First Impression – R-15

‘Cuz life is all about porn

Anaaga: Ah, first week of summer anime already ended. Oh how time flies if one marathons lots of first episode (>.<) Let’s get started on our porn anime, shall we? I’m not expecting a lot from it (more like expecting nothing at all), but let’s hope I can survive the first episode…

Hime: This is another one of those shows that has a premise that just demands I watch it. I couldn’t claim my perverted hime title if I didn’t, so here it goes. PRAY FOR BOTH OF US as anaaga and I shall enter the world of R-15 with tissues at the ready (and no, not for that you bunch of perverts!).

Anaaga: We are welcomed by the typical forbidden teacher-student relationship, whereas the teacher is ready to plunge his, um, newborn snake into some, um, bush. Akutagawa Takuto, our main hero, wakes up from his pornographic dream just when the student in his dream reached her climax. Not that it’s a problem of course, but he was also sleep-talking, making the content of his dream known to everybody. Yes, our hero has already enrolled in the Inspiration Academy (that’s what I called it), a school that allows its students to shape up their most outstanding talent. Everybody doesn’t look at Takuto as a freak, since writing porn is his special talent. Well, at least the guys and his guy friend don’t, since he’s a guy. And his friend gives off an uke vibe too. The female students still can’t get over his pornographic talent, thus they still taunt him wherever he goes. Takuto doesn’t mind though, as long as he has a normal school life, unlike before.

It’s an albino snake

This harem is not a sexist harem. It has a male.

Definitely something to be proud of…

New Quest: capture girls that blow pipes

The mysterious Newspaper Chief has a job for Takuto: he has to interview the clarinet girl for this month’s main column. Takuto, along with the female photographer, encounters lots of hardships as they try to find the girl in question. Well, only Takuto suffers, because the photographer girls used her 1000-steps-no-jutsu as the missile created by a scientist girl attack them. So, only Takuto gets hit by the missile. Maybe it’s a porn-free missile? When he fainted from the impact, he dreams about the clarinet girl. When he met her for the first time, he mistook the reed of her clarinet as food, and chewed at it. The clarinet girl got angry and threw a big stone at him. Wanting to apologize, Takuto keeps searching for the clarinet girl, finding her on the same spot where he had the reed accident with her.

Porn-free missile made by a loli

As he stares at the sleeping clarinet girl, suddenly Takuto is overwhelmed by a great powuh. His hand moves by itself, writing a novel on a stone slab without any control. At such a time, of course the photographer girl has to pop out. She and Takuto become quite confused, since the paragraph he wrote on the stone has NOTHING to do with porn. This makes the photographer girl pissed since she wants him to be a total perv. In the end, she leaves though, sensing the missile again before Takuto realizes it. He’s about to run away but seeing the defenseless clarinet girl jumps in and shields her like a typical main hero from the missile. But of course, the clarinet girl thinks he’s on top of her to rape her. I can understand though, from the way he positioned himself. And his reputation.

Caught in the act

The clarinet girl runs off, and Takuto isn’t able to apologize to her, only adding to the bad impression the clarinet girl has on him. Poor guy. Takuto can only wonder about the strong sensation he felt before after he stared at the clarinet girl and gets bondage happily by the Chief for not meeting his deadline.

All hail BDSM

Extra ecchi for those who needs them:


Why the color’s white is beyond my reasoning

Cup 30G

By the Power of Porn

End Thoughts:


The opening scene was very Green Green in staging and feel. Made me nostalgic for the smuts of yore~ I have honestly never heard anyone refer to a pinass as a “newborn snake”, though is it bad that I have heard of “plundering an underbush”? Oh, lol. DON’T EVEN ASK. When we got into the more cutsie style of the OP and such the first thing I thought was HE’S TOO CUTE TO BE A PERVERT. But I think that’s what makes it so funny. Oh, and Yuuji from Baka to Test is in this too. He’s a gymnist now. Yup. Lycra. I sympathise with Taketo’s “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS MY LOVE OF PORNOGRAPHY!” The world should change! I agree! It was a total “All hail!” moment, I was cheering at the screen. And after all the b00bs and lesbianism I appreciated the little yaoi they threw in with Ritsu. I need boys to ship in every anime I watch, so with R-15 I’m sorted.

