No.6 – 02

Not a creature was stirring not even a…HEY A MOUSE

Now that the period of first impressions is essentially over, it’s time for all the summer shows to prove that they can keep up the hype past their first episode. This is where people will decide whether to drop or continue, so it’s no time to slack off. I can’t say much about the other series here, but I can tell you that No.6 is still going on strong. Unless you still cringe at vague, mildly flirtatious dialogue between two males.

By the way, 4 year timeskip from episode 1 lolololol. Anyways, Shion is working his day job managing a park with cute little mechanical trash recepticals when all of a sudden, a dead body shows up on the cameras. When he goes to investigate, he sees a shriveled old man with a black mark on his neck. Shion tries to wipe out the whole unpleasant incident over a nice coffee with Safu. She came to visit Shion in the Lost Town to see how he’s doing and ask why he never went into the gifted program. He explains he was kicked out and thus forced out of Chronos, but refuses to explain why.

As the two continue to walk and catch up on each other’s lives, Safu can’t help but be displeased at how things have turned out. The guy she likes has changed so much he only cares about possible adventures with fidget-y mouse-boys instead of school and studying. Despite feeling distanced from him, it doesn’t stop her from asking Shion for a quick shag before she returns home. No seriously, she explicitly asks for his sperm. Still just a kid he refuses, but, uh, try again next year?

From Safu’s point of the view, the next series of events is a little bit of a hit to the ego. As Safu is about to depart, Shion sees a rat and decides to abandon her in order to follow said rodent. Ditched for a rat. To be fair, it did have a transmitter with Nezumi’s baritone purr on the other end. I’d follow that ANYWHERE. It’s a shame that Shion loses the mouse in the crowd, but he’ll be back.

There’s not much Shion can do but sigh and go back to his daily job. But he can certainly bitch about it to his co-worker. Shion bitches so hard that the poor guy shrivels up and dies, and then a wasp spurts out of his neck. This is why no one likes whiners! It kills people and then they fall unconscious and wake up handcuffed! The next time you complain too much, you will be whisked away in a car and accused for being malcontent in your environment.

But seriously, the Security Bureau is taking him to the correctional facility for suspecting he government of manipulating information. They took away the dead body in a huff without explaining how someone in their 30s would have the dead body of an old man. When all hope is lost, the survival strategy kicks in to save the day.

Seizon senryaku, bitches

Nezumi jumps out from under the bridge and takes out all of the bodyguards in a stunning display. Man does the action animation ever look GOOD. Nezumi steals the car and starts to drive an elated Shion to safety…only to have the car suddenly go into reverse. Nezumi quickly realizes it’s remote-controlled and plants a bomb in the car. He jumps out with Shion and detonates the bomb as soon as the car returns back to the Securiy Bureau goons. It’s not quite smooth sailing yet, but they’ve lost their trail for now.

Without much time to explain, Nezumi drags Shion off to a getaway car, throwing away his ID bracelet in the process. Before the guards get back on their tail, Nezumi alludes to the fact he’s been keeping an eye on Shion. (Oh baby, has he EVER). Shion thanks him for the sudden rescue, but is scolded when he asks a bunch of questions that are a bit unnecessary at the moment. For now, it’s time to focus on escaping with a second doubt, unless you want to be killed. Case and point, they spend the next few minutes plowing through a security gate and sliding into a waste management facility while narrowly avoiding having their heads lopped off. Still! This is no time to rest and start getting comfy. It’s time to dive into a river of filthy water that is probably more garbage than water.

Even when they surface from the repulsive waterways, they still have to walk quite a way before they’re home free. After a lot of staggering and stumbling, they make it outside. Nezumi shows Shion the REAL world outside the city that he’s been living in. It’s a shabby town made from bits of metal and god knows what else all cobbled together, but a town nonetheless. As a refugee, Shion’s gonna have to get used to it whether he likes it or not.

Bonus Screencaps:

What could have been…

…and how things turned out

Michael Phelps ain’t got nothing on me

This would be so much more romantic if they weren’t covered in garbage

End Thoughts: I have to admit, the 4 year timeskip was a bit sudden. I didn’t expect things to whizz by after only the first episode, but I guess that’s what you have to do when you only have 11 episodes to work with. Somehow, they managed to pull it off and explain everything. Shion really didn’t do much in those 4 years other than get kicked out of Chronos anyways so it’s not like we had to see it. Plus, it gets us out of the shota zone right off the bat so we can truly enjoy all the bonding that’s going on *cough*.

I really love how the mystery around this dystopian society is starting to unfold. You can’t deny something is up in a city where they listen into conversations to search for people who MIGHT be doubting the system. Although they may have also took him in because he saw Yamase suddenly age at least 50 years before a wasp emerged from his throat. Something tells me that’s not something they want people to see. I think that wasp must have planted the same sort of infection in his throat. It probably lays eggs, and the egg suddenly drains the host’s lifeforce when it hatches. That’s some CRAZY stuff right there.

