Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – The Worst Album

Hmm, yeah, the second part of PnS Original Soundtrack is here~

Well, the first release was not so bad with D Rock City being the highlight of it. This release comes with some of the remixes (some actually ruined the original) from previous release, ten character commentaries and even some porn clips… >.> STILL, this is not the worst album and the fans of this franchise would actually like some techno back in their life. Enjoy~

Artists: TCY FORCE, TeddyLoid, Taku Takashi, Mariya Ise aka Stocking, Debra Zeer, Hoshina Anniversary, Booty Bronx, Mitsunori Ikeda, etc.

1. Milky Way TeddyLoid feat.Mariya Ise aka Stocking
2. Cherry Corrida I ~cocks gone: the death of a bitch~ Arisa Ogasawara
3. D City Rock (TeddyLoid Live Remix) TeddyLoid feat.Debra Zeer
4. Cherry Corrida II ~a case of Garterbelt’s loss~ Arisa Ogasawara
5. Fly Away (Taku & TeddyLoid For the Club Edit) TeddyLoid
7. Cherry Corrida III ~a case of Brief’s loss~ Arisa Ogasawara
8. Ghost Town TeddyLoid
9. Cherry Corrida IV ~dry bitch and wet goth girl~ Arisa Ogasawara
10. Beverly Hills Cock Part.2 TCY FORCE
11. Theme for Panty & Stocking (Hoshina Anniversary Remix) Hoshina Anniversary
12. Cherry Corrida V ~Dmitri Fullchinkov the cock chopper~ Arisa Ogasawara
13. Jumping Mole (Nerdcore Switch) Booty Bronx,Mitsunori Ikeda & TeddyLoid
14. Cherry Corrida VI ~the advent of angels?~ Arisa Ogasawara
15. Cherryboy Riot Part.2 TeddyLoid
16. Cherry Corrida VII ~black, huge, solid and stinky~ Arisa Ogasawara
17. Yesline Dub TeddyLoid
18. CHOCOLAT (TeddyLoid Remix) TCY FORCE feat.Mariya Ise
19. Cherry Corrida VIII ~When You Wish upon a Hole~ Arisa Ogasawara
20. Fly Away (El Poko Maro Dubstep Remix) TeddyLoid
21. Cherry Corrida IX ~cock chopper blues or cock fucker rhapsody~ Arisa Ogasawara
22. Champion (TeddyLoid Remix) TCY FORCE feat.Emyli
23. Cherry Corrida X ~cocks back: the resurrection of a bitch~ Arisa Ogasawara
24. Fallen Angel (El Poko Maro Drum’n’Bass Remix) Mitsunori Ikeda feat.Aimee B


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8 Responses to “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – The Worst Album”

  1. Nice! I’m really tempted to buy this… admittedly for the cd cover before the actual songs, but still, I think that’s still a worthwhile purchase. XD

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Awesome xD

    LOL that cover art nice ;P

  3. Overcooled says:

    Been listening to this since yesterday evening. Mmmm, so GOOD! Talk about a killer soundtrack.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ya just listened to it this afternoon not bad! Probably going to delete all the chatting parts. Other than those tracks awesome remixes 🙂

  4. Alynn says:

    Oh bb. It’s finally out! Thanks for sharing!

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