I dunno where I heard that “OH YEAH” voice from when a slightly racy scene comes up, it’s definately been in other anime. Oh, god, am I going to have to rewatch every harem anime I’ve ever seen just to find it? I’ll need to have some emergency yaoi on standby to bring back my sanity afterward. R-15 is a reasonably entertaining show, the characters aren’t anything special but they aren’t too boring either. It’s stupid but fun, and Taketo is surprisingly likeable. In fact, somehow he’s far less creepy than most of the resident “perverts” in these kinds of shows. Probably because he considers himself a legitimate author, and because he takes it so seriously. That being said, “spears of white flesh” and “quivering honey-pot” had me in stitches. I bet he’s a star on

Ah, but not since Deathnote has merely writing on paper been so intense. I bet Light wrote the odd porno, he seems the type. The side characters in R-15 seems pretty livley and fun, I especially liked the Chief of the Newspaper. She’s a total dominatrix, and I respect that. *sadism brofist, anytime, anywhere* While the clarinet player seems to be the main love focus atm, she’s just too whimpy and annoying for me to root for or even really like. The other pink haired girl that was following Taketo arround was far more entertaining. Why is that rocket stalking her? And lol at the random cheerleader that appears. Overall it wasn’t fantasically entertaining and there were a few parts that had me yawning, but it is what it is, and I’m planning to stick with it for at least a few more episodes…just for the lawls.

I managed to survive the first episode… Barely… I tried so hard SO HARD to find something good here, and it’s only one: the school. The idea of a school where it allows the students to develop their outstanding talent is pretty nice. When the students graduate, their talent is shaped up, and they can find a job that they enjoy doing. But this is the flaw of that concept: so if a student has pick pocketing as his outstanding talent, they’ll allow him to develop that talent? What if he’s going to use it for evil deeds later on in the future?

So, basically, the story is about a porn writer suddenly having the ability to write normal novels with the main subject not being porn? From the looks of it, I guess that’s how it’s going to be. It’s not that the story is bad (it’s not good, but it’s also not bad for my taste. It’s pretty decent I guess). The characters though…They’re all terrible. Aside from the uke guy (and I like him because he’s an uke) and the Chief (all hail SM), there’s nothing great about the characters. The hacker woman is just plain annoying, and so is the photographer girl. The scientist girl is very ignorant about her surrounding, and the clarinet girl is the type who’ll run off like a scared cat. The main character is just a pervert who happens to have an imaginative mind about his fantasies (I like his wordings though. I am jealous of him because of that). Gosh, all of these characters annoy me! They’re so…ugh… I’m not liking the art they’re using too. I’ll be honest, all the characters here look ugly to me. And seriously, who the hell designed the male uniform? He needs to quit and sharpen his “outstanding” quality of designing. The animation isn’t horrible, but I don’t think it’s pretty good either. I watched the 720p version of this, yet it still looks like MQ-LQ mp4 to me. Something is wrong there. And god, the censor annoys me like hell. It basically takes up half to three-quarter of the scene.

The censor is like Seikon no Qwaser all over again. Gawd. “Whuuutt the heelll” will be the perfect phrase to describe the first episode of R-15. There’s nothing good about it at all. The representation of the story is just plain ridiculous or annoying, and I always have the urge to slap ALL of the characters. They are pain in the butts, and the animation isn’t good. I do hope that my guess about the plot is right though. ‘Cuz if he’s still a useless pervert that can’t do anything but write porn, then I’ll waste my time watching this until the end. Damn.


Porn drafts and logs sticks make a good pair


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20 Responses to “First Impression – R-15”

  1. jGLZa says:

    For reals? is the translation really porno writer and not erotic novelist?

    No shame, I luv it.

    • anaaga says:

      it depends on the sub team. But whatever the translation is, the content is still all about snakes and honeypot

  2. Moni Chan says:

    dont we all hate that light that suddenly flashes on the girls. For some strange reason -_____-

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Wooot this was fun and random better than that other boob ninja censored beam light show, anyway this episode wasn’t anything amazing but did make me laugh.

    That remote controlled rocket was awesome I think I will enjoy watching that messed up scientist screwing things up, guess I have a thing for scientists??

    Awesome review ahaha

    • anaaga says:

      LOL poor Fosh you actually watched that ninja thing? I didn’t even touched it.

      The amount of tolerance you have when it comes to anime amazes me. I should be like you more

      • Foshizzel says:

        I watched the first five minutes and was like OK BORED NOW! Turned it off ahahha

        Well I don’t really have many limits when it comes to anime, most of the time when I watch anime if I laugh at all I usually like watching more.

        • jGLZa says:

          I also couldn’t watch that ninja show, that beam across the screen makes it almost unwatchable.
          The censoring in here isn’t any better either though, they’re censoring bra’s & panties now :shakeshead

          • anaaga says:


  4. Karakuri says:

    …..LOL You guys make me want to watch this. But at the same time: No. Just no.

    … and since when is writing porn considered a talent and something that should be nurtured through schooling? XD

  5. Kyokai says:

    I’ll watch till third episode but the only character interesting enough is the mail lead. Don’t like any of the girls yet. >.>

  6. Hime says:

    Really I should be the one hating on this and anaaga should be the fan, what alternate dimention have we slipped into?

    I honestly liked this, lol. I don’t even.

  7. Sabine says:

    This was nice in a way, the school idea ruled!! ;D Loved the yaoi hint and made me a fan of that math dude, wany moar of him! >XD Liked, I hope it will be Better and not worse in the next episodes <___<

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