I want to know why such a thing exists and what it’s purpose is. I’m glad they seem to be on their way to doing a lot of explaining in episode 3, because things are really building up. I have to hand it to this show for steadily building up to a climax. It’s not as slow and careful as Shiki or Steins;Gate, but it seems to really know what it’s doing. I might just try and relax and actually hope for a decent ending. I’m usually extremely wary when it comes to the final few episodes, but I think we’re in good hands.

Inevitable fangirling is inevitable, so bear with me. Nezumi is hot. Whenever he talks, my heart melts like butter. I’m surprised it’s really the same guy who voiced Shichika in Katanagatari. Give Hosoya Yoshimasa more roles, stat! But seriously, I love the raw bundle of instincts and animalistic paranoia that makes up who he is. Shion’s been cooped up all his life, so of course he’d be entranced by something so novel in that sterile little life of his. I love the dynamics of these two. No, not just as slash bait (which is just a nice bonus~) but as great characters for us to watch as they work together to get to the bottom of all this. As for Safu, I feel sorry for her. She’s painfully uncool and basically offered to have sex, only to have the dude run off in search of some guy he lent his sweater to this one time. I bet he still has that goddamned sweater too.

Preview: Nezumi and Shion settle down in the city and have a long talk about No.6 and what’s going on. For one thing, Nezumi hates No.6 and the Security Bureau for dumping all their garbage where he lives. Whatever else he tells Shion sends him into an enraged state where he feels guilty for everything. The mark on his neck seems to also be making him physically sick, but Nezumi is confident he can handle it. With so much revealed in the preview, I can’t help but claw at the sides of my laptop in anticipation. More of the mystery revealed and more fanservice. Two birds, one stone, and one very happy Overcooled.

See you next week, darlings~~~


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33 Responses to “No.6 – 02”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    Ok, these Yaoi undertones are getting out of control!
    Also is this the season of penguins?

  2. Kyokai says:

    Unf, Nezumi, come save me~ :3

    I liked this episode more than the last one. And already know how Shion’s hair will turn white but let’s get on with the move people and not lag on progress now that a pace has been set.

    Have you watched Denpa teki no kanojo? You should because Juuzawa Juu’s role is played by Hosoya and of course Yukitaka in Level E. This boy needs moar main roles! He’s awesome.

    • Overcooled says:

      I actually really liked the first episode. Second episode was just as good, but with more action sprinkled in.

      Yes, I have. I just didn’t mention it because I thought it was more obscure. I only watched it because I read a post about it at Metanorn in my lurker days haha. Man, I wish they would finish it…

      • Kyokai says:

        There will be no more OVAs btw. They have ended it. I wish to find translation of novels but have not been successful. =3=

  3. BlackBriar says:

    A four year timeskip? That’s too much time and in between information to process. Damn you, Shion. Safu gives the offer of a lifetime and you blow her off? What’s wrong with you? Even Nezumi scolded you about that.

    The guy who died from drinking the poisoned coffee, if anyone else saw that, no one would want another cup again. And what’s with those bugs that come out of the corpses? Now Nezumi really looks like Sasuke Uchiha or if you prefer, Natsuno Yuuki for that matter.

    • Overcooled says:

      That’s the trouble with timeskips…WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN BETWEEN? Ah well, they didn’t change all too much aside from looks.

      Those wasps are creepy…I wonder why the hell they need to kill people in order to live? Haha, you’re right, Nezumi looks like Kanda and Sasuke had a lovechild.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Lol. Kill people in order to live? Very familiar, don’t you think? That sounds very sadistic.

        • Overcooled says:

          I like how out conversations always manage to end up at Shiki discussions lol

          • BlackBriar says:

            Yeah, I like that. If you’ve seen chapter 41 of the manga, there’s talk about what happened in the village and a part with Sunako and Seishin in the big city. They’re living Megumi’s dream.

            • Overcooled says:

              YES, I DID. It was quite the ending. Seishin looked so different at the end! I don’t really feel too sorry for Megumi though because..well…she was kind of a bitch. I liked how it went a step farther than the anime in giving closure, Show ▼

  4. anaaga says:

    I would’ve run away if Saifu asks me that “Yo, I want your sperm.” God knows that she might do with it.
    This episode is better than the first. Thank god the shota element is gone, so I can enjoy my yaoi as much as I now. Pretty impressed at how they can pull the explanation without it being awkward, and it seems that next week we’re gona have some sex between them. yeah.

    • Overcooled says:

      She’s not exactly a smooth-talker , is she? :/ Shion’s better off with Nezumi. If only this were full out yaoi…New favourite series right there.

  5. Miyu says:

    I was so disturbed by Safu. My parents were in the room and she went all like “SEKKUSU” which is probably the only japanese word they’d understand. ): and then comes this whole long time of explaining that I DIDN’T watch porn sigh.

    But other than that the four year timeskip was okay to me, and this anime’s just warming up (: I’m thinking that there might be some epidemic running rampant in the city but the government is refusing to bring it to light? O: It’s probably spreading as we speak *gulps*

    Anyway, definitely looking forward to the next episode. I LOVE YOU topless NEZUMI!!♥

    • Overcooled says:

      LOL awkward. My mom was in the room too, but she either didn’t hear it or was so used to me and my weird anime that she didn’t even say anything. <_< At least there was no nakedness for them to really accuse you! The government might be the ones spreading the epidemic! And maybe they're the only one with vaccines. That or they messed up big time and yeah, have to cover it up. Creepy.

