Tiger & Bunny – 12

The day that fabulousness lost to mullets

We’re at the halfway mark! (For both my summer courses and for this show!) Taigs & Buns has been proudly flaunting homolust and crazy hero shenanigans for 12 episodes now! By episode 24, Barnaby and Kotetsu will have already had their honeymoon at this rate. For now, the Ouroboros arc is still going on strong.

Everyone was panicking over the cliffhanger from episode 11, some pre-emptively boasting over their claims that weeaboo boy would be the first hero to die. What actually happens is that Jake toys with him a bit and uses him as a hostage. Although he’s been captured, his wristlet still sends a signal to locate Jake’s location. With this info, the heroes surround the hideout and wait until the blonde reports how to stop the exosuits. No point charging into his hideout if he just destroys the city as soon as they step one foot into the room, right?

Instead of busting in, they propose sending a scout in to test the waters. Barnaby volunteers, asking Kotetsu to trust him to not go berserk. Kotetsu being Kotetsu, follows Barnaby like a worried father and jumps in as soon as Barnaby enters the warehouse and activates his powers. Kotetsu grabs what he assumes to be Jake, but turns out to be Origami Cyclone acting as a decoy. Scouting mission, failed.

Kotetsu kind of ruins everything by letting Jake and Kriem escape to an unknown location. The only good thing that happened was they reclaimed Origami and have him still alive in the hospital now. When the pair get back to where the heroes are waiting for their next orders, Barnaby yells at Kotetsu for not trusting him. Just as he was starting to fall for Kotetsu trust him, that trust has been broken.

It’s not long after Jake’s escape that he appears in plain sight again. He kills Chuckman and waltzes right up to the meeting room with the Mayor. They really need better security, this is the second time this week! Jake demands that they air a certain…proposal. He wants to host a show where he challenges each and every one of the Hero TV heroes to a fight. As someone in the position of destroying the city with one command, they generously oblige.

Hair so repulsive that the air itself turns red from disgust

The rules for his little show are simple: if he defeats all of the heroes, he will destroy the city. If the opposite occurs, he’ll surrender. First up to fight is Sky High, the most promising hero of all. Even the King of Heroes loses consciousness in only a few hits. What Kotetsu originally thought were laser attacks are actually barriers that Jake uses for both offense and defense. For losing, Jake chains his opponents to high buildings and lets them dangle there.

Jake’s next opponent is Rock Bison who..well..let’s say his battle doesn’t go so hot either. Now that two heroes are down for the count, Jake fatefully draws the two partners Kotetsu and Barnaby. Reverting back to total dickwad mode, Barnaby lets Kotetsu go in first to hopefully tire out Jake or expose some weak points. Kotetsu naturally races to the scene and starts (unsuccessfully) wailing at Jake.

Jake dodges every single hit from Kotetsu and lands every single attack of his own. Even Kotetsu Good Luck Mode punch fails to even graze the crazy flamingo. Things go from bad to worse as his powers run out and he pitifully lurches forward to continue fighting. Without his Hundred Powers on, even the suit isn’t enough protection against Jake’s attacks. Kotetsu takes a multitude of hits and ends up tripping to accidentally hit Jake on the head. All hell breaks loose.

Not even flashy, fabulous moves are working! How will the city ever regain its fabulous glory!?

Just getting hit once sends Jake into a state of fury, so he pounds the life out of Kotetsu. He only stops when Agnes comes on the air and suggests waiting until the morning for the next match up since viewership isn’t as high during the night. He agrees, which gives the government time to set up signal jamming devices to hopefully stop the exosuits from moving. Kudos to Origami for recording Kriem explaining how she controls the suits with her teddy bears!

Barnaby is pretty “meh” about his buddy getting beat up so badly he has to be sent straight to the emergency room. He’s more interested in gathering data to beat this guy. If Kotetsu’s powers weren’t enough and Barnaby has the EXACT SAME POWERS, he needs more than a little luck. As the next day arrives, Barnaby prepares for the fight. This time, if he loses Jake will destroy half of the city. No pressure or anything, Barnaby.


All-night Ouroboros Bonus Footage:

*opens eyes* Am I kawaii now? Uguuu~

And he was henceforth known as “Wild Tiger, the doofus who keeps getting fined”

The true Misteltein kick.

Simultaneously picking his nose and scratching his eye, and Nathan is STILL fabulous.

