Steins;Gate – 14

Endless Eight, except actually good.

I just made beef udon and it tastes so good I could kill someone. I just thought you’d like to know. But wait, you’re not here to hear about my culinary creations. At least, that’s what I would assume unless there’s some mythical meal called “Steins;Gate” that I’ve never heard of. It’d probably just be beef soaked in Doctor Pepper or something. Wow, I might actually try making Doctor Pepper flavoured rice if I get bored one day…OH GOD, LOOK WHAT I’VE DONE.

But seriously, let’s get back on topic people (yeah, how dare you distract me). If it wasn’t clear by the last episode, episode 14 makes it crystal that Mayuri is destined to die in this timeline. No matter what Okarin does, Mayuri is resigned to the same fate. Still, Okarin is unwilling to give up on her and decides to try something a bit different. In his latest timeleap, he calls Moeka and asks to meet up with her alone before the party.

Okarin holds Moeka at gunpoint with his toy laser, but quickly abandons it once he manages to frisk her gun off of her for a more threatening form of self-defense. He questions her about FB and SERN, telling her that he knows all about her since he came from the future. Before Okarin is knocked out by someone else and dragged off, he manages to squeeze some useful info out of her. 1. She’s part of a group called Rounder who want to get back the IBN 5100 and 2. She’s doing all of this for FB, under their orders.

After all his hard work, Okarin still didn’t do enough to stop Moeka from busting into his lab and killing Mayuri. This time, he’s just tied up in the back of a car as Moeka breaks in to shoot Mayuri. She asks if he’s Titor before she leaves, but otherwise ignores Okarin’s presence. He pleads for her to stop, eventually breaking free from the bodyguards and running back into the lab. Once again, he’s too late to save her and had to timeleap. Again.

Okarin nearly destroys the time machine when he timeleaps again. Kurisu manages to stop him, obviously confused at Okarin’s sudden outburst. After he has a mini freak-out session with Ruka, Kurisu finds him and tries to calm him down. Always the intuitive one, she knows when Okarin is being genuinely crazy and not just acting the part. In other words, she knows he time leaped. Kurisu promises to help him save Mayuri and even flashes a quick Mad Scientist pose to cheer him up. The scene is absolutely adorable and has won me over (yes. me. the heartless one) to actually root for this pairing.


The two of them decide that since Rounder is after them because they made a time machine and want to publicize it, things might turn out a lot better if they never actually finish the timeleap portion of the time machine. Kurisu says to go back in time and explain everything to the “past” Kurisu so they can act accordingly from then on to stop Mayuri death. Kurisu seems convinced she will believe him, but tells him a special secret about herself that only she would know just to make sure.

Ironically enough, Kurisu doesn’t believe him at first. However, once he brings up the keyword, she finally caves in and starts helping Okarin once again. Their main goal is to find the real cause for Mayuri’s death and stop it. For now, Rounder seems to be the proximate cause, but something else is most likely causing THAT first. After toying with some possibilities such as it just being Mayuri’s lifespan ticking to an end, Suzu steps in.

Time for some more explanations! Suzu takes them to the building where the satellite crashed to explain how they would have to alter events enough to save Mayuri. With a helpful rope metaphor, she explains that each timeleap is essentially just a jump to another thread in the rope. They’re all individual strands, but they all go to the same place at the end of the rope. In other words, they all lead to Mayuri’s death. Okarin would have to switch to a strand in an entirely different rope thread to save Mayuri. This is called crossing the 1% divergence number, and it’s measured with a device that the Okarin of the future created.

The real metaphor here is that Okarin has ropeburn because he’s stupid

Whew, okay, mini science lesson over. After Suzu climbs the rope and gains access to the place where the satellite crashed into, she opens the door for the other two to enter more normally. Suzu reveals that the satellite is actually a time machine, and she used it to come here from the year 2036. The episode ends with the words “I am John Titor” leaving her lips.

Bonus Screencaps:

Hey, I’m Suzu and we’ll be taking a tour of my crib this week. Pretty sweet, am I right?

“Wow, your hand is so cold…you really are zombie-like” “…I’m not helping you anymore.”

Don’t mind me, everyone. Just taking a nap. Keep on moving.