  6. Mad Chemist says:

    Argh, those bugs. I’m already creeped out by bugs that can get under your skin, so seeing what happened to Yamase was… unpleasant for me. That said it’s the most interesting part of a very nice episode to me – I wonder if the police were already on their way to see Shion after he saw the first victim, since they clearly want to keep the deaths under wraps. I’m also curious if this is something the government is trying to cover up or if this is something that they’re actually responsible for. I’m guessing the later right now, but there’s a bit too little info to go on as of now.

    Good to know that the action in this show is good stuff too. Nezumi’s “passport” was pretty excellent.

    • Overcooled says:

      Bugs really make me squirm…My mom happened to be sitting on the couch at the time and she had to leave, she was so freaked out by the bugs XD

      I think they constantly monitor EVERYONE, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they had already planned to take them away if they figured the kids knew too much to be let go. So far I’m just guessing the government is responsible for it, but it really could be either way. As you said, not enough info :B

      A show with a good plot (so far) AND awesome action? Keep it up, No.6~

  7. Foshizzel says:

    Seems like there is a virus outbreak! Turning people old and dead Nooooooooo! Damn wasp freaky little bug I already hate wasps now I can hate them even more.

    Nezumi did have a super awesome entrance of course we all saw that coming anyway I was like ohh ok where is Nezumi? And BAMMM There he was, damn he owns people so fast xD

    As for the time gap yeah it is a bit sudden and fast but with 11 episodes to actually work with I can see why they had to. Crazy how the city listens in on you feels like they are practically in a big ass prison! Anyway fun episode nice to see some story taking place.


    • Overcooled says:

      As if bugs weren’t creepy enough, now they kill you instantly? I’m on board with you for hating them…>_< Better timeskip now than in the middle of the show, I guess XD With 11 episodes they don't have much of a choice, although I'm pretty sure there's a timeskip in the novels as well.

  8. Mina says:

    I must say, that I’m actually a bit… but only a BIT unsatisfied with the anime adaptation, okay I only read 3 chapters of the anime online, but this is nearly the same, as episode three is going to be.
    The anime adaptation actually made Shion more of a whimp than he already is!
    But the actions scenes are of course better animated, I’ll definitely watch this, but not because they look a bit like Allen and Kanda…. >DD

    • Snowley says:

      Nothing is better than a novel. Ever.
      They couldn’t put all the inside-talk into anime, or else that’d look like noir film (so I think). But makers still follow the book chapter by chapter, I don’t know how many volumes there is and if they manage to animate it all :<

      • Overcooled says:

        That’s a shame they had to make Shion more of a wimp…Oh well, at least it’s doing a pretty good job so far. I can never unsee Nezumi and Shion as the boys from D. Gray Man now after all these comments about it XD

        I haven’t really read anime-related novels so I can’t exactly cast a judgement myself, but are they ALWAYS better than anime?

        • Snowley says:

          Books are better than motion pictures based on them. There may be some exeptions, but tey proe the rule.

  9. Elyon says:

    Safu is a little bit…off. o_e But at least she doesn’t beat around the bush.
    Not that I even remembered Safu’s existence when HNNNNGHHH Nezumi appeared! That was such an epic entrance.

    • Overcooled says:

      Safu rides he special bus, that’s for sure :B Awwwwkwaaarddd. Luckily she wasn’t there for too long, and we had our sweet, sweet reunion with Nezumi. Yeah, his entrance was pretty badass.

  10. Snowley says:

    NO WHINE OR DIE. Gotta remember this.

  11. Renn says:

    I haven’t read the light novels, and I like your theory on the disease. I’m hoping that’s it or akin to it since that sounds really cool. 😀

    I’m also really wary about where the series will go. Noitamina has not had much luck with action series this year with Fractale and C. Since both of the Noitamina airing next season look like the adventure type, I’m hoping No. 6 will break that trend now. >.<

    I love Safu, and I demand that she gets her own series. That said, I can understand why Shion would run off Nezumi instead.

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha, either that or they’ll think up something cooler. XD

      To be honest, I was a bit jittery about this turning into another Fractale…But so far so good, right? I hope it breaks the trend too…Great things can be accomplished in a short amount of time – just look at FLCL!

      Safu is nice but she’s so…so weeeirdddd! I hope studying Neuroscience for too long doesn’t make me become like her.

  12. Durka Dur ! says:

    Shion really reminds me of Christopher Drew from NSN ’cause of his hair…which I LOVE Show ▼

    • Overcooled says:

      A little bit! Shion’s hair is a little more tame, but I can see the resemblance a bit.

      P.S. enjoy your first comment cookie. It’s obligatory that I give you one to encourage DELURKING.

  13. Tala says:

    I really would have liked if they said about the time skip,
    as I watched episode 2, and I had like. uh??????????? and didn’t understand a thing about it.

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