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Science meets insanity.



Ooooooh such a busy past week and another such week to come! Too much going on. Like Kyo, I’ll be dealing with wedding stuff for a friend next weekend after this weekend filled of work. But oh well, that’s life and you gotta do whatcha gotta do. But yeah! Nichijou is getting pretty good with some progress in the main story and of course, some good laughs. So, let’s get this on…

Hey there! Welcome back to more crazy fun with Nichijou. Now that the very last summer series has aired, time to see what people are watching and dropping! So far I haven’t dropped anything yet but of course we shall see. Hope everyone is enjoying the awesome Anime’s Next Top Model! Should be something fun for the future of Metanorn! Anyway enjoy this awesome tag for Nichijou!

Stories this week follow Yuuko ordering coffee and messing it up, while Nano continues to adjust to school life. Mio in the meantime has problems with a random police man who mistakes her for a criminal. Also, Yuuko finds out where Nano lives and visits, hanging out with Hakase and Nano for the afternoon.

Nakamura must get really excited to see Nano’s key! Such a stalker.

We start this episode with Nakamura spying on Nano as she quickly leaves the classroom. I guess she has to rush home to feed the beast known as Hakase. Yuuko was going to ask Nano to hang out at the new coffee shop in town, but she decides to go alone and messes up the order, mixing up everything and ending up with the smallest coffee ever! I guess you should learn to read a bit better? Then again ordering coffee is always a headache.

Mission one! Coffee shop adventures.

Double facepalming action all the way! Poor Yuuko, don’t you want to just hug her?

I have to agree with Yuuko at the end of that terrible coffee shop visit, better to get coffee the easy way! I haven’t had any in a can though, is it any good? After that we join Mio sneaking around watching Sasahara on his goat. Shortly after that Yuuko surprises Mio showing up just as a police officer walks up, causing Yuuko to immediately apologize. Why? I guess she fears the cops? Then again people always get somewhat nervous when talking to the police. The cop talks to the girls explaining there is some counterfeit bills being used on vending machines. Of course, Mio’s bag matches the suspect’s bag! The two of them jump to conclusions and Mio attacks the officer after he finds her drawings of Sasahara and a random guy. She also attacks Yuuko, Sasahara’s goat, and a random old guy before running away.

Sasahara and Mio! Best Nichijou couple… well I can dream anyway…

Police officer- “Have you two seen a guy dressed as a large teddy bear, might want to run if you see him.”

Police officer- “What is this? I am worth more!”                  Mio- “You wont take me alive! AAAHHH!”

No one is safe from Mio’s wrath! Even your goat gets flipped by her strength.

Damn Mio, owns people! She needs to be a fighting game character. After that amazing display of skills from Mio, we follow Yuuko who managed to track down where Nano lives. She knocks and Nano quickly shuts the door on her face! I guess she is just shy, well she does have a huge secret to keep from the others. However, Hakase opens the door and lets Yuuko walk right in. I guess she is super trustworthy. Yuuko is quickly amused with Hakase even witnesses Nano pouring tea from her wrist. Of course the two of them really hit it off and get in all kinds of fun together. Before Yuuko leaves for the day, she doesn’t really catch on that Nano is actually a robot, she just says Nano is well Nano to her, nothing more or less. Really nice to see Nano somewhat relax around Yuuko for once, usually she is so nervous. The episode ends with Yuuko walking home saying goodbye to Sakamoto, who actually talks back to her.Sadly Yuuko did not see the talking cat this time.

Yuuko- “Thanks to Google maps I have found Nano’s house!”               Mio- “Why are we friends again?”

Nano- “SO FLUFFY!!”                          Yuuko- “Whoa! you have the coolest cat in the universe!”

Hakase- “And that’s how I make tea.”                     Yuuko- “So awesome, yo! Turn me into a robot too.”

Hakase- “Can we please keep this human?! PLEASE! I promise to feed it this time.”

Sakamoto- “There sure are a lot of crazy ass humans in this town.”

Extra crazy fun.

I knew it! Yuuko was a secret character in Samurai girls; look at all that ink!

Sasahara- “Let’s get you some custom hooves and horns; how about some chrome?”

Sakamoto doesn’t want to be held! He wants to be free! Or he wants a hug.

Hakase- “Let’s get drunk on strawberry milk, yo!”              Yuuko- “Woooooo!! Party time!”

Yuuko’s galaxy will shine on forever! Also Yaoi makes girls sparkle?

End Thoughts:

That was a fun episode for this week of Nichijou! I enjoyed watching Yuuko at that coffee shop, I never really ordered coffee before but I could see how confusing it would be for a first time buyer. If only she actually took the time to read the menu! It was right there, ah well, I still enjoyed watching Yuuko messing up every week. Poor girl! I would have still loved to see Nano hang out with Yuuko the two of them would be so much fun together. The best part about the whole coffee adventure would be that ending! Seeing Yuuko get the smallest cup of coffee I died laughing, guess she will never ever go there again.

Another fun half of this episode would easily be Mio’s fighting moves! She really is so much fun to watch during over the top action scenes. I was like Ness I had to watch that a few times just to see how awesome Mio was, I guess she is very very protective over her Yaoi! Would you attack a police officer to protect your Yaoi and Yuri stash? Not sure how far anyone really would go in that situation. I did find it funny watching Sasahara make a short appearance this time, and his goat! But I still miss seeing him with Misato and her guns. Then again I really would like Mio to actually have a chat with Sasahara! But she might pass out from the loss of blood from her nosebleeds.

