R-15 – 02

Get naked. Be yourself.

Anaaga: Aahh, R-15. Been in my laptop for days, yet I was able to watch it only a few days ago. Ugh. I can’t believe I have to keep up with this *facepalm* Thank god my ero friend Hime is willing to stick with me until the end. I HOPE until the end xD

Hime: Surprisingly I was one of the few who liked R-15, that being said it might just have been Good First Episode Syndrome. It could all be downhill from here!

Hime: Ahh white laser beams!

Anaaga: LOL HER OUTFIT. That’s a concert? Holy shit

Hime: Or lack of outfit… BEST CONCERT EVAR


Hime: What a moshpit that would be

Anaaga: Imagine if her vagina lands on someone’s face

Hime: It would transcend into orgy territory very quickly I’d imagine

Anaaga: Ew. EEWWW. And she looks so innocent

Hime: The OP is pretty cute. AND I SAW HINT OF YAOI. I DID.

Anaaga: With plenty of censors too. Very cute. LOL that math dude

Hime: I am sooo ready for this~ x3

Anaaga: *le sigh*

Hime: C’mon anaaga its porn! You like porn

Anaaga: Don’t like straight porn

Hime: Oh it was just a dream, sadtimes. Concerts like that should be real

Anaaga: Where is her vagina going to land? Che, it’s just a dream

Anaaga: God, the Chief’s boobs. She’s sooo not a virgin

Hime: So wobbily. Oh it’s the girl he raped

Anaaga: Mind rape. OF COURSE PANTSU

Hime: More laser beams… That’s all this is

Anaaga: I never knew she has a name

Hime: FUKUNE. Yano…like FU-

Anaaga: OH LOL HIME. “Yo, Fuk!”

Hime: Haha attack of sparkles. She’s like so moe it hurts.

Anaaga: But you ARE a pervert…

Hime: Ah, the sad life of a pervert… Those slap marks on his face will never go away

Anaaga: Whut



Hime: Haha she totally gets him

Anaaga: Oh my god what kind of lecture did she attend to!?

Hime: I dunno, but I want to go

Anaaga: Lol he has a fan now

Hime: Oh god, porno club

Anaaga: Her legs. Lots of oil


Anaaga: UFO!?

Hime: Aw disappointment. That’s not sexy! Unless it involves David Ducovney

Anaaga: That’s moe. Yes, her camera talks.

Hime: She’s so cute! It like burns meh..

Anaaga: I bet that idol is a pervert too. LOL she got a jiji as a fan…Oh god, GET IT OVER WITH WOMAN

Hime: I know, if she wanted to be more raunchy she could

Anaaga: Aww yaoi talk. Need yaoi sex naow

Hime: Definitely

Anaaga: really? CANDY? Oh god, that dude’s so uke



Hime: WHUT xD

Anaaga: EEEWWW. LOL HIS MAGIC WORDS IS PI! A short for PenIs?

Hime: I think it must be

Anaaga: oh god her boobs burning mah eyes. FUK is a stalker

Hime: She is *stares* Put the fork down woman!

Anaaga: Lol biggest fan, more like a first

Hime: More like only

Anaaga: LOL that danceee~

Hime: Shake yo booty~

Anaaga: And why is the teacher giving the “DO ME!!” vibe?

Hime: Cause she’s a slut

Anaaga: Jeez Fuk, stop stalking. If you wana do it, JUST DO IT. YES WE CAN.

Hime: FUK STOP STALKING xD Oh yes, listen to the wall

Anaaga: Lol the arrows. Destination of Sex

Hime: Dominatrix controls all. More neekidness.

Anaaga: Sonoke is prepping herself. Gym, perfect place for sex. OMNOMNOMNOM

Hime: I AM READY TAKE ME NOW. It would smell though

Anaaga: That’s true *spray air freshener*

Hime: She has such an inferiority complex, honey you are a singer with a massive rack, chill out



Anaaga: Tentacle?

Hime: Possessed cleavage and now rape. Oh my, his brain is just hilarious.

Anaaga: Hehe

Hime: What a romantic~

Anaaga: This is getting boring- whut? Middle East?

Hime: You were saying?

Anaaga: Lol his mask. She quivers from the sound of his music. Is her skirt THAT short?

Hime: Vibrations man

Anaaga: Bzzzzt bbzzztt bbzzzttt


Anaaga: Oh lol the sunset. Don’t hide yourself aka SEX. WAAIIT SHE’S STRIPPING.

Hime: she’s casting off her shell. Wow he’s like a hypnotist

Anaaga: LOL she’s not wearing undies


Anaaga: I don’t want a guy like that as a friend. But as a boyfriend, yes please.

Hime: Yeah, you know how I said he wasn’t creepy… I take it back. that or she’s just really stupid

Anaaga: True form = Naked. LOL DID SHE JUST CAME

Hime: I think she did.