Okarin is utterly TERRIFIED of close up shots.

End Thoughts: I almost wish I could have watched episode 13 and 14 in one go, because it was hard to get back into the desperate atmosphere that was carefully set up from episode 13. The entire episode was a very emotionally-charged one, and I think I would have been affected by it a lot more if I watched right after seeing Mayuri die so many times. Nonetheless, it was another great episode with Okarin frantically trying to save Mayuri. You have to hand it to Mamoru Miyano – that man can act. Okarin’s utter misery and helplessness wouldn’t have been done justice if it was anyone but him.

The funny thing is, this episode is just as much about helplessness as it is about finding hope. Last episode, I think quite a few people were perplexed that Okarin could be surrounded by so many smart, capable people and not ask a single one of them for help. By finally trusting Kurisu, he’s making steps in the right direction to turn this around and get a happy ending. Amongst the suffering, sobbing, and pleading were some really beautiful moments where Kurisu opened up and bonded with Okarin. Once again, I can only think that the contrast is intentional, which leads to me applauding the excellent directing once again. I love watching these two develop as much as I enjoy watching Kotetsu and Barnaby develop in Tiger & Bunny.

I’m glad the pacing is staying the same and that questions are gradually being answered. There’s no sign of this intensity letting up any time soon, and I love it. This episode uncovers some new dirt on Moeka: she’s not exactly part of SERN, she’s working for a group called the Rounders. She’s also doing this all under FB’s orders, because FB is important to her. This is making me start to think that FB is a single person as opposed to an organization even more. Whatever FB is, Moeka is emotionally attached to it. It’s a lot easier to be attached to a singular person than an organization. Although, FB could be a leader in a certain organization.

Secondly, Suzu jumps in and really changes the ball game. We all suspected she was a time traveller, and she finally confirms it. Not only that, she’s John Titor and came from the year 2036 in that satellite that crashed into the building. I was sold on the fact that Titor was a man, and probably Okarin, but as if Steins;Gate would ever be that predictable.  I thought for sure with the manly narrative voice they gave Titor that it would at least be male…way to throw us off the scent. At least we know Okarin is a decent scientist in the future, to have created a meter to show the divergence number from worldline to worldline. He’s…doing something alright. I guess Suzu went “back in time” to try and get Okarin to be the messiah and that’s why she’s been so protective of him, always remaining close by. I must say, I’m starting to like her more as time goes by. No longer do I mentally call her “rabid squirrel girl!” I’d say that’s a step in the right direction.

Oh boy is there ever a lot that could happen in the next episode. I almost wish this show gave previews at the end. Until next week, lurkers and commenters! El Psy Congroo.


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20 Responses to “Steins;Gate – 14”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    Suzu, you clever girl you!

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Awesome episode! Nice to see Kurisu helping out Okarin and actually smile around him yay!

    Suzu from the future I think we all knew this was going to get revealed eventually, but damn! Awesome progression and the John titor line! Whaaaat! so epic.

    LOL Suzu’s crib wonder if she has a hot tub in that time machine? 😉

    • Jrow says:

      LOL hot tub! It’d make for some more nice fanservice shots like a few eps back.

      • Overcooled says:

        I actually watched a movie called Hot Tub Time Machine. This needs to happen in S;G now.

        • Foshizzel says:

          YES! That’s the next invention for them, this will be the “beach” themed episode.

  3. Azure says:

    Great episode, if there are time machines in the future I hope one day to come back in time and tell myself to watch this, over, and over, and over…and to accept the global metanorn takeover as our sovereign masters lol.

  4. Mad Chemist says:

    I’m so glad they just made Mayuri’s deaths a montage this ep! That could have gotten really repetitive and fortunately we’re in more interesting waters now. I hate to admit it, but Christina’s laughing scene and the hand holding managed to warm even my withered heart, and now I have to ship them. It’s good to see him get help from both of the most competent non-evil ladies in the show, even if Suzu pretty much booted into the group. That said, I can’t help but wonder what the big event that allows Okarin to break the divergence barrier will be. It’s got to be big, and I suppose that will be the thing that Christina does, but Suzu is still keeping us in the dark. Just as well, Steins;Gate is always at its best when it has some dark secret to reveal piece by piece, and it really knows how to reveal its secrets with flair.