Now for the best! Yuuko finally finding out where Nano lives! I was so excited to see her finding the house. Of course Nano freaking out and getting all nervous was funny to watch, but I have to say I figured Hakase and Yuuko would hit it off really easily. After all both of them are so similar in personality and attitude. Man it was so funny watching Nano trying to hide Sakamoto and telling him to just say nyaaa the whole time, not sure how Yuuko would react to a talking animal. She probably would freak out, I sort of can see why Yuuko liked being around Hakase! She does seem like a little sister character to Yuuko since she is a only child. Hopefully we get to see Mai and Mio visit Nano sometime. I have no idea how Mio would react to Hakase, or even Mai? Anyway fun episode, things continue to be very entertaining.

I think that this is one of my favorite episodes for the development in Nano’s story but also for various other things. I’m sure we’re going to get more of the main story to go. Probably that science teacher who thinks that she’s all evil and wants to kidnap Nano is going to reveal Nano’s big secret or something. But most likely people will not care. But this is just my predictions of what is to come despite all of the other random things.

Yeah! This episode had some epic Mio kickass action. I just had to watch it twice when Mio tried so hard to hide her yaoi manga drawings. I so figured that the reason Mio didn’t want to give up her bag was because she was hiding the good stuff. Hahah, Yuuko’s first reaction to the police officer approaching them was funny. Why do people have to get so paranoid or nervous around the cops? Well, you shouldn’t unless you did something naughty. It’s like those tards who drive really really slow when they see a cop car. Sheesh! But now Mio’s reaction to the cop was epic with the “just cuff me” and bribing the cop! Haha and then the beat down on everyone who approached. I so want to try that move Mio did on Yuuko and the goat.

Yuuko’s experience with the reopened coffee shop was slightly funny and it reminds me of how difficult it was to order coffee at Starbucks when I had my first experience going there. I think that whole dopio thing was like single or double shots. But man seeing that tiny cup being given to Yuuko was just sad indeed. It’s like when you try something new and you have no idea what it is and it turns out to be crap hah. As well, Yuuko’s random visit to Nano’s home was cool. I wasn’t surprised to see Hakase and Yuuko hit it off. Nano needs to get over being a robot and just trust Yuuko and the girls. I think the only one who’d be really shocked at everything in Nano’s world is Mio because she’s the serious type. But yeah, good episode and touching friendship between the girls. Can’t wait to see the next episode xD See you then~


Someone has a few screws loose! Take your pick on which character you think it might be.

The wacky adventures of Nano’s highschool life continue! And will Mio and Mai meet the crazy child scientist? See you next week.




Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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13 Responses to “Nichijou – 16”

  1. Anonomyous says:

    I think Nakamura is so excited by Nano is because as a normal looking girl, Nano has such a big thing sticking out of her, especially since it seems she has a slot right underneath that thing.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Nakamura really wants to get her hands on Nano! Which is fine because she is a scientist and wants to study her xD

  2. Junko says:

    I’ve never laughed so damn hard at any scene more than the coffee shop and doujin pages scenes. Oh god Mio/Yukko are the best. Also, Yukko’s VA is amazing XD

    I’m glad Nichijou actually has a story. It’s odd since it’s such a comedy/gag series but it makes me think of Azumanga in the time line sense.


    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes! That whole coffee thing was hilarious! Yuuko and Mio are the best! I love watching them every week, I do enjoy Yuuko’s VA too so much fun xD

      Yeah the only sad part about the first half the lack of a decent story xD second half very good!

      LOL Doppppiioooooo xD

  3. Moni Chan says:

    Mio will do anything to get her yaoi and I mean Anything
    including flipping a goat. i would love to see mio in street fighter or something

    • Ness says:

      That would be crazy if Mio was in Street Fighter. I’d so use her character too hah xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL Yes Mio is very protective over her yaoi drawings! She would kill and fight anyone in her way. LOL Yes! Mio would fit in well ahaha xDD

  4. I just don’t get why Yuuko would rather stutter and get uncomfortable rather than just plainly question what it is she’s buying (guess it’s a Japanese thing not to put up any kind of fuss).

    I personally reject all coffee shop protocol; if a venti drink at starbucks basically means the large size then I’m going to just ask for a large. To hell with your system, we’re not in Italy here! Wow, I’m such a rebel, lol.

    After all the Yuuko hate I’ve been hearing lately, its nice Nichijou focused on her kind heart as well as sheer stupidly. I’m still a fan at least!

    Also, Mio; DAMN!!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Yuuko is a bit crazy about that huh? Dunno why she goes all crazy with things Lolol

      LOL yes! It seems they have a really dumb system, what happened to large and small and easy?! LOLOLOLL damn you coffee!

      Agreed nice to see another side of Yuuko this week a very nice DAaaawww moment between her and Nano and Hakase meeting Yuuko so good 😉

      Mio isn’t afraid to kick some ass for her hobby xD

  5. Moni Chan says:

    I saw the music video for the new nichijou opening. it’s amazing 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhh man I just watched it wow that is some craaaazzzyy stuff but I enjoyed it thanks for finding it!

      • Moni Chan says:

        omg i know right music video’s like that are the best for me. the song is hella addicting. i’ve viewed it at least 200 times ( and counting )

        • Foshizzel says:

          LOL! You win 1000 free internet points for watching it that many times xD I only survived one view for now…

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