Anaaga: It’s called SEX sweetie. Joy she never knows. Actually, orgasm is more like it :3

Hime: Haha and he wakes up alone. Abandoned

Anaaga: He got dumped. If she goes naked to her concert…

Hime: That would be hilarious

Anaaga: Oh no she didn’t. Booo. Camera woman is curious.


Anaaga: LOL that pose the idol did. DOGGY STYLE

Hime: A brain and a dick = men. But without the brain part.

Anaaga: I totally agree. Now she’s calm when her pantsu is shown.



Hime: Aw he learned something

Anaaga: Yes, be yourself

Hime: Bout time. FUK

Anaaga: Did she just…licked the reed?

Hime: Yeah

Anaaga: Camera woman looks evil now. she’s the true porn devil

Hime: Camera girl is plotting. GOD THE CHIBIS. NO

Anaaga: I think FUK is the most perverted out of all the girls. Every time I see Fuk with sticks…

Hime: Yeah. I still like the dominatrix paper chief most

Anaaga: ALL HAIL SM. To make it short, our hero (I forgot his name already) has the job to interview the idol of the school. She’s surprisingly tolerant of his ero vibe and thinks of herself as HIS fan -.- The main problem here is the idol’s problem. She’s not sure of herself, whether she’s being herself or not. In an empty storage room…Why is it in a storage room? Anyway, our ero novelist’s power is activated and he suddenly serenade the idol with his ero novel. The idol feels horny, comes, and… becomes her true self. BE. YOURSELF. BY CUMMING. Ugh. Anyway, the idol is happy now, and it seems like our main heroine FUK is slowly getting a better impression of our novelist. However, as seen from the last scene, it seems like trouble is brewing up.

Extra Porn:

So wasteful. He could’ve donated his blood

I hope this is just a metaphor, with the bull’s horn representing a penis or something like that

Uta no  Prince-Sama does it better

In case you’re wondering, she’s CUMMING

Hug for the great sex

End Thoughts:

Hime: That episode wasn’t as good as the first one

Anaaga: Um, none of it is good…

Hime: xD I LIKED EP 1


Hime: Yeah, not that I want to see vagina…but it is annoying

Anaaga: LOL that girl wears no pantsu. How can she roam around without undies? Isn’t it breezy down there?

Hime: Frostbite in winter…

Anaaga: LOL. Man, this episode is just ridiculous

Hime: y’woch. Wait that made so sense. I meant yowch

Anaaga: xD Porn dude is so creepeh now…

Hime: I know! He used to be cute. Dayum, I’m annoyed

Anaaga: I bet every episode will be like this. Girls have dilemma, he serenade them with ero, they go naked, CUM. Problems solved.

Hime: When you put it like that…it sounds terrible

Anaaga: But isn’t it? xD

Hime: Yeah, pretty much

Anaaga: I mean, that ability of his shouldn’t exist at all. What if he decides to go batshit and make all the girls naked? D:

Hime: xD

Anaaga: And Fuk is just so bleh, as usual. I think she’s getting a better impression of the ero novelist though

Hime: Yeah, maybe she’ll turn out to be mega perv. but with her personality type it’ll just be super creepy

Anaaga: I still think that the mega perv is the camerawoman though

Hime: Yeah, she seems most curious

Anaaga: I really don’t like her. She’s such a tsundere. Telling the novelist that he’s a pervert, but she’s a pervert herself -.-

Hime: That’s true. I hate tsunderes, but she’s not too annoying yet

Anaaga: YET :3 AND she’s plotting something now. Oh well, I guess we’ll know the evil plan next week =D


I didn’t bother listening to the preview, but according to Hime there’s going to be some yaoi-ish scenes in episode three. Yum.


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10 Responses to “R-15 – 02”

  1. Toori-chan says:

    Two girls jabbering about ero and yaoi is all that I read in this blog (Get a room…). I agree on the beams being annoying but its possibly due to [non-creativeness + censors = light beams].

    • anaaga says:

      But that’s the whole point of this anime! xD
      Srsly, there’s nothing serious to talk about in this anime. This anime is just pointless

    • Jrow says:

      I agree with that getting a room thing…
      Elsewise, I can’t wait for September 30th now.

      • anaaga says:

        you know those times when you feel like wanting to know what us girls think? this is the best time 8D
        and september 30th?

  2. Hime says:

    We should review Boku no Pico just to really emotionally scar people, anaaga.

    • anaaga says:

      LOL. omg, we totally should. They don’t know the pain of having the duty of reviewing a pointless anime every freakin week

    • Karakuri says:

      Haven’t you done enough harm with that show? XD
      Ahahaha you two should totally do it.

      • Neena says:

        I vote for that too.It’ll be hilarious to read the comments of ppl who claim they can’t red shit like that, but are still on the page :)) and might even write a detailed hate comment based on what you wrote

  3. Moni Chan says:

    the only good thing about this anime is the yaoi math guy,which reminds me of my awesome math teacher that remindes me of Yukio from ao no exorcist, which is why im going to continue watching this anime other wise this anime sucks

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