    • Overcooled says:

      I would have gotten bored if they dragged it on. We get it – she’s supposed to die. This episode was much better. I guess it warmed both of our withered hearts haha.

      Maybe Okarin will use Suzu’s time machine somehow? I think Suzu might do a bit more explaining next episode of how to break that 1% divergence. Each episode we figure out the answer to one secret…and then get a new one. Oh, how the waiting hurts!

  5. tomphile says:


  6. Reaper says:

    Kurisu has revealed her true self, the 2channeler! Heh, all jokes aside, this ep definitely dealt with a few things from the last ep. I knew Mayuri’s death would be continuous unless Okarin shifted world lines, and now Suzu the female Terminator comes along and says Okarin needs to pass the 1% divergence barrier; did she mention she was John Titor? That was a serious bombshell even I didn’t expect, even when she said her dad was Barrel Titor. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more interaction by Suzu in the plot, whilst Kurisu continues to reveal her thriller moves for our delight 🙂

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh boy, lots of bombs dropping lately, huh? Poor Okarin, going through so much. I look forward to Suzu finally helping Okarin and Kurisu opening herself up. Also, more poses!

  7. Toori-chan says:

    Haha Chris and her screwed up pose with a laugh that totally don’t suit her.

    If I was Okabe, I would have a phobia of experiencing the same events over and over again. (Endless eight was bad for me)

    Suzu is John Titor?!!! Never saw that coming. That machine was there ever since the first episode and I thought it was a satellite all this while.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!!! Argghhh!!!

    • Overcooled says:

      It must be major deja vu…I would hate having to repeat everything over and over and over…D: Especially having Mayuri die that many times.

      I knew the satellite was fishy, but not THAT fishy. Once again, Steins;Gate totally catches everyone by surprise!

  8. Kansokusha says:

    Dr. Pepper Beef! I’ve had dishes seasoned with Coke n they r incredible! Maybe Dr. Pepper will do the magic too? But I think white meat is more preferable! XD

    Agreed that S;G has become emotional lately. To me, S;G is the kind of show that will continually feed u with emotions if u open ur heart to it. As a VN reader, I can tell u that ull never have enough of it. It’s like an addiction!

    Mamo ftw!

    Loved how they do the Mayuri’s death scenes in the 1st few mins. For those who didn’t expect the death of Mayuri, her dead cycle might be horrific. But that too will get old. Instead the anime team announced his failed attempt to save Mayuri in an artistic way. Oh rain turns into blood. Tho I prefer they animate the gel-tutturu scene in more details instead of the taxi-shooting one.

    Insane mado scientisto Christina! Cool! Tho it’s the same pose, why Okabe looked so stupid back then?

    With the numberous hints from the past few episodes, especially when Suzuha said her father goes by the name of Barrel Titor, it would be an easy guess that she’s a Titor too – the one John Titor. The time traveller on a lone journey to save the world. You’ll see her determination soon enough. My favourite female cast of S;G.

    P.S. LOL “Just taking a nap.” I’ve been wondering if they were taken from sum alternative timelines. You got Reading Steiner too? XD

    • Overcooled says:

      I shall experiment when my mom isn’t home to question me. I’ve used green tea to flavour food, but never soda…lol.

      Steins;Gate is really an emotional rollercoaster, ahh…If it’s not Mayuri dying, it’s revealing John Titor. They’re really doing a good job of adapting the VN (although I haven’t played the original, it seems that way).

      Can’t wait to see what Suzu has in store for us…she’s a hardy one, that girl. I admire anyone else with the ability to kick ass *fistbumps Suzu*

      Shh, tell no one of my Reading Steiner abilities or else SERN will come after you!

  9. Kyokai says:

    I finally like CHRISTINNAAAA now.

  10. Irenesharda says:

    Gosh am I enjoying this show! I wish I had been watching it when everyone else was, but then I wouldn’t be able to marathon it if that was the case, and this show would be awful slow if I had to watch it weekly.

    This thing is full of interesting science and lots of twists and turns. When Suzu revealed herself all I could think of was that she was no Terminator, she’s the leader of the future resistance against Skynet SERN and her name’s John Connor Titor.

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