone else think for a brief second that the talking-Inu was Watanuki!!! Come on shop that grants wishes…. I smell a cross-over lesigh. (if thou its not going to happen)

    • Karakuri says:

      I think the dog was totally Watanuki. I’m refusing to let anyone tell me differently.

      • Kitty says:

        Based on the comments above, I should really finish xxxHolic (only watched the anime) but I’m kinda on an anit-Clamp mode…. until they finish some on hold series (cough cough)

        • Karakuri says:

          Apparently they’re working on a remake of Gouhou Drug right now, so that’s one series finally moving again…

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