End Thoughts: I’m really loving this arc. I did not expect to be so engaged for something like Tiger & Bunny, but I’m going to have to just shatter that old view now. It’s become a show that’s actually gripping and has me leaning forward in my seat waiting for the next event to happen. That end scene of Kotetsu in the ICU operating room has really stuck in my mind. We’ve never seen the heroes this overpowered before, or seen them get this beat up. Thank God Origami Cyclone didn’t die.

Now, as much as I feel like Taigs & Buns is good at keeping me in suspense, it’s also not very patient. You can’t have a fight spanning 5 seconds and tell me they’re not rushing. I would have appreciated making a big event out of each hero’s fight with Jake, but each hero was dealt with in an instant. They weren’t fights to show action, but fights to stall for time and show us how strong Jake was. The only fight that was a real “fight” was Kotetsu’s. Imagine if all the fights had that level of intensity? It’s really no fun if the main villain is THAT overpowered. I’m guessing he might have two powers 1. the barriers and 2. mind-reading. He hinted that he could “see everything” and only couldn’t dodge an attack Kotetsu did accidentally without conscious thought. All Barnaby has to do is believe in the heart of the cards and blindly fight so Pegasus can’t read his thoughts with his Millenium…uh…wait…wrong anime.

Other than the fights, the tension, and overall action-oriented part of the show, we still have some great bromance..er..character development. By now we’ve seen Barnaby gradually warm up to Kotetsu, but this episode he admits it himself that he was starting to trust him. It’s an entirely different story for him to actually acknowledge it since he’s not even denying their partnership anymore. And of course this is the episode where Kotetsu makes him doubt that trust again. >_< Nooo, Barnaby, why?! I could barely stand it as he left Kotetsu to fight a hopeless battle while he “gathered info.” Barnaby, you’d better have something good prepared for the next episode! Your husbando is going to be very disappointed in you!

Preview: Barnaby has his match with Jake, but he doesn’t seem to be faring any better than Kotetsu. As he makes his move, the rest of heroes seem to be on the move…perhaps trying to stop the exosuits or get to Kriem. Is Kotetsu still down for the count? Can Barnaby win? Will Lunatic EVER join the fight? MY BODY IS NOT READY FOR THE NEXT EPISODE.

My garish coat repels all of your bishie sparkles! WHO’S YOUR GOD NOW?!


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25 Responses to “Tiger & Bunny – 12”

  1. Elyon says:


    I can’t believe Jake just mopped the floor with them like that! That was just…painful to watch, especially when Kotetsu got all beat up.

    Getting into this episode was made difficult though by the frequent desire to barf every time they showed Jake with his fly down. >__>

    • Overcooled says:


      Jake is just a tank. How is he still so fit after spending years in prison sitting on his ass? How can he fight with his fly undone too?! WHY CAN’T BARNABY BE THE ONE WITH HIS PANTS UNZIPPED?!

  2. Kyokai says:


    Jake is such an awesome villain, from that garish fashion sense to that open zipper. I mean, there is nothing likable about this guy at all. And Kotetsuuuu getting his ass handed to him. Ah man… he should sing the song, ‘why does it always rain on me~’ by Travis.

    I wanted to see Taiga & Bunny fighting together as a team. Just get over your differences guys. Everyone knows you love each other! xD

    • Overcooled says:

      My ovaries will explode when I watch it, that’s how.

      Gah, Jake pisses me off. His seiyuu makes it even worse/better. I’m hoping for them to combine and beat up Jake soon, otherwise the city is going to take a big hit…

      • Kyokai says:

        Bwahahahaaa. Hormonal overload~ :3

        It’s Keiji Fujiwara (dude plays the father in Ao no Exorcist) so he’s very talented and yeah, I hate him in this role. And yeah, please, Taiga and Buns, go kick his ass, ne~?

        • Overcooled says:

          I know it’s Fujiwara, I love his usual roles…but I don’t like Jake so it’s kind of bittersweet, heh.

  3. Ness says:

    So I’m behind on this series and I haven’t seen this episode but I gotta say it!! Why does that weird guy with his pants unbuttoned look like he’s gonna man rape someone x_x; hahahhaha

    • Kyokai says:

      Bwahahahaaaa! Well, in a way, he’s doing just that. :3

    • Overcooled says:

      Yo man, you’re just not in tune with the hip times, you dig? Homedawg is just low-riding like any dawg should. Gangsta style!

  4. Alynn says:

    Hans Chuckman turned into a moe character. Thats all I have to say.

    Ouroboros is like the organization of bad designs. Jake looks ridiculous and that woman… I don’t know what to think.

  5. Toori-chan says:

    A very hopeless episode… Where’s the hope when you need it for once.

    Sky High’s barrage is so awesome. Rock Bison’s battle was like a split second battle.

    Tiger had no chance at beating Jake (at least its better than Rock Bison). Still, the kick happened so randomly.

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t know how they’re going to get the power to beat that powerhouse all of a sudden. I guess if you do manage to scramble the signals to the exosuits and shut them down, he won’t be able to bribe them to fight him anymore…but Barnaby is still going to want revenge, arggg. Don’t lose Barnaby!

  6. Snowley says:

    Screencap with heros in their base (?) is such a QUALITY.

    The pace in this ep was off, but still I love it. Beat the crap out of this fashion disaster, Bunny!

    • Overcooled says:

      lol yes, sometimes this show skimps out on quality every now and then XD The DVD/Blu-ray should be better?

      It was rushed, but still really good. Come oonnnn episode 13!

  7. chimney says:

    I really need to catch up with Tiger and Bunny!

  8. sans says:

    i really like your review ^^ its hard not to laugh loud when reading it lol

    despite my dissapointment to barnaby, i think its went well. i become sick to predictable outcome so this is very refreshing to me, not too much hint and yet it ticklish enough lol

    kotetsuuuu hang it there >_<. damn bunny, he only worried about you dammit

    and yeah looks like jake has more than one ability, hmm sure he didn't had any millenium thingy in his accesories?? *got shot*

    • Overcooled says:

      Awww thank you so much! I’ve successfully done my job if I can make people want to laugh :3 Please accept this de-lurking first comment cookie in return!

      Tiger & Bunny is pretty unpredictable. I have no idea how they’re gonna beat that beast of a NEXT user, Jake. I swear if Barnaby had helped Kotetsu it would’ve been better, arg, stupid tsundere Bunny!

      • sans says:

        i accept the cookie with pleasure ^^

        anyway, seems animefushigi.com is fast at updating the sub online, maybe you want to check them (iknowijustwantingyourreviewsFAST! LOL)

        tsun-Bunny has a dangerous charm, so even we hate him, we will slowly attracted to him, damnnn bunnyyyyyyy >_<

        i really hope there'd be episode concern for kotetsu, esp his family, i mean his papa-aura is the reason why i really like this oldman aughaughaugh

  9. Foshizzel says:

    Halfway there! And things are getting so coooool! Jake’s powers seem more like radiation themed to me but he did put up some barriers so I have no idea! But it is damn cool xD

    And of course more Barnaby acting tsundere to Tiger haha damn! But things are going well and the fights were actually awesomeeee Sky high vs Jake was nice to bad he got rocked so fast!

    So I wonder is it going to take 12 more episodes just to take down Jake? LOL I guess we shall see!

    • Overcooled says:

      12 more episodes of this awesomeness? I’m giddy just thinking about it. I would’ve never thought Jake used barriers, I thought he was using some sort of super pressurized air attack :/ Ah well, barriers is still cool.

      Haha, they’ll probably give the Jake arc a rest a bit sooner than that, but hey, that would be kinda cool (like Dragonball Z where the fights span….forever…lol)

  10. Mad Chemist says:

    Yeah, Tiger kind of blew it there during the rescue, and it’s strange to see Barnaby completely right about that. I mean he was kind of a dick about it, but I can see why someone as socially awkward as him would take Kotetsu’s goof like a personal insult. That said, I can also see why Tiger would worry about his partner rushing in to take down the man who killed his parents, since he’s got a history of it. The drama between Kotetsu and Barnaby was my favorite part of the episode (other than Agnes saving the city through sheer lust for ratings), and it’ll probably take the two of them a while to really patch things up.

    • Overcooled says:

      It was a dick move for Kotetsu, yeah, but why react so angrily NOW when the city is in danger? Save it for later, Buns. He didn’t even mean it. I love how they fit in some Kotetsu and Barnaby drama every episode no matter what is going on. I wonder how they’ll regain each other’s